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Mahou Sensei Negima! 351

Bye-bye, everyone!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 30, 2012 03:23 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[inset]: Today, the always unchanging sun shines sadness upon Mahora.
[Title]: Period 351: Bye-bye, everyone!

(?): Ahhh.
Asuna: Mnn…?

Girls: Nn….

Girls: Hmmm… / mn…

Girls: … Fmm…

Asuna: Fah?

Asuna: …. Hey! Dammit, Negi! / Are you trying to sneak into my bed again?
Setsuna: Efh!

Setsuna: Ahhhhh.
Asuna:!? <aside: Setsuna-san?>

Ayaka: Nemi-fe / Nemi-fem-fei
Negi (left of head): Set… Setsuna-san, help…
Negi (right of head) Mn… Mn…

Asuna: How… How did this happen?

Asuna: Oh, right—we were having a pajama party late last night… / Ah….

Asuna: That’s right… / It’s today…

Konoka: Mornin’, Asuna!
Asuna: Konoka?! <aside: You’re awake? > / You… You could have done something about these three, you know.
Konoka: Ahaha. But they looked so funny…

Konoka: Anyways, here’s yer breakfast. / I made my specialty today.
Asuna: Thanks, Konoka. / Ahh… I’m really going to miss your cooking while I’m gone.

Konoka: Yeah… So, take yer time… / and make sure to savor every bite.
Asuna: K!

[name plate]: Kakizaki Misa / Shiina Sakurako / Kugimiya Madoka / Women’s ??? (covered by SFX)
Asuna: Hey, Kakizaki?

Asuna: You’re in there, right? I’m heading in.
Misa: Huh? Who’s that? Asuna? / Wait, wait; please don’t come in just now.

Misa: So, what’s up?
Asuna: You know the CD I borrowed? Figured I’d give it back.

Misa: Huh? Oh, yeah. Why now? It wasn’t like there was any rush. / Just wait a minute; my hands aren’t free right now.

Misa: Just put it down over there.
Asuna: Huh? Where, exactly?

Misa: Uh… The floor?
Asuna: … Really?

Asuna: Well, it’s there.
Misa: Yeah, thanks!

Asuna: Bye-bye!

Girls: Hey, Asuna! / Hey there, Asuna! / Heyya! / So, Asuna, I wound up being in charge of plans for the after-graduation party. You think the normal place would be good?

Asuna: Huh? Yeah; why wouldn’t it be?

Girls: Oh, yeah, that reminds me—did you hear? / Class Rep has a vacation home in India! / And she’s inviting us all to go for our graduation trip! / You’re coming too, right?

Asuna: Y… yeah!
(?): Great!

Girls: That should make things interesting… uhihi. / India, huh? I’m looking forward to it. / What’s there in India? / Well… there’s… there’s curry, and… and yoga, right? / I heard there’s an international conference going on there.

Asuna: Huh?

Asuna: Is that you, Negi? What’cha looking at?

Asuna: Oh! The class roster!
Negi: That’s right.
Asuna: Oh yeah, you were always writing stuff in there, weren’t you?

Above Sayo: [in bubble]: Incident during the war
[above the buble]: Investigation Ongoing
[right ]: <3 With the School Principal
[below]: 1. Aisaka Sayo
Don’t move her seat

[Above Yuuna]: Mother’s Case
[Right of Yuuna]: Beware her magic-sealing bullets!
Akashi Yuuna
Basketball Club
Professor Akashi’s daughter.

[Asakura’s right]: Promise re: gathering information
Asakura Kazumi
Journalism Club
Mahora News (Internal): 309-3780

[single character upper left of Yue]: Completed
[Above, in frame]: With her friends in the other world
[upper right, in and out of frame]: A knight of Ariadne
[lower right, smaller text]: Yue
Ayase Yue
Children’s Literature Research Club
Philosophy Research Club
Library Exploration Club
[right of the above]: Plans to Study Abroad

[above Ako]: Re: her back / Megalo
[Surrounding]: Doesn’t really seem like an adult.
Izumi Ako
Health Officer
Soccer Club (Extracurriculur)
[Single Character To the right of Soccer Club]: Completed

[above Akira]: Valentine’s Day Incident
[surrounding]: Very / Powerful
Ookouchi Akira
Swim Club
Very Nice

[right ] Requires Caution?
[left ]: Master of Passion
Kakizaki Misa
Mahora Cheerleader
Chorus Club

