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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou 1

Jio and Iregaura

+ posted by Elkin as translation on Oct 10, 2009 16:32 | Go to Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou

-> RTS Page for Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou 1

Seeing as this fun manga is being neglected, I figured I could squeeze out a translation for chapter one... and hopefully some other people will pick it up. There's no way I can do weekly translations.

Oh, and the translations open for everyone to use. I just ask that you credit me, and please don't do a shoddy job of cleaning/TSing :)

To scanlators If you have already started typesetting, please note that I've made some changes in pages 1, 8 and 12.

[ ] ................... page number
line breaks ....... new panel
numbers .......... bubble number
// .................... break between joined bubbles
SFX ................. ... do you even need to ask?


[1] Side text: For some reason, a boy who is chanting what seems like an incantation. // A wealth of overflowing magic has gathered in his hands... Now then, what will happen?

1: Kesh alcanata
2: Myzeriwol

Title: Jio and Ougon and the Forbidden Magic
3: Jiruon

4: Jizerio

5: Baofao---!

[T/N: ...I don't -think- it's supposed to mean anything, but feel free to correct]


Top left: Super spectacular wizard fantasy, a new serialisation
Below: Starts in colour, 68 pages!

Black box: A freezing genius begins!
Text: Author's name
Text: English

White text: An unbelievable mystery treasure and a forbidden magic... [black words:

mystery treasure, forbidden magic] // Unravelling the majestic, hidden mystery
, // A touching magical epic, // Now begins! [all black]
[T/N: 導く is liberally translated]

Bottom: Jio and Ougon and the Forbidden Magic
Box above: Chapter 1 // Jio and Iregaura
[T/N: It actually says 'Reigaura', but it's probably a typo, since every other page says 'Iregaura'.]


SFX: poof

SFX: fuuuuuuuume

1: Iregaura!


1: Iregaura!

2: Listen, Iregaura.
3: I...

SFX: flutter
4: Eh?

SFX: spin
SFX: clatter clatter
5: Byaah!

SFX: conk
6: Jio.
7: !
SFX: pop


1: You're still inexperienced, aren't you.

2: ...
3: Iregaura...

SFX: conk
4: Ouch.

5: Will you not call me Master, child.
6: ~~~ // Even though you don't teach me magic!

7: If you want to be called Master, then teach me some cool magic!
8: Cool magic like something that'll destroy rocks!

9: So you'd even call me "grampa" with lots of respect and love on top?
10: You old fart---!

11: Stupid, idiot geezer! [lit: stupid idiot octopus]
12: Why won't you teach me magic!
[T/N: see how I fail at doing kiddy-talk]


1: Destruction isn't everything to magic.
2: Moreover, mistaking that for me just now means you're not good enough yet.

3: If... if you used magic, then there's no way I'd know the difference. // Because it's

from behind!
4: Idiot, you can tell with just that.

5: Anyway, this cloak and hat are rare articles that protect against all sorts of hell


6: I- I wouldn't know something like that! // Besides, don't you always say that you can't

make judgements when only using your eyes?!
7: "ONLY" thing is, Jio, that was something you might've been able to tell by looking with

your eyes.
[T/N: in case you didn't notice, please bold or emphasise 'only'
... and "dakede" can go die. TLers will know what I mean.]

SFX: jolt

SFX: staaaaaare

8: What?


1: You idio----t.

SFX: run

2: Dearie me.

3: Idiot!
SFX: poof puff
4: Iregauna, you idio----t!

5: Idiot...

6: ... // Uu~~~

7: ...
SFX: bite

SFX: smack


1: Right! Practice!
2: Let's do some practicing!

3: I couldn't even do it properly once.
4: Dammit.

5: Tomorrow!
SFX: pull
6: Definitely tomorrow!

7: I'll succeed!
8: Hehe.

9: Energetic, aren't you.


1: Gin!
2: Yo.

3: Gi---n!
SFX: jump
4: Ho.

5: Have you become a little bigger?
6: Yes I have!

7: Can you use magic?

8: ... // Not really...

SFX: heh...
[T/N: second to last panel... please don't forget it O.O]

9: Haha.


1: Ahaha.
2: Fun, isn't it?

3: It's 'cause it's rare for Gin to let me ride behind, // So why this time?
4: There's quite a distance just to Master's castle.

5: I went out quite far today, but it's not that far off from the castle.
6 (bubble text): Mu
7: Don't treat me like a child!

8: It's easier for strangers to enter the area further from the castle. //
9: Well, even if you get in, you'll be lost and it'll be a real struggle to get to the


10: Eh?

