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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gazer 1

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 5, 2014 20:43 | Go to Gazer

-> RTS Page for Gazer 1


--For use by M-Hario

p1: ===============================================
[inset]: This <bluew>man</blue> uses his <yellow>knowledge</yellow> to <blue>control</blue> <magenta>superpowers</magenta>!!

p2: ===============================================
[sidebar]: Abnormalities suddenly pay a visit to normalcy!!

Wh… What’s going on? My ears are ringing….

p3: ===============================================


A beautiful ending.
What happened? What happened?
I heard someone literally blew up.

Does that mean the serial bomber struck again?!
Me, a serial bomber…? And yet, what I gave him was salvation.
My oh my.

p4: ===============================================
You found the serial bomber…?!

Yes, sir. I know I’m right!
You are?
Kirisaki, from the first investigative division, section 8!

We’ve found neither hide nor hair of the serial bomber,
/ and yet you claim to have happened to witness him at the scene of the crime…?
…Well? What is the nature of the mysterious explosive he uses?
Uh… I don’t know!
/ I didn’t see the weapon…!

p5: ===============================================
/ Then how are you certain he’s the culprit?

The truth is, I…
/ have the ability to listen to the voice of people’s hearts…!

As a test, try thinking of a number, any number.
/ I’ll guess it!

For goodness’ sake…. This is pointless.
W… Wait, please!
/ I’m telling the truth. You have to believe me!

We are the police. Go play “Little Miss Spirit Medium” elsewhere.

But I’m… telling the truth…!
Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.
/ Only the Occult Division would believe such a tale.

The Occult Division…?

p6: ===============================================
You haven’t heard of them?
/ They’re the Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division Special Crime Investigative Unit 7.
They’re commonly known as the Occult Division.

They’re a strange department. They handle all the abnormal incidents, the ones involving superpowers or psychic phenomena.
/ They secretly deal with those cases the law cannot judge.

The only member is a genius with multiple doctorates who graduated at the top of Edinburgh University.
Or so they say. I don’t know how much of that is true.

[sign]: Special Crime Investigative Unit
…Here it is!

p7: ===============================================
It smells like… gunpowder?


A bomb?!


…Hm? Who are you?

[inset]: Uh…
Uh… I—I’d like to talk with the Occult Division…!

p8: ===============================================
I am Investigator Araya Shiki
/ of the Occult Division…?

Huh? A child…?!

p9: ===============================================
Why would a child be…
Could he be some sort of genius prodigy?
Wait—his face is terrifying!


Dammit! I’m too nervous!
It’s been so long since someone visited my lab!
Sigh…! Maybe she’s a fan of mine?!
There are supposed to be rumors about me floating about the station!

Man, now I’ve done it.
Is this kid a genius…?


R… Ridiculous?! But she couldn’t be…

p10: ===============================================
…giving me a perfect view of her panties?!

…You perverted brat!

Wh-Wh-What are you saying?!
/ That’s a false accusation!!
Th… This kid’s…

Just a pubescent boy!!

p11: ===============================================
I am Kirisaki Satori, from First Division Section 8.
…Are you really a detective?

Are you an idiot? Read the badge.

I can’t believe you, woman!!
/ You denounce me as a pervert?
/ If a black mark goes on my genius record, how do you intend to pay for it?!
But you did stare at my underwear.

Sigh… I guess I’ll just go home.
This kid is horribly rude,
and a brat.
[bubble]: That was an accident!
[bubble]: And you have no proof I saw anything.

There’s no way I can consult with such a kid…

p12: ===============================================

A… A corpse?!
/ Y… You killed him!!
Quit fussing and take a closer look!

It’s a doll!

I created it in order to perform experiments regarding the explosion of humans.
/ I am investigating the characteristics of bombs of different types and force.
And the best experimental subject is something that resembles the human form.

Then that explosion earlier was…!

Would that research have anything to do with the serial bombing cases?!
Even a fool could deduce that much.

I know who the culprit is!!
/ That’s why I came here.

p13: ===============================================
You… know who the culprit is?
/ Why? Did you witness the scene of the crime?

Umm… Well, that’s….
/ I… don’t know if you’ll believe me,
but I… can hear the voices of people’s hearts…!

Oooh…. I knew he wouldn’t believe me…?!


What’s that sound…?

