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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Zetsuen no Tempest 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 1, 2010 21:09 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

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Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 03:

P1.B1: Yoshino! Together!
P2.B1: What do you mean by "together"?
P1.T1: #3: There are impossible things in magic too.
P2.B1: ...
P5.B1: Samon-dono.
P5.B2: Is it alright, Samon-dono?
P1.B1: What's the matter?
P1.B2: Natsumura.
P3.B1: I encountered 2 boys uneffected by by iron sickness
P3.B2: in the town where the fruit was.
P4.B1: They also seem to be able to use Kusaribe magic.
P5.B1: ...
P1.B1: Is the Princess
P1.B2: behind this?
P3.B1: I think so.
P4.T1: Mahiro, get out of there.
P4.T2: It's no use fighting against Natsumura at the moment!
P5.B1: Shut up, Hakaze.
P1.B1: If I run away from something like that,
P1.B2: how can I kill the guy who killed Aika.
P3.B1: ...Gr
P4.B1: Argh!
P4.B2: Why can't you understand?
P5.T1: Is the indentifying of his sister's murder
P5.T2: agitating him more than I thought?
P1.B1: Gey, Mahiro.
P1.B2: Let's do like Hakaze-san says.
P2.B1: She is history's strongest sorceress after all.
P3.B1: So what
P4.B1: other magic can we use with this talisman?
P5.B1: I know about defense
P5.B2: and high speed movements.
P7.B1: Directly using, it's just those two.
P7.B2: And you can also repair broken things.
P1.B1: How about electro-shocks, fireballs // or summoning a monster?
P1.B2: It's not a game.
P2.B1: If we could use something like that, it would be too dangerous.
P3.T1: I think it is already dangerous enough...
P4.B1: What are we going to do, if our opponent uses it?
P4.B2: Don't worry. He can't use it either.
P5.T1: Kusaribe magic don't conists
P5.T2: of "offensive magic".
P6.B1: Our magic is to protect and to repair the laws of this world. // A specialized power.
P6.B2: It's not a power to destroy things or the law.
P1.B1: A magic specialized in protecting...
P2.B1: If you want to attack with Kusaribe magic,
P2.B2: you wrap yourself with a defense field and move at high speed.
P3.B1: Attacking in this state is the most effective.
P4.B1: Like hitting with all your might
P4.B2: while wearing an armor.
P5.B1: It feels like that.
P6.B1: That really doesn't sound like offensive magic.
P1.B1: So it's the Princess.
P2.B1: To think she could interfere here from that deserted island.
P2.B2: That is the difference in being born with it.
P3.B1: What shall I do?
P4.B1: Capture those two.
P4.B2: I think you understand, but
P5.B1: don't kill them.
P6.B1: I understand.
P1.B1: Then. later.
P2.B1: Hakaze---
P3.B1: Tell him about the Kusaribe magic.
P4.B1: 2 minutes.
P5.B1: When 2 minutes are over,
P5.B2: come do something. Even kicking him from behind is fine.
P6.B1: Don't make it sound so easy.
P1.B1: If it's not easy,
P1.B2: run away by yourself.
P6.B1: Here I come!
P6.B2: Sorcerer!
P1.B1: ...
P1.B2: Mahiro!
P2.T1: Yoshino! Explain the situation!
P2.B1: Ah, ok!
P3.B1: Mashiro went
P3.B2: with a pipe to oppose the sorcerer.
P4.B1: Damn, this guy...
P5.B1: But Hakaze-san, // when those two, covered in a defense field, clash,
P5.B2: how will victory be decided?
P6.T1: Just clashing isn't dealing much damage.
P6.T2: But the burden of defense magic, once activated, // will surely be unbearable at some point.
P1.T1: The sphere of the defense and the activation magic are classified.
P1.T2: If the field is hit with a power surpassing that class, it will surely crumble.
P2.T1: But even if you manage to break the field once, when it is activated again, you achieved nothing.
P2.T2: So to actually injured that kusaribe sorcerer is really hard.
P2.B1: You are moving a lot better than before.
P2.B2: Is it because a friend showed up?
P3.B1: Don't joke around. // It's just that I got serious.
P3.B2: Though just a little bit.
P1.B1: Hakaze-san,
P2.B1: if that's so, isn't there a magic, // that will crush that field with one hit?
P2.T1: Well there is...
P3.T1: But it's not something you could handle in a fight.
