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Mahou Sensei Negima! 353

To the Future

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 26, 2012 15:18 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 353

[inset]: We’re back! Only 3 chapters left until the finale! / Overcoming time, they return to the place where they said farewell.

Konoka: Uwahhhh/ ahhhhh

Konoka: Asuna! / Asunaaa!

Negi: Sniff / sniff

Negi: Sniff/ sniff

Asuna: W-wait, isn’t this… / right around when I set off?

(?): Huh?

Asuna: Uh… / I’m back!

Ayaka: What?! / But… / A-Asuna-san? / But--but you just… / And there’s Chao-san, and two Eva-sans…

Konoka: A… / su… na?

[inset]: Every memory we’ve shared has been brilliant.
[title]: Period 353: To the Future

Principal: Mahora Middle School Class 3-A / Seat #1 / Aisaka Sayo.
Sayo: Thank you!

Extras: Wait, isn’t she…? / Yeah, it’s the ghost!
SFX: Teehee / *rustle*

Principal: Seat #2, Akashi Yuuna
Yuuna: Thanks!!

(?): Hahahaha!

Chao: Just in case this sort of thing happened, in addition to my time machine I prepared / a device for switching between parallel worldlines: the Dimension Hopper! / Though to be honest, it was kinda tough to make. / <aside: I even had Eva-chan helping me, too.
Chamo: Is there anything you can’t make?!

Chao: So basically, it’s like this.

--above Chao: Chao Linshen, from the future
--line pointing to Eva: Dimension Hopper
--above Eva: Eva, a century later
--above Asuna: Asuna, a century later
--line pointing to Asuna: Time Machine
--right of Asuna: Asuna, who came home
--above Negi: Negi, from the present
--below Negi: Present day
--rightmost of the three lines: Original Timeline
--middle line: The Timeline Negi Created
--leftmost line: Current Timeline

Negi: Ah, now I get it!

Asuna: But why would Chao-san / and Eva-chan from the future / do all of this for me?

Eva: Hmmph… ‘Cause a man who couldn’t keep his promise asked me to.
Chao: Hmm… Eva-chan managed to overcome the dimensional boundaries and asked for my help.

Eva: ….Besides, that serious sort of role didn’t suit you. / Idiots like you should just live worthless daily lives with their friends. / Pathetic lives that slowly slumber forth / to ordinary deaths on their own beds.

Negi(?): Uh…

Negi: Uh… umm… well… / Chao-san, Eva-san…

Negi: What are you going to do now? / I mean, you’re not from the same timeline as us, so…

Chao: I’ll be heading home to my own world. Just seeing this one was enough for me. / Although, since it was such a long trip here, I might as well stick around till graduation.
Eva: I plan on using Chao’s Dimension Hopper to travel the various dimensions. Maybe I’ll manage to find a spare Nagi somewhere… / Well, I have grown somewhat fond of you guys, so I suppose I’ll drop by from time to time.

Chao: But Negi-bouzu, you should be more worried about yourself.
Eva: Yeah. You’ve got a pretty hard century ahead of you.

Eva: Well, give it your all. / I’m heading home.
Chao: I’ll send you off, then.

Asuna: W-wait, Eva-chan! Why did that happen to N—to him? / That shouldn’t have been possible after he got the same body as you, right? / Did… did something horrible happen at some point?

Eva: Heh… Relax. That man died satisfied. <aside: Though he did regret what happened to you…> / What happens to this version of him is up to you. / Or are you still worried about the future after receiving such a grand miracle?

Asuna: Uh…

Eva: That’s right, Boy. I’ll tell you one thing from the future. / A century from now… everyone called you a Magister Magi.
Negi: Really?!

Eva: And furthermore, it won't be because of some license the Megalo government hands out to noteworthy magicians just for show. / It will be as it was long ago, / when people first coined the word as they gossiped./ “Magister Magi” will carry its true meaning: a Splendid Sorcerer.

Negi: Realy….?

Negi: Is—is that really true?! / Just… just like my father, I’ll… / <aside: A Ma-Ma-Magister Ma-Ma-Magi…
Chao: That’s right, Negi-bouzu!
Eva: Yes, well… that too could be in jeopardy in this timeline, / if you keep acting like that.

Negi: Huh?

Negi: Ah, no, this is…
Konoka: Ehehe!
Eva: Hey, Chao. / I think maybe we shouldn’t have brought Asuna back after all.
Chao: Maybe. It might have been losing Asuna that allowed him to become independent and successful...

Chao: Oh no… Whatever shall happen to this world?!
Eva: And the other version of the boy was so amazing, too...
Negi: I’ll—

Negi: I’ll be fine! / I’ll make sure to do it right!
Asuna: And don’t count me out! I won’t let anything bad happen!

Eva: That’s the spirit. / What people call you in the future will be determined by you lot. / Everything from now on is a blank slate.