The voices of people’s hearts, you say?

p14: ===============================================
Is this sound the voice of Araya-kun’s heart…?!
[inset, upper-left]: His thoughts are too fast; I can’t perceive them as words…!
So this would be an instance of that.
If we explain you as being a so-called telepath…?

I’ve never
[bubble]: Y…Yeah.
met someone like him!!

I see.

…That which laypeople call superpowers are rare, but they certainly do exist.
Their rarity has simply stalled any advances into their research.
/ As a result, few take the appropriate approach.
Books {
[top row, leftmost]: Next World
[second row, from the right]: The World’s
Akashic R
Alien Words <kinda blurry, guessing here>
Guide to Neuroscience
[third row, from the right]: n Curses
The Black Arts
Lost Prophecies
The Mysteries of Kabbalah
Genesis of Akasha
The Butterfly of the Ego
The Magus
<too blurry>
The Soul’s Final Destination

p15: ===============================================
Here’s a test:
/ Write down the series of characters I’m currently thinking of.

…Those characters mean absolutely nothing…
/ They’re like a password.
…Is this good?


Very good! Tell me what you know of the serial bomber!

p16: ===============================================
/ You believe me…?!

Yep! I’m happy to welcome you
as my telepathic guniea pig!!
I’m not your guinea pig, you stupid brat!

The Shinjuku Serial Bombing Case

Starting two months ago, there have been a series of strange incidents
/ where a portion of a person’s body
suddenly explodes.

The first victim of these “invisible bombs” was killed in broad daylight in a busy station.
Since then, incidents have occurred in various locations, from parks to subterranean walkways.
/ The body count is already in the double digits…

p17: ===============================================
The only thing all the eyewitnesses agree upon is that,
/ right before the explosion, they felt a strange chill and their ears rang.
/ each victim’s body seemed to warp as if there were a heat haze.

This testimony, coupled with the lack of any bomb wreckage being found,
/ has led to various theories blaming natural or psychic phenomena being thrown about.
However, the fact that only humans have fallen victim lends credence to the voices suggesting these are the acts of men.
/ They name the killer “The Serial Bomber of Shinjuku” and fear him.

I was working a different case when I happened upon the scene of the crime.

I normally cannot use my telepathy subconsciously,
but sometimes, if a voice is coupled with strong emotion, I’ll suddenly hear it…


p18: ===============================================
I’ll kill you.

Let it end.
What? I suddenly feel cold…
and my ears are ringing…?!
[bubble]: Something’s buzzing in my ear.
[bubble]: Me too.

Don’t tell me this voice…
is the serial bomber’s?!




p19: ===============================================
I know he’s the culprit, I thought to myself…

Afterwards, I tailed the man and identified him.
/ He’s Gotou Ryuuji, a 49-year-old businessman.
Most of the cases so far have occurred along his commute.
Really? Then that makes things quick.

Is that building where the culprit works?

……Araya-kun, you can drive?
Oh, sorry. You just sort of look like you’re in middle school.
/ But you’re a detective; you must be an adult.

p20: ===============================================
No, I am in middle school.
/ I turn 14 this year.
14?! Then you don’t have a license?!

My grandfather is the chief of police.
/ That tends to make things flexible.
The Occult Division was also arranged by my grandfather.

He’s the chief of police’s…?!
It’s really great, having family in high places!!

…Why would you start working as an investigator?
/ You’re still young; you don’t need a job…
For research, naturally!
/ My position as a member of the police is somewhat convenient when searching for those who bear superpowers.

<creepy font> Furthermore, is said person is a criminal, I can lawfully capture and confine him?!
/ If all goes well, I can even do all the human experimentation I want!
Stop it!

Wait, would that mean….

p21: ===============================================
that the serial bomber has superpowers?!

Odds are he has psychokinesis.
/ It is the only probable explanation for a bomb that leaves no wreckage.

/ Psychokinesis… the power to bend and throw all sorts of stuff?
And a particularly powerful form, one with the ability to kill people.

C—Can we capture such a person…?!
Most psychokinetics can only manipulate particular objects.
/ Spoons, for instance.
If we can determine what said objects are, we can achieve our goal.

Well, I do have a vague idea…
Ah! Araya-kun!

Gotou left the building…!
OK… Operation: Start!

p22: ===============================================
/ is this really going to work?
Y…Yeah! Half of the victims were couples,
/ And since the bombings have led most couples to stop walking around the city, there’s a high chance we’ll be targeted!

