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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 49

Wolf Pack

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 24, 2013 20:36 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 49

Souma: Now's a good time...!
Text: JC Volume 5 will be on sale on December 4th!!
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Akira(thinks): Wha...?
Akira(thinks): What's this aroma...!?
Cutlery: Just what's inside the pot...!?
Guy: Hm...?
Guy: Hey, look, that pot!

Voice: It's rice...
Voice: That he's boiling rice
Voice: Together with vegetables and spices means...
Cutlery: We now have an official twitter => @syokugeki_off
(cutlery) 49 Wolf Pack
Voice: Risotto!
Cutlery: A first-rate aroma rises---!!
Voice: The transfer student is making curry..."Risotto"!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma: Oh...Hayama!
Souma: So this was your table-
Akira: ...Your pot---
Souma: ?
Akira: You added a paste made of apples, bananas, and carrots,
Akira: By doing that the dish gets viscosity and you can finish it like a risotto...
Souma: Oh...I wouldn't expect less, you're correct!
Souma: You have a good nose.
Akira(thinks): No...He's still hiding something.
Akira(thinks): Even though he isn't using...Any special spice to add the aroma,
Akira(thinks): What is it!? What's the identity of this complicated aroma...!?
Souma: Well, truth to be told, I was thinking about this until this morning,
Souma: I concentrated so much on scenting out the smell that I fell asleep a bit. (cd: That was close)
Akira: ...
Akira(thinks): Just how gutsy are you...?

Souma: Well...Just look,
Souma: I've just begun cooking!
Box: B Block Hall
Asterisk: Elite Ten 7th Seat Isshiki Satoshi
Orie: Hey, hey...Isshiki-kun,
Orie: When are you going to come work for our company?

Head Judge for the Preliminaries' B Block
Haubii Foodstuff COO
Sendawara Orie
(Natsume's younger twin sister)
Orie: Hurry up
Orie: And become one of my possessions, ok...?
Satoshi: Fufu...I'm still a student so...
Orie: It's ok, even if you drop out from school right now, I'll support you for the rest of your life.
Orie: Hey...
Orie: Hurry...
Orie: You meanie...
Sign: Judge Seats
Satoshi: Well, today we'd like you to enjoy our cute first year students' dishes.
Orie: Eeeeeh...It looks like there's a lot of boring kids there.
Orie: Look, for example---
Orie: That girl.

Megumi: It's ok...
Megumi: I practiced a lot while I was back home.
Megumi: If I just do it like that-
Megumi: Aaaaaaaah!
Guy: Tch, what's she doing?
Guy: She's so dumb...
Orie: Oh...These two, their family name is the same,
Orie: Are they also twins?
Voice: The fond is made from beef shank and chicken bones!
Voice: It seems he roasted them carefully in the oven before decocting.
Voice: Yeah! Thanks to that, the taste gets an exquisite deepness!

Voice: Oh...That is---
Voice: Pasta! It's pasta dough!
Voice: Doesn't it look a bit yellowish?
Voice: Maybe he knead it with turmeric or something like that.

Voice: Wha...!!? He cut the pasta
Voice: In a second using a mezzaluna!?
Voice: Wait, isn't that a knife designed to do fine chops!?
Voice: To think he cut the pasta that uniformly...That's some amazing technique!!
Voice: Curry and "Pasta", huh!
Voice: As expected from an Italian cook!
Voice: How's the little brother doing?
Voice: ?
Voice: He's filling the pot's bottom with tomatoes...?
Voice: Huh? What's that for?

Satoshi: I see...
Satoshi: So that's what it was---!
Orie: Tomatoes are an indispensable vegetable for Italian cuisine...
Orie: It seems he's fully aware of its special traits.
Voice: Oh...? The younger brother brought out some kind of dough too.
Voice: This doesn't look like pasta.
Voice: Just what kind of dough is it...?
Takumi: Listen well...Come at me seriously trying to defeat me, Isami!
Isami: Ok, I'll do my best.
Isami: Just don't cry if I win, ok?
Isami: Nii-chan, you always cry when you lose at games and such---
Takumi: Th-!! That was when I was in primary school!

