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Shokugeki no Souma Omake 3

Volume 3 Extras

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 26, 2013 04:34 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA Volume 3 Extras

//Back Cover Front
Gin: Hm,
Gin: Did I disappoint you?

//Back Cover Back
Gin: Well, take measures with my body this time.

//Chapter 15.1 (page 26)
Takumi: Alright...I'm stepping on his foot...I'm stepping on it...!

//Chapter 16.1 (page 46)
"Ristorante" ... Restaurant
"Trattoria" ... Diner
"Osteria" ... Tavern
"Bar" ... Bar
Takumi: Italy has this varieties of places to eat,
Takumi: This is only a rough clasification, but you should take a look at it.

//First Recipe (page 66)
Volume 3 Special Appendix!
Practical Recipe #1
Chicken Leg Meat Grilled with Spices ~Garnished with Green Sauce~
Takumi: A practical version using Chicken Leg Meat!
Illustration: Tsukuda Yuuto

Ingredients(for two people)
//first column
-Chicken Leg Meat ... 1 piece
-Sesame oil ... half a tablespoon

-Sake ... 4 tablespoons
-Mirin ... 1 tablespoon
-Salt ... 1 teaspoon

//second column
-Perilla ... 8 leaves
-Green Sping Onion ... 10g
-Yuzukoshou ... a quarter of a teaspoon //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuzukosh%C5%8D
-Toasted Sesame Seeds ... 15g
-Salted Fish Entrails ... 1 tablespoon

-Soy Sauce ... a suitable amount
-Shiraga Negi ... a suitable amount //this is spring onion cut into thin strips

Remove the tendons of the chicken leg meat and stick a fork into various parts of the skin side.
Fork: *psk psk*

Bag: *knead*
Put [A] and the chicken leg meat of (1) in a polyethylene bag and knead it firmly, let it rest inside the refrigerator for more than an hour.

Heat sesame oil on a frying pan and fry the chicken leg meat from its skin side.
Once it's browned, flip it over and fry it for 3 minutes, spread parchment paper on a baking sheet a put the meat with the skin side up on it, cook it inside an oven that was preheated to 220°C for 20 minutes.

Making the Japanese-style Salsa Verde:
Put [ b ] in a food processor and mix it, adjust the flavor with soy sauce.

Cut (3) in slices, put plenty Shiraga Negi on them, garnish the dish with the Japanese-style salsa verde and it's complete!

//Second Recipe (page 86)
Volume 3 Special Appendix!
Practical Recipe #2
Yukihira Style Okakiage ~Garnished with a Fluffy Leaf Bud Sauce~
Hinako: This dish has a crispy consistency that I can't resist.
Illustration: Tsukuda Yuuto

Ingredients(for 4 people)
//first column
-Gadid ... 2 fillets
-Shrimp ... 8
-Squid ... 200g
-Scallop Abductor Muscle ... 6 pieces

-Kaki no Tane ... 100g //after my trip to Japan I found out that this are made out of flour rather than being actual persimmon seeds
-Wheat Flour, Salt ... a suitable amount
-Egg ... 1

//second column
-Salad Oil ... 2 tablespoons
-Leaf bud ... a suitable amount

-Perilla, Lemon ... a suitable amount

Cut the tip of the shrimps' tails off and remove the moisture from them, make a cut on their backs and remove the sand vein.
Make cuts on the shrimps' stomach, pin the shrimps back down and stretch them, this way they won't bend backwards.
Cut the squid with a grid pattern and bite-sized.
Cut the scallop abductor muscles in 2 equally thick parts and the Gadid in halves.
Cut the leaf buds finely.
Handwritten text:
Shrimp's sd: After removing the sand vein from the shrimp, make cuts on the spaces in between the stomach-side abdominal segments
Asterisk: The depth should be about 1/3 of the shrimp's size
Text after the arrow: Pin the shrimp from it's back-side down and stretch it

Beat the kaki no tane in a food processor until they're smashed into small pieces.
Sepparate the egg's yolk and white.

Coat the shrimp, squid, scallop abductor muscle, and gadid with low viscosity wheat flour, scrambled egg white, and kaki no tane in that order and deep-fry them in oil at 170°C for 3 minutes.

Making the sauce:
Put egg yolk and salt in a bowl and mix them, continue mixing them while gradually adding salad oil.
Put the leaf buds from (1) in and adjust the flavor using salt.

Arrange (3) on a dish with perilla spread out on it, garnish it with the sauce from (4) and comb-shape cut lemon and it's complete!

//Chapter 19.1 (page 106)
Yuuki's sd: Huff huff
Music note: Tara tara tatataaaa
Box: Yuuki has leveled up! v

//Chapter 21.1 Takumi Special (page 194-197)
Bangaihen: Cuoco in Italia //Cook in Italy
Girl: Takumi...U-Umm, would you...
Girl: Go on a date with me?
Woman: You look cute again today, Takumi...
Woman: Let's go have some fun.
Man: Takumi...
Man: Don't you want to know...Some really pleasant things?

Takumi: Si, grazie... //the Japanese only says "Thanks", but the Italian here kinda makes little sense, if he said that they would've taken him with them xD
Takumi: The feeling makes me happy.
Takumi: But I...Have a job I must do.
Takumi: Thanks for waiting,
Takumi: Buon Appetito!
Man: Takumi sure has improved his skills...
Man: Isami is also here.
Man: I guess Aldini should be safe for a while...Right, Chef?

Dad: You're right...As their dad
Dad: I think both are extraordinary cuochi.
Dad: But, Takumi---
Dad: Somewhere in his heart, he's lost interest.
Dad: He'll surely surpass me in a few years.
Dad: And now that he's unable to find a new objective after surpassing me
Dad: Takumi needs
Dad: A rival to compete with---

Isami: Pufufu, he said we're sacrificial stones!
Isami: This is an amazing school, Nii-chan.
Takumi: You're right...Isami.
Takumi(thinks): There's no way I'll lose against a cook my age
Takumi(thinks): Because I've already battled at the frontlines of the cooking business.
Takumi(thinks): I am
Takumi(thinks): A "Pro" cook---
Voice: Eeh, to finish,
Voice: We'll introduce the student who was admitted to the high school section.

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