11: Then why are we okay?
12: Because Master gave his approval.


1: ...It's almost like Iregauna is some amazing magician, huh.
2: The Master IS an amazing magician...

SFX: Mumu
3: So,

4: What's the reason behind your fight with Master this time?
5: !

6: W- Why do you know we fought?
7: Hehe. // That's because...

8: You pick the herbs for that recipe everytime you argue with Master.

9: ...!

SFX: slap slap slap
10: Hehe.

11: Iregauna's terrible!
SFX: whap
12: Because he won't teach me magic!


1: Is that why.

2: ...
3: ...?

4: Iregauna said he won't teach me magic... // Do I... have no talent?

5: That's not it.
6: ...He worries, you know, Master.

7: If he worries, then shouldn't he teach me?
8: If I become stronger than he can relax.

9: There are also those who become weaker upon becoming magicians.


1: I don't really get it.
2: Hehe, you're fine as it is.

3: Hey, do you have a goal, Gin?
4: What's this all of a sudden?

5: Come on! Tell me! // Because if you tell me I'll tell you mine.
6: He wants to say it, doesn't he.

7: I do.

8: There's someone I'm looking for.
9: In order to locate this person, I will catch up and surpass them as a magician.


1: Huh---...
Text: So Gin has someone like that...

2: Jio, do you have someone? Someone you're looking for?

3: Nope.

4: How surprising.
5: Eh? // Why?

6: More importantly, what can your goal be?
7: Ah.

8: Do you wanna know? Do you wanna know?
9: Well...


1: I want to become the number one magician in the world!

Text: As I thought, that's what you want to be.

2: In that case, you'll have to grow bigger, huh.
3: That's why I'm worried that I don't have the talent. // But I'm a complete failure...

4: Aah.

5: Once only! I succeeded at a magic once!
6: Ho?

7: Well then, show it to me.
8: Okay!


1: I did...

2: !


SFX: closing

SFX: droop

1: ...

2: Nah, I thought it was amazing, you know?
3: A man doesn't need sympathy!


1: Master's poison soup hasn't really changed at all.
2: If you have complaints, then you don't have to eat, you know.
3: No, I know it's delicious.

4: Gin!
5: Tell us stories about the outside!

Text: Calm down and eat.
Text: Mu.
6: Before that, Jio.

7: It's good that you practice, but you shouldn't only focus on what you like. Do you also

do the same for the ones you don't? // If you don't even do that, then becoming world's

number one is imposs---...
SFX: jolt

SFX: sluuuurp

8: Thanks for the meal.
9: Hey!

10: Seriously...
11: Hehe.


1: How about teaching him a little at a time? // The kind of magic he desires.

2: Still too early.

3: Master...
4: Jio showed me a magic he thought up of.

5: And you know,
6: That was magic that made a flower bloom.

7: Though it failed.


1: Really...

2: Jio isn't the kind of guy who'd become weak upon becoming a magician.
3: ...That's what I think.

4: Master actually thinks the same way as well, right?
5: Aren't you being a little overprotective?

6: You sure have gotten yourself a cheeky tongue, huh,
7: Brat.

8: Seems like Master's thrown in the towel.
9: Hmph.

10: ...Now then, Gin.


1: You've come a long way for a visit. Is that all there is?

2: Truth is, // Master,

3: I've // Got a curse---

4: I told Gin about my goal to becoming the world's number one magician.
5: Gin's goal is to find a person, and to catch up and surpass them.
6: I found out about Gin's goal.
7: The sky's...

8-11: ...


1: It was not Iregaura, it was a skeleton.
2: I called Iregauna from behind.
3: In order to get Iregaura to say he'll teach me magic...

4: A-----hh.
5: This is boring.

6: No, I can't say that!

6: Upstream meditation is also important training!
[T/N: 遡行瞑想, translated literally into 'upstream meditation'. I don't feel comfortable

about the name, so here's a link which details the technique. Maybe some kind soul can

confirm what the actual name is...

7: Do it properly, self!

8: Iregaura and Gin?

9: What're they do...


SFX: crackle crackle crackle

SFX: whooosh..

1: Was...
2: That Gin's... // Magic...?


1: Amazing, amazing,
2: Amazing!

3: Gin's amazing!

4: Amazing...

5: So here you are.
[Lit: so you were here, huh. --> unnatural]

6: Gin...

7: Jio, sorry, but I'm leaving today. // I have some work to do.

8: Eh?

9: Sorry, // I wanted to chat a little more about all sorts of stuff, but...
10: It's fine!


1: Because next time you'll be telling me lots of stories!

