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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Zetsuen no Tempest 3

There Are Things Magic Can't Do

+ posted by duskmon10 as translation on Mar 18, 2010 06:19 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

-> RTS Page for Zetsuen no Tempest 3

This translation is for the use of Trinity BAKumA. If you'd like to use it for your scan then you must ask me first in a PM.

Page 1:

Text: Zetsuen no Tempest

VS. Wizard Natsumura Kusaribe

Mahiro: Yoshino! Let’s regroup!

Yoshino: And how are we supped to do that!?

Page 2:

Chapter 3: There are things magic can’t do

Zetsuen no Tempest

Story: Shirodaira Kyou
Composition: Sano Arihide
Art: Saizaki Ren

Page 3:

Natsumura: Samon-dono

Are you there Samon-dono.

Page 4:

Samon: What is it?


Natsumura: I’ve encountered two boys in the land of the flying fruit,

They were unaffected by the metallic disease,

And they are able to use the Kusaribe’s magic as well.

Page 5:

Samon: Is this,

The princess’s doing?

Nastumura: It doesn't matter, one way or the other...

Hakaze: Get out of there Mahiro!

You won’t stand a chance if you fight with Natsumura again now!

Mahiro: Pipe down Hakaze.

Page 6:

I can’t run away,

If I did, I’d never be able to kill the bastard who murdered Aika.

Hakaze: ….che.


Why don’t you understand!?

This is bad, he’s a lot more on edge than I thought he’d be,

Now that he’s narrowed down his sister’s killer.

Page 7:

Yoshino: Hey Mahiro,

We should listen to what Hakaze-san tells us.

She is history’s strongest witch.


What other kinds of magic can we use with these magu*? (TN: Magic tools)

Defense and

High speed movement are what you’ve told me about.

Mahiro: Those are about the only two you can use them for.

But once they’ve broken they can’t be fixed.

Page 8:

But can’t you use them for something like an electric attack, or a fireball,

Or summoning monsters?

Mahiro: This isn’t a video game.

Using it for something like that is too dangerous.

Yoshino: I’d say what’s going on right now is pretty dangerous, too...

So what do we do if that guy uses something like that?

Mahiro: Don’t worry, he can’t use them either.

With the Kusaribe’s magic,

We don’t have anything like “attack magic.”

Our magic exists for the sake of protecting, restoring, and governing this world’s

It’s a specialized form of magic.

It can’t be used to directly affect objects or destroy them.

Page 9:

Yoshino: Magic that’s meant for protection…

Marhio: If we tried to attack with the Kusaribe’s magic,

We’d only get a defense field or high speed movement.

Our best chance would be to use those to try and land a hit on him.

Yoshino: So you put on a suit of armor,

And then you feel like attacking with everything you have?

Mahiro: That’s exactly how I feel.

I doubt that’s something attack magic can do.

Page 10:

Samon: I suspect that the princess is behind this.

She must have reached out for assistance from that island,

Though how she managed this is irrelevant.

Nakamura: What are your orders?

Samon: Capture those two,

Find out what they know,

And then kill them.

Nakamura: Understood.

Page 11:

Mahiro: I’ll see you later.


Explain to Yoshino how to use the Kusaribe’s magic.

Two minutes,

That’s how long it should take.

I’m going to attack that bastard from behind.

Yoshino: You make it sound way too simple.

Page 12-13:

Yoshino: If it’s not,

Then escape by yourself.

Get ready Wizard,

Because here I come!

Page 14:

Yoshino: Mahiro!

Hakaze: Yoshino! Tell me what’s happening!

Yoshino: A, right!


He went after that wizard with the spear.

Hakaze: For crying out loud, that idiot….

Mahiro: But Hakaze-san,

If they’re both using defense magic,

Then how is either side going to win?

Hakaze: It’s true that neither side will take damage just by attacking,

However, once the defense magic has been activated,

There’s a limit to how much damage it can take.

Page 15:

Though it depends on the range and type of defense and magic being invoked,

The defense will begin to break apart if the limit is exceeded and then the owner will begin to take damage

But once it’s been destroyed then a new defense can be invoked once again.

That’s why they say that it’s difficult to harm Kusaribe wizards.

