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Mahou Sensei Negima! 355

3-A Forever

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 12, 2012 19:13 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 355

inset: At long last, the final chapter! The final act of a 9-year-long story!
Negi: Sorry to keep you waiting, Yue.
inset: Negi takes the stage!

Period 355: 3-A Forever

Yue: Ne… Negi-sensei…

Yue: Or rather… Master.
Negi: Hahaha… I told you to stop calling me that. / You’re already an adult, after all!

Negi: My goodness… You again, Paio II?
Yue: Do you know her? <aside: She’s a girl? >
Negi: She’s a mercenary; we’ve fought numerous times.

Negi: Thanks for protecting Mahora for me, Yue-san.
Yue: No… I mean…
Negi: I will not let you escape today! / Though I don't expect you to give up the name of your employer.
Paio: Mofufu… Of course I wouldn’t… though today, I was working for fun.
Yue: How despicable!
[inset]: The final chapter, thanks to all of your support over these nine years!!!

Extra: Ah, what’s going on there? An explosion? Terrorists? / Hey, wait, look! It’s Negi! / N—Negi?!
Negi: It looks like the ward that kept everyone away has gone down. <aside: We’ll need to clean this up a bit… >
Sasaki: Eh? Negi? I know that name…

Sasaki: Ah! I knew I had seen you before! / You’re that Negi guy who always appears on TV!
Makoto: You’re right! Could… Could I have your autograph?

Yue: Uh, umm, more importantly, what brings you here today?

Negi: Today’s the Ala Alba reuinion!
Yue: What?!
Negi: Huh? Didn’t you get the invitation?

Sasaki: The invitation? This is it.
Yue: What?!
Sasaki: It’s because your office is so messy, Yue-san!

Paio: Don’t you dare forget about me!
Extra: We’ve got this covered, sir.

Var.: Yue! / Negi-kun!

Yue: Ah…

Yue: Everyone!
Various: Negi-kun! / Yue!

(?): Negi-kun! Long time noe see! / Wow, you’ve gotten so big!
(?): He looks so cool! / Yeah, you look great!
Negi: And all of you look so nice…
(?): Ahahaha / Oh, stop it!

Nodoka: Yue!
Sasaki: Hey, Sis.
Makie: Oh, Kagehi?
Yue: Nodoka!

Yue: … You look amazing, Nodoka!
Nodoka: Really? Stop flattering me!

Haruna: Yue, you haven’t changed at all. Especially your breasts.
Yue: And your udders have gotten all flabby.

Negi: So, shall we get going? We’re nearly there, after all.
Makie: So, would you introduce me to your girlfriend?
Sasaki: She’s not…!
Negi: We have special guests coming today.
Kuu: Special guests?

Konoka: I didn’t know there was somewhere this beautiful in Mahora.

Negi: It was just finished recently. And incidentally, the manager is from the Magical World. <aside: Though that’s not public knowledge yet. > / So, follow me.
Yue: OK.

Yue: Ah…

Nagi: Hey!

Makie: Ah…?!
Yue: Na—Nagi-san?!
Nodoka: Ehh?!
Kuu Fei: Negi’s papa?

Makie: It’s—it’s—it’s nice to meet you, sir!
Haruna: Oh, look at you!

Konoka: But—but Nagi-san, isn’t your body still…
Setsuna: You shouldn’t push yourself…

Nagi: Oh shut up, shut up! / I know my body’s messed up; this is my retirement!
Eva: You hooligans.
Rakan: What are you talking about; you’re as lively as ever! Guhahaha

Nagi: It’s all thanks to you two, Konoka-chan, Setsuna-chan.

Chisame: Hey, really? Why today?
Negi: I wanted to introduce you all to my father.

Eva: Makes sense. / Introduce Ala Alba to Ala Rubra, and vice versa.

Negi: Father,

Negi: These are my students, my pride and joy… / No, my friends.

Makie(?): Ah..
Nodoka: Negi-sensei…

Nagi: Hmm….

Nagi: Why are they all girls?! Wahahaha
Negi: It was a girl’s school; what do you expect?!
Rakan: There something wrong with all boys? Huh?
Konoka: They seem really close <3

Nodoka: Thank goodness…
Yue: Yeah…

Rakan: Oh, Yue-chi! That fight out there was really something.

Yue: You—you were watching?!
Rakan: Yeah, Al… I mean, Colonel used his crystal to let us watch.
Konoe: Nice job, Yue-kun. <aside: Though you need to make sure to finish your opponent off properly. >

Eva: You fight just like the boy, dno’t you?
Yue: What? That’s… I mean…!
Nagi: Yeah, you’re right! There something going on between you two?
Yue: You… You too, Nagi-san?! <aside: He’s… He’s just my master… >

Makie: Yue-chan, no fair! Negi’s father’s already memorized your name!
Yue: Makie-san! And why are you so flustered?!

