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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

AR∀GO 83


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 9, 2011 00:08 | Go to AR∀GO

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.
Arago 83 Eng
//tandom note: looks like Arago will draw a little bit further than what I expected last week

Ewan: It's warm...
Ewan: Arago---
Ewan: Aah...
Arago: Welcome back Ewan
Big letters(right): He's beaten his arch-enemy... Let's go back to where everyone's waiting---
Big letters(left): Latest volume 7!! On sale September 16th!!
Title: Son

Joe(thinks): We did it Rupert.
Joe(thinks): Patchman died.
Joe(thinks): Since the day you were killed by Patchman
Joe(thinks): How many years have passed...
Joe(thinks): The moment I faced Patchman
Joe(thinks): I felt you.
Joe(thinks): As I thought Patchman...took one part of you...
Joe(thinks): With this you're finally free.
Joe(thinks): Sleep...peacefully.

Joe: Now Oz, Let's quickly escort our hero to the British Museum
Joe: We have to give some relief to everyone!!
Joe's SFX: Up we go... //よっと
Arago: Let's go!!
Oz: He's really an amazing guy...
Oz: To think he's beaten Patchman.
Oz: Right, Joe-san?
Oz: Joe-san?
Joe: !?
Joe: ...Sorry, I want to burn this in my eyes. //he wants to remember it for a long time
Joe: The figure of this city that Arago, that we all saved...!!

Oz: The Gogmagog will calm down soon.
Oz: When that happens the city will return to it's former state.
Oz: What will you do from now on, Joe-san?
Joe: I wonder
Joe: I've never thought about what would happen after we beated Patchman...
Joe: Maybe I'll do some gardening.
Oz: Hahaha, don't make me laugh, my whole body hurts. (corner dialog: Owowow)
Joe(thinks): Now that I think of it, I've been quite reckless until now.
Joe(thinks): It might be good to rest a bit.
Joe(thinks): There was a book I wanted to read
Joe(thinks): To take a drive with Coco and Colo sounds nice too.
Joe(thinks): I've never actually acted like a father.
Joe(thinks): I'd take out a BBQ set from the trunk
Joe(thinks): And eat with Arago, Rio-chan, Oz-kun and Ewan-kun...

Joe(thinks): We'd encircle the fire as a family
Joe(thinks): It'd surely be fun...
Joe(thinks): surely---
Joe(thinks): Dad!!

p6-7 //no dialog

Joe: I won't let you...
Joe: Kill Arago...
Joe: If he dies...
Joe: My daughter...will cry...

Arago: Old maaaaan!!!!
Arago: Old man, Get a hold of yourself!!
Arago: Old man!!!
Arago: Old man!!!
Arago: You protected me...
Arago: For my sake!!
Joe: Haa //dying breaths
Joe: Haa //dying breaths
Joe: Haa //dying breaths
Joe: It's ok...
Joe: It's ok---

Joe: You now have a good face...
Joe(thinks): Aah, what a merciless fate
Arago: No!!
Arago: No!! Old man!!!
Joe(thinks): Was it given to this young man...
Joe(thinks): If possible--- a piece of peace and happiness...
Joe: A troublesome novice... //newcomer, newbie
Joe(thinks): Arago...
Joe: When did you...
Joe(thinks): I thought of you
Joe(thinks): as my true son--- //TL Note: JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Arago: Old man---
Arago: Old ma...

Ewan: Airgetlám--- //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuada_Airgetl%C3%A1m
Ewan: It's figure changes into Nuada, the king of the silver arm who wielded Claíomh Solais...
Ewan: This was also unevitable...
Ewan's SFX: *Breath in* //スーーー。。。

Arago: Why...Ewan!!
Arago: Why did you kill the old man!?
Oz: Stop it Arago!!
Oz: That's not Ewan!!
Oz: That's!!

Ewan: Right now, here!!
Ewan: All four of
Ewan: Erinn's treasures
Ewan: Have been gathered!!!!

Arago: Oz!!
Oz: !!

Ewan: I knew that if I waited for the right time
Ewan: The cauldron would open completely.
Ewan: The destroyers that were chased away to the bottom of earth have been released.

Arago: You're not...Ewan...
Arago: Everything went...
Arago: according to your plan right...?
Arago: Patchman---
Ewan: You see
Ewan: I love seeing your face when you're suffering.
Ewan: I'm the worst right?
Ewan: I'm the consciousness called Patchman but I'm also Ewan...
Ewan: Ewan's also here...
Ewan: Inside me...

Ewan: Your comrades have fallen, and right now, everything you tried to protect is about to be lost...
Ewan: What will you choose When you're pushed to the limits of agony.
Ewan: Will you kill your older brother and save the world or...---maybe...
Ewan: Now, What'll you do?
Ewan: Arago.
Big letters(right): The despair of being pressed for an answer, In front of a difficult choice Arago will---!?

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