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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Mahou Sensei Negima! 352

A Century of Memories

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 5, 2012 20:32 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Negima 352:

[inset]: After a long time, Asuna’s clock once more ticks away
Young Asuna: …. It’s time, / Asuna.

Asuna: … It’s time?
Young Asuna: … That’s right. / Glad to see you’re still here.

Asuna: Whatever… / I’m just… tired. / And sleepy…

Young Asuna: Ehf!

Asuna: What—what the hell?!
Young Asuna: Did you forget your promise?

Asuna: You promised, Asuna… So wake up. That’s why you’ve worked so hard for so long, right?

Period 352: A Century of Memories
[inset]: A hundred years have passed since she departed. Overcoming time, Asuna heads towards the promised place…

Asuna: Mn…

Asuna: Uh….

Asuna: Huh? Theodora-san? / Rakan-san?

Asuna: Negi? / Where are you, Negi?

Asuna: Huh?

Asuna: Ah… / Ahhh….

Asuna: Whoa…

Asuna: Holy… / How high does that tower reach?

Asuna: Oh yeah… This must be that space elevator. / Wait—this is Mahora, right? / But he said he was going to build it at the equator…

Asuna: Still… / I guess…

Asuna: This means that idiot… / managed to pull it off.

Asuna: … Nice going, / Negi.

Asuna: It feels like everything’s changed so much… / Well, it is the future.

Asuna: … hey, that’s…! / Slow down a minute!

News: Good morning. Here’s your morning news for March 26th, 2135. / The Granicus World Fair’s exhibition is only three days off, and the piece even insiders are most interested in seeing is…

Asuna: 2135? / Guess I overslept a bit…

Asuna: So then, where’s Negi? / If I can’t find him…

Asuna: Negi…

Wikipedia: Negi Springfield, born May 2nd, 1993, was the first Secretary-General of the International Organization for the Development of the Solar System. He is also a Magister Magi. He was born in the United Kingdom. His present whereabouts are unknown.

Asuna: Whereabouts unknown…

Asuna: Not here…
[names: Konishi Takeji / Kondou Atsushi / Kondou Amiru (guess on covered kanji) / Kondou I— (cut off)]

Asuna: Found one!
[names: Yamamura ??? / Yugawa Shuuji / Yukihiro Koushirou / Yuki— (covered) Shingen / (can’t even guess on last one) ]

Guard: Dr. Yukihiro’s a public figure, so you can’t just meet with him.
Asuna: But I…

Guard: Sorry, miss.

Miniincho: Are you looking for Negi-san?

Asuna: … Class Rep?

Asuna: … / You’re kidding…

Miniincho: Grandmother says he was a close friend of my great-great-great-grandmother.

Asuna: But… That’s… / Why… / You said that, after you got a body like Eva-chan’s, you would never die. / You said you’d just have to work hard until I woke up, / right?

Bodyguard: My lady, we must be leaving soon.

Miniincho: My grandmother told me / that even when my great-great-great grandmother began to age, he was still in his prime…

Miniincho: And that they had another close friend, and that she lived so long in the hopes she could meet her again. And when they met, she knew they would dance and laugh like children… / But she died at the age of 115.

Asuna: 115?! That’s really long!
Miniincho: Grandma said it was because she led a healthy life.

Miniincho: So, I’ll leave you alone with him.

Asuna: Class Rep…

Asuna: What am I supposed to do now?

Asuna: Class rep… / ….

Asuna: Ah!

Asuna: The time capsule!

Asuna: Hah.. / Hah

Asuna: Found it…

Asuna: Hey… / Are these… / pictures?

Asuna: Wow…

Asuna: This takes me back…

Asuna: Ah… This one, and this one too! / Christmas time and Valentine’s Day were tough for him, weren’t they?

Asuna: Hey, what’s this? From five years after I went to sleep? / Hyah!

Asuna: It’s Konoka and Setsuna-san! They look so beautiful! / Eh? What’s this? “On the day of the exam to become Magister Magi”? / They passed?! Amazing!