Eva: It’ll be the future you lot create! / So go, you brats! / Go towards the future!
Principal: …zaka Asuna. / …Kagurazaka Asuna.

Misora: Hey! Anyone alive in there?!
Asuna: Ah!

Principal: Class 3-A’s Seat #8.

Principal: Kagurazaka Asuna.

Asuna: Th…
Asuna: Thank you!

Twins: Chao, chao! Are you heading home today?!
Chao: Yep. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stay much longer.
Twins: C’mon! Let’s at least go on the graduation trip together!

Hakase: Wouldn’t that be alright, Chao-san?
Chao: Hmm… Well, if you insist.
Twins: Success! / Yay!

Asuna: This is great weather for enjoying the cherry blossom trees, huh.
Negi: Yeah, it is.

Asuna: It’s so peaceful, it almost feels like a lie.
Negi: Well, things are going to get harder from here on out.

Asuna: Heheh…

Asuna: To think you did something so amazing… / It really changed my opinion of you.

Negi: But it’ll all be for naught if we don’t do well from now on.
Asuna: Yeah, I guess.

Asuna: Well, let’s do it!
Negi: Right!

Asuna: Hmfufu… How-ev-er…

Asuna: Which girl do you like?
Negi: What?!

Negi: But—but that’s!
Asuna: Oh come on! What’s wrong with just talking about it?!

Asuna: I’ve been working hard for the last century… no, the last 130 years. / Eva even said I should just rest for the next year. / Man, I am really tired. / Don’t I deserve 130 years worth of compensation?

Negi: … You’re the most important person to me, Asuna.
Asuna: I’m—I’m happy to hear that, but…

Asuna: C’mon, just tell me already! / I promise I won’t tell anyone! / So spit it out!
Negi: Aww…

Negi: … Very well. / But please, don’t tell anyone!
Chamo: Wait, Aniki—you really gonna tell ‘er?!

Negi: Well, it’s…
Asuna: Yeah, yeah?
Chamo: Hey, Missy! Fer goodness’ sake, how can ya’ do this t’ me?! Lemme hear!
Negi: It’s…

Asuna: What….

Asuna: WHAAAT?!

Asuna: Is that real? Is it? Is it? You’re not kidding, right! Right?!
Negi: It’s—it’s the truth.
Asuna: Wow!

Asuna: Auuunn… So that’s it… / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Well, if you think about it the other way… Turn things all the way around… / Ah… I guess that works… / Yeah, but would they really be right together? / If you think about it that way, they really are similar…
Negi: No! Asuna-san, you promised!
Chamo: Missy, who is it?! Who exactly is it?!

Asuna: ….Yup!

Asuna: Right now, you are going to the cherry blossom trees or the World Tree, / and you are confessing! It’s the graduation ceremony, after all!
Chamo: Yeah… ain’t dat just gonna make it rain blood?
Negi: I knew I shouldn’t have told you!

Twin: Hey there! What’cha all talking about?
Makie(?): How’s he going to confess?
Ayaka: A confession?!
Chizuru(?): Ah, well, it seems that if at graduation a person confesses beneath the cherry blossom trees they’ll be eternally drawn together.
(?): No, you’re thinking of the World Tree.
Kuu (the bubble not connected to the others): You serious?
Ayaka (far left bubble): What was that?!

Ayaka: Well—well at any rate, I’m not letting you run off! / Everyone, line up in order over there, and…
(?): Wouldn’t that make us look like his harem?
Asuna: Hehheh…

Makie: OK! I’m seat #16, Sasaki Makie! / I love Negi!
Chisame(?): We know that already!
Yue: Do you have no shame?!

Chamo: Hey, Missy, ya’ think dis is fine? Ain’t it gonna shock ‘em a bit?
Asuna: I told you, you’ve got it all wrong! / And even if you’re right,

Asuna: the future’s a blank slate. / Everyone has a chance. / Right?
Chamo: Well, yeah, but…

Negi: Ev-everyone, if you all grab me like that, I’ll.. / Ah… / Ah…
Asuna: Huh?
Negi: Choo!

Negi: Ah…

Asuna: … Dammit. It’s people like you…

Twins: Adeat!
Makie: Adeat!
Asuna [inset]: Adeat!
Haruna: Oh! Her bra was left behind!
Asuna: And on the day of our graduation, too…
Yuuna(?): That’s Asuna for you!

Negi: Uh…

Bottom: Hohoho / ahaha
Chachamaru: Master, I’ve brought a change of clothes.
Asuna: You’ll rue this day!
Eva: Kukuku… It really just doesn’t feel right without this.
Chao: Peace, huh?
Negi: Ahhh!

[inset]: The classmates who love each other set off towards their shining future.
*to be continued next week

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#1. by masgrande ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2012
After seeing the raws I think this could have worked as a last chapter.

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