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Mahou Sensei Negima! 354

: Resolution! Magical Detective Yue <3

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 5, 2012 22:21 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 354

(Latin/Greek names of spells taken from http://negima.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Spells)

Period 354: Resolution! Magical Detective Yue <3
[box]: St. Ursula’s Girls High School
Sasaki: Makoto! Is there really a monster around here?
: Seven Years Later

Makoto: Yes, there is, Sasaki-kun! / Dozens of girls from my school have been attacked already!
Sasaki: You liar. If that had happened, everybody’d know about it by now.

[inset (above logo)] : The years since graduation have flown by…. But even so, Mahora Academy remains as lively as ever??

Makoto: And I said, that’s because all it does is take everyone’s underwear!
Sasaki: Heh! What’s that supposed to mean?
Makoto: But it’s super terrifying! <aside: and scary! >

Sasaki: Well, my big sis apparently got attacked by a vampire around here once, so maybe there is something out there.
Makoto: A what?! That’s really scary!

Sasaki: Don’t you worry. Anything shows its face, and I’ll bust its head in!

Sasaki: Oh?
Makoto: Wh—what’s that?

Makoto: Eek!
Sasaki: Kh!

Sasaki: Ahh!!?
Makoto: Kyahhhh!

Sasaki: Ugh…
Makoto: Ah!

Makoto: Ah… Ahhh…

Makoto: Kyahhhhh!

Makoto: Huh?

Makoto: Noooooooo!

Nearly two years had passed since the existence of magic and the magical world was revealed to the world at large. / At places on Earth close to the spiritual world, vagrants from the magical world, magical beasts, and magical objects illegally came to Earth.

As such, there was a constant increase in the number of magical crimes, magical monster attacks, and magical disasters. The authorities were completely unprepared, and fell into chaos.
--top right: Magical Monster Attacks
--middle right: Magical Crime
--bottom right: Mundane Crime
--bottom axis: Year
--left axis: incidents
In order to protect the innocent civilians, a group of girls have begun working in secret.

They are the magical girls known as the Ministra Negi

Extra: WHAT?! You were attacked, too, Class Rep? / Are—are you all right?

Makoto: Y-yeah. The same thing happened to me as everyone else…
Extra: Then your bra and panties were stolen without a sound?!
Makoto: Y-yeah.
Extra: What about him? Did he touch your breasts?
Makoto: Well, umm…

Makoto: Y—yeah. He… he groped them.
Extra: Gyahh! I knew it! / He’s a pervert! He’s a perverted poltergeist! / What’d he look like?
Makoto: He kind of looked like a tiger with horns growing out of his head… It was really scary.
Extra: Really?! That’s scary! I’d die if I saw something like that! / No, it could be worse. I mean, there’s that girl in the class next door that said she was attacked by a giant earthworm. / Yuck!

Extra: What are the police doing, letting something like that prowl around here! / They wouldn’t believe us if we told them about ghosts or monsters. / No—I heard a rumor that a squad that set out to hunt all came back empty-handed—and naked. / Really? Then somebody call in the SDF!

Extra: Can’t you do something about it, Class Rep? / A third of us have already been attacked! / The teachers are useless! / Even if we head home in groups, the whole group is attacked! / I’m so scared, I might stop going to school!
Makoto: I… Even if you ask me, I…

Makoto: Hah… / Things have gotten so hard…

Makoto: I can’t believe it was even interested in my underwear… / Ah..

Sasaki: Hey. / Come with me, Makoto.

Makoto: A… a specialist?
Sasaki: Yeah. A specialist at exorcising monsters. There’s not much else we can do by ourselves, after all.
Makoto: Sa—sasaki-kun, I didn’t know you were interested in that sort of thing… <aside: Occult magazines, and stuff… >
Sasaki: Of course I’m not! But that was a definitely a monster back there, right?

Sasaki: Ah, here it is.