[crossed out above] Bully
[right ]: Maybe she’s a good person after all.
Kagurazaka Asuna
Arts Club
Amazing Kick

[above Misora]: *Thinks about her answers
[right ]: She was the priest back then
[left ]: Kokone-san’s partner
Misora Kasuga
Track and Field Club

[above Chachamaru]: Be gentle when winding
[left ]: Secretary
Karakuri Chachamaru
Tea Club
Go Club
[right of above]: Maintenance / Engineering Club [internal] A08-7796

[right ]: With Kotarou-kun?
[left ]: Handsome Man
[right, bottom]: Madoka
Kugimiya Madoka
Mahora Cheerleader

[upper left]: Master
[upper right]: I’ll have a match with her every year!
[lower left]: Kuu Fei
Kuu Fei
Chinese Martial Arts Research Club
[below]: I want to be stronger than her!

[above, bubble]: Incident with Tsukuyomi-san
[above, not bubble]: School Principal’s granddaughter
[upper left]: Solved!
[left ]: Wants to be a Magister Magi
Konoe Konoka
Fortune Telling Research Club
Library Exploration Club
[left, by line connecting her to Setsuna]: Strong

[surrounding]: Currently wanted for questioning in the Magical World
Saotome Haruna
Manga Research Club
Library Exploration Club
[lower right, bubble]: Case involving the Paru-sama-gou

[upper left, above line]: Konoka-san’s partner
[upper right]: Mine too
[upper left, below time]: Weak
[right ]: Sakurazaki Setsuna
[lower left, bubble]: Tsukuyomi-san’s stalking incident
Sakurazaki Setsuna
[below]: Kyoto Shinmeiryuu

[right, bubble]: Valentine’s Day Incident
[below the bubble, inside the frame]: Completed
[left ]: The time she had me meet her younger brother
Sasaki Makie
Rhythmic Gymnastics Club
[below ]: It’d be great if we could have it right here, right now

[above, bubble]: Christmas Incident
[above bubble]: Completed
[right, outside frame]: Luck is MAX
[right, inside frame]: Dangerous
Shiina Sakurako
Lacrosse Club
Mahora Cheerleader

[right ]: If she’s half-demon, then…
[left ]: Trustworthy Bodyguard
Tatsumiya Mana
Biathlon Club (extracurricular)
Tatsumiya Temple

[above]: See you soon!!
[upper right]: Parallel World?
[lower right]: Chao Lingshen
Chao Lingshen
Culinary Research Club / Chinese Martial Arts Research Club
Rocket Engineering Research Club / Eastern Medicinal Research Club
Bioengineering Research Society / Quantum Mechanics Research Society (College)

[above]: I want her to teach me ninjutsu
[right, bubble]: Incident involving her family’s home
[below bubble]: Completed
Nagase Kaede
Walking Club

[above] Manipulator!!
[left ]: I have to be careful not to make her angry
Naba Chizuru
Astronomy Club

[crossed out]: Hana yori Dango
[left ]: Adult tastes <3
[lower right, in frame]: Twin Youths Incident
[lower right, out of frame]: Fuuka
Narutaki Fuuka
Walking Club
[left ]: Older Sister
[right, near line]: Twins

[above, crossed out]: The two are still practically children
[right ]: Surprising <3
[left ]: Technician?!
[lower right]: Fumika
Narutaki Fumika
Beautification Officer
Walking Club
[left ]: Younger Sister

[above, bubble]: Scouting
[left ]: Completed
[right ]: Contact Godel-san
Hakase Satomi
Rocket Engineering Research Club (College)
Jet Propulsion Research Club (College)

[above, bubble]: Valentine’s Incident
[right ]: Consultant
[left ]: Contact Godel-san
Hasegawa Chiasme
Go-Home Club
Good with Computers

[above ]: I won!
[left ]: She lost!
Evangeline A.K. McDowell
Go Club
Tea Ceremony Club
Consult with her in times of trouble.