P3.T2: Don't think at the moment.
P4.T1: Just listen to me.
P5.B1: Using kusaribe magic means
P5.B2: to borrow power from the "tree of beginning"
P6.B1: Tree of beginning?
P7.B1: It is a god to us kusaribe---
P1.B1: and is a big tree, existing since the beginning of the world, controling the all laws.
P1.B2: Borrowing temporary from his gigantic power, // We get the power to protect the laws.
P2.T1: A tree...A tree, huh.
P2.T2: It's truth that in some mysts, trees get treated like gods.
P3.T1: So that borrowed power is magic?
P3.T2: Even in game you can borrow power from spirits.
P4.B1: --And to borrow this power,
P4.B2: 2 things are needed.
P1.B1: First is voice.
P1.B2: People of kusaribe ask through their voice the "tree of beginning" for power, // and activate their magic like this.
P2.B1: Even though this talisman // activates through a image in the head?
P2.T1: That is--
P3.B1: That's because I asked // with my voice beforehand
P3.B2: to activate given magic with that condition.
P4.B1: That is a high-level technique.
P5.B1: --And what the other one?
P6.T1: So that the "tree of beginning" is responding,
P6.T2: an oblation is needed.
P1.T1: What the "tree of beginning" is desiring, is a product of zivilisation.
P1.T2: That the people of kusaribe can use magic, is because of mankind's knowledge. Created things, tools, machines, buildungs---
P2.T1: That product must be directly related to physical zivilisation.
P2.T2: And as proof of that, the offered thing turns to dust.
P3.B1: The tree desires a product of zivilisation?
P3.T1: Correct.
P4.T1: And the more technical advanced the offered thing is,
P4.T2: a more powerful power will be granted.
P5.B1: Tzz, it's at it's limit.
P6.B1: Where is he?
P6.B1: Wwar!
P4.B1: ...You send my hat flying.
P2.T1: I can't use magic well, being stranded on this deserted island. // My offering are just a bunch of crap.
P2.B1: A deserted island is the farthest away from zivilisation....
P3.T1: Through flotsam I got a hold of a glass bottle a nail,
P3.T2: but with those things, usage of great magic is impossible.
P4.B1: If I don't made something zivilisated out of it,
P4.B2: I can bring out some power.
P5.T1: ...Somewhat strange. That zivilisation is needed for magic.
P5.T2: And even spezialized in "protecting".
P6.T1: On top of it, this situation.
P1.T1: Trying to ressurect something with that magic.
P1.T2: Turning humans into metal like this.
P2.T1: What the point of that?
P2.T2: It can't be unrelated.
P3.T1: Natsumura isn't such a great sorcerer. // The isn't much difference to you in the magic he can use.
P4.T1: But regarding battles, he is extremly skilled within the clan.
P4.T2: Though it's the same magic, there is a difference in spells you use.
P5.T1: Plus you are in a city, right? There shouldn't be a shortage of things for offering.
P6.T1: You are depening on talismans for magic, unless Natsumura.
P1.B1: Tree within a tree, great oak within an oak,
P2.B1: Long existing tree of beginning
P2.B2: Hear my words!
P2.B1: It's there.
P3.T1: Like I said, hurry up and retreat with Mahiro.
P3.T2: Even if you manage to defeat him, you will just have wasted talismans.
P5.T1: Even if she says so...
P5.T2: There is no way I can interfere there with just that sudden education of magic.
P6.B1: Because I'm not that screwed up in the head,
P6.B2: like Mahiro is.
P2.B1: Helicopter?
P2.B2: That's the troop sealing up this town, Fraulein spoke of.
P4.T1: Missles and machineguns?
P4.T2: So it's a combat helicopter!?
P1.B1: Though that city is sealed, helicopter are attacking?
P1.B2: What is the meaning of that?
P3.T1: This time the damage of the iron sickness is too high.
P3.T2: So the helicopter will destroy the main street, bridges and the port---
P4.T1: It was ordered to destroy all routes from outside into the city.
P4.B1: But isn't that too much?
P5.B1: What will you do, if there are survivors?
P5.B2: If you blow all that up, how will the the gorund forces--
P6.T1: I don't think the ground forces wish to enter there.
P6.T2: Think about it.
P1.B1: A mysterious area, where every human is turned into iron, who would enter such an area?
P1.B2: On top of that the reason for it is unkown.
P2.T1: It's not safe entering it without protective gear.
