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Translations: Gintama 703 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Embalming - The Another Tale of Frankenstein 3

Embalming #3


-> RTS Page for Embalming - The Another Tale of Frankenstein 3

Translated by Epsilonium.
Fine to be used for scanlations, with credit sited.
Strongly recommend to proofread, since I am not a native English writer.
left - The man who once have lost all family...has made a fierce decision!!
fury - I'll kill Frankensteins!
- I'll kill them all!
edel - kyaa!
- that is___...

raith - Same as before, no
- Actually you look scarier than before
- Perhaps you'll be able to kill any frankensteins
- But please detract the part "all frankensteins," would you?
- In fact, I am one too; you know it
- right?
fury - Alright then, let's clean up other businesses at once and
- head to london!!

edel - London...?
fury - edel
- yeah
- that's it
raith - we are going
- to london
(for rememberance on raith's line, better take from prev. chapter)
edel - is that...true?
- fury

fury - Yeah...we are going to london, but before that
- the thing edel is fearing
- I will get rid of it
edel - kyaa

fury - so that you don't have to be scared alone
- by thunder, by blizzard, by darkness, any of them
edel - alright
- London...
- quite far away
- but
- I see it, you're a male born in this country at this time
- why not want to go, yeah
- you gotta go!
fury - will be back at least once a year
edel - what are you saying
- don't talk about being back when you haven't even gone yet
- you're free to go! to London!

- well I want to go a little, too
- but father will be alone then
- it's alright
- good night
raith - she didn't cry
fury - yeah, she held it
- for us
raith - but she will be
- in short
- for sure
- tsk
fury - ...raith...?

- what do you mean...?
left - the destiny has began, rolling faster and faster

fury - wh...
- what...?
raith - did you listen?
- or did not want to listen?
- I'll say one more time
- the identity of the creator is
- Sir Weiss
- himself

- if you know about frankensteins, you'll reach him eventually
edel - morning already...
raith - there are a lot of things needed to create a frankenstein
- the banned volume for knowledge, the corpse for raw material
edel - but so dark still, guess it's because we're in highland winter...
raith - the money for research, the equipment for development
- time to do the work and lastly the madness to keep going
maid - you don't look great
edel - um, a little
raith - creating one or two doesn't matter so much, but to meet these conditions properly
maid - good morning, miss
raith - one will at least need the power equal to bourgeois
edel - mornin'~
raith - sir weiss is a viscount who was a professor in medical science
- and bought this place to live in
edel - London...
raith - fits all perfectly
butler - the breakfast is ready

fury - no way
raith - looks like he was exploring mixing-build at first
- and the outcome was that killer
- it was a failure to him
- so it was used for power development and collecting materials
fury - that can't be true
- sir weiss is a charitable person!
- he built several facilities to help the poor
- and saved us too!!
raith - it is just convenient collecting raws to have the facility for all those without a place to go
- you and I are basically the same
- just've been treated special until now
- for bringing "Princess Bingo"

fury - edel...
edel - I've got an idea...
- to meet fury and raith in london without leaving father alone
- going into company
- this is it!

raith - sir weiss was the creator
- you don't seem to be believing
- let's go see the proof
- The detached club house___!
- deep inside is the forged lab of sir weiss!
- where I was born!!

shade - there
- what are you doing
- it is banned
- for a servant to enter that club house
fury - please listen, Shade!

raith - you hindrance
fury - raith!!

raith - you are a hindrance for fury and me
- to going London
fury - ...raith
- you're
- strange a little...
- shade!
- are you alright!
- i am helping out___

shade - what's your intension, raith
- distraction or betrayal?

- in either cases, if you are going against Master
- I will be fighting you
raith - it's neither of them
- I trust only one person, from before I become a frankenstein
- sir weiss isn't even an interest to me
shade - thinking you can defeat me?
raith - how about a bullet from this close?

shade - Hmph
raith - ch

- gwe (ぐえッ)

fury - shade...
- when...
- why...
- shade___...
shade - you've survived the snowstorm
- you've got quite a strength
- I talked to Master already
- If you have nowhere to go, how about working under me?

fury - how about him?
- it's not only me, he too
- survived this snowstorm
shade - talking big
- you've got quite a gut as well
- I see, so that kid does not have anywhere to go, either
- he does not seem to have so much stamina, let's see raising centering on shooting
- you, I will put you through courses or sprouts, beware of it
- Come with me
- I will make you the strongest in this area

fury - shay-doo
shade - hmph!

fury - ga(が)
- huw(はっ)
shade - running away...
- well I wasn't hoping anything
- but look at how worthless he was...even after being made into a frankenstein

fury - huff x9
- e...
- del...