Asuna: Kya! Maki-chan looks so cute in college! I guess those four stayed close even through college. / <going left> Geh-heh! Oh Kakizaki, you look like you were incredibly popular with the boys! And this? That must have sucked! / < going down> Whoa—Paru! What are you having a press conference for?! And why’s it in Megalo?! / Ohh, so Asakura wrote a book, too? Ahaha, and Negi’s on the cover. / Ah, mwahaha. That’s just like you, Natsumi-chan <3. / Whoa! Satsuki-san—is this France? And you won? Amazing! / What! Are these Fuu-chan and Fumi-chan?! And who are those studs? Boyfriends? You’re kidding! <aside: They have ears and tails, though… > / Huh? Two Zazie-sans? Oh, right—her sister! And this bearded man must be… / Huh? Tatsumiya-san? Why are you buried in children? / Wait, what? Sayo-chan has legs!

Asuna: And this is… Yue-chan? From 15 years later? / Ahaha, you’re the same as ever, Yue-chan. <aside: She’d probably get angry if she heard me say that… >

Asuna: Hm?

Asuna: Honya-chan?! Wow! you look incredible! / Wait—isn’t this outer space?! / Hey, what’s this say? That the two of them are working at the same place? / Wow, I can’t believe they’re working in outer space!

Asuna: What—what? / Anya-chan’s an adult now?!

Asuna: And isn’t that Stan-san?! / Then that means Konoka must have managed to cure them! / … Konoka…

Asuna: Yeah… / I guess everyone / managed to do well for themselves.

Asuna: Ah…

Asuna: Negi… He must have used the medicine that makes him look older…
SFX: Beep

Negi: Eh… *cough* Can you hear me? This is Negi.
Asuna: Huh?

Negi: Right now, it’s 2023. Can you hear me, Asuna-san? / This feels kind of weird, but Ayaka-san insisted, so…
Asuna: A recording?

Negi: So… Everything’s proceeding according to schedule! We even managed to overcome objections over opening the Elevator to the public; that should happen about five years from now. / The terraforming process is going well, too, thanks to the efforts of so many people…

Negi: So… yeah… about our progress…

Negi: … there’ve been a few wrinkles lately… / I’ve… been worrying about… umm… and considering what Fate said… well… / Hah hah… I guess nothing will come just by talking about it. / Ahh… I wish you were here, Asuna-san.

Chisame: Oh? Hey! Are we not enough for you, then? Fine! You little...
Negi: Ahbahbahbah?! No, that’s not what I meant—
Chachamaru: Chisame-san! We are currently recording!

Asuna: Ahaha…
Negi: …Asuna-san…

Negi: I miss you. / I miss… / being with you.

Asuna: Negi…

Asuna: Idiot… / So why’d you have to… / go and die early?

Ayaka: It’s almost 2090… Asuna-san. / Can you hear me? It’s me, Yukihiro Ayaka.

Asuna: Huh? Class Rep?

Ayaka: Heh heh heh… Looks like I’ve become an old lady… / Most of our friends have already passed on… / The only thing keeping me alive is the hope of seeing you laugh once more.

Miniincho: …the age of 115

Asuna: 115… so in 2104? / The year I should have awoken…

Ayaka: Asuna-san, do you remember this place?

Ayaka: Here, / I feel light as a feather, my body stronger.

Ayaka: I hope… / that we’ll be able to be together here one last time. / In this world you and Negi-sensei created.

Ayaka: Hey, / Asuna-san.

Asides: Grandma! / Ahaha / Kyah! Kya! / Ahh! / Hey, stop!

Asuna: I’m… I’m sorry, Iincho. / You waited so long for me. / I’m sorry I was late…

Asuna: Everyone’s… / gone now, huh… / Class Rep, / and Negi…

Asuna: and Konoka… / and Satsuna… / and Kakizaki… / and Misora… / and Takahata-sensei… / and that stupid Chamo…

Asuna: If so... / then what's the point of me even being here?!

Asuna: I miss you all so much… / If only I could see you all once more… / Wah!

Asuna: Guh

Asuna: Wah… *Sniff* / Wahhhhh!

Asuna: Wahhhhhhhh…

Asuna: Sniff… wah… / sniff sniff…

(?): Looks like that hit you pretty hard, Kagurazaka Asuna.

Asuna: Huh?

Chao: I never thought you’d oversleep by thirty years.

Asuna: Ah… / Ahh…

Chao: Congrats on making it through a long 100 years of work. / Quite impressive, Asuna-san <3
[inset]: The long months and years were certainly not a waste!! Negima will reach its conclusion in three more chapters!!
*no new chapter until 2/29

<thanks to Catbert for pointing out a minor inaccuracy>

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