P2.B1: .....Tz
P3.B1: Is that why you attack from the sky?
P4.B1: I hope these kids
P4.B2: are alright.
P1.T1: That sucks..The town is being sealed,
P1.T2: but it seems like we can't escape that easily from here.
P2.T1: But if it goes well, somehow...
P3.T1: Did something happen?
P3.B1: Ah...No!
P4.B1: Hakaze-san, // can I ask one thing?
P4.T1: What is it?
P5.B1: Can kusaribe magic,
P5.B2: bring dead people back to life?
P7.B1: I thought I explained it.
P7.B2: Kusaribe magic is for protecting this world laws.
P1.T1: Do you think, bringing a dead person back to life, // equates to the world laws?
P1.B2: No.
P2.B1: Mahiro is always speaking of how he will kill the culprit.
P2.B2: And I was wondering why.
P3.B1: If magic is something fantasy-like,
P3.B2: the first thing you wish for should have been that.
P4.T1: Ahh, Aika-chan is really
P4.T2: not coming back to me.
P5.T1: Fumu, But--
P6.T1: Mahiro, right from the beginning,
P6.T2: didn't wish for his sister to be revived.
P6.B1: Eh?
P1.B1: He, despite being arrogant, egoitisch and horrible,
P1.B2: has some earnest things he believes in.
P2.B1: Never doing things that only will benefit himself.
P2.B2: Things that have laws, which should not be harmed.
P3.B1: ...
P4.B1: That's right.
P5.B1: Miracles are something
P5.B2: irrational after all.
P1.T1: Then I will do something about Mahiro.
P1.T2: What's that...?
P2.T1: It sounded like he wanted to bring that girl, called Aika, back to life.
P2.T2: I never heard that he has that kind of motive...
P3.T1: I don't understand this Takigawa Yoshino...
P3.T2: What are you holding in your heart?
P1.B1: It's over.
P1.B2: Don't do anything stupid.
P2.B1: You don't have a reason or duty to bet your life on this.
P3.B1: I have no duty,
P3.B2: but I have a reason.
P4.B1: A good one.
P3.B1: Nice timing.
P3.B2: Perfect for counter-attacking!
P4.B1: For now, let us go to a more wide area.
P4.B2: Here it's too hard to move.
P5.B1: You have a point.
P5.B2: You are also not used to magic yet.
P1.B1: We are attacking once we are on the highway, Yoshino!
P1.B2: Approximately.
P2.B1: More importantly, // Seems like they will narrow make it
P2.B2: What?
P4.T1: Good--
P4.T2: Perfect!
P2.B1: Changing the place won't do you any good.


P1.B1: ...
P1.B2: They got me.
P3.T1: It seems that boy,
P3.T2: know of this attack.
P5.B1: My apologize, Samon-dono.
P5.B2: I lost them.
P6.B1: I don't mind.
P7.B1: If the princess plans to hinder our plans,
P7.B2: we will see them again.
P1.B1: And how these 2,
P1.B2: are connected to the Princess, i don't know,
P2.B1: But this fight, which affects this world's fate,
P2.B2: isn't fought by people, who just got dragged into it.
P3.B1: ...Then it's fine.
P5.B1: ..
P6.B1: Are the laws created by the "tree of beginning"
P6.B2: made to infere with me?
P2.B1: ...What a waste.
P3.B1: You mean, me stopping you?
P4.B1: It isn't our main priority
P4.B2: to defeat sorcerer, right?
P5.T1: Yoshino is right.
P6.T1: We can stop the ressurection
P6.T2: without attacking Samon right on.
P1.B1: No.
P1.B2: We have to directly defeat the sorcerer.
P2.T1: ...
P3.B1: ...?
P3.B2: What is this about?
P4.B1: Through Hakaze's magic,
P4.B2: I got more info on Aika's killer.
P5.B1: The culprit
P5.B2: is on of the kusaribe clan.
P2.B1: Can't be...
P2.T1: It's true.
P3.B1: I'm sorry for that, as the head of the clan at that time.
P3.B2: The culprit is surely one of my clan.
P4.B1: ----
P5.T1: What is it with that connection?
P6.T1: Can that really be a coincidence?
P7.T1: Or is it
P7.T2: something necessary?
P1.B1: Don't worry.
P1.B2: It's just some cause and effect.
P2.B1: Just what is
P2.B2: "some"?

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