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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 16

A Fun Dance


-> RTS Page for Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 16

Reserved for Underdog. Don't use without my permission.
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 16

~STEP 16 A Fun Dance~
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
Star: The boys of the club sometimes go eat plenty of meat!! This is the rumored sports-oriented cultural club.
Sign: Yakiniku
Yokota Takuma

Star: Things get noisy after school...
Voice: Where's the blue paint?
Voice: We don't have enough cardboard here---
Girl: Aaah, we're about to run out of packing tape!
Guy: Can anyone go shopping!?
Masaharu: Ah...
Masaharu's sd: If you want...
Masaharu: I'll go...
Girl: Sorry, Tsuchiya-kun, thanks!
Girl: I'd love if you could get some cardboard on your way too!
Masaharu: Eh! Ah! Y...Yeah...!
Fujimoto: If Tsuchiya's going we're going too.

Box: Three weeks before
Box: Shika High's Cultural Festival begins.
Fujimoto: Whoa, things got lively all of a sudden.
Honjou: This is one of the best parts of high school life.
Masaharu: !
Masaharu: Ah.

Eri: Ah.
Masaharu: Watari-san,
Masaharu: Are you going shopping?
Eri: Yes.
Honjou's sd: What's class 4 doing?
Eri's sd: Ah, erm, a haunted house.
Box: Getting to see Watari-san outside of club activities only happened because of the festival.
Box: The cultural festival, huh...!
Box: This really feels like high school life...!
Girl: Akikoooooo.
Girl: Have you seen Yamaki-kun and Tsukahashi-senpai?
Girl: They're both in charge of the props and they went missing...
Akiko: What!?
Akiko: They're skipping out together again!!?

Akiko: Hey guys, why are you disturbing the class' harmony!?
Phone: This is Yamaki. I can't answer right now...
Akiko: Don't you set such a cheeky message!! Come back as soon as you listen to this!!
Guy's sd: She doesn't hold back even against a repeater like Tsukahashi-san...
Guy: Tsubaki's really reliable at these kinds of moments...

Shou: Wow...You really can play anything, Tsukahashi-san.
Shou's sd: You just took a glance at the score, right?
Iichirou: Didn't I tell you...? We're putting our life on the line for our music...
Drummer: There's only one condition for joining our band...
Drummer: Whether you can put your life on the line or not...!
Bassist: On the other hand, as long as they do that
Bassist: Any instrument is welcome in it...!

Voice: Thanks to that we ended with this huge hotchpotch of a band...!
Shou(thinks): Isn't their definition of "putting your life on the line" a bit loose...?
Iichirou: With that said, Yamaki, you better go fill the application for the use of the stage soon.
Iichirou: The deadline is this weekend.
Shou: Ah, sure.
Shou(thinks): And they're diligent too...
Box: The students of all grades,
Box: Cultural and Sports clubs, and the committee members...
Box: All the school is preparing for the cultural festival.

Box: And we,
Box: The members of the Dancesport club too...!

Voice: Akiko
Voice: Yamaki!
Voice: Your sideburns are too long, Yamaki!
Masumi: I thought it might be a good reference so I borrowed this from Michiru-chan-sensei.
Masumi: It's a video of last year's cultural festival performance!
Rio: This sure brings me back, Yamaki-kun's hair was black back then.
Akiko: Uwah, looking back at this, we were pretty bad so it's really embarrassing.
Masumi: In dancesport, other than the choreographies used for competitions,
Masumi: There's choreographies for demonstrations.
Masumi: Compared to competitions where you must dance to some specific music with a certain time and under some rules...

Masumi: A demonstration is a show dance...!
Masumi: You can dance to popular songs and doing cosplay is quite fun too...!
Masumi: In some performances they change from a Standard dance to a Latin dance in the middle.
Masumi: The thing is
Shou: Woooh
Masumi: Everything goes!

Masaharu(thinks): D...Dancing in front of the whole school...Huh...!
Masaharu(thinks): This is really difficult on a different way than competitions...!!
Voice: Hey, who's that crappy dancer?
Voice: They said it's Tsuchiya from 1-6.
Voice: Tsuchiya...Don't worry about it...
Masaharu(thinks): Aaaaah, in a way it's scarier than a competition...!!
Masaharu(thinks): And...Watari-san...
Masumi: First you've got to think together
Masumi: And decide what kind of dance you want to do!
Masumi: Of course, you can ask us about anything and we'll help you with the choreography once you've got an image of what you want to do!
Akiko: Ah, hey, Shou!
Akiko: Where did you go when we were all preparing things!!?
Shou: Aaah, sorry.
Shou: Oh, you're looking at some pretty nostalgic stuff.
Masaharu(thinks): A...Are we going to be alright...?

