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Zetsuen no Tempest 4

There is a Reason for Everything

+ posted by duskmon10 as translation on Mar 30, 2010 02:08 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

-> RTS Page for Zetsuen no Tempest 4

This translation is for the use of Trinity BAKumA, if you'd like to use it for your scan then you must ask me in a PM.

Page 1:

Zetsuen no Tempest

In the beginning, there was the “Tree of beginnings.” A great tree of God to craft
and protect the laws of the world. With its great roots that concealed valleys,
mountains, and even the moon, it stopped the world from falling into chaos by
turning it into its garden.

Long ago however, “The tree of beginnings” was drawn into “The tree of
Zetsuen*” rebellion, it was greatly wounded, and has been resting ever since.
The fight is not over however, and it is for that very reason that the world has
now fallen into disorder. (TL Note: Exceeding Garden)

Page 2 and 3:

Right Text: Fu wa Ma Hiro

Chapter 4: There is a Reason for Everything

Top Left Corner Text: Zetsuen no Tempest

Story: Shirodaira Kyou Composition: Sano Arihide Art: Saizaki Ren

This madness, it's like a noble blood lust.

Page 4:

SFX: Yawn

Hakaze: Today makes,

130 Days,

Since Samon stranded me on this island.

Page 5:

In 4 months not a single person has passed by,

This deserted island.

Text: Every sunrise she makes a mark on a piece of driftwood…

Hakaze: I’m getting closer to getting back to Japan little by little.

Mahiro, the sun just rose here,

How’s it on your end?

Mahiro: Yeah I got it,

I think there’s about an 8 hour time difference,

Page 6 and 7:

It’s broad daylight here.


Aside from the sun,

There’s another round object floating in the sky.

Page 8:

Looks like we’ve run into another iron disease area…

Yoshino: I wonder how many victims there were this time…

Mahiro: There shouldn’t be that many,

There’re only a few private residences on this mountain.

Page 9:

Would you get off that thing already Mahiro?

You’re going to be cursed if you sit on that thing for too long.

This thing's just an ornament.

What about the magu?

Yoshino: I’ve got them.

They were hidden inside of the main shrine.

Hakaze’s probably going to be cursed too.

Hakaze: My god is “the tree of beginnings”

I don’t believe in any other gods.

Page 10 and 11:

Yoshino: “The tree of beginnings” exists to create and protect the laws of this

And standing like a malevolent tower, “the tree of zetsuen” exists to destroy and
topple those laws.

At one point, “the tree of zetsuen” attempted to destroy the world. But “The
tree of beginnings” defeated it and then broke its body into pieces, and then
sealed them away.

But in the process, “The tree of beginnings” was gravely injured as well. It’s said
that the tree is now sleeping to recover while still supporting the world somehow.

Until the day “the tree of beginnings” revives, the Kusaribe clan’s duty is to
prevent the fruits of “the tree of zetsuen,” its body parts, from being collected
and reassembled.

For the sake of “the tree of beginning’s” order, they have been granted the
ability to protect.

Page 12:


A man called Kusaribe Samon has rebelled against their duty.

And in order to revive “the tree of zetsuen,” the clan members he’s gathered
have been collecting the fruits.

For the sake of obtaining the power of destruction,

They’ve abandoned “the tree of beginnings”

Mahiro: Here we go again…

I need to mark the direction it’s heading.

Page 13:

Yoshino: His ambition is to gather these and obtain power.

But I’m sure he isn’t going to stop at that…

Hakaze: They’re gathering fruits much faster now,

The last one was just three days ago.

Samon is taking a risk by rushing the ritual.

He must be afraid I’ll extend my hand,

But right now it’s his best option.

It’s a good decision.

Yoshino: But Hakaze,

How can we do anything while you’re stuck there?

We haven’t been looking for away to get you off of that island.

Hakaze: You don’t have to look for one.

Page 14:

It’ll be a lot faster,

If I head back there myself.

Page 15:

Page 16 and 17:

Chanters: Return




Return! Return!


Page 18:

Natsumura: Please excuse my intrusion.

Page 19:

It’s just as I thought. You’ve exhausted yourself,


Samon: You’re imagining things.

More importantly,

I apologize for asking you to help with the ceremony,

Now that the substitutes have recoverd,

You can return to your investigation of the various areas now.

Natsumura: Yes sir.


I’m anxious about the movements of those two.

If their desire is to find a way to locate their comrade with the Kusaribe’s magic,

Then we must seize them immediately…

Page 20:

Samon: Our magic is meant to protect the law,

The power to enforce.