Sasaki: She’s an old friend of my sister’s. Apparently, she became a detective after returning from studying abroad.
Makoto: A—a detective?
Sasaki: Yep. A detective specializing in monsters, ghosts, and mysterious phenomena.
Makoto: There’s really people like that, huh… She seems like someone straight out of a manga.

Sasaki: Hello?

Makoto: Is anyone here?
Sasaki: She should be; I called ahead. / Oh, it’s open.

Sasaki: Excuse me; I’m the person who made an appointment…

Yue: Zzzz…

Sasaki: Uh—umm…

Yue: Bgh… Hmm? / What is it?

Yue: Huh? You guys… Customers? / I really don’t have time for you today… / Wait? Aren’t you… Aren’t you Sasaki-san’s…?
[book]: Fluid Mechanics in a Vacuum

Sasaki: Ah, yes. Nice to meet you. I’m her little brother, Kagehisa.

Yue: That’s right… Well then, I guess I have to do it. / Ah—could you give me a minute to mix up some tea?

Yue: Here you go. It’s on the house. / You really look like you could use a boost.

Makoto: Uh…
Sasaki: That’s…

Yue: … So let’s see here: girls are getting their underwear stolen by a monster on the way to and from school?
Makoto: Hey, this is really good!
Sasaki: You’re kidding!

Yue: To be certain, the number of victims and attacks is simply too large for a mere underwear thief.

Yue: Alright. I’ll take on your request.
Makoto: Really?!
Yue: Not that I really want to…
Makoto: Huh?

*ISSDA = International Solar System Development Association
Yue: If I want to work for the ISSDA, I don’t have time for things like this. <aside: I should have known the degrees I earned in the Magical World wouldn’t apply in this one. > [note: guessing slightly on blurred kanji here] / I shouldn’t, but… why should I spend the little time I have to work a case or two on something like this… <aside: Hah… >

Yue: Well, at any rate, I can’t just leave things as they are. After all, I’m the only specialist in the area. / And I need the money.
Makoto: OK…

Yue: So let’s go get this taken care of. Please take me to the sight of the attack.

Yue: Hmm… This definitely looks like my line of work.

Yue: This was the work of a magical beast master… no. / A bug master… I think?
Makoto: Bugs?!
Sasaki: Whoa, what’s that?! So cool! Something’s coming from her eye!

Sasaki: Hey, Yue-san, look at this!
Yue: Hm?

Yue: A long, silver hair… / That would mean…

Yue: It’s only been a day; the residual magical energy should still… / As I thought—a demon.

Yue: It seems the criminal is more dangerous than I had previously suspected.
Makoto: It is? Then…

Yue: Yes… I must get serious. And I’ll need your help as well. / I need to gather as much evidence as I can by tomorrow.

Yue: Oh? This is perfect. / You did well, gathering so much data in so short a time.
Makoto: Ehehe
Sasaki: Class Rep is really popular, so…

Yue: With this, I can safely say that I’ll have the case solved before the day is out.
Makoto: Really? That’s amazing!
Sasaki: But Yue-san, look at this! Your mail is just piling up.

Sasaki: And this one’s from today… / Oh?

Sasaki: Ah, there’s some pictures of my big sis! And they’re from when you were in middle school, Yue-san.
Makoto: Wow.

Sasaki: This one guy seems to show up in a lot of the pictures, huh.
Makoto: Hey, he has a really nice smile!

Yue: Do you really have the time to be looking at such boring things?

Makoto: Might this boy be your boyfriend, Yue-san?

Yue: Why would you think that?!
Sasaki: I mean, he’s obviously a child!
Makoto: He isn’t? But looking at this picture, I really got that impression… / Oh? Was it unrequited love?
Yue: No, it wasn’t!

Makoto: But you look so happy in this picture, and…

Yue: Hmm…

Yue: People your age can always smile like that. / You should make sure this period in your life is a precious one, too.

Yue: C’mon—let’s stop talking about such stupid things and get going!
Makoto: O—OK!
Sasaki: Alright!

Makoto: Is—is it OK to be out in broad daylight?

Yue: I’ve cleared the area of people. / It doesn’t seem like the culprit cares whether it’s day or night.