Page 16:

Nakamura: It’s been some time since you’ve made your move,

When is your comrade going to appear?

Mahiro: Quit joking around.

I was making a serious effort,

Just for a bit though.

Page 17:

Yoshino: Hakaze-san,

If the defenses just keep cancelling each other out,

Is there any magic involved at all?

There is…

You guys can’t handle a fight with someone at Natsumura’s level.

Remember that,

But put that aside for now and listen,

The magic of the Kusaribe,

Is a power that we’ve borrowed from “The Tree of Beginnings.”

Yoshino: The tree of beginnings?

We of the Kusaribe have a God,

Page 18:

It’s a great tree that has administered order far and wide since the beginning of
the world.

By temporarily borrowing this great power,

We obtain the power to protect the order.

Yoshino: A…Tree?

They can’t be serious, treating a tree from a myth like God.

So their magic is borrowing this power?

It sounds more like a video game where you borrow power from spirits…or
something like that.

Hakaze: In order to borrow this power,

Two things are required.

Page 19:

The first is a voice.

With their voices, the members of the Kusaribe must request to borrow it from
the “Tree of Beginnings,”

This is how the magic is invoked.

Yoshino: These magu,

Don’t we just use them by picturing the ability in our heads?

Not exactly,

How do you think you’re able to use those abilities?

I had fulfilled the requirements of the magic before hand in my voice,

That’s the reason you can use them.

It’s an advanced technique.

Yoshino: So what’s the other requirement?

Hakaze: In order to convince the “Tree of Beginnings” to accept your request,

Something must be offered to it.

Page 20:

The “tree of beginnings” requires the innovations of civilization.

The tools, machines, and structures created from man’s knowledge are what
allow us to use this magic.

Touching those material objects directly is required.

And the offered artifacts become dust upon acceptance.

Yoshino: The tree wants man-made objects?

Hakaze: That’s right,

By offering up objects with greater technology and knowledge behind them,

We obtain the powers of those objects.

Page 21:

Mahiro: Che, he just keeps coming.

Where is that bastard?

Page 22:

Take this!

Page 23:

Natsumura: You knocked my hat off….

Page 24:

Hakaze: That’s why I can’t use magic on this deserted island,

There’s nothing that I can offer.

Yoshino: The island you’re on must be far from any populated area…

Hakaze: I was able to offer things like nails, bolts, glass, and bottles from

But I can’t use any significant magic under these conditions.

If there aren’t any civilization’s developments around,

We can’t use our power.

Yoshino: …That’s really strange. A magic that depends on the developments of

And specializes in “defending.”

And with the way things are…

Page 25:

I wonder if there’s some way,

To bring back the living creatures that have turned into metal with magic.

What was the meaning of all this?

It seems pointless to me.

Hakaze: Natsumura isn’t a very high ranked wizard,

There’s really no difference between the level of magic you guys and he can use.

However, in our clan combat skills are refined.

The same magic will differ based on the skills of the user.

Are they still in the city? It’s a troublesome place to fight, all of the innovations
can be used as an offering.

Unlike you guys who have to use magu, Natsumura is able to use magic.

Page 26:

Natsumura: Tree within tree, great tree within great tree

O ancient tree of beginnings,

Please grant my request.

Page 27:

Yoshino: Over there!

Hakaze: That’s why Mahiro needs to hurry up and fall back,

Even if he wins he’ll just be wasting magu.

Yoshino: Even if you say that…

It won’t be easy jumping in between those two with this magic I just got.

I can’t do whatever I want,

I’m not crazy like Mahiro.

Page 28 and 29:


I thought Fraeulein-san said they were just quarantining the city.

Missiles and Vulcan cannons?

That’s an attack helicopter!?

Page 30:

Fraeulein: You’re going to bomb the quarantined city!?

How can you do that!?

Man: The black iron disease has caused too much damage this time.

The attack helicopters will destroy it along with the main roads and bridges.

These orders have been given in order to ensure that there is no escape route
for it.

Fraeulein: But, isn’t this too excessive?

There may be some survivors left,

If you just blow them up individually with the ground units-

Man: Sending in ground units is a poor plan,

Think about it,

Page 31:

Who would want to enter an abnormal area where every living creature has
turned into metal.

