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Negiho (Ito) Bun 5

Period 5th: Stretchy!?

+ posted by Draco1988 as translation on May 16, 2011 04:13 | Go to Negiho (Ito) Bun

-> RTS Page for Negiho (Ito) Bun 5

Page 1:
Negiho (Ito) Bun
Period 5th: Stretchy!?

Better Understanding
"Negiho (Ito) Bun"
Character profile - Mini Edition
Part 2

Character #3: Miyazaki Nodoka
A shy little girl with her hair always hiding her face. Very close to Haruna and Yue; the three always do everything together. Shy and gently, she really
likes Negi-sensei very much.

Character #4: Sakurazaki Setsuna
Taking up Konoka's protection as her life mission. However, sometimes it's just over protectiveness. The sword she always carries can cut even a rock... perhaps!?

Character #5: Sasaki Makie
The always energetic moodmaker of the class. She started gymnastics recently as she love physical activities. She loves animals, and the cute ones are especially irresistable. And the charming one this time is...?

Page 2:
Makie: Hey hey, everyone / do you like "hamsters"?
Girls: Hamsters!?
Yuuna: [side] Oh! [/side]
Nodoka: Hamsters~... you say~~ They are good~ I love them~
Yue: I've seen one before... Not too bad... desu
Ako: Eh~ eh~ na~ I've never seen one/ [side] What type of animal is it~ [/side]
Makie: ...Fu-fu-fu... // Act-ual-ly... / I found one yesterday. / A hamster!
Ako: Eh? Really!? / [side] lemme, lemme see [/side]

Page 3:
Makie: Uhm! Here~~~!!
Girls: Waaah~!
Ako: Uwaaa~ So cuuute~ / [side] Is this a hamster!? [/side]
Makie: Fu-fu-fu~~~
Yuuna: Kyaah~~~ Show us show us too~~~
Girls: Waa~ It's great! / Hyaa~~~
Hamo: Kyuu
Ako: Hey hey! May I hold it!?
Makie: Of course~ // [side] Here goes...[/side] / Hey...ya...hey..ya...
Ako: ...Mmm? // Kyaaaa!!

Page 4:
Makie: Yaaay~~!
Ako: Kyaah~!! Snake~!!? / [side] And it's being abused! [/side]
Sign: A little stretched
Yuuna: Hold a sec~! That's absolutely no hamster! / [side] Uwah! [/side]
Makie: [side] Eh~? [/side] / Hamo-chan is a hamster you know! / [side] look! he's so cute. [/side]
Asuna: [side]...hamo-chan? [/side]
Nodoka: Excuse me but, hamsters look like this~ / [side] and they run inside a pinwheel... [/side]
Yue: They are way different no matter what.
Makie: Nnmmm... // Hmm... That's nothing for Hamo-chan! / I'll put Hamo-chan here?...
Sign: Pinwheel
Makie: Look here! He can do it, right? // ...Hmm?

Page 5:
Makie: Waaa! Hamo-channn!? // Aaah~~~
Kuu: [side] It stretched even worse aru. [/side]
Yuuna: Ehh~ indeed impossible...
Asuna: As if there exists such an eel-like hamster like this. / Seriously! Makie, you...
Makie: Au! // ~~~!! This one...! / This one is a hamster really~~~!!
Hamo: [side] kyu! kyu! [/side]

Page 6:
Flashback!Girl A: Listen~ a few days ago, I saw a home-raised hamster. It's so small~~~
Flashback!Girl B: Heee~ So cute~~ a hamster isn't it?
Flashback!Makie: (Mmm~ hamster... is what type of animals?) / Small and cute~ // Ooh ~? / This one is...!?
Text: Small => Cute => Hamster
Flashback!Makie: Hamster!!! // Uwaah~ This is great! / Gotta show the everyone tomorrow~

Page 7:
Makie: ...... / Hamo-chan... / Is a hamster... really... // ......? // ......! / Hamo-chan... // ...Fufu! I see. / Are you sympathizing with me? // ...Thank you.

Page 8:
Makie: ...? / [side] Eh! [/side] // !? Wah! Asuna!? // Ah... excuse me... Asuna...? Give him back please...
Asuna: ...Hmm.
Sign: Water
Makie: Kyaah~~~!! / [side] hamo-chan!! [/side]

Page 9:
Makie: Hold... Asuna! What are you doing~!? // S- stop... / Hammm! // Aah~!! Hamo-chan~~~ / [side] Looks like udon [/side] // That's enough! Stop it! You're horrible, Asuna! / Hamo-chan... Hamo-chan is my friend-!!!
Asuna: ---Done...!

Page 10:
Makie: ...Eh!? // Uwaah~~~ F-fluffy... / So good... Are you really Hamo-chan...!? // Really... it's really you. / Hamo-chan... is a really hamster~~~ / [side] I'm relieved~ [/side] // ......! Oh yeah... / Gotta show everyone...!

Page 11:
Yuuna: Eeh!? Is this the one from before... for real!?
Sakurako: Hya~ It's so cute~ / [side] wonderful~ [/side]
Girls: [side] Show me show me~ / don't be so hard~ / lovely~ this one really is a hamster~ / aah~ me too~]
Asuna: ......
Nodoka: Fufufu, isn't it so kind of you~ Asuna~ // In fact, you thought that it was cute from the very first start, didn't you~? / [side] You kinda have a fetish in those slippery things right~ [/side]
Setsuna: [side] fetish...? [/side]
Asuna: ...Hah!? What are you blabbering? As if. / [side] Just because it's not edible. [/side]
Makie: Asuna~!!

Page 12:
Makie: About Hamo-chan... / Thank you very much, Asuna...!
Asuna: ...Urgh...! / No-nothing much... // ...Hmm... whatever... / All that's well ends well.
Sign: From then on...
Negi: Guys~ I've found out what type of animal this one is~ / It's an ermi... // Ouch!
Makie: Please take care of us from now on!
Kasumi: That's not your ribbon, it's Hamo, you know! Makie...

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