First, we need to confirm the criminal’s methods and abilities!
As long as we pay attention to the omens, the coldness and ear-ringing, it shouldn’t be too dangerous.

…But that’s not all I’m worried about…
…And will we be seen as a couple?
Yes! That’s it!!

…We could kiss….
N…No! That would be disastrous!!
I mean, we’ve only just met…
But what about a peck on the cheek…?!
Araya-kun, I can hear every word…!


p23: ===============================================

They must be siblings who don’t look alike…
Of course he’d think that!!

Did… we fail?!
You can be surprisingly stupid at times, Araya-kun.

I’m going home.
/ Are you going to ignore such a dangerous man?!

Well, I am surprisingly stupid…
Is he sulking?!

I… I’m sorry, OK?! Now let’s figure out how to catch Gotou!
There’s no way I can do it alone~!

But what about a peck on the cheek…?!

W… Well, if it will solve this case,
Satori here will kiss you on the cheek!!

p24: ===============================================
He’s snorting with laughter!!

Do you consider your lips a worthy reward?
/ Your conceit knows no bounds…


So then… Let us continue tailing him while keeping the jokes in moderation!
A kiss on the cheek!
<bigger> A KISS ON THE CHEEK!! </bigger>
<even bigger>: A KISS ON THE CHEEK!!! </even bigger>
[sfx bubble]: Kiss <3
You really aren’t honest about your feelings, kid.

Well, at least we’re back to working now.
It looks like Gotou entered the park…

p25: ===============================================

I heard Gotou’s voice…
/ He’s going to kill again…!

Araya-kun, hurry!
W… Wait a second!

I have to prepare everything…!

p26: ===============================================
I’ll be up ahead!
Ah, hey!


I’ll end it all.

Stop right there, serial bomber!!

This is the police!

p27: ===============================================
…The police?

Why does she know I’m the serial bomber…?

…You’re not the only person in the world with superpowers.
/ I can hear the voice of people’s hearts.

Their hearts…?!
/ What… There’s someone like you, in the police?
None of your thoughts are secret to me.
/ So come quietly with me to the station.

….And yet, how strange.
/ The police would never send only a single person to arrest a dangerous bomber.
Furthermore… It is hard to believe something unexpected.
/ The police would never accept the existence of someone with a power such as yours…

p28: ===============================================
Perhaps… the only one who knows I am the serial killer
/ is you.
…In that case, if I put an end to this woman, here and now…

Dammit…! He’s not the least unnerved by my gun…
Araya-kun, what are you doing?!

Ms. Policewoman.

With my power comes certain… duties and responsibilities.

As such… I cannot allow you to arrest me.
/ Fortunately, that which catches my attention has the right to receive salvation.

Lovers who believe they are soulmates…
/ and achievers who overcome great obstacles to fulfill their dreams…
/ / They must feel as if they have grasped a wonderful joy.

p29: ===============================================
Joy is like a bomb,
for it is something you will one day surely lose,
/ just as I did…!

What’s going on?!

[inset]: The space around Gotou
[inset]: is warping…?!
[bubble]: The greater the joy, the deeper the scars it will leave behind.
[bubble]: Therefore, before the joy can swell too large,
/ I put an end to it.

I feel cold… and my ears are ringing!
In just a few more seconds…

p30: ===============================================
are the omens of his explosions….!
I’ll finish the bomb that will kill her.




Stop this!!


…I missed?!

p31: ===============================================

are useless before my power.

I didn’t miss…
Miss, you…

My shot was sent astray?!
You can only… hear, right?
It seems you can’t see the form of my power.
/ Please, enough of your pointless resistance.



He shouldn’t be able to set off the bomb if I’m close by.
I have to pin him down!!

p32: ===============================================
You’ll just bounce back…


I can’t even get close to him?

So this is psychokinesis…!!
Now settle down and let me blow you away.

How do I stop him…?!

p33: ===============================================
Cover your ears!


p34: ===============================================
/ Thanks! You sav…

Araya-kun, you’re hurt!
/ That’s why I told you to wait…!

Who’s that kid…?
Don’t tell me he’s a friend of yours…?

/ Another explosion’s coming!

This way.



p35: ===============================================
Araya-kun, did you just…?

Did they dodge…? No, that’s impossible…
/ It must have been a coincidence.

Whoa there.

That… wasn’t a coincidence!

Could he possibly see when and where…

/ Shit!

the bombs will explode?!