- black iris...
- edel's eyes are
- green
- No!! It looks so similar, but
- this picture is not Edel!!
shade - you asked "when"...
- I got this body a year ago
- right after relinquishing the post of gamekeeper to you guys
- however
- I decided to do so when that "True Edel" in the picture
- has vanished away

- she is Master's true daughter, the blood relative
- the wonderful, lovely lady
- but the mother was a bad one
- so different, spendthrift and hedonist
- the relation between the couple did not go very well, divorcing after a trial in the end
- then that woman, with spite, vanished away with miss edel
- Master tried to find Edel with all his might, but could not
- and in return, on the process he had found___...
- Master decided to create another Edel
- at first it was extremely difficult
- even afterwards, he was about to give up so many times, but

- since you've brought "fake edel,"
- everything is starting to turn out good
fury - shade
- where is sir weiss!?
- where!?
edel - father!

weiss - hi
- I'm home, edel
Profile: Robert Weiss, viscount, formerly professor, once divorced
edel - glad you're back
weiss - any news while I was away?
edel - A good news, father!!
- fury came back alright!
weiss - alright?
edel - he is a little injured on his throat, but he says it's okay
weiss - Ah, that's good...
edel - Oh, and father,
- I want to have a talk with you

weiss - to company?
edel - yes
- or is it too early?
weiss - no...
- well
- it's been five years
- i see you're thinking about that kind of things now
- yeah...it is about time
edel - then...!
weiss - if you grow too big it will be too late
edel - let's not worry about failing marriage before even going into
weiss - haha

- yeah, so before it is too late
- today I have a nice present for you
doctor - ...estimated electricity rate, 1.21 jigowatt
- temperature, under zero celcius

- Fitting weather for a frankenstein to be born____
aori - it's going to start... the process to a frankenstein!!
As for onomatopoeias, I am sorry but I cannot do.
Feel free to post suggestions, but it might not be corrected on here since I am going away for vacation.

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
thanks!...cleaned like 24 pages yesterday...so - gonna release it today...

just one thing...it would be really fine if you'd also write the number of the pages...

edit: I'm done with cleaning...

is there somebody who could proofread this?
#2. by Shiranui ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Thanks Epsilonium
very apreciate it!!
#3. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Thx a lot!

#4. by Epsilonium ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Quote by zidane21ps;711839:

is there somebody who could proofread this?

why wouldn't you go over sentences yourself?
I am pretty much sure I got the meanings correctly (I am native at Japanese after all), it's only the grammar and sentence structure that is kinda awkward.
If you're fine with what I have now, I guess you can just use it as it is...
I still recommend going over the script at least:p
#5. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Good to see that someone is taking on the translation for Embalming. Thank you~! X3

And sorry, I don't think I can help you with proofreading. My English is not good as well. ^_^"

EDIT: Oh, and as for onomatopoeia, I thought it depends on the translator as well, so it's actually up to you on how you translate it. Believe me, you can do it. Just choose your own way. (Mine one is mostly like . . . just put in the romaji for most of the time anyway, and mostly, it works ^_^")
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
why wouldn't you go over sentences yourself?
I am pretty much sure I got the meanings correctly (I am native at Japanese after all), it's only the grammar and sentence structure that is kinda awkward.
If you're fine with what I have now, I guess you can just use it as it is...
I still recommend going over the script at least

yeah, i changed some parts while typesetting...it wasn't much^^
once again,

THANK YOU SO MUCH, i'm really glad that you did this trans...especially so fast, AND good^^
it appears once a month, so - how about keeping on translating this series?
would be extremly great^^
#7. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Hmm...Episilonium, your translation actually looks good for a non-native english speaker. Well done! Hope to see more of your translations in future. :)

p.s. the other similiar thread has been removed as requested.
#8. by Jdude ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Thank you!!!^^

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