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Takamagahara 2

Divine Gifts

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 10, 2012 21:07 | Go to Takamagahara

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*for Mangateers

[black strip]: Chapter 2: Divine Gifts
[Vertical text]: Welcome / to a world without boredom!!
[author]: Kawai Juuzou

A strange, proudly majestic building!!

Let us begin the Takamagahara Special Podium Meeting.

Speaker: It appears that target Yamada Yamato of Takachiho Heights Academy has awoken to his divine blood.

Speaker: However, what Divine Gift he possesses is unknown.

Takachiho Heights, is it….

I’m pretty sure there was another there who awoke to his divine gift.
SFX: kchkchkchkchkchkch

And that man was far too dangerous.
SFX: Kch

We must ensure the two do not meet. / Heh. / Isn’t the meeting of those who have awoken to divine blood but a matter of time?

Yamato: No letters today.

Yamato: Things got really out of hand yesterday…

Fukakyon: Good morning, Yamato-san! / Hey! How’s your right hand doing?!

Yamato: Who’re you?!

Fukakyon: Don’t you recognize me?/ I’m Fukada Kyouji—Fukakyon!
Yamato: What?!

Fukakyon: You’ve given me a change of heart, so I’ve shaved my head.
Yamato: I think it just makes you look more dangerous and scary… / <aside: And how are you not injured? >

Yamato: Whoa?!

Fukakyon: I have dissolved the Fukakyon Army, and have decided to support the Yamato Shogunate! / Please, let us join you, / Boss!

Yamato: Huh?! / Boss?! / Who, me?!

Fukakyon: What are you saying? / After defeating me, you became the boss of Takachiho, right?
Yamato: I what?!

*: You can only read works by Kawai Juuzou in Jump!!

Fukakyon: Oh, just thinking of the punch you gave me yesterday / makes my heart skip a beat.
Yamato’s aside: Seriously?

Yamato: Wait, wait. / Something is definitely wrong about this… / Maybe there’s some strange wind in the air, / or the Earth’s rotation became off, or… / <aside: I mean, just look at my right hand… >

Punks: Such… Such humility…! / Yeah. The great really are different than the rest of us.

Fukakyon: Today is the birth of the Yamato Shogunate!

Fukakyon: We’ll follow you wherever you go, / boss!
Yamato: Please don’t!

Banner: Yamato Shogunate

Various: Hey, hey, look at that! / How embarrassing. / It looks like something out of Dragon Quest…

Fukakyon: Is something bothering you, sir? / Or are you simply contemplating how best to unite the entire country?
Yamato: Why do I have to unite the entire country?!

Fukakyon: What are you saying? / That punch of yours could be strong enough to realize the dream of conquering the world!
Yamato: But I don’t want to conquer the world!

Yamato: The only thing I want is to get into Jump!

Fukakyon: Jump?

Fukakyon: Yamato-san, you draw manga?! / Please, let us read your work!
Yamato: Huh?

Yamato: What do you think? / <aside: I’m still working on it, but… >

Punks: This is a piece of shit…! / But we can’t just say that!

Fukakyon: Wow, this is…!

Fukakyon: SUPER FUNNY!

Punks: Bwah?

Fukakyon: I’ve never read a manga this fucking good! / This’ll win you the prize for sure!
Yamato: Oh, Fukakyon! / You can really tell the difference, can’t you?!

Fukakyon: And if you don’t win, / we’ll head over to Jump’s editors and teach them a thing or two!
Punk: I might not read Jump anymore …

Yamato: Those guys really get a good story. / <Aside: Hahaha >

Yamato: Hah.

Yamato: … This isn’t the time to joke around. / What happened to my right hand back then?!

Kikuchi: Good day, Yamada-kun.

Yamato: Who—the sub?! Don’t surprise me!
Kikuchi: Sorry. / <aside: It’s Kikuchi. >

Kikuchi: Is there something you’re worried about? / Perhaps we could talk about it.
Yamato: It’s nothing that would concern a teacher!

Guys: Yamato, how’d you get that cast?
Yamato: Well, you see…

White hair: Oh yeah, I heard you gave up on becoming a manga artist and became a gang boss instead.
Yamato: No I haven’t! / And being a boss isn’t much of a job!

Yamato: Dammit… / Hm?

Yamato: Oh! / Master!

White hair: Yamato, / why are you so close with Inaba?
Black hair: That guy doesn’t even come to school on days where we have gym!

Yamato: You better not be making fun of my master! / He’s so good that he was one of the finalists in the monthly prize, and even has contacts in the industry!
Black hair: I’m sowwy….