2: Yeah.

3: Well then, until next time.
4: Yup!

Text: Gin is amazing.

Text: But, // me?

Text: I'm...

5: Uu~~~~...


1: Jio.

2: You're up pretty early, huh.
3: ...You've been up all this time?

4: Iregaura...
5: Teach, // teach...


1: Teach me the magic Gin used!

2: ...Here I was, wondering what it was you wanted to say...
3: Iregaura!

4: You know, don't you,
Text: That...

Text: I want to be the number one magician in the world---
5: No.


1: You're still experienced. // It's only natural that it's too early.
2: But...
3: What's with that?

4: You always, // Always,
5: Say that I can't, // That I'm inexperienced,

6: But you know

7: Even I won't always be a kid!

SFX: sigh


1: Did the child not listen to the very end...?

Text: Even though I intended to teach Jio just a little of the magic he so wanted to

2: He dashed out without even eating breakfast.

3: I even made Jio's favourite food...

4: He won't always be a kid,
5: Huh.

6: Idiot!
7: Idiot!

8: Ah!

SFX: ski----d

9: ...
10: Idiot.


1: Iregaura, you idiot...

2: It's the herb...

SFX: turn away

3: It's because I'm angry!
4: Because I'm angry!

5: ...

6: (scribbles)
SFX: crash


1: Eh?!

2: A person?
3: He collapsed?!

4: Are- are you okay?
5: Ooh...

6: Yeah... // Great...
7: There are people around...?

8: Are you okay? // Are you lost?

9: Aye... // My name is Dawil Roqueswa.
10: I came to meet my Teacher, Iregaura Rehuetas, but...

11: Iregaura?
12: Are you Iregaura's student?


1: Yes, // Though I've been expelled...
2: Expelled?!

3: You haven't heard about me from Teacher?
4: ...Yeah.

5: ...Really, // I came to ask for Teacher to lend his power to look for my missing

family, but...
6: But I can no longer meet up with Teacher...

7: I'll ask Iregaura to do it!

8: Is that okay?
9: Yeah!

10: Because Iregaura isn't a demon! // Sometimes he's scary as a demon, but...
11 (bubble text): Ahh
11: But, // You know!


1: If it's Iregaura, he'll definitely help you out.

2: ...Thank you very much.

3: Who's in your family, Jio?
4: I dunno. // I don't have any parents.

5: Is that so... // Then you must want to meet up with your family.
6: Nope, not at all.


1: Is that so, // How surprising.
2: Eh?

3: One would think that children like you would want to meet their parents...

Text: That's what people tell me---
Text: But I don't really...

4: Ah.

5: We're almost there.
6: Eh?

7: I don't see an---


1: I see, it's because it's hidden twice over...?
2: !

3: Iregaura!

4: Iregaura!
5: Get away!

6: !
7: Ah...

8: Get away from Jio!
9: Eh?!


1: That's not advice I can follow.

2: Pleased to make your acquaintance, // One of the Three Wise Sages, Iregaura, the

Administrator of Curses.
3: There is a certain item I'd like you to hand over.

4: Acquain...?
5: Eh?

6: Hehehe.


1: It was a lie. // All of it.

2: Hahaha, // What a stupid kid!
3: Hasn't he been taught properly?
[Lit: hasn't his education been sufficient]

4: Huh?
5: O Teacher.

6: That's not true!

7: Iregaura has always... always...
[Lit: Iregaura has perfectly... perfectly [taught me]]

Text: He didn't teach me amazing magic like Gin's, but...
Text: He's always...


1: What a noisy brat.
2: Shut it.

3: Gahaa.

4: Jio!

5: Iregaura, if you love your disciple, you should take out what I desire, y'know?
6: You know what I desire, right?

7: ...The curse isn't something someone like you can handle...!
8: Hah!


1: Old guys like you are great at hiding things so I'm going to use what I've got at hand.
2: So, what're you gonna do now?!

3: Could care less if the brat dies?

4: Haa.
5: Kahaa.

SFX: grip...

SFX: thunk

SFX: whoosh


SFX: surface...

1: I'm not handing it over.
2: Let go of Jio first.

3: You don't get it, d'ya?

4: I issued an order, ya know?
SFX: stab...
5: Uwaaah.

6: Jio!!


1: I'll give it, // So stop.
2: That's good.
Text: Ire-...
Text: -Gaura...

3: Fu...
4: Haha.


SFX: grab

SFX: slither slither slither
[Lit: fast movement]

1: Hahah!


1: Haha...
2: Hahahahahah.

3: Hahahahaha!