[right, bubble]: Valentine’s Day Case
[right, outside bubble]: Completed
[left ]: Really cute
Miyazaki Nodoka
Combined Academy Library Representative
Library Representative
Library Exploration Club

[Surrounding, crossed out]: Kotarou’s / girlfriend
[lower left ]: Scratch that
Murakami Natsumi
Theatre Club

[upper right, bubble]: Old Man Incident
[upper right of bubble]: Completed
[above]: Pactio was amazing / Networked
[left ]: Asuna-san’s best friend <3
Yukihiro Ayaka
Class Representative
Equestrian Club
Flower Arranging Club

[bubble]: That recipe
[below bubble]: Completed
[left ]: Plans to study abroad in France
Yotsuba Satsuki
School Dining Representative
Cooking Research Club

[right ]: Venus is the Demon World?!
[left ]: * Princess of the Demon World
Zazie Rainyday
Stage Magic Club

[Chao’s message]: Don’t stop; / keep moving forwards, / and you’ll definitely find / what it is you’re looking for. / Lingshen <3 Chao

May the good speed be with you, Negi.

Asuna: … Oh yeah, I remember that. / A lot of stuff happened this year, huh.
Negi: … Yeah.

Asuna: Everything feels kind of… nostalgic now, you know?
Negi: Hehheh… I suppose so.


Asuna: So… / it’s time for me to say goodbye to everyone…

Asuna: … You know,
Negi: What?

Asuna: After I leave, what do you plan on doing?
Negi: …. I’ll find my father.
Asuna: Eh? You’ll look for Nagi…san?
Negi: That’s correct. Even if it takes me ten years, or fifty.

Asuna: But—but you said that, without me, you wouldn’t be able to save him…. / that you would have to use the ninth spell you learned to destroy him, right?!
Negi: … Don’t worry about it. I’ll figure something out.
Asuna: You’ll… “You’ll figure something out”? That’s… / How can you say something that baseless with a straight face?!

Negi: Heh heh…
Asuna: What—what’s so funny?!
Negi: Well… usually you’re the one who says baseless things with a straight face, Asuna-san.
Asuna: Uh….

Asuna: I… I don’t have anything to worry about. I just have to go to sleep and wake up. / But you plan on continuously working? / For a hundred years? A hundred?! When you’ve only lived for ten?!
Negi: I expect it to go swimmingly.

Asuna: Oh c’mon. Why do you have to keep acting like that?!
Negi: It’s so

Negi: I can be waiting for you, a hundred years from now.
Asuna: Huh? / That’s….

Asuna:… / Stupid…

Negi: Huh?

Asuna: Stupid.
Negi: What?

Asuna: *cough*
Negi: Umm…?

Negi: Ah….

Asuna: Consider this a kiss goodbye from me. / Good luck out there, stupid Negi.

Asuna: Save your kiss / for the girl you like. / And make sure to confess to her properly.

Negi: Eh… / But—but that’s…

Asuna: No buts. / You better make sure to do it, / or else I won’t wait for you.

Negi: OK.

Theo: Are you ready, / Asuna?

(?): You good?
Asuna(?): ..Yes. / Yeah…

Konoka: But… But we’ll—/ we’ll still be able to meet again, right?

Eva: Well… That’s probably impossible. / She’ll be asleep in there for a hundred years.

Konoka: Then—then you’ll still be there, right, Eva? / And besides, in a hundred years… maybe we’ll all manage to meet up again, right?

Eva: Give it up. / The person you know as Kagurazaka Asuna is the Imperial Twilight Princess’s alternative personality. Once she awakens, she won’t be the girl you remember.

Eva: That’s just how it is. / At any rate, if you survive a hundred years, / you’ll get to meet a new person with her face.

Chamo: Sis...

Theo: Come. / It is time.

Asuna: … Don’t worry, / Konoka

Asuna: I swear / we will meet again.

Konoka: Asuna…

Ayaka: Ho…

Ayaka: Do you… Do you mean that, Asuna-san?
(?): Asuna-san!

Asuna: Heheh!

Setsuna: Asuna-san!
Konoka: Asuna…

Asuna: Negi!

Asuna: I’ll be waiting / for you to visit me as a Magister Magi! / Yup! / If you have everyone else, I know you’ll manage!

Asuna: Bye-bye! / See you soon!

Konoka: Asuna… / Asuna…

[inset]: We say goodbye to Kagurazaka Asuna, who bears all the happiness and sorrow by herself.

To Be Continued Next Issue

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#1. by Enigma G. ()
Posted on Jan 30, 2012
P6: [below]: Kioto Shinmeiryuu or?
#2. by Dowolf ()
Posted on Jan 30, 2012
Err, yes. My bad. Don't know how that happened >_>

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