Yamato: And when he saw me drawing with ball-point pens, / he was the one who taught me to use a dip pen. / <aside: Master’s so cool. >
Black hair: Is that really that amazing?

Yamato: Hey, / Master.

Inaba: Ah, / Yamato-kun.

Inaba: You were going to apply for the Tezuka award, right?
Yamato: Yeah. I plan on winning the grand prize.
Inaba: Are you finished yet? The deadline’s today, after all.


Yamato: You—you’ve got it wrong! / It’s not that I forgot, it’s just that my arm got like this, and I started getting stalked by this gang with shaved heads, and I got busy, so…!
Inaba: Making excuses to me won’t…

Yamato: Shit! / I really thought I could pull it off this time! / No—I thought this would be my last chance! / and I still have 6 pages left to pen…!

Inaba: Well, I’m sure we can pull it off somehow.
Yamato: Huh?

Inaba: We have until midnight tonight, right? / <aside: It just has to be postmarked today. > / If I work as your assistant, we should be able to just barely get it done in time.

Yamato: Master…! / You’re so reliable…!

Yamato: Alright! / With Master helping me out, there’s no way I can’t win!
Inaba: Hahaha
White hair: He’s really enjoying himself…

Sign: Yamada

Musashi: Alright! / Let’s all go out and eat yakiniku!
Shirt: Fighter Musashi

Musashi: And afterwards, we can burn off the calories by going to karaoke!
Brothers: Yeah!

Musashi: You wanna join us, Inaba-kun?
Yamato: Master came here to help me work on my manuscript.

Musashi: You hurt your arm in a fight?
Yamato: Of course not!

Yamato: Luckily, all of the potential distractions seem to have decided to leave.
Inaba: Maybe they got the hint and decided to head out for the night?

Inaba: But can you draw with your right hand like that?
Yamato: Ah!

Yamato: I forgot my right hand had been sealed…! / No! / Maybe some great power has manifested in me, and it will make me the greatest manga artist of all time!

Yamato: Whoooahhhh!

Yamato: Uwahh! I poked a hole in my manuscript!
Inaba: What are you doing?! We don’t have much time!

Fukakyon: Yamato-san’s probably working on his manga right about now.

Fukakyon: We might not be able to do much, but we can at least bring him some grub. / <aside: hahaha >

Creepy guy: Do you intend to bully me?

Fukakyon: …? / Where’d that come from?

Creepy guy: Not again—if you talk like that, / that means you were going to bully me, right? / That means you’re a bunch of brutes! / The type they used to call “Yankees”!

Creepy guy: I was bullied by all sorts of people like you! / I hate people like you!
SFX: Kch

Punk: What’s that sound?
SFX: Kch/ Kch / Kch

Kch / kch / kch / kch

Creepy guy: So, / it’s time to start hunting the brutes.
SFX: Kch

Yamato: It looks like we just might make it… / <aside: Hah >
Inaba: Yeah.

Yamato: Even with my cast, I’m still going to pull it off!

Inaba: But don’t you think your work while wearing that cast is a lot better than your usual?
Yamato: You’re kidding!

Yamato: Hm?

Yamato: You’re back early. / Home already?

Punk: Yamato-san…!

Yamato: You’re one of Fukakyon’s! / <aside: His first follower! >

Inaba: What happened?!
Punk: We ran into some weird guy out on the streets…

Punk: He looked normal, but he was monstrously strong / and he was hiding a giant blade, and started slicing everyone to shreds…!

Punk: I somehow managed to get away, and went to call for help…

Punk: Please! / Please save them, Yamato-san! / At this rate, he’s gonna kill Fukada-san!

Inaba: But Yamato-kun, / if you leave now, you’ll never finish your manuscript in time…?

Fukakyon: Dammit…!

Fukakyon: What the hell is with this guy?! / This is bad. / This is fucking bad!

Creepy guy: That’s it; that’s right; that’s why I have this. / I was given this power so that I can bully those who bullied me.
SFX: Kch

Fukakyon: Not that sound again…!!
SFX: Kch / kch / kch

SFX: (same)

Fukakyon: I’m sorry, Yamato-san…! / I guess I wasn’t able to help you after all…!

Creepy guy: I’ll use this power, which transcends that of humans, / to slaughter all shitheads like you!

Yamato: Hey!

Yamato: You bastard…!

Yamato: What do you think you’re doing to my friends?!

Fukakyon: Yamato-san!
[bottom, left-to-right]: Takamagahara / … Chapter 2 End
: You’re here!!

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