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Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 2

Straighten Up!


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Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 2

Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
STEP 2 Straighten Up!
Yokota Takuma

Masumi: Now,
Masumi: Come inside.
Masumi: Leave your things in some corner.
Masumi: Come to think of it, Rio, where are the second years?
Rio: Yamaki-kun and Akiko-chan are taking supplementary lessons this week so they can't do club activities.
Rio: Didn't they mention it was because they barely made it to their second year?
Masumi: Aaaaaah, you're right! Jeez, just when we have some long-awaited new students.
Eri's sd: The walls are mirrors
Rio: They have mirror film applied on

Masaharu(thinks): Ugh...They're welcoming me so much I feel like running away...
Masaharu(thinks): I can't dance at all...!
Masaharu(thinks): Maybe this is punishment for coming for the trial run with such wicked thoughts...
Rio: Well then, take your indoor shoes off---
Rio: I think these are your size,
Rio: But tell me if they don't fit you, we have lots of them!
Both: !
Masaharu: Aaaaaah, I'm fine not dancing today, I mean,
Masaharu: I might be feeling a bit bad today or not.
Masaharu: Like, I'm fine just watching...
Masaharu: You can just think of me as part of the background.

Masumi: Why are you saying such half-hearted words
Masumi: My little new student!?
Masumi: I won't let you come for a trial run with us and go back without dancing!!
Masumi: Come on! Change your shoes, take off your jacket, now, now, now!!!
Rio: Did you bring your gym clothes?
Eri: Ah,
Eri: Not today...
Rio: Then, just take your jacket off.
Rio?: Well then---For starters, let's introduce ourselves.
Eri's sd: It's my first time using high heels...
Rio?: First, our two new students,
Rio?: Could you tell us your names?

Masaharu: Ah...Ermm, I'm in class 1-6,
Masaharu: I'm...Tsuchiya Masaharu.
Eri: Ah, I'm in class 1-4,
Eri: I'm
Eri: Watari Eri.
Eri: Nice to meet you.
Masaharu(thinks): Ugh...What should I do? Now I'm all ready to dance...
Masaharu(thinks): And of all days I had to wear this weird shirt today...I...It's so embarrassing...!
Eri: Hey,
Eri: Your shirt...It's cute.
Eri: Ehehehe
Masaharu: Eh?
Masaharu: Y...You think so?
Masaharu(thinks): It's ok then!
Masumi: Hmmmm, Tsucchi and Watari-chan, huh.
Masumi: Ok, I've learned your names now!

Masumi: Now, we'll introduce ourselves.
Masumi: I'm the club president, Doigaki Masumi,
Masumi: I'm a third year, nice too meet you <3
Rio: I'm also in third year and I'm the vice-president,
Rio: My name's Ayatsuji Rio, call me Rio!
Rio: We have two second years, a boy and a girl.
Rio: The club was created two years ago so that's all our members.
Masaharu's sd: Ah, those people...
Bubble: Vague memory
Masumi: Well, I want to begin with the trial run for the dancesport club activities!
Masumi: But before that, here's a question,
Masumi: Have any of you two danced before?

Masaharu: No, not at all!!
Masaharu: Not even once!!
Masaharu: Never!!
Eri: Ah,
Eri: Me neither...
Eri: Is that...bad?
Masumi: It's perfectly fine, Watari-chan.
Masumi: On the contrary, it makes me happy to see you're interested in dancing despite not having any experience with it!
Masumi: Ok guys,
Masumi: We'll begin our lesson from the very, very basics!
Masumi: For the time being, what I want you to learn today is
Masumi: "How to stand"!
Masumi: From what I've seen, both of you have a hardcore case of bent backs.
Masumi: Like I said before, the "posture" is really important for dancing.
Masumi: Ok, straighten up those backs!!
Both: !!

Masumi: You're looking goooood.
Masumi: Can you look at the mirror at your left like that?
Masumi: You definitely straightened your back right now,
Masumi: But this isn't "the correct way of standing for dancing".
Masumi: Listen well.
Masumi: Don't bend your back backwards!
Masaharu: Pyoh!
Masumi: Your body's axis must be perpendicular to the ground!
Masumi: Don't stiffen your shoulders!
Masumi: Let them down, relax!!
Masumi: Raise your diaphragm,
Masumi: Retract your belly!!

Masumi: There, you're done!
Masumi: This is how you stand when dancing!
Masaharu: This is...
Eri: Dancing's...
Masaharu: Umm, but...I feel like it's going to go back as soon as I lose focus...
Masumi: That's only natural, you don't stand like this all the time.
Masumi: You need to get used to it!