We may only kill a human if that person has violated the law of the world.

Though we’re searching for a way around this,

Until we find one, it’s impossible.

On the other hand,

Those two won’t be able to easily infiltrate this place.

We’re protected by a barrier,

So that nobody on the outside can witness this event.

Page 21:

Those two…

Or rather the princess, has already located this place by now.

The fruits in the sky fly roughly in a straight line towards “the tree of zetsuen”

If you follow that direction you’ll end up here, whether we like it or not.

Natsumura: That straight line could lead to many places,

Would it really be that easy to arrive in this area?

Samon: That’s true if you only follow one fruit,

However, if you mark the paths of two or three of the fruits on a map,

They’ll inevitably converge on one point,

This location.

Page 22:

No less than five fruits have already made their way here.

The princess has undoubtedly made those children mark their paths,

And has narrowed it down to this area.

It’s the same as the princess,

Having her hand around our necks.

Hakaze: We’ve already narrowed down Samon’s location,

Page 23:

Before you go any further you’ll have to collect the rest of the magu.

If you’re going to go up against Samon’s followers then you’ll have to follow my
orders, if you do that

Everything will be fine.

I’m a stronger wizard than them.

Any of the members of my clan that you will encounter won’t even have a tenth of my power.

Samon’s defeat is already guaranteed if he fights me.

As long as I can use magic, that’s a fact.

Yoshino: So back then,

He decided to expel you to that island thinking that you couldn’t use magic?

Hakaze: That’s right, but still…

Page 24:

Samon didn’t kill me.

If he had, all of his concerns of me interfering in the future would have

But instead, he chose the more troublesome option of imprisoning me on this

Why do you think that is?

Samon: Originally,

I had wanted to revive “The tree of zetusen” much faster,

But then controlling it would become impossible.

Page 25:

Even if we take the utmost precautions, the likelihood of success isn’t very high.

One mistake,

And a horrible destructive power will be unleashed,

Far from fulfilling our goal,

It will cause destruction that we can not rectify.

Hakaze: If “the tree of zetsuen” turns into a chaotic storm,

Samon won’t be able to suppress it even with the power of 100 people.

I’m the only one who can do it.

Page 26:

Mahiro: In other words,

Samon kept you alive,

In case his plan goes south.

Hakaze: That’s right, Samon is a cautious man,

He always plans for the worst case scenario.

That’s why if something happens,

He’s undoubtedly

Made plans to bring me back to Japan.

Page 27:

Samon: Princess,

The reason we searched for that island was so that your comrades on the
mainland couldn’t find you.

It cost us a lot of time and resources to do so.

And yet she still tries to obstruct “the tree of zetsuen’s” revival,

She’s undoubtedly,

Trying to cause Zetsuen’s power to go berserk.

If the power goes out of control I’ll have no other option but to bring the
princess back from the island.

The princess has deduced this and is making preparations for it.

Page 28 and 29:

However, if the Princess returns,

We’ll suffer an even worse defeat.

Hakaze: For the past four months they’ve been making preparations for the
already difficult revival of “the tree of zetsuen”

If some outside interferences arises they’ll quickly lose control.

Right underneath Samon’s sword.

The princess has,

Prepared powerful magu in order to obstruct us.

And that’s why now,

We require every member of the clans power for the ritual without exception.

We set up the barrier beforehand in case we were attacked by a nation’s army.


Page 30:

If they have the princess who is worthy of the title of the strongest witch on
their side,

Our defense won’t be able to protect us.

Just what is the connection between the princess and those boys…

I’ll leave it up to you,

Finish this before anyone else gets dragged into this conflict.

Page 31:

The next time we face them may very well be in this place.

We stuffed her into a barrel and then cast her off to an island in the middle of
the ocean,

And yet she is still demonstrating her superiority…

“The tree of beginnings” created the order of this world.

That’s exactly why,

We must win.

And in order to accomplish our goal,

We need the power of destruction.

Page 32 and 33:

Hakaze: Samon

You can’t win.

I have the laws of the world on my side.

You don’t stand a chance against that.

Page 34:

Mahiro: If that’s the case,

We should hurry and head towards Samon.

I’ve gotten sick and tired of running away up until now.

Hakaze: Hold on,

There’s one other stash of magu you need to collect.

A special brand of them.

I left them with someone I trust.

You can go after you collect them.

Mahiro: Someone you trust?

There’s someone else out there that you trust?

Hakaze: Just one other person.

