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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 49

49: A Pack of Wolves

+ posted by Sai as translation on Nov 23, 2013 20:42 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 49

Page 01
Souma: Now’s the time…!
Hayama: Huh…?
Hayama: What!? This smell is…!
Side Text: What in the world could be in the pot…!?
Audience: Hmm…?
Audience: Hey, check out that pot!

Page 02
Audience: It’s rice…
Audience: with vegetables and spices.
49: A Pack of Wolves
Audience: cooking all of that together… this must be
Audience: Risotto!
Audience: What that transfer student’s making is curry… risotto?!
BG Text: An amazing smell envelopes them!!

Page 03
Souma: Oh… Hayama!
Souma: So your station was over here…
Hayama: …Your pot...
Souma: ?
Hayama: You made a paste by combining apples, bananas and carrots.
Hayama: Using that, you were able to thicken your dish and create something like a risotto…
Souma: Whoa… you’re really good. That’s right!
Souma: You really do have a good nose.
Hayama: No, wait… there’s still something hiding within.
Hayama: The scent of the spices… Even though there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly unusual that was used...
Hayama: What is this!? What is the true form behind this complex scent…!
Souma: You know… truth is, I was experimenting well into the morning!
Souma: So while I was focusing so much on the smell, I kinda fell asleep. (It was a surprise.)
Hayama: What guts he must have…

Page 04
Souma: Well… Just wait and see.
Souma: My style of cooking hasn’t even started yet!
Box: B Block Venue
Note: Elite 10 – 7th Seat - Isshiki Satoshi
Someone: Hey… Isshiki-kun.
Someone: When are you going to come to our company?

Page 05
Orie: Won’t you hurry up
Orie: and become my PLAYTHING…?

B Block Prelim Head Judge
Haubii Corporation COO
Sendawara Orie
(Natsume’s younger twin sister)

Isshiki: Fufu…But you see, I’m still just a student, so...
Orie: That’s fine. Just drop out of school and I’ll support you for the rest of your life.
Orie: Hey~…
Orie: Hurry up~…
Orie: Meanie~…
Isshiki: Well, for now, let’s just wait to taste the cooking of all these cute little first years.
Orie: Ehhhhh… But they all look so dull.
Orie: Especially… over there—
Orie: that one.

Page 06
Tadokoro: It’s okay…
Tadokoro: I’ve practiced this countless times back home.
Tadokoro: As long as I do it the same way...
Tadokoro: Ah!
Audience: Geez, what the hell is she doing?
Audience: Man, she’s a dunce...
Orie: Oh, look… these two have the same family name.
Orie: Could they be twins, too?
Audience: The fond is being made with beef shank and chicken bones!
(TN: “Fond” is the French term for soup stock or the foundation of a sauce. In this instance, the beef shank refers only to the actual bone and not the cut of meat.)
Audience: Before he began to boil them, it looks like he slowly roasted them in the oven.
(TN: The exact verb used here means to extract the flavor by boiling. This is commonly done in order to make homemade soup stocks and broths.)
Audience: Wow! With that, he’s able to bring out an exquisite depth of flavor!

Page 07
Audience: Oh… That...
Audience: It’s pasta! That’s pasta dough!
Audience: Isn’t it kinda yellowish?
Audience: He must’ve kneaded in some turmeric in..
(TN: Turmeric is a main ingredient in most curry powders, and is often what gives curry that distinctive yellow color.)

Page 08
Audience: Whoa…! With the mezzaluna,
Audience: He sliced up all the pasta in an instant?!
Audience: Wait, isn’t that kind of knife meant for mincing ingredients!?
Audience: To be able to slice pasta into such uniform strands… That takes an amazing level of skill!!
Audience: I can’t believe he’s putting curry into pasta!
Audience: As expected from an Italian chef!
Audience: How’s his little brother doing?
Audience: ?
Audience: He’s laying a full bed of tomatoes in that pot…?
Audience: Huh? What is he doing?

Page 09
Isshiki: Oh, I see now…
Isshiki: That’s what he’s doing!
Orie: Tomatoes are a crucial vegetable in Italian cuisine…
Orie: It seems like he knows all about that
Orie: Oh…? It looks like the little brother has brought out some dough, too.
Orie: But it doesn’t look like he’s making pasta.
Orie: What kind of dough is that…?
Takumi: Listen up… you better be giving it your all to try and defeat me, Isami!
Isami: Yeah, I’ve giving it my all.
Isami: Though you better not cry when I beat you.
Isami: Every time you lose a game, you always start crying.
Takumi: Tha… That was only when we were back in grade school!

