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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Zetsuen no Tempest 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 11, 2010 18:19 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

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Zetsuen no tempest chapter 05:

P1.T1: At the beginning was the "Tree of Beginning". A great divine tree creating and protecting the laws of this world. Bearer a lot of gods, with a great appearance hiding valleys, mountains and the moon, standing in a garden to not disrupt the world.
P1.T2: But long ago the "Tree of Beginning" got gravely injured in the revolt of the "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden)" and went into a long slumber. And now the world is overflowed with disruption and conflict.
P1.T1: Fuwa Mahiro
P1.T2: That frenzy, like a noble hungering for blood.
P4.B1: Today is exactly
P4.B2: the 130th day // Samon dumped me on this island, huh.
P1.B1: Life on an unhabitated island
P1.B2: sure becomes boring after 4 months.
P2.B1: I want to return to Japan at last.
P4.B1: Mahiro, here it's dawn.
P4.B2: How is it at yours?
P5.B1: You know that, right?
P5.B2: That we have an 8hour time difference.
P1.B1: It's midday.
P2.B1: But...
P3.B1: beside the sun, there is
P3.B2: one more round thing up in the air.
P1.B1: They iron sickness has spread again around here...
P2.B1: How much will fall victim to it this time...
P3.B1: It shouldn't be that much...
P3.B2: We are in the middle of the mountains and here are only a few houses.
P1.B1: Mahiro, come down from there already.
P1.B2: You are already cursed enough...
P2.B1: It's just a statue.
P2.B2: What about the talismans?
P3.B1: I found them.
P4.B1: Hiding it in a shrine,
P4.B2: Hakaze-san surely will get cursed too.
P5.T1: My god is the "Tree of beginning",
P5.T2: I don't know about other.
P6.B1: ...
P1.T1: The "Tree of Beginning" creating and protecting the laws of this world.
P1.T2: And the stormy "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden)", high as a tower, dividing and breaking the laws of this world.
P2.T1: The "Tree of Zetusen(/Ceased Garden)" once tried to destroy this world, but was sealed by the "Tree of Beginning" through ripping it and scattering the fragements away.
P2.T2: But the "Tree of Beginning" also suffered a fatal wound, and while supporting this world lies in a deep slumber even now.
P3.T1: It's the duty of the Kusaribe Clan to interfere with the "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden)"'recovery plan to collect all fragments, which turned into fruits, till the "Tree of Beginning" recovers.
P3.T2: For that purpose the people of the clan can borrow power from the "Tree of Beginning" to protect the laws.
P1.T1: But...
P2.T1: the man, called Samon, of the Kusaribe clan abandoned that duty.
P2.T2: He plans to revive the "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden)" by having the Kusaribe clan collect the fruits.
P3.T1: To get his hand on offensive powers,
P3.T2: the "Tree of Beginning" doesn't have.
P4.B1: ...It might not be necessary, but
P5.B1: I should record the direction it's flying to.
P1.T1: I'm sure that what he plans to do with that power
P1.T2: isn't anything good.
P2.T1: But those fruits appear at an alarming fast pace. // Before is was 3 months till a new one.
P3.B1: That damn Samon. He is more afraid of me interfering,
P3.B2: than of the risk that comes with hurrying up the ritual.
P4.B1: But that is the best choice.
P4.B2: He seems to be a realistic guy.
P5.B1: But, Hakaze-san
P6.B1: But what do you plan to do about your situation?
P6.B2: Do you want us to find that island?
P7.T1: There is no need to find it.
P1.B1: I can return
P1.B2: a lot faster.
P2.B1: ?