Various: By the way, what ever happened to Nastumi-chan? / Yeah, about that… She said she was going on a graduation trip, and I followed her until she went to the other world… / Ehh?! / Kyah! <3 / Hey, wait! Is that all?! / What’s with Kakizaki’s boyfriend? / I think they’re going to get married! / I wonder… / That’d make them the first to get married <3 / Huh? What? You didn’t hear? / Hear what? / You really don’t know?!

Yuuna: Hey, Negi-kun, look at this!
Konoka: What’s that?
Negi: What is it?

Negi: Huh? Are those Fumika-san and Fuuka-san? / It almost looks like they shrunk…
Yuuna: Nheheh… Actually, that’s their daughters.
Negi: Really?

Everyone: WHAT?!
Yuuna (and others): This picture is of the twins themselves. / Remember those two princes from the other world they met over Christmas? / Ah, the Shota Twins! / They had a double marriage?! / Kyah! / Uhya!

(?): Uhieee.. I never saw that coming! That surprised me even more than seeing Nagi-san! / Wahhhh! They look so beautiful! / They’re celebrities now; they’ve married into major money! I don’t even know what to think of them now!

Nagi: Negi?
Negi: Yeah.

Nagi: Looks like you’ve found / some good friends.

Negi: Yes I have, / Father.

Al: You should be thankful, Nagi. / It wasn’t Negi alone / who fought and defeated the Mage of Beginnings and freed you. / It was the combined efforts of all 31 of his friends. / I confess, I too was surprised.

Nagi: Yeah.

Negi: By myself, I am powerless. / But with Ala Alba, my class, and so many others… / It was because of them that I succeeded.

Negi: That’s right, Father. I want you to meet the rest of my students, too! / Of course, they’re all really busy; we couldn’t even get the whole of Ala Alba here today… / But Class Rep, / and Sastuki-san, / and Captain Tatsumiya, / and Kaede-san, / and Asakura-san, and Ako-san, and Akira-san… / and Chao-san. / They’re all so amazing… They’ve taught me so much.

Nagi: That so…

Nagi: I think I will. / Meet those children too, I mean.

Seat #1, Aisaka Sayo. / After using the Cassiopeia to follow Negi’s team through the chaos of the aftermath of the battle at Mahora Academy, she was unbound from Mahora Academy and free to wander. But rather than leave the mortal plane, she preferred to stay side-by-side with Asakura Kazumi as her guardian spirit (or background spirit?) and partner.

Seat #3, Asakura Kazumi. / She lives her days in the chaos caused by Negi’s plan as a free journalist. After the establishment of interstellar trade routes, she received from Saotome Haruna the Great Paru-sama mk. II and became involved in events all over the solar system. Her book, Two Generations of Heroes, was a best seller.

Seat #2, Akashi Yuuna / Following the will of her mother, she became an agent of Megalosembria. / It was a tough job, but by keeping her spirits up she succeeded in every mission. Her missions send her all over the worlds, giving her plenty of opportunities to catch up with her classmates and help them out.

Seat #27, Miyazaki Nodoka. / She explores ancient ruins with some of her closest friends during her breaks from her job in ISSDA’s R&D division. After five, she gets involved in her best friend’s work, leading to long days of work. Low gravity has done wonders for her breasts and… well... She often bumps into Negi.

Seat #4, Ayase Yue. / She works in the ISSDA office in orbit above the Earth. Working in the same facility as Miyazaki Nodoka, the two girls who have lost their first love are surprisingly close. Even up here, she continues her detective work. A magical detective, a space detective, who despite the low gravity her breasts have… well…

Seat #14, Saotome Haruna / Havnig moved to Megalosembria, she has become a best seller. Her BL works have become especially popular. Her earnings as one of the best writers of her graduation have made her the richest of her class. She often uses her personal gate to tease her friends about how much money she’s earned.

Seat #15, Sakurazaki Setsuna / The devoted servant of Magister Magi Konoe Konoka, though she was lost for some time, she managed to purchase a high-speed spaceship. Though small, it served as her new home, complete with three living, kitchen, and dining rooms, a cockpit, and a hanger. One of the first aces of the space age, her name became known to all. Got married in 2017.