Rio: Isn't this...A bit too hard for them?
Masumi: Hmmm? What is?
Rio: The demonstration.
Rio: Just having them think up a dance by themselves is tough enough...
Masumi: I never told them they have to figure everything out by themselves.
Rio: You're right, but...
Rio: To begin with, weren't we letting everyone decide whether they wanted to participate or not...?
Rio: At the competition...Watari-chan went through a lot...
Rio: And now she has to dance on such a huge stage just after that...!

Masumi: I considered that for a moment...
Masumi: But...I just don't think those kids...
Masumi: Haven't changed at all after that experience...
Masaharu: But you know...
Masaharu: Senpai's performance from last year was great...!
Masaharu: I thought so too at the club introductions...! But they dance really confidently...!
Masaharu(thinks): I would definitely stiff up from the nerves...
Masaharu: I...
Masaharu(thinks): No, no, no, what am I doing bringing back memories from the competition...!!?
Eri: ? What's wrong?
Masaharu: Ah, no, nothing...
Masaharu: Ah, ah, more importantly!
Masaharu: Watari-san, is there any dance you want to try doing for the festival...!?
Eri: Eh? Ermmm, well...

Masumi: To be honest...
Masumi: I thought Watari-chan would quit the club after that competition.
Masumi: I wouldn't blame her if she did and I was the one who made them participate
Masumi: So if she did quit I would've apologized to her.
Masumi: But...She came the next day
Masumi: And she even learned a new rhythm...
Masumi: That's why I thought she isn't a weak girl.
Eri: Something I'd like to try dancing...Erm...
Eri: I just can't think of one...
Eri: But...
Eri: On the competition a while ago...
Eri: I...Failed pretty badly so...
Masaharu: Eh!

Eri: Ah, it's not like that...!
Eri: Umm, I'm fine...!
Eri: I'm not being pessimistic, really......
Eri: I really...Don't want to fail next time!
Eri: So...I want to have fun...!
Eri: While dancing in front of everyone...
Eri: I think I want... To dance in a way
Eri: That both the people watching and us have fun...!
Masaharu: ......!
Masaharu: ...Yeah...!
Masaharu: ...You're right...!
Eri: Tsuchiya-kun, you did this during the competition, right?
Eri: I'll try doing it too...!
Masaharu: Wah! Smiling, huh! That's nice, I recommend it!

Masaharu: I see, alright...! A fun dance, huh...!
Masaharu: Let's think around those lines...!
Eri?: Ah...But,
Eri?: The rhythms we've learned so far...Don't really feel all that fun...Right...?
Eri: Waltz songs are pretty lonely...
Eri: And Tango...Just doesn't give that feeling...
Masaharu: Ah...You're right, Tango has this
Masaharu: Passionate snappy feeling about it...
Masaharu: Yamaki-senpai and Akiko-senpai's Latin dances look fun but...
Eri: I still...
Eri: Don't feel like we can do that...
Masaharu: A Standard dance with a fun feeling, huuuuh...
Eri: What could we do...?

Both: "Quickstep"...!
Masaharu: It is.
Masaharu: It's pretty nice isn't it...!? How you flap your legs and jump around.
Masaharu: The moves look quick and fun...!
Eri: Right? It looks good...!
Masaharu: But...Isn't it difficult? (cd: Most likely it is)
Masaharu: It comes last when you line up the rhythms after all...
Arrow: Low Difficulty? High
* Waltz
* Tango
* Viennese Waltz
* Slow Foxtrot
[* Quickstep]
Eri: Ah, that might be the level of difficulty...Right?
Box: These two are simple-minded.
Masaharu's sd: Hmmm
Masumi: And...Tsucchi too.
Rio: Tsuchiya-kun?

Masumi: That boy...We could see a side of him normally hidden during the competition.
Masumi: He's always cowering and looks like he's a bit of a coward, but...!
Masaharu: No...! Let's do this...!!
Masaharu: We both thought we want to do this, after tall...!!
Masaharu: Let's take up the challenge...!!
Masaharu: We could manage to learn Waltz in two weeks!
Masaharu: We'll manage!!

Masumi: To think he could blow off his worries and nerves for his partner,
Masumi: He's a real man.
Masumi: So everything will be fine...!
Masumi: Those two
Masumi: Can handle this.
Text: They look forward and go for "Quickstep"!
Masumi: Q...Quickstep...!?
Masumi: Y...You sure want to make it big...
Masumi's sd: There are three weeks left, huh...
Masaharu: Eh!? C...Can't we...!?
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
STEP 16/End

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