Page 10
Yoshino: All right! Let’s do this!!
Orie: Ngh…!
Orie: This peculiar scent coils around me…!

Page 11
Orie: She’s sautéing the spices
Orie: in “duck fat”…!
Audience: Amazing! Adding to that pot…
Audience: The fat from the fond… She’s even adding all of the duck from the pan..!!
Audience: Wha… What kind of flavor will develop….?
Orie: …Interesting.
Orie: Is she making a [Gibier Curry]…?
(TN: “Gibier” is French for wild game animal.)

Page 12
Audience: Good job, Yoshino!
Audience: They’re completely different from everyone else around them!!
Audience: Nakiri Alice…
Audience: She smashed the potatoes through a strainer
Audience: and now she’s kneading coriander into a pie dough she’s making.
Audience: No… Much more interesting than that is

Page 13:
Audience: Her blast chiller and centrifuge… She’s showing off all of her brand new, cutting edge equipment!
(TN: The term for the blast chiller was “rapid freezer”… I think they’re referring to a blast chiller.)
Audience: I can’t even imagine what kind of cooking she’s going to perform!!
(TN: Given her equipment, it’s safe to say that Alice is probably a molecular gastronomist—meaning she uses technology and chemicals to create interesting combinations and textures that you can’t achieve through normal cooking methods.)
Audience: On that note, Erina-sama’s personal assistant is also quite amazing…!
Judge: When making curry, the first thought that crosses your mind must be, “Sauté the spices in oil”…
Judge: In theory, using the oil and heat, you volatilize the essential oil constituents, and allow for the fragrance to rise.
Judge: However, this girl...
Judge: I believe she has mixed together a variety of spices.

Page 14
Judges: She’s pouring it into the water!?
Judge: I’m intensely interested now…
Judge: Ehh…! What in the world is she aiming for…
Alice: That’s nothing special.
Alice: Your special technique is so last week.
Alice: Since you’re in the same block as me, you’re taking this seriously, huh?
Alice: I’m happy
Nao: Since Erina-sama, as part of the Elite 10, is committed to the operation of this stage,
Nao: All I can think about is making sure I don’t neglect any crucial steps.
Girl: …Heeheehee.

Page 15
Nao: As pretentious as always…!
Audience: It’s Sadatsuka Nao!
Audience: She’s stewing…
Audience: a Black roux!!
(TN: A roux is made by combining flour and a fat such as butter or oil and is used as thickening agent for many different types of sauces)
Audience: Is this still….considered cooking……..
Audience: or is it Black Magic
Audience: Looking at her, it does looks kinda similar to sorcery
Nao: HeeHeeHeeHeeHee
Audience: She’s laughing…
Audience: She must’ve added something weird, right…
Scream: Uohhhhhhhh
Audience: !!
Announcer: Hailing from a famous Chinese restaurant that has been around for 50 years in the Yokohama Chinatown district
Announcer: The woman who is the heiress to that tradition

Page 16
Announcer: Houjou Miyoko!

Page 17
Urara: Hah…! Who the hell…
Urara: Who the hell are all the boys fawning over now…!!
Box: Kawashima Urara standing by
Judge: The pan used for Chinese cooking is…
Judge: A metal Wok!
(TN: I didn’t know this originally, but the Japanese call a Wok, Chuuka Nabe…meaning Chinese Pot/Pan….)
Judge: The single most fundamental thing about Chinese cooking is that
Judge: It seems simple for sure
Judge: However, to be able to freely manipulate that kind of pan, you need a…
(TN: The actual very is to swing or shake. However, it sounded weird to me in English)
Judge: Strong Arm
Judge: And Stature
Judge: That is what greatly separates
Judge: those of this cuisine!!

Page 18
Audience: Woah! I don’t believe what I’m seeing!!
Audience: She’s able to control that gargantuan pan with such composure!!
Judge: Moreover, many of the spices used in Chinese cuisine are shared with Curry Cuisine
Judge: I look forward to seeing what she finishes up for us
Orie: I’m decided
Orie: Please give me all the kids that they’re all talking about
Judge: She said “Give Me”…!!
Judge: She said something that amazing so easily!
Orie: Oh, but, I don’t want that girl with the braids
Orie: She doesn’t seem all that and doesn’t look to have much promise
Isshiki: Fufu…
Isshiki: I wonder about that

Page 19
BG Text: Bring out everything you have and collide…!! Next time, A Poster and a Center Colored Page!!
Yuuki: Tadokoro Megumi…
Yuuki: I have an interest in you…
End Text: Next Time, To commemorate the release of a new volume, a color page!! What does Yuuki Mio-san have for Tadokoro-chan!?

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