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Shokugeki no Souma 3

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 6, 2012 19:45 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Shokugeki no Souma 3
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Shokugeki no Souma
Erina: "Transforming"...
Erina: Furikake, you say...
Souma: Now, it's about
Souma: To be ready!
Erina(thinks): Yukihira Souma...This man---
Erina(thinks): Just what kind of dish is he trying to make.
Text: Souma challenges "God's Tongue"!!

Star: The 3th chapter of the new serialization of "Super pleasures and New Food Textures" has extended 23P!!
Souma: Sorry to keep you waiting!
Erina(thinks):: No, he's really making light of me!
Star: What's this!?
Text: You can read (cutlery) 1! On Shounen Jump, the Original work! Read it on the online manga section of shonenjump.com's page!!
Shokugeki no Souma
(cutlery) 3 "Transforming" Furikake
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Drawings: Saeki Shun

Girl(thinks): It's...really
Girl(thinks): Just a furikake...
Girl(thinks): Does he really think
Girl(thinks): That Erina-sama will approve of him with this...!?
Erina: ...
Erina: This isn't even worth considering.
Erina: The exam ends here.
Erina(thinks): I have a palate has even been called "God's Tongue",
Erina(thinks): And since I was a child, I've been the taster for first-class chefs...
Erina(thinks): Until one year ago I was full with appointments to taste restaurants' dishes
Erina(thinks): And I had a shop in Paris with a 3-star specialty.
Erina(thinks): On my dining table lined up only high class dishes that concentrated extravagancy and innovation...

Erina(thinks): It was truly the heaven of gourmet food!
Erina(thinks): To serve me, who lived there,
Erina(thinks): The likes of this questionable dish called "Furikake"---
Erina: After all, it's the work of a second-rate chef...
Erina: I don't crave for it at all.
Souma: Even though this dish's true form is about to show.
Erina: ...What do you mean with that.

Erina: ?
Erina(thinks): That is...? There's something in the eggs' shadow---
Erina(thinks): On the pale gold a semi-transparent thing is spreading...
Souma: Well, take a look,
Souma: A furikake's true value
Souma: Shows when it's on white rice!
Souma: It's finished---

Erina: ...?
Erina(thinks): Ah...
Erina(thinks): It's melting with the rice's heat---?

Erina(thinks): A...At the same time it's melting
Erina(thinks): The eggs keep getting coated!?
Erina(thinks): Ah...
Erina(thinks): This smell is
Erina(thinks): Chicken?
Erina(thinks): The carefully boiled chicken's
Erina(thinks): Mild smell is rising up---!
Erina(thinks): This is---

Erina: The transforming furikake gohan...!?
Erina(thinks): Its appearance is completely different to before!
Erina(thinks): Just...
Erina(thinks): How does it taste?
Erina: ...I'll give it
Erina: Just one bite.
Erina: I...If you want it to be judged
Erina: Then hand over that bowl now!

Souma: It's done!
Erina: ...
Erina: ...!
Erina: ...!?

p11 //I absolutely love Erina's expressions. Nuf said.
Erina(thinks): Huh!
Erina(thinks): Wh...What have I done,
Erina(thinks): If forgot to judge it and just tasted it...
Erina(thinks): What was that texture just now!?
Erina: Eh...
Souma: You'll give it a second bite?
Souma: I think you said you'll give it just one.

p12 //this and the next page were a pain in the ass to TL...
Erina: Do you have any complaints!?
Souma: I was kidding, take your time eating.
SFX: soft //fluffy
SFX: jiggle //shake
Erina(thinks): This texture!
Erina: ...
Erina: "Jellied Meat broth"...Right?
Souma: Correct! Those square things
Souma: Are chicken wing jellied meat broth!
Souma: "Jellied Meat broth" is
Souma: Meat or fish's broth with lots of gelatinous parts cooled down and frozen when in a jelly state.
Souma: You boil the chicken wings with bonito stock, sake, and light soy sauce and then you extract the chicken wings' gelatinous part and good taste.
Pot's sd: Chicken Wings
Other sd: Cool it down!
Souma: You let the broth cool down and when it hardens you cut it finely.