Yuuki(thinks): Alright! Here I go!!
SFX: *click*
Orie: Mm...!
Orie(thinks): This peculiar smell that seems to coil around me...!

Orie(thinks): She fried the spices
Orie(thinks): With "Duck Fat"...!
Voice: That pot's amazing...!
Voice: The fond, the fat...Even the other ingredients, it's all duck...!!
Voice: Ju...Just how will that taste...?
Orie: ...Interesting,
Orie: So it's a "Gibier Curry"...?

Guys: Good going, Yoshinooo!
Flag: Polar Star
Voice: Look at those two...
Voice: They're totally different to everyone else!!
Voice: Nakiri Alice...
Voice: She's mashing potatoes and straining them,
Voice: Now she's kneading coriander...And making a pie dough.
Voice: No...What bothers me the most is-

Voice: A rapid refrigerator and a centrifugal machine...It's a parade of new machines!
Voice: I can't even imagine what kind of dish she will cook!!
Voice: On that, Erina-sama's secretary is quite good too...!
Man: The first thing you'd normally think when making curry is to "fry the spices in oil"...
Man: Theory says that heat and Oil volatize the essential oil components and bring out the aroma...
Man: But she,
Man: Just when we thought she was mixing many varieties of spices---

SFX: *swish*
Man: She put it into water!?
Man: How interesting...
Man: Yes...! Just what is her aim...?
Alice: How unusual,
Alice: To think you would use your signature technique---
Alice: I see that being in the same block as me made you become serious,
Alice: That makes me happy (music note)
Girl: I just thought I couldn't hold back on this stage
Girl: Since Erina-sama is part of the administration as a member of the Elite Ten.
Nao: ...Hihihi.

Nao: Your time trying to appear smart will be over soon...!
Voice: That's Sadatsuka Nao!
Voice: She's boiling...
Voice: Roux, it's so black!!
Voice: You know...Watching her cook...
Voice: More than cooking
Voice: It feels like I'm watching "black magic" or "sorcery" being done.
Nao: Hihihihihihi
Voice: She's laughing...
Voice: She didn't put anything weird in, right...?
Voice: Wooooooh
Both: !!
Text: A famous Chinese Restaurant that has been open for 50 years in Yokohama's Chinatown,
Text: The woman that inherited that tradition is---

Text: Houjou Miyoko!
Boy's sd: Woooooh

Urara: Huh...! I can feel it...
Urara: Someone is being fussed over by men...!!
Box: Kawashima Urara in standby.
Thought: The pot used for Chinese cuisine
Thought: Is a wok made of metal!
Thought: Fundamentally, it's the only one used for it.
Thought: Because of its simplicity
Thought: And how much you can move it at your will---
Thought: The arm strength
Thought: And the physique of the user
Thought: Change greatly
Thought: How the food is cooked!!

Voice: Uwooooh! I can't believe it!!
Voice: She's shaking that big ass pot like it was nothing!!
Man: Additionally, many of the spices used for Chinese cuisine are also used for curry.
Man: Yes...I can't wait to see how she will finish this.
Orie: I've decided,
Orie: Give me every kid that was mentioned just now.
Thought: "Give me" she says...!!
Thought: She's saying some dreadful things so nonchalantly!
Orie: Ah, but I don't need that downcast girl.
Orie: She lacks beauty and I think she shows no promise.
Satoshi: Fufu...
Satoshi: I wonder about that---

Cutlery: They bring out their best game and clash with each other...!! Next issue, we have a poster and center color pages!!
Miyoko: Tadokoro Megumi...
Miyoko: I'm interested in you...
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 49/End
Next issue, the campaign to commemorate the release of a new volume begins!! Yuuki Mio-san has something for Tadokoro-chan!? //Yuuki Mio is an actress (a real one XD)

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