P3.B1: Return!
P3.B2: Return!
P4.B1: Return!
P5.B1: Return!
P5.B2: Return! Return!
P5.B3: Return!
P4.B1: Excuse me.
P1.B1: As I assumed, you are tired,
P1.B2: right, Samon-dono?
P2.B1: You are mistaken.
P3.B1: More importantly,
P4.B1: Sorry for having you help out with the ritual.
P4.B2: The backup has recovered.
P5.B1: You can get back to your investigation again.
P5.B2: Ok.
P6.B1: But
P7.B1: I'm worried about the action those two will take.
P7.B2: If there would been a spell to find people you want, // I could capture them immediately,
P1.B1: but our magic is to protect.
P1.B2: A righteous power.
P2.B1: If they killed or disrupted the world's law, // in order to correct that, I could find them,
P2:B2: but without that it's impossible.
P4.B1: But likewise,
P4.B2: those two won't find this place easily.
P5.B1: Because our ritual
P5.B2: is protected by a barrier, so it can't be seen from the outside.
P1.B1: Those two- no,
P1.B2: the princess has already found this place.
P2.B1: The fruits, once in the air, directly fly to the "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden).
P2.B2: If they follow the direction straight, they will end up here. If we want it or not.
P3.B1: Even though over this large region?
P3.B2: Will they really find it so easily?
P4.B1: Not with just one fruit.
P5.B1: But if they take the direction of 2 or 3 fruits and write their track on a map, // those tracks will inevitable meet in one point.
P5.B2: Namely on this place.
P1.B1: Five fruits have already flied here.
P2.B1: The princess had the boys fathom the direction,
P3.B1: and has already located this place.
P4.B1: Then that means
P4.B2: the princess also has our hand at our throat.
P5.B1: ---I already located Samon's base.
P1.T1: You also collected most of the talismans.
P1.T2: If you obey me, we can catch Samon with several hands.
P2.T1: Listen
P2.T2: I'm the strongest Kusaribe sorceress.
P3.T1: Even if all of the clan put their power together it won't compare to 10% of powers.
P3.T2: If I go again Samon at this time, it is his loss! // Given that I'm in a state where I can use magic.
P4.B1: Isn't that the reason
P4.B2: he throw you out on this island, where you can't use magic?
P5.T1: You're right, but..
P1.B1: Samon didn't kill me.
P2.B1: If he had just killed me, he wouldn't have to worry about me interfering.
P2.B2: But he went through the trouble to throw me out on this island.
P3.B1: Why do you think he did that?
P4.B1: ----Originatly,
P4.B2: It was impossible for me to control, // the speed up of the reviving of the "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden).
P1.B1: Even if I went with utmost care, the chances of success weren't high.
P2.B1: One mistake
P2.B2: and the dreadful offensive magic would be uncontrollable.
P3.B1: Either my motive will be fulfilled,
P3.B2: or it will the beginning of a great destruction.
P4.B1: If the "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden)" becomes a tempest,
P4.B2: Samon wouldn't even with the power of 100 men be able to control it.
P5.B1: I'm the only one who can do it.
P1.B1: In short, // Samon is keeping you alive,
P1.B2: for that worst kind of scenario.
P2.T1: Yes. Samon is very realistic man.
P2.T2: Always thinking what could go wrong, and preparing a countermeasure for it.
P3.B1: So in case it happens,
P3.B2: he has preparations made to bring me instantly back to Japan.
P4.B1: Without fail.
P1.B1: The princess, // might have found some allies on the main land, but that doesn't mean they are automatically searching for that island.
P1.B2: It takes up too much time and resources.
P2.B1: The princess will unsettle the power of Zetusen(/Ceased Garden),
P2.B2: to hinder the recovery of the "Tree of Zetsuen(/Ceased Garden)".
P3.B1: Without fail.
P4.B1: If that power goes out of control I have no choice but to bring the princess back.
P4.B2: The princess realized I made such preparations.
P1.B1: And if the princess returns,
P2.B1: the worst outcome is our loss.
P3.B1: From the beginning the difficult recovery ritual was conducted with a mere four month preparation. // And now it looks like the hasty controlling will fail due of interference from the outside.
P3.B2: Samon is standing beneath a sword.
P4.B1: We are talking about the princess here.
P4.B2: In order to interfere, she hid some talismans beforehand.
P5.B1: And at the moment most of the clan
P5.B2: is engaged in the recovery ritual, so we haven't any powers to spare.
P6.B1: If the army attacks us now, our the previously set up defense barrier can handle it.
P6.B2: But--
P1.B1: if our opponent is the strongest sorceress,
P1.B2: our defense doesn't stand a chance.
P4.B1: .................
P4.B2: Those boys helping the princes--
P5.B1: They are liked you described.
P5.B2: But if they continue, despite the fact they got dragged into it,
P1.B1: it could be the next time we see them, will be here.
P3.B1: Though we dumped her on a lone island in the sea in a barrel,
P3.B2: she got the upper-hand...