Erina(thinks): ...I see!
Erina(thinks): He was making jellied meat broth in that big pot...
Souma: If you sprinkle it over the hot rice
Souma: The molten chicken wing broth will "jiggly" twine around the minced eggs!
Erina(thinks): ...Indeed,
Erina(thinks): If I had to say this jellied meat broth
Erina(thinks): Is a concentrated soup where the chicken's deliciousness blends!!
Erina(thinks): The thick broth's body and saltiness
Erina(thinks): Brings out the soft minced eggs sweetness,
Erina(thinks): With every bite the softness and the syrupiness rub inside my mouth.
Erina(thinks): The molten jellied meat broth springs up the eggs' tastiness exceptionally...!
Erina(thinks): This...

Erina(thinks): Isn't like any of the dishes I've ever eaten.
Erina(thinks): A world of tastes not even I knew---!
Souma: How is it! Aren't you glad you didn't leave before eating it?
Erina: Si...Silence! I'm still judging...!
Souma: Even this commonplace menu
Souma: Transforms into a gem with creative originality!
Souma: This is
Souma: Yukihira's Cooking!

Erina(thinks): The highest authority on food, Tootsuki Academy...
Erina(thinks): The sanctuary of the first-class chefs.
Erina(thinks): I, who lives in the heaven of gourmet food,
Erina(thinks): Can't accept it!
Erina(thinks): The food that this PLEBIAN REPRESENTATIVE-like
Erina(thinks): Man made...
Erina(thinks): I can't
Erina(thinks): Accept...
SFX: Munch
SFX: Munch
Erina: Kuh
Erina(thinks): This taste is as if...

p16 //there was a scene like this on the oneshot XD
Erina(thinks): I was being caressed
Erina(thinks): By angels' wings...
Erina(thinks): !?
Erina: Eek!
Erina: Go over theeeeeere!!
Erina: Don't come! Don't come here!

Erina: Ah...
Erina: Hey!
Erina(thinks): Even though I don't want to accept it...
Erina(thinks): My tongue is,
Erina(thinks): My body is
Erina(thinks): Reacting!

Erina(thinks): ~~~~~~!!
Souma: It's true that ours is a small special-of-the-day shop
Souma: And yours probably really are part of the highest grade.
Souma: However---

Souma: If you just recline on the seat of honor
Souma: There probably are things you can't make...!
Girl: Erina-sama...
Souma: Now, how was it?
Souma: Yukihira Style's Furikake Gohan,
Souma: Was it good,
Souma: Was it bad,
Souma: Tell me!

Yoshi: Hello!
Yoshi: Hello, can you hear me!? Mama~~~!
Yoshi: That Nakiri Erina was the examiner~~~!!
Yoshi's sd: Eh
Yoshi's sd: Eh
Yoshi: My luck was too bad! It was impossible~~~
Yoshi's sd: Uh
Yoshi's sd: Auh
Yoshi: I'm going home now!!
Yoshi: Yo...You are!
Yoshi: It can't be...
Yoshi: You passed Nakiri Erina's---

Souma: It seems...
Souma: It was NO GOOD...
Yoshi: Huuuuh!?
Souma: Was it good,
Souma: Was it bad,
Souma: Tell me!
Erina: ...I-

Erina: It was bad!
Souma(thinks): Huuuuuh!?
Erina(thinks): What's with him!
Erina(thinks): What's with him!!
Erina(thinks): What's with him!!!
Erina: He started acting almighty...
Erina: Towards this Nakiri Erina!
Erina(thinks): I can't forgive him!
Erina: ...
Erina: ...

Erina(thinks): Yukihira Souma...People like you
Erina(thinks): Aren't needed in Tootsuki Academy!!
Erina: Hello, it's Erina.
Erina: With grandfather---
Erina: Connect me with the Academy's director. //Principal or whatever you want to call it
Erina: The number of passing applicants
Erina: Of today's entrance examination was
Erina: Zero.
Star: Dumbfounded.
Shokugeki no Souma
(cutlery) 3/End
Next issue, In the entrance ceremony of Tootsuki Academy, the place where the people who aim for the top of the world of food gather, an angry storm...!?

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