Rio: Well then, stay like that while you answer this second question!
Rio: Do you know what kind of thing dancesport is?
Masaharu: E-Ermmm...
Masaharu: A boy and a girl dance together...
Eri: Something like...
Eri: Ballroom dancing...
Rio: Ok, that's half correct!
Rio: Ballroom dancing is when men and women pair up and enjoy dancing!
Rio: Dancesport is making that ballroom dancing into a sport!
Masaharu: S-
Eri: Sports!
Rio: Since it's a sport it has rules,
Rio: Winners and losers...!
Rio: Since you compete with the other couples on an artistic sense,
Rio: The "posture" is one of dance's most basic parts and one of the things that affects the results of the competition directly!

Rio: And the other important part
Rio: Is that it's done in pairs of one man and one woman!
Rio: Some sports have irregular rules when they're played with both men and women,
Rio: But there's no other sport which is based on teams of one man and one woman!
Rio: The man is the "leader",
Rio: The woman is the "partner".
Rio: Just like the words imply,
Masumi?: In dancing the boy's role is to lead the girl
Masumi?: Tsucchi, you better remember that!
Masumi: Girls will only follow the lead
Masumi: Of smart boys with straightened up backs!

Masaharu(thinks): The man...
Masaharu(thinks): Leads...
Masumi: Well-now-
Masumi: Then!!
Masumi: Let's dance to some music!!
Masumi: Rio! Give me some music!
Masaharu: Eeh!!?
Masaharu: Eh, w-we're dancing all of a sudden!?
Masaharu: I mean, w...we haven't learned the steps...
Masumi: Oh, you want to do some steps before learning anything?
Masumi: You're a beginner so don't sweat the small things.
Rio: Then, let's begin with Watari-chan.
Rio: Let's try it.
Eri: Ah
Eri: Eh
Eri: Eh

Rio: It's ok, leave it to me.
Rio: Just try doing it,
Rio: Begin moving your right leg.
Eri: Ermm
Eri: Right…
Rio: 1, 2, 3!
Rio: Listen well to the music!
Masaharu: Oh...
Masaharu: They're dancing! (cd: ...Or so it seems!)
Masumi: The important thing is to move to the music's rhythm!

Rio: Slow,
Rio: Slow,
Rio: Quick, quick!
Eri: Slow...?
Eri: Slow...
Eri: Quick, quick...
Rio: Ok, Watari-chan, try minding your posture every now and then!
Eri: Ah!
Eri: Yes!
Masumi(thinks): He's getting reeled in.
Masumi's sd: Fufufu
Masumi: Well then, Tsucchi...
Masumi: Switch!
Masaharu: Dweeeh!?
Rio: Come here!

Rio: Let's begin with the hold!
Rio: Tsuchiya-kun, you're a boy so use your left hand to take your partner's---
Rio: Right hand!
Masaharu: Eh!!?
Rio: Your right hand goes down your partner's---
Rio: Shoulder blade!
Masaharu: Eeeh!!?
Rio: You put both of your right sides slightly together.
Masaharu: Dweeeeh!!?
Rio: Ok!
Rio: 1, 2, 3!

Rio: Ah,
Rio: Sorry.
Masaharu(thinks): H...
Masaharu(thinks): Hweeeeeeh!!!
Rio: Sorry, Tsuchiya-kun.
Rio: I got a bit too enthusiastic...!
Masaharu: N...
Masaharu: No...Emm...
Masaharu: Umm...
Masaharu: Sorry...
Eri's sd: Are you ok?
Masumi: Watari-chan, you should leave him alone at times like this.

Masumi: Well then,
Masumi: Let's end things here for the day.
Masumi: Good work on your trial run <3
Masaharu's sd: Thank you very much
Masumi: You should try minding your posture for your daily lives too.
Masumi: If you correct your bent backs,
Masumi: It'd be good for both beauty and health purposes <3
Masaharu: Haaaah
Masaharu(thinks): I'm pretty tired now...
Masumi: Tsucchi!
Masumi: Sorry for forcing you to do this.
Masumi: How was it?
Masaharu: Eh...
Masaharu: Ah.

Masaharu: I...
Masaharu: It was fun...!
Masumi: I see!
Rio: Come again if you feel like it!