Page 35:

He’s a member of the Kusaribe clan…you could say he’s kind of an oddball…

He should be attending college right now.

The reason he hasn’t changed is because he’s been living in the same place, and...He's a really laid back guy..

Yoshino: I can’t help but think we’re trapped.

Everything we’ve done so far has been for Hakaze-san’s desires.

Maybe I’m just overestimating the basic abilities that Hakaze has but…

If that’s the case…

Page 36:

Then how do you explain Mahiro?

Hakaze: I the princess,

Shall lend you my help.

Mahiro: The bastard who murdered Aika,

I’m going to kill him with my own hands.

The person who killed Aika was a member of the Kusaribe clan.

It’s better to take down every wizard I come across.

Yoshino: Mahiro’s circumstances seem to be too convenient for Hakaze-san.

Just what are the odds…

That Mahiro would find Hakaze-san’s message in a bottle?

Page 37:

Aika: Yoshino,

There’s a connection between all things.

Every day is full of tragedy and misfortune,

But sometimes something good comes out of that,

Something great will happen, I’m sure of that.

Page 38:

When you think of it that way,

Then misfortune doesn’t exist.

Yoshino: It looks like

You’ve had a good life though.

Aika: I don’t think so,

Mahiro doesn’t act like an older brother at all.

Yoshino: But you know that you’re really important to him.

Page 39:

Aika: Isn’t that exactly why,

We have to keep this a secret from Mahiro?

Yoshino: …eh

Yoshino: If that gets out,

I’ll probably be buried alive…

Aika: But even so,

All things are still connected.

This may also be a foreshadowing of a beautiful end.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Note at bottom: “Hamlet” Shakespeare (Act 1 Scene 5)

Page 40:

I'm not Horatio,

But even so,

At some point,

You may quote words of tragedy as well…

Yoshino: Aika,

Are all of these things just connected by chance…

Page 41:

Your tragic murder,

Was that meant to happen so that Mahiro would save the world?

Mahiro: Yoshino!

Quit spacing out.

Everything will work out in the end.

Just leave it to me.

Mahiro: We’re trapped…

Am I the only one,

Who think this is strange?

Page 42:

Hakaze: Even if he presses you about it,

Make sure you don’t say anything about my situation.

If Jun-nii* learns anything he’ll be dragged into this too. (TL: Honorific that
indicates the person is an older brother or an older male the person is close to.)

I don’t want to worry him anymore.

Just collect the Magu, alright?

Sign: Hoshimura Junichirou

Page 43:

Jun: Coming,

Who’s there?

Yoshino: …Sorry for coming here so late.

You’re Hoshimura “Kusaribe” Junichirou, right?

We received a request from Hakaze to collect the magu from you.

Jun: A request from…


Page 44:

I see,

That girl thought this far ahead…

Well come in-


Just in case, can you tell me the “password?”

Mahiro: “If they don’t jiggle then they aren’t real”* (TL Note: Yes, it’s exactly
what you think it is.)

Juu: OK,

Come on in.

Yoshino: They have weird tastes in passwords…

Page 45:

Jun: Well,

You guys can eat some of the oranges on the kotatsu* while you’re waiting. (TL
Note: Heated table covered with a heavy blanket in Japan.)

They’re in here somewhere,


You guys are really unlucky.

This is just what you would expect from Hakaze.

Not that long ago she was just a cute kid who would wet the bed.

Hakaze: Ahh….

Mahiro: Hurry up already.

Do we look like we have time to spare?

Page 46:

Juu: Hmm

I guess that wasn’t the best story.

Yoshino: What the heck, he barely reacted to that…

A butsudan*? (Buddhist shrine people put in their homes to honor a deceased
loved one)

Jun: Ah

Found it.

Page 47:

Here you go.

I’m entrusting you with these.

So don’t break them.

Do you want to light some incense?

Yoshino: Um…

Whose shrine is that?

Page 48:

Jun: It’s Hakaze’s.

She’s dead,

Didn’t you know?

Page 49:

Hakaze: Che.

That bastard Samon!

He must have told Juu nii-san that I was dead!

Mahiro: Hey

The one who told you was Samon, right?

Do you really believe him?

Jun: No

If it was just that I wouldn’t.

But there’s no mistake.

Page 50 and 51:

I saw her body with my own eyes.

She was found dead on an island,

Along with a barrel.

Page 52:

Page 53:

The law of the “beginning”

Has sided with the princess.

In order to win I need a trump card.

Certainly, I have one here.

Page 54:

From the beginning,

The princess never left the barrel.

Box: To be continued...

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