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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 21

The End of the Festival and a New Takeoff


-> RTS Page for Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 21

Reserved for Underdog. Don't use without my permission.
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 21

Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
Text: They finished dancing...
Yokota Takuma
STEP 21 The End of the Festival and a New Takeoff

Box: The Stage Performance
Box: Of our Dancesport club

Box: Was closed with a dance
Voice: Rioooooo!
Voice: Ooooooh! Doigaki's heeeeeeere!
Box: By President Doigaki and Rio-senpai.
Voice: Now a beautiful woman and a beast!?
Voice: Wahahaha, they're a perfect match!!
Voice: That person was a student...!?
Voice: I saw him sometimes around the school...But he was a mystery...
Note: Choreography: Matsumoto Kousuke/Matsumoto Nozomi (Matsumoto Dance Academy Tokyo)

Voice: .........
Voice: Oh...

Voice: Nice, Doigakiiiii!
Voice: Senpaiiiii!
Takada: The Dance Club is at it?
Michiru: Geh, Takada-sensei...!
Michiru's sd: What's wrong?
Takada: Don't you "Geh" me, you're so direct.
Takada: Weren't you a bit more serious when you were a student?
Takada: I'm not complaining because I want to.

Takada: Their performances are splendid after all.
Takada: The first years from just before danced in a really fun and earnest way too.
Takada: But you really can't avoid
Takada: People saying the outfits are too extreme or that young boys and girls shouldn't stick so close together.
Takada: If their performance was cancelled
Takada: Because of such boring complaints I'd feel bad for the students.
Takada: So, it's our role as teachers
Takada: To prompt them to restrain themselves beforehand.
Takada: Yamaki and Tsubaki need special care on that.
Takada: They'd definitely cause some trouble if we leave them to their own means!
Michiru: You're right, they'd do it.
Takada: However, the third years sure know how to discern things.
Takada: Their outfits are a lot less flashy than usual.
Michiru: Ah...
Michiru: No...You're right...

Michiru: No, see...
Michiru: I warned them...But kids just want to explode...
Takada: This deserves a lecture sometime later...
Takada: For you too...

p8-9 //no dialog

Voice: With this, the joint performance by the Dancesport Club and the Light Music Club is over.
Voice: Oh? They're still doing something?
Voice: Eh, really!?
Voice: And now a dance party in which the audience can freely participate,
Voice: The Dance club members will carefully teach you in an easy to understand way!
Voice: So join us if you feel like it...!
Masaharu: If you move backwards in the "slow, slow" and turn around in the "quick, quick",
Masaharu: You can dance semi-perpetually.
Guy: Hmmmmm, semi-perpetually...That's bullshit!
Guy: And let us dance with girls!!

Kiyoto: Tsuchiya-kuuuuun!
Masaharu: !
Masaharu: Eh?
Masaharu: Ah
Masaharu: Miki-kun!
Kiyoto: That was amazing!
Kiyoto: When did you even learn quickstep!!
Masaharu: Ah,
Masaharu: D...Did we do it right?
Masaharu(thinks): Oh...! Miki-kun's all hyped...!
Kiyoto: Aaaaaah, I'm so jealous!
Kiyoto: Dancing in a school club...! It looks really fun...!!
Kiyoto: Can't I participate from next year on because I go to another school!?
Masaharu: Eh!? No...
Masaharu: I don't know, b...But I'll ask...!
Eri: Ah.

Eri: H...How was it...?
Eri: Ermm...
Eri: How should I say it...?
Eri: Eh?
Eri: Ah,
Eri: Dance?
Eri: Wauh
Eri: Ahahaha Aha!
Eri: Ahahaha!
Kiyoto: Tanya! Don't dance quickstep in such a narrow space!!
Kiyoto's sd: Tanya!
Fujimoto: Those are the people you met at the dance competition?
Honjou's sd: Where's that girl from...?

Fujimoto: Hm? What's up, Tsuchiya?
Honjou: Are you looking for someone?
Masaharu: Ah, no, I just...
Masaharu(thinks): It seems like she's gone home already...
Masaharu(thinks): Thank you
Masaharu(thinks): For meeting me again...

Box: After that,
Box: The Rokumeisai continued without a hitch... //I don't remember if I translated this as Rokumeisai or Rokumei Festival before
Voice: With this we close
Voice: The 2015 Rokumeisai---...

Eri: Umm...
Eri: I'm sorry...
Eri: I...Caused you all trouble...
Masumi: It's fine, you arrived in time in the end,
Masumi: Don't worry about it.
Masumi: More importantly,
Masumi: Tomorrow we're tidying the school up, but don't forget we'll have club activities too!
Masumi: You both danced really lively but you made a lot of mistakes in your steps!
Masumi: So from tomorrow on!
Masumi: We're drilling them on you without holding back so you can enter competitions!
Eri/Masaharu: Competition...!
Masumi: Is that ok?

Eri/Masaharu: Yes...!
Box: "We're completely fine."
Box: Is something that I think we can't really say.
Box: This isn't magic so it's likely that in the future
Fujimoto: Oh, he's there.
Fujimoto: Heeey! Tsuchiyaaaaa
Girl: Watari-chaaaan.
Box: We'll get nervous and worried about many things.
Masaharu: !

Box: But from now on
Fujimoto: We're having a closing party with the guys from the class!
Fujimoto: Let's go now!
Masaharu: Eh! Really!?
Girl: We're having one too!
Girl: Let's go, Watari-chan.
Box: Those nerves and worries...
Masumi: Go ahead,
Masumi: Your classmates are important.
Akiko: I mean, we're partying with our own classes after this too---
Masaharu: Ah, then...
Masaharu: Good work today...!
Masumi: See you tomorrow---
Box: We can share them
sd: Class 6 is going to an Okonomiyaki restaurant.
sd: Class 4 is going to a family restaurant.
Box: In equal halves.

Masaharu: Well,
Masaharu: See you tomorrow...!
Eri: Yeah,
Eri: See you tomorrow...!
Box: So
Box: We'll be fine...!
Masaharu: Come to think of it...
Masaharu: One of the objectives of the cultural festival performance was getting new members, wasn't it?
Eri: Ah, you're right...
Eri: The president said that...

Masaharu: I wonder what will actually happen......
Masaharu: It's already June...Will new members even try to join us...?
Eri: Hmmmm, I don't really know...
Eri: Ah.
Fujita: Ah
Fujita: Ah...!
Fujita: I'm glad, Watari-chan...!
Eri: She's Fujita-san from my class.
Eri: What's wrong?
Fujita: You see...Umm...I think this is a weird moment to do it, but...
Fujita: I, umm...
Fujita: Want to join the dance club...!
Fujita: So, emm...I was wondering if I could join even if we're in the middle of a term...Or something...
Eri: Of course...!
Star: They overcame the obstacles and move forward---!!
Eri: Welcome
Eri: To the Dancesport club...!
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
STEP 21/End

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