Why can’t I hit you…?!

p36: ===============================================
/ I see, I see.

It seems it takes you five seconds to make a bomb.
/ Then, you throw it at your target and make it spontaneously explode…
/ / However, you can only contain the explosion for ten seconds.
/ Khkhkhkhkh…!
A… Araya-kun?!

Y… You little….
How can your power exist?!
How does it work?!
This is grrrreat! <eighth note>
This’ll be so much fun…!

Hey… Araya-kun, don’t you understand how bad things are right now?!
/ Guns don’t work on him!
…What about this is bad?

I might not know the source of his power… However,
/ I know the limits of his ability itself.



p37: ===============================================
Gotou’s psychokinesis allows him…
/ to compress gases.

He compresses gases…?!

He gathers the gases around him, lowering the pressure and the temperature.
The ear-ringing is caused by the slight decompression.
The heat wave-esque phenomenon occurs because the gathered gases have various densities, which causes light passing through them to bend.

The precipitously compressed air
/ instantly becomes hot.

So this, my infrared night-vision equipment, can clearly see the movements of Gotou’s power.
Clumps of compressed air caused both the explosions and your bullet to miss.

p38: ===============================================
The explosion is likely a side effect from when he releases the psychokinesis.
/ The compressed gas tries to instantly return to its original volume, causing it to explode.
There are no explosive fragments, only the concussive force of the blast.
/ Barring a direct hit, it has little killing force.


The state of the victims shows that the pressure of the explosion is roughly constant.
/ That level of pressure must be the limit of Gotou’s psychokinetic power.
….I see, so you can see levels of heat.
/ Thanks for the explanation.

In other words, if I take my time and cool things down while forming the bomb,
you won’t be able to see it anymore.

Whoa there, that’s enough!
I would not recommend you form a compressed air bomb at your current location.

p39: ===============================================
Right now, you are surrounded
/ by combustible natural gas.

By gas…?!

/ A poor lie…. I can’t smell any gas…

Didn’t you know? For safety purposes, town gas is mixed with organic sulfur to give it a scent.
The gas I disseminated is unscented gas I prepared earlier.
/ I mean, you wouldn’t fall into my trap if you could smell it.

p40: ===============================================
If you compress the gas, the pressure will bring it to the brink of an explosion.
/ It would only take a little bit of heat to combust the volatile fuel.
Your level of psychokinesis is insufficient to withstand that pressure.
/ Consider yourself warned.


Want to give it a shot?

/ D….

Don’t underestimate meeeee!!!

p41-42: ===============================================
I did warn you.
/ What a fool…

p43: ===============================================
Gotou… didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries.
/ I was so surprised; I thought you had killed him.

I would not so easily let such a valuable sample die.
/ I waited to ignite the flame until the compressed air bomb was sufficiently far from Gotou.
[SFX on left]: Hahaha

And now, he is my guinea pig…..
/ I’ll investigate each and every one of his brain cells…!
And there we go.
[sfx bubble]: Pat!

That hurt, dammit!!
For goodness’ sake….
/ Why would you be so reckless?!

p44: ===============================================
/ Because you’re also my precious telepathic guinea pig.

That’s it.
…Maybe I was happy.
I felt like I had made my first friend…

Shoot. She’s reading my thoughts!

p45: ===============================================
Me, too.
SFX: Kiss

I might come see you again if some other strange incident comes up.
Take care.

A few days later
…So basically,

p46: ===============================================
considering the winds around the buildings near the crime scene, he couldn’t have fallen off the buildings there.
/ Furthermore, there were no records of any helicopters taking off around that time.
Based on the wounds on the corpse, we can’t conclude him to have fallen from as high up as, say, an airplane.
/ These facts lead us to conclude that the victim was suddenly placed 100 meters into the air!
SFX: Blah x5

Namely, this incident was almost certainly the work of a teleporter!
/ So let us hurry to the crime scene, assistant!
….Wait one second, Araya-kun.
/ Why, when I came to the station this morning, was I suddenly told I had been transferred to the occult division?

Why? Because you are my guinea pig!
And when I solve the case, I’ll get a kiss on the forehead!
A kiss on the forehead!!!

Do you have anything but kisses on your mind, you pervert?!!
/ Who would want a kiss from an old hag like you?!
Who are you calling old?!
[inset]: ☆The birth of a new two-person team!!

[bottom right]: …Fin

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