P4.B1: So that is the law of this world created by the "Tree of Beginning".
P5.B1: Despite that,
P5.B2: I have to win.
P6.B1: To get our hands on the
P6.B2: desired offensive power.
P1.B1: Samon,
P2.B1: I won't let you win.
P4.B1: As long as the laws of the world are with me,
P5.B1: you don't have a chance to win.
P1.B1: ----Then,
P1.B2: let's hurry up to Samon's place.
P2.B1: Because 'M uneasy with just always running away.
P2.T1: Wait.
P3.T1: You still have to find one Talisman.
P3.T2: It's a talisman with a special ability.
P4.T1: Just this one I entrusted to someone I trust.
P4.T2: Go pick that up.
P5.B1: Someone you trust?
P5.B2: You can trust other people?
P6.T1: Just this one.
P1.B1: He is one of the Kusaribe clan, but it's a peculiar situation...
P1.B2: He should still be a university student.
P2.T1: Because of that, he should still live at the same place.
P2.B1: ...
P3.T1: It looks really suspicious.
P3.T2: Everything is just going as Hakaze-san wants it.
P4.T1: But it could just be that her power is so strong.
P4.T2: Then...
P1.T1: how do I explain Mahiro's existence?
P2.B1: I decided to lend
P2.B2: the princess a hand.
P3.B1: I will kill Aika's murder
P3.B2: with my own hands.
P4.B1: The murder is one of the Kusaribe Clan.
P4.B2: We have to directly defeat the sorcerer.
P5.T1: Mahiro's circumstances are too convenient for Hakaze-san.
P6.T1: The same Mahiro picked up the bottle-message of Hakeze-san.
P6.T2: That just too coincidental...
P1.B1: Yoshino-san,
P1.B2: everything as a reason.
P4.B1: Tragedy and bad luck happening day by day,
P5.B1: will someday brighten and result in the best ending.
P6.B1: They are valuable events.
P1.B1: With this explanation,
P1.B2: there might not only be misfortune.
P2.B1: It would be nice
P2.B2: if life would be that easy.
P3.B1: If I don't think so,
P4.B1: I couldn't get a long with a brother, like Mahiro.
P6.B1: But he treasures you a lot.
P1.B1: And because of that I have to hide it from my brother, // that we are meeting like this.
P1.B2: ...Ug
P2.B1: If he find out,
P2.B2: I might be buried alive...
P3.B1: Despite that,
P4.B1: everything has a reason.
P4.B2: I'm sure it also will turn one day in a beautiful ending.
P6.B1: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
P6.B2: Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."*
Note: * Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 5
P2.B1: I'm not Horatio.
P2.B2: Also
P3.B1: you don't have to
P3.B2: quote a tragedy's line at this time...
P4.T1: Aika-chan,
P4.T2: if all this is no coincidence, then...
P1.T1: does that mean you got killed so cruelly, // so that Mahiro would save the world?
P1.B1: ---Yoshino.
P2.B1: ...!
P2.B2: Stop your useless worrying.
P3.B1: It's fine if everything fits at the end.
P3.B2: At least for me.
P6.T1: It's suspicious after all...
P7.T1: Isn't this
P7.T2: somewhat strange?
P2.T1: Just to remind you,
P2.T2: don't talk about my circumstances.
P3.B1: I'm sure Jun-nii-san got some kind of information already, but
P3.B2: I don't want to worry him needlessly
P4.T1: Just retrieve the talisman, got it?
P5.T1: Hoshimura Junichirou
P1.B1: Yes?
P1.B2: Who might it be?
P4.B1: ...Sorry to disturb you at night.
P4.B2: You are Hoshimura "Kusaribe" Junichirou-san, right?
P5.B1: We were send on Hakaze-san's order to retrieve the talisman.
P5.B2: ....
P6.B1: Hakaze-chan's
P6.B2: order...?
P1.B1: I see.
P1.B2: She thought that far ahead...
P2.B1: Ok, then come i-- // Ah.
P2.B2: Could you say the "secret phrase" once?
P4.B1: "Breasts that don't swing, aren't breasts."
P5.B1: Ok!
P5.B2: Come in.
P6.B1: Who came up with the secret phrase...
P1.B1: Well, // said down under the kotetsu and eat some tangerines.
P2.B1: I stored it away safely.
P3.B1: But
P3.T1: Summer goods
P3.B2: you guys are unlucky.
P4.B1: To get involved with Hakaze-chan.
P4.B2: In the past she was a cute kid, who would wet her bed.
P5.B1: Wha...
P6.B1: Hurry up.
P6.B2: Do we look like we have that much spare time?
P1.B1: Mmpf
P1.B2: That's understandable.
P2.B1: It's somehow scary, how he doesn't get angry...
P5.B1: A memorial shrine?
P6.B1: Ah.
P7.B1: I found it.
P1.B1: Ok, here.
P2.B1: It's still like what it was, when I got it, but
P2.B2: I don't know if it's broken or something...
P4.B1: ....
P5.B1: Can I light an incense?
P6.B1: Say,
P6.B2: for whom is it?
P1.B1: For Hakaze-chan.
P2.B1: She has passed away. // You didn't know?
P2.B2: !?
P2.B1: Grr
P3.B1: That damn Samon.
P3.B2: He said to Jun-nii-san said I passed away.
P4.B1: Hey
P5.B1: Being told be someone like Samon, // did you believe it?
P7.B1: No
P7.B2: I'm not that simple.
P8.B1: But this is no mistake.
P1.B1: I confirmed her corpse.
P2.B1: She died
P2.B2: at an lone island in a barrel.

P1.B1: If the laws of the "Tree of Beginning"
P1.B2: are allying with the princess,
P2.B1: then I have a trump for winning.
P4.B1: Without fail, here
P2.B1: the princess
P2.B2: is still in the barrel.

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