4: Awesome...
5: Awesome!
6: The power won't stop coming!!

7: Ah, yes, // I haven't returned you, have I?

SFX: whoosh [T/N: leg moving forward quickly]
8: Here we


1: Go!
2: !

3: Jio!

4: I owe it to you, you really saved my skin.

5: Well then, die happy together as teacher and disciple!

SFX: rumble


SFX: whip up

1: Ho.

2: Then let's add some more.

3: Hahahahahaha.


Text: Ire...
Text: Gau... ra?

SFX: sit up
1: Iregaura!
2: !!

3: ...!
4: Does it hurt? There shouldn't be anything broken, right?

5: ...Nn.
6: I'm fine...

SFX: bam
SFX: startle

7: What's... // This...?


SFX: Why's this...?

1: Ah...!

2: I... // I...
3: Brought him... // With me...
4: Jio!
SFX: jolt


1: Save your reflections and regrets until after everything's finished!
SFX: bam boom

2: Because you might just be able to laugh about it afterwards.
SFX: grin

3: I'll help!
4: What should I do?

5: First, stop your arm from bleeding.

6: After that, support my back.
[T/N: as in, prop him up]

7: Okay...!


1: Hahaha!
2: Ya can't stop me!!

Hahaha // it doesn't get any better than this // Ahh, well guess it's time to get serious
3: ...And,

4: ?

5: !


1: Wha!

2: What,
3: Why?!

4: Ah!
5: Aaaah...

6: Wait! // Sto...
7: Woah.

8: Stop...!
9: Eugh...
SFX: crackle

10: Ah...
SFX: crackle crick crack
11: ...


SFX: grow

SFX: grow grow

SFX: whooooo [cold wind blowing]

SFX: crack


Text: He was overwhelmed, huh...
Text: The curse is rampaging out of control.

Text: At this rate...

1: Jio.
2: What?

SFX: flap...

3: Eh...?


1: From here on, I shall stop the runaway curse.
2: Wah.

3: Yeah, I know that, // But
4: Why give // this...

5: Just in case.

SFX: thunk

6: !

7: Iregaura?!


1: Auraune

Text: Though I don't think I can use it again.
2: Aurora
3: Elone // Rigul


1: Amazing...

Text: But even with Iregaura's powerful protection...
Text: I still feel the heat...

Text: How is Iregaura?
Text: Is he okay?

2: Iregaura! Open up!!
3: Use the cloak and hat!


1: Iregaura!
2: I said, open it!

3: Iregaura...!
4: Open it!

5: Iregaura!
6: Here, the herb!

Text: I ended up picking it back then.


1: Take it!
2: Let me join you!

3: We'll... // Make up... properly...
[T/N: i.e. reconcile]
4: Iregaura...

5: I've already accepted plenty of things from you.
6: Jio.

7: I couldn't do it, but you can.


1: Go.
2: Become the world's best magician.

3: Iregauraaa


1: Iregaura!

2: Iregaura...


1: Honestly, // That was tough.

2: Iregaura!

3: You idiot! I was worried!
4: Sorry about that.

5: Jio.

6: When the ice curse loses its host, it will lodge in the nearest person with high

magical power...
7: In this case, it's you.

8: The curse is a terrifying magic that will devour its host in time.


1: But with my flame curse, the two will definitely cancel out. // I'll give it to you.
2: Eh?

SFX: disintegrate

3: I don't want it!
4: I don't want something like that!!
Box: I never

Box: Once though of searching for my family.
5: I don't want it!
Box: Because
6: Jio.

7: It was great living with you.
8: I thought of you // As family, as a grandson.
Box: That's because...


1: I love you.

2: Gram...
3: Pa...

Text: That's because...


no text


no text


1: Iregaura. // I read the books in the castle. There were so many of them.
2: I've also read your books.

3: You said so, didn't you?
4: "Don't just look, read,"
5: "Don't just read, listen,"
6: "Don't just listen, look"...


1: That's why I'm going to look around and listen // The world.
2: And become the world's number one magician!

3: Before I go, there's some magic I wanted to show you.
4: Watch!

5: Kesh alcanata
6: Myzeriwol
7: Jiruon
8: Jizerio
9: Baofao...


1: Well then, I'm off!
2: Grampa!

Text: Jio's journey now begins!
Box: Continued in issue no. 34

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#1. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2009
thx for your effort. hopefully someone will pick them up.
#2. by mr_ark ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2009
thanks for the translations.
wow, 69 pages ^^
and chapter 2 has 44 pages

it'll take a lot of time to do the scanlation
#3. by Zyki ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2009
Thanks,will scanlate.

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