And in addition, we don’t know the cause.

Just wearing protective armor isn’t enough to ease our concerns.

Fraeulein: So you’re cutting things off from the sky?


Those kids…

Will they be alright?

Page 32:

Yoshino: This is bad…it looks like they aren’t just going to block off the city.

And Mahiro and his opponent aren’t going to withdraw that easily.

Hopefully I’ll manage somehow…

Hakaze: Did something happen?

Yoshino: Ah…it’s nothing!

Putting that aside Hakaze-san,

Can I ask you one other thing?

Hakaze: What’s that?

Yoshino: Can the Kusaribe’s magic,

Bring people back to life?

Hakaze: I already told you.

The magic of the Kusaribe is a power that protects the order of this world.

Page 33:

Bringing the dead back from the grave,

Do you really think that would preserve the world order?

Yoshino: No.

Mahiro’s only talked about finding the criminal and killing him.

It’s all he seems to think about.

But this is Mahiro’s dream,

It’s all he’s wanted since the beginning.

It’s just like I thought Aika-chan,

There is no way to bring you back.

Hakaze: However,

From the very beginning,

Mahiro wasn’t trying to bring his little sister back to life.

Mahiro: Huh?

Page 34:

Even though he’s arrogant, egotistic, and unlikeable,

We both understand the same thing,

You can’t rely on something as convenient as a miracle.

You can’t violate the natural order,

Yoshino: I see,

It’s ridiculous,

To rely on miracles.

Page 35:

Well, I’ll get Mahiro one way or another.

Hakaze: What?

Didn’t he want me to bring this Aika girl back to life?

He never said it, but I thought that was his motive…

I don’t understand you Takigawa Yoshino…

Just what lies inside of you?

Page 36:

Natsumura: It’s over.

You didn’t do half bad.

But you have no reason or obligation to risk your life.

Mahiro: I may not have an obligation,

But I have a reason,

And that’s enough for me.

Page 37:

Good timing.

Now’s a good chance for a counterattack!

Yoshino: Now’s not the time, we have to get as far away as possible now.

Let’s get out of here!

Mahiro: Is that right,

I guess you’re still not used to these abilities yet!

Page 38:

Mahiro: Then let's launch a pincer attack once we're off of the highway!

We’ll attack from the front and back.

Yoshino: Forget that for now,

Don’t you hear the grinding sound in the air?

Mahiro: What?

Yoshino: Alright,

Right here is perfect!

Page 39:

Natsumura: Even in a different location the result will be the same.

Page 40-41:

Page 42:

Page 43:

Is it over?

That boy,

He was able to predict where they would bomb first…

Forgive me Samon-dono

They’ve escaped.

Samon: Do not worry.

If the princess tries to interfere with us again,

Then we’ll be there to confront them.

Page 44:

Those two,

We don't know what brought them to the princess.

In this is fight that will decide the fate of the world,

It's outcome will not be determined by those who have been dragged into it.

Natsumura: ….is that really alright?

Samon: This is the order of the “tree of beginnings,”

Do you really think we can be stopped?

Page 45:

Mahiro: That was unnecessary…

Did we really have to run away?

Yoshino: Our goal,

Wasn’t to defeat that one wizard.

Hakaze: Yoshino’s exactly right

Even if you don’t confront Samon’s group directly,

You can still stop the revival.

Page 46:

Mahiro: No.

It’s better to take down every wizard I come across.

Yoshino: What do you mean by that?

Mahiro: A while ago,

We were able to significantly narrow down Aika’s murderer with Hakaze’s magic.

The person who did it,

Was someone from the Kusaribe clan.

Page 47:

Yoshino: It can’t be…

Hakaze: There’s no mistake.

Though I don’t really need to apologize since I wasn’t governing the clan at the

The criminal is one of my relatives.

Yoshino: Are all of these things connected?

Or did this all happen by chance?

Was all of this,

Destined to happen?

Page 48:

Mahiro: Don’t worry about it,

This must be fate or something.

Yoshino: But,

Just what is that something?

Bottom Text: A chain of chance…

Is this, a cursed fate…?

Box at bottom: To be continued...

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