Seat #13, Konoe Konoka. / As a Magister Magi, she spent her days fighting to save the luckless people who would not be saved by Negi’s plan alone…. or so she planned, but she wound up having to protect her servant from the stalker Tsukuyomi. After many years of research, she managed to cure the petrification of the members of Negi’s village in 2017. Afterwards, she got married.

Seat #12, Kuu Fei. / She opened up a dojo in Mahora which, though small, was the training ground of many champion fighters. Though the tournament at Mahorafest grows in scale every year, she continues to emerge victorious. Nevertheless, she remains as humble as ever. She is the eternal training partner of Nagase Kaede. Their new year’s fight with Negi has become an annual occurrence.

Seat #20, Nagase Kaede / She becomes fundamentally a wanderer, always seeking to train. Her training eventually makes her strong enough to traverse space without any equipment. No matter where she is, she will always go to her classmates when they are in trouble. She is a reliable ninja for the space age.

Seat #16, Sasaki Makie / After graduating from college, she becomes a Mahora middle school PE teacher. / Though her male students and coworkers are crazy about her, the person herself has eyes for Negi alone. She always uses her days off to go on long-awaited visits to see Negi and her friends.

Seat #6, Ookouchi Akira. / She joined the space elevator management company. Passing the tough training required to become an interstellar pilot, she became the first person in the world to become an elevator cabin attendant. This gives her many opportunities to see Negi.

Seat #5, Izumi Ako. / After using magic to heal the scar on her back, she travels abroad to the Magical World following her high school graduation in order to bring back to Earth new and amazing medical techniques. Currently, she works as a nurse at the same company as Akira. She secretly looks up to Konoe Konoka as her master, and tirelessly works to improve her own skills.

Seat #22, Narutaki Fuuka / Seat #23, Narutaki Fumika / The mysterious small animals Narutaki Fumika and Fuuka picked up during their Christmas break in their last year of middle school proved to be two princes of the magical world using ninja techniques to hide their true form. / During the chaos of the competition for Negi, the four became even closer. As time passed, they stayed close, and married after high school. They were blessed with beautiful daughters. / As the members of 3-A who had caught the biggest prize, they live near Ariadne in the Hellas Empire, enjoying the scenic beauty of the old capital.

Seat #30, Yotsuba Satsuki / After studying in France and China, she returns to Mahora to manage Chao Bao Zi. / As the city around Mahora grew, so did her business. After the completion of the space elevator, she expanded into outer space. Her business became the first chain to expand into the stars. Her classmates still often visit the main store.

Seat #9, Kasuga Misora / She accompanied Negi as he worked on his plan for a time, but due to how shorthanded Mahora Academy was, she began to work there. She wasn’t terribly happy about this, but she worked alongside Yue to protect it. Her relationship with fellow orphan Cocone is the same as ever. / The assignment the young lady had given to the young man was completed on the day she graduated from high school. / Kasuga Misora’s responded, “….You serious?! Well… umm… that’s interesting, so I’ll allow it!”

Seat #25, Hasegawa Chisame. / After graduating from college, she became a hikikomori and spent her days on the ‘Net. / Nevertheless, she remains a trusted friend of Negi’s, and acts as a special advisor for the ISSDA from the shadows.

Seat #24, Hakase Satomi / As completing the terraforming and space elevator projects with science alone proved difficult, they were realized with her theories combining magic and science. They say that she recently married the Governor-General, though that may just be a rumor.

Seat #10, Karakuri Chachamaru. / She worked many long years as Negi’s secretary. She served as the prototype for the humanoid androids necessary to develop the harsh environment of the solar system. It is certain that she is wound up every day.

Seat #18, Tatsumiya Mana. / As Fate Averancus feared, Negi’s plan alone was not enough to bring peace to the world. Fighting still continues in various places. The long-lived woman continued to fight in countless battlefields. / At the dawn of the 22nd century, she further participated in the Martian War of Independence. This war was the reason for Asuna’s delayed awakening.

Seat #26, Evangeline A.K. MacDougel / She joined the boy who had promised her regarding Infernus Scholasticus in rescuing her lover. / Now freed, she nevertheless always makes sure to secretly keep an eye on the boy and the girls who accompany him, making sure to see them safely to their destinations. / As for what happened between her and her lover? Well, that’s a tale for another time.

Seat #31, Zazie Rainyday. / She is quite satisfied acting a guardian for the young man and his friends as they work. She sends them her honest praise. / The time when she appeared before them as an emissary of friendship is a story yet to be told.


Seat #11, Kugimiya Madoka. / A firm-handed government bureaucrat, she works a rough shift as a customs official at the Elevator. She’s glad that it was developed at Mahora, since this means she doesn’t have to go far to play. / Whenever she sees black puppy-dog ears, her eyes immediately lock on.