[potion]: For When Serious
Makoto: Ah!
Sasaki: What the…

Yue: I’m the sort of character who gets stronger the more she drinks. <aside: I’ve mixed some of my best spells into this potion, so… > [note: some guessing here]
Sasaki: Won’t you have to go to the bathroom after drinking that much?
Yue: Yes, which means we’ll have to finish this before I have to go. / Ugeh.

Makoto: Um, err, Yue-san, / there’s something I haven’t told you yet…

Makoto: It’d be em—embarrassing if Sasaki-kun found out, so I didn’t want to mention it… um…
Yue: Hm hm…

Yue: So the culprit always thoroughly gropes its victim’s breasts… / I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before…
Makoto: It—it wasn’t that thorough…

Yue: Hm…

Yue: It’s coming….Adeat!
Sasaki: Huh?

Yue: Come, then, underwear thief! / You cannot escape my barrier!

Thief (Paio?): Mwahahaha. / You’re quite the lively little girl, aren’t you?

Makoto: Kyahhhh!
Sasaki: Mon—mon—there’s really a gang of monsters!

Yue: I knew you were too powerful to be a mere underwear thief! / Might you be a spy sent to observe the security of this region? <aside: From the Imperium, or China, or America… >

Thief: Mwahaha. I fear “spy” is too strong a word to describe me. / I am simply one who has devoted her life to feeling breasts. / The underwear is just a souvenier.

Yue: Well then. / You’re just a good old-fashioned enemy of women!

Thief: Hm?

Yue: Emittum!

Yue: Διος Τυκος (Lightning Ax)
Thief: Nuh!

Makoto: Kyahhh!
Sasaki: What-what-what is that?!
Yue: It is magic.
Sasaki: Magic?!

Makoto: Myaahhh?!
Sasaki: And what are these?!
Yue: They’re a squad of Dragon Fangs [note: can’t make out the English/Latin/Greek/whatever name given, so making up my own]. They’ll protect you two.

Thief: Hmm… That was quite the impressive delayed spell, to have affected me that much. / Who are you, girl?!

Yue: I am the magical detective Ayase Yue. / I care not if you remember it.

Thief: Nuhhh!

Yue: Emittum!

Yue: Iaculatio Fulgoris [Lightning Javelin)
Thief: Giiii!

Thief: What—what the?!

Thief: Gah!
Yue: This is it.

Yue: Emittum!!

Yue: Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens!! [Lightning Storm]

Thief: Mhooo! / This is bad! I have no choice! / ..STRIP!!

Makoto: Yue-san, you’re amazing!

Yue: It’s just her clothes… / Dammit! It was just a shell!

Yue: Impossible! How could she disarm even my magical defenses with her bare hands?!

Thief: Mofufufu… I can’t blame you for being surprised. I was taught the Silent Self-Strip and the Silent Stripping techniques by none other than the legendary mercenary swordsman, The Thousand Blades himself.
Yue: Is that man making a nuisance of himself again?!

Yue: What— / You little…
Thief: Mofufu… It looks like being stripped naked isn’t enough to stop you, is it.
Yue: Dammit!

Yue: Ah?

Yue: Ah… That’s… Stop… / Aahh…
Thief: Mofufufu… Not too bad. A light softness above your chest, making an interesting contrast with your ribs. / Truly, there are no such thing as bad boobies!

Yue: S—stop! / Oh… / I screwed up. I can’t believe I’m losing to someone like this! / This—this is bad. I’m losing my strength; at this rate, my prepared spells will… / E---Emitt…

Thief: Mofufuhyu! / I can’t let you do that! / How’s this feel?!

Yue: Ahh?! / I—I can’t… My power… it’s… it’s…

Yue: Flowing away!

Yue: Huh…

Yue: Wait? <aside: It’s still here? >

Yue: Huh?

[upper left]: A little more, and she would have no longer been able to get married! Who has appeared in the midst of her crisis?!
[middle]: Next time… The Emotional Final Chapter
: To Be Continued

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