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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

UQ Holder! 12

First Mission

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 21, 2013 03:19 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 12

UQ Holder 12

*why am i doing this? edition

p1: ==================================
…Wake up, boy.

I’m sorry. I…
Who are…?
I couldn’t save your parents…

They were too formidable…
What… What’s she saying?
You can just forget all about this…

p2: ==================================
I can’t remember anything.

…Nothing makes any sense.

was that long thing, again…?


Hah! I’m late!!

Owwww…. Shit, this room’s cramped.
Is this how you guys treat Numbers?!

p3: ==================================
Has it already been two weeks since we got back up here?

Dammit. / I can see just how close it is, and yet…

Oy! You awake, Touta-aniki?

p4: ==================================
You’re too young to be sleepin’ in this late.
Get your ass over here / and let’s drink, Aniki.

UQ’s regular members.

Grandpas, you’re drinking already? It’s noon.
Mind your own business. I’ll pour you a glass, Aniki.
Don’t go handing out drinks to kids, pops.
Then how about another game of cards, Touta-aniki?
Oh, yeah. Let’s do it, Touta-aniki.

p5: ==================================
And hey, shut it with all that “Aniki” bull! You’re just making fun of me, and treating me like a kid!
But you are a kid.
Ngh… Well, at least don’t call me “Aniki”!
There’s nothin’ we can do there. We’ve gotta call people in the undying Numbers squad “Aniki.”
I mean, you guys outrank us as monsters.
But forget about that—let’s play some cards, Touta-aniki.
Argh, screw you guys! You already stripped me of what little I had last time!!

I’ve been here two weeks!!
I’ve been stuck cleaning that stupidly huge inn from dawn till dusk, and I’m only getting paid 1,600 yen? What gives?!
That’s just 200 yen an hour!
All I’ve got left after food is less than a kid’s allowance.
What is this place, a sweatshop?!

These days, you should be happy that you’ve got a place to sleep, Aniki.
We’re on the bottom. Dead bottom.

Ah, dammit all! And to top it all off, the tower and the capital both are right in front of me, but I’m not allowed to leave the island?!
What the heck, Yukihime?!
What’s he talking about?
I heard his dream’s to climb the tower.
Haha. That’s so childish, too.

That’s right, Yukihime!!
Can’t I meet with Yukihime?!
I haven’t seen her once since I got dropped underground!
Let me…

p6: ==================================
Hey, kid.

Show some respect to Yukihime-sama.
At least call her “Ane-san.”
Horns! Pops, you’ve got horns sprouting from your head! And your face is huge?!

Yukihime-sama’s the boss around here. Underlings like yourself shouldn’t expect to meet with her so easily.

Did Yukihime say that?

“If you dislike it, you should at least try to become a staff member.”
UQ Staff

“If you can’t manage that, then you and your friends’ promise is beyond your wildest dreams.” Her words… or so I’m told.


Hmph. Like I give a damn! I’m gonna be top dog around here, anyways.
Well, you can only accomplish that by distinguishing yourself through work…

p7: ==================================
OK, fine then! In that case, I’ll clean the floors, I’ll wash the dishes--I’ll do everything!!
I’m not sure how many centuries it might take to distinguish yourself through cleaning and washing dishes…

Then give me some work.
Yes, let’s.

Huh? You’re givin’ me some work?
To be honest, I am not completely comfortable entrusting you with Holder work…

But since you’re working with Kuroumaru, and you have Karin-sama supporting you to boot, you should be fine….

My first job!!

p8: ==================================

Konoe Touta, Tokisaka Kuroumaru, we have a job to do.

p9: ==================================


Ummm… Wait….



You’re a w…

K—K-K-Karin-d…. dono? Did you happen to s…
I did. I saw, precisely and compmletely.

p10: ==================================
What is going on here, Kuroumaru? This is a problem.
A young man and a young woman, sharing a room…? If you don’t tell us about these things, we can’t—
N—No! That’s not me!
I’m not a woman!!


At any rate, I--I don’t know how much you saw, but I am not a lady.
So it’s fine if we share a room.

I can’t accept that explanation. There’s no way I can ignore what I’ve s—
I—I’m begging you. Just keep this between us. At least don’t let Touta-kun…


I understand. Then I will act as if I saw nothing.

Thank you, Karin-dono.

But don’t blame me if it comes out later.
It’s not like I’m taking your side here, or anything.

p11: ==================================
More importantly, Kuroumaru, come. We have work to do.
The children are in danger.

The children…?


So you’re here, Kuroumaru.
It’s time for our first job.

p12: ==================================
When we hit land, we’re running six klicks towards the tower.
Slowpokes get left behind.

Sounds good to me!!

What did you mean by, “the children are in danger”?
They’re buying up the land!
Though I don’t really get it, myself.

They’re in the slums.

They extend out from the capital.
I wouldn’t expect a hillbilly like yourself to understand, but…
Even this once-prosperous country was no longer able to ignore...
the shadow underneath its majestic capital.
In the 21st century, mankind distributed the poor evenly throughout the world. …This was neither good nor evil, but simply an inevitable part of history
Huh? What? <small: What are you talking about, all of a sudden…? >

p13: ==================================
However, there are some that do not think kindly about the poor’s very existence.
They say they are dangers, illegals; that they deserve their fate; that it is too late;
that they are already things removed from society;
and therefore, if possible, that they ought to disappear. Ideally, while nobody’s watching.

However, we, UQ Holder,
are a non-human faction removed from human reason. As such, we---

side with those the world of man
have cast out, trampled, and forgotten.


p14: ==================================
Karin-chan, that was….

I hadn’t even said anything!!
We are not close enough that you can call me “chan”! You will address me as “Sempai!”

There’s a cliff on the far side of this forest!
Our destination’s at the bottom.
Roger that, Sempai!

All right! I’m first!

p15: ==================================
Hold it, hold it, hold it!!

Hold it right there, you landsharks!!

p16: ==================================
UQ Holder’s Number 7,
Konoe Touta!, takes the stage!!

Umm.. Those gentlemen were also bodyguards from UQ Holder…
SFX: Ugh / Aniki…
You idiot.

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