Seat #7, Kakizaki Misa / She is the concierge at the Station Hotel. As Mahora continues to grow, so too does her workload. Furthermore, somehow even non-human guests have begun taking up rooms. Negi and others are worried about her, because she doesn’t always think before she acts, but she’s having quite the time.

Seat #17, Shiina Sakurako / She has put her characteristic luck at work at a securities company. If she gets serious, her actions may have huge effects on both the world economy and Negi’s plan. It is unknown whether or not this has already happened. Currently, she most treasures her time spent with friends on her days off. Fate is seriously considering whether or not her powers could be used deliberately and beneficially.

Seat #21, Naba Chizuru. / As representative of Naba Industries, she worked together with Yukihiro Ayase and company to bring the Blue Mars plan to fruition. Once the plan had begun to succeed, she set off to pursue her own dream of being a child care worker. When the Narutaki sisters came to visit their hometown, she was instantly enchanted by their daughters. She dotes on them immensely.

Seat #28, Murakami Natsumi / After Kotarou dashed off, saying “I’m going to train to be a warrior!” and not returning home, she chased after him. (She told others she was going on a graduation trip.) The adventures she wound up having in the Magical World were even greater than those she had had over the summer (overcoming them through the aid of her artifact). Though she began the trip a normal girl, Murakami Natsumi became more and more adventurous as time went on, and when she finally found Kotarou she landed seven blows on him (from a blind spot). / Though the two struggled to be honest with each other, they finally married in 2015. They received countless blessings from their friends.

Seat #29, Yukihiro Ayaka. / As the representative of the Yukihiro Group, she worked hard towards the successful completion of the Blue Mars project. After the ISSDA was established, she remained on the sidelines supporting Negi and Asuna. She’s happy just being able to support Negi from behind.

Seat #8, Kagurazaka Asuna / As the descendent of the oldest line of kings in the Magical World, Asuna works as a symbol of harmony in both worlds. She also works hard at restoring her kingdom. The resulting daily life is stressful, but together with her classmates she manages to persevere. She forever fights—and is friends with—Class Rep.

Seat #19, Chao Lingshen / With the power to travel through time and across parallel worlds, no enemy can stand before her. In order to establish an eternal peace, she continues to fight even today. Though she may be the Last Boss of Justice, she still finds time to play at Mahora.

Var: That’s right! / Let’s call everyone here! / Let’s have a full 3-A class reunion! / Ehh?!

Yuuna: We need to have everyone! No one’s allowed to stay home! Mandatory participation!
Haruna: Oh! Sounds awesome!
Chisame: So how are you going to force Chao to come here, when she could be a hundred years in the future or in a parallel world?
Yuuna: With our spirit!
Chiasame: What the…
Makie: But—but would that be alright?

Yuuna: Of course it’d be alright! / Come on, let’s go make the calls!
Eva: Heh…

Eva: “A little bit of courage is the real magic. / “Boys and girls, set your sights high”, right?

Nagi: That’s right.

Nagi: But man, I’ve got to hand it to my son and the girls! This is the retired life! Yep! Gotta love retirement!
Negi: Oh come on, what are you saying, father?! / We still need your help, Father!

Various: Yahoo! Asuna, long time no see! / Yeah, yeah, OK. How are Class Rep and Chiz-nee and Natsumi-chan doing? / Yeah, we’re at the reunion! Nagi-san’s here too! / Is Kota-kun there? / Well of course! / Uhehe / Mufufu <3 / What? What do you mean, you can’t come? I know you’re in the middle of some important ceremony or something, right? OK, OK, good work, alright? / But more importantly, we’re having a full class reunion, so get here within the next two days! That’s right! And everyone has to come! / No! You’ll have to just give it your all, and figure out a way to do it! / No, no, no! I won’t take no for an answer! Good luck, and don’t give up! / Hey—hey, Yuuna, / isn’t two days from now a little pushing it? / Huh? Yeah… OK, I get it, alright… Negi-kun, Asuna wants to speak with you! / Huh? Me? / Yes… Thank you; it’s been a while. Thanks for all your hard work, Asuna-san. / Yeah… That’s about right. Well, I mean, if you can… Yeah… OK… I really want to see you again, too. / No… You don’t have to force yourself… Huh… Is that OK? / Oh?! / He did it! / Yes… OK… Yeah… OK… ahahaha, I’ll be looking forward to it. / Negi-kun, let me talk to her!

p19: <top is already done for you>
[bottom]:Thanks for all your loving support over these past nine years.

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