Masaharu: Haaaaah, that was...
Masaharu: Kinda amazing...
Eri: Yeah,
Eri: Right?
Masaharu: Hmm?
Masaharu: You're tall...
Masaharu: Ah, I see.
Masaharu: You're doing the posture thing. (cd: No delay there.)
Eri: Ah,
Eri: Yes.
Masaharu's sd: Me too...

Masaharu: .........
Masaharu(thinks): Ermmm...
Masaharu(thinks): Watari-san, you also come to school by train!? We're the same!
Masaharu(thinks): Watari-san, you're is in class four, aren't you? That's a science class! You must be smart!
Masaharu(thinks): What middle school were you in!? I was in North Middle!
Masaharu(thinks): I need to find a topic to chat with her...!!
SFX: *step*
SFX: *step step*
Masaharu: Ah...It's the dance from just now?
Masaharu: Wow! You remember it?
Eri: Yes.
Eri: But only...Because it was a simple and easy to learn one...
Eri: Right leg,
Eri: left leg
Eri: Turn around, and put the legs together.

Masaharu: In my case it'd be, ermmm...
Masaharu: Left leg,
Masaharu: Right leg,
Masaharu: And together...huh.
Masaharu: Slow,
Masaharu: Slow...
Masaharu: Quick, quick...
Masaharu: It's difficult to do it while sitting!
Masaharu's sd: Hahaha
Eri: Isn't it?
Announcement: The next station is Chuuou Kouen-mae--- //In front of the central park
Masaharu's sd: I get down here...
Both: Ah
Eri: I get down here...
Both: Eh?
Announcement: Chuuou Kouen-mae---...
Announcement: Chuuou Kouen-mae---...
Masaharu: Watari-san, you got down at this station too.
Masaharu: I've never seen anyone else in this station.
Masaharu's sd: Hahaha
Eri: Me too.

Masaharu: Watari-san...You were in Northwest Middle?
Eri: Yes.
Masaharu: Just like I thought, I was in the neighboring North Middle...!
Masaharu: This station is just in between North and Northwest Middle.
Both: Slow, slow,
Both: Quick, quick.
Both: Slow, slow,
Both: Quick, quick.
Eri: Tsuchiya-kun...
Eri: Class six...Is the class aiming for public universities...?
Both: Slow, slow,
Both: Quick, quick.
Masaharu: Well yeah, that's it but...I'm pretty dumb.
Masaharu: My middle school friends said they'd go in that class,
Masaharu: So I just went with the flow...
Masaharu: Ah, they went for the trial with me...
Masaharu: But they run away after seeing senpai, they're so heartless-
Masaharu: Slow...
Masaharu: Hmm?
Masaharu: You're moving your right leg?
Masaharu: Hmm! Ah!

Masaharu: Th-That was clo...Sorry.
Masaharu: A...Are you ok!?
Masaharu: Sorry!
Eri: Ah
Eri: I'm fine...Thanks.
Eri: This time.
Eri: We didn't fell down,
Eri: See?
Masaharu: ?
Masaharu: This time...?
Eri: Umm...
Eri: Today...It was just a trial run but...
Eri: Tsuchiya-kun...
Eri: Want to go to the dance club
Eri: Tomorrow too...?

Masaharu: ...Eh?
Masaharu: Ah...I see...
Masaharu: Well...
Masaharu(thinks): I see, I never thought what I'd do...To be honest, today was a bit fun,
Masaharu(thinks): But it's dancing after all...And part of me is pretty satisfied after that lucky pervert moment today...
Eri: I also...Asked a few of my friends to come but...
Eri: They've all decided on what club they'll join...
Eri: So-
Eri: If Tsuchiya-kun was there
Eri: It'd be reassuring.
Eri: So I was thinking
Eri: It'd be nice if you came tomorrow too...
Masaharu: Ah...
Box: It's not like...

Box: There was any club I wanted to join anyway.
Masaharu: O...
Masaharu: Of course(star)
Box: And more importantly
Eri: I'm home.
Mom: Welcome back, Eri.
Mom: You sure are late.
Eri: I was
Eri: Doing club activities.
Box: A girl is counting on me
Mom: Masaharu, come eat your dinner quick!
Masaharu: Haaaaaaaaa
Box: I have to answer her
Box: Or I'm not a man...!
Masaharu(thinks): ...Hm?
Masaharu(thinks): Wait...Was Watari-san maybe......
Masaharu: Aaaaaaaaaaah, she's the girl I sent flying during the club introductions!!
Masaharu: Why didn't I notice? I'm the worst!!
Mom: Masaharu, dinner!!

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