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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 25



-> RTS Page for Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 25

Reserved for Underdog. Don't use without my permission.
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~ 25

Masaharu: H-He-Hey, Miki-kun...
Star: The competition got into a confrontational mood really fast...!?
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
Masaharu: You're putting me on a tough spot, I'm still a really bad dancer...
Masaharu: And not it's like I'm going to have a showdown with that Miyadaiku...-san...
Masaharu: Wait, it isn't like that!! Just looking at the pictures I'm not even involved!!
Kiyoto: It's ok, Tsuchiya-kun!!
Kiyoto: Your dance in the cultural festival was great!
Kiyoto: Let's show that stubborn Miyadaiku-kun your true abilities!
Masaharu: No, I told you, I'm still really bad!
Masaharu: Spare me!
Kiyoto: No, no, no, you just need to dance like you usually do!
Kiyoto: It's ok! Be confident! Don't lose to yourself!!

Kashiwa: ......Yuuta-kun...
Kashiwa: ...You shouldn't say things like that...
Kashiwa: Like, "You don't have talent" or "You don't have the height"...That's cruel...
Arrow: Miyadaiku Yuuta-kun
Yuuta: ? His lack of height is only a fact
Yuuta: And I think it was him who said he doesn't have talent.
Yuuta: Besides, Kuroda-san was a lot rougher with his words when picking a fight with Yamaki-san.
Yuuta: Why am I the only one being criticized?
Michikage's sd: I'm killing him, I'm definitely killing him
Naomi's sd: Oh, shut up
Kashiwa: Well that's just how Kuroda-san and Yamaki-san get along...It's how they communicate...
Kashiwa: And here we were about to get new friends our age...
Yuuta: I'm not here to make friends,
Yuuta: I only need you.
Kashiwa(thinks): Uwah, it's really amazing how he can just say things like that... (cd: There's probably no hidden meaning though!)

STEP 25 "Showdown"
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
Gold Dance Studio (Sponsor: Kinryuuin Construction)
Shika High Dancesport Club
Text: The second competition's heated up before even beginning!! Can Tsucchi triumph over them...!?
Yokota Takuma

sd: Nwaha!!
Shou: You just let them set up the showdown mood for you, what are you even doing? You're so funny!
Masaharu: No, well, I don't know what's what...
Masumi: Well, Mikki is really spontaneous most of the times.
Rio's sd: Don't be too hard on him!
Shou: Isn't Miyadaiku that guy who was pretty good at the Junior division...?
Masumi: Yeah, he wasn't as good as Mikki but he's pretty well known.
Shou: You heard that, Tsuchiya! One of Junior's top ranker has his eyes on you, aren't you glad!?
Masaharu: Ah...Eh...?
Masaharu: Ah, yes...
Masumi: Well, asking you to not worry about it might be too much,
Masumi: But don't get too worked up, ok?
Masumi: In the end, Dancesport is a sport only about you and your partner.

Shou: Is that so?
Shou: I get more excited when there's competition.
Akiko's sd: I think I'm the same.
Shou: Especially if the opponents are supposed to be better than me.
Masumi: Well, you two are that kind of people.
Masaharu's sd: Eh, which? Which is ok?
Voice: The Junior Class Latin Division Semifinals are about to begin.
Masumi: Oh, if the Juniors are in the semifinals...
Masumi: Then it's almost the turn for us in the Latin group.
Masaharu: Ah, we're going to the stands then...
Rio: Yeah, Michiru-chan-sensei saved seats for you!
Shou: Tsuchiya! Take care of my jersey.
Masaharu: Eh, ah, yes!
Masaharu: Should I just leave it in the waiting room?
Shou: Yeah, and-

Shou: Watch me,
Shou: I'll show you what a Dancesport "showdown" is about.
Masaharu: !
Masaharu(thinks): Yamaki-senpai...
Masaharu(thinks): Is fired up...!

Michiru's sd: Over here.
Voice: The first preliminary...
Voice: Of the Youth General Class...
Voice: Latin Division
Voice: Is about to begin.

Voice: The first rhythm is "Cha-cha-cha".
Voice: Here's the first heat.

Michikage: We're in the same heat? That's just perfect...!!
Text: #145 Kuroda Michikage Senzaki Naomi Pair
Michikage: I'm knocking you out on the first round...!!
Text: #66 Yamaki Shou Tsubaki Akiko Pair
Hirari: Noooow, the Latin first preliminary has finally begun!
Hirari: Your commentators for today are me, Fujita Hirari, representing the people who don't know a thing!
Hirari: And Watari-chan and Fujita-kun, representing the people who know a bit!
Masaharu: Eh!? She began doing something!

Hirari: For this competition's Latin American division the dancers will dance to four rhythms, Cha-cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, and Paso Doble.
Hirari: What kind of dance is Latin's first rhythm, Cha-cha-cha!?
Both: Eh, no...
Both: We don't know a thing about Latin either...
Michiru: Ermm, it has quadruple time and it’s peculiar for its jaunty and lively rhythm---
Michiru: And it seems it's called "Cha-cha-cha" because the last three of its five "Tan, tan, ta-ta-ta" sound like that---
Hirari: Wah! Sensei was supposed to be the other representative of the people who don't know a thing but now she's the one who knows the most thanks to our civilization's convenient tools!!
Takamasa: Cha-cha-cha is the star of Latin rhythms and it's danced first or second in competitions...!
Takamasa: I think there are many competitors who specialize on it, including our Kuroda.
Takamasa: In other words...
Takamasa: It all begins with the climax...!

p12-13 //No dialog

p14 //no dialog

Voice: The Kuroda/Senzaki pair...!
Voice: Is as good as expected...!
Voice: They don't stand out that much since they got into the Youth division because of the generation above them...
Voice: But they really are strong...!
Voice: I guess this heat is as good as theirs.
Voice: Hm, no...!
Voice: I'm cheering on them!
Voice: #66
Voice: The Yamaki/Tsubaki pair...!!

Voice: That pair who began appearing here and there since last year, huh...
Voice: But aren't they a bit sloppy in many ways?
Voice: They're still unrefined,
Voice: I mean, I heard they began dancing in High School.
Voice: Geh, in high school!?
Voice: No, that means...
Voice: They have amazing
Voice: Talent
Michikage: Daraah!

Michikage(thinks): Yamaki...!!
Michikage: Hey, you! #42!
Michikage: I heard you only began dancing a while ago!
Michikage: I'm Kuroda Michikage, I'm a first year.
Michikage: You have some potential.
Michikage: We're the same age but I have a lot more dancing experience than you,
Michikage: So I can teach you a few things!
Shou: Huh?
Shou: I don't need that, who are you?
Shou: There's nothing a mob can teach me.
Michikage: Who's a mob!!?
Voice: The winner is entry number 120...
Voice: The Sakimoto/Nagashima pair---...
Shou: ...Tch!
Michikage: What are you getting bitter for real for?
Michikage: Those people are on a different dimension from an amateur like you.
Shou: ...Even...
Shou: The things you say are that of a mob character...

Michikage: What...
Michikage: The hell!?
Michikage: That bastard is way too impertinent, he's just an amateur!
Michikage: He actually thinks he can compete with the top dancers!!
Naomi: Easy, easy.
Michikage: The barks of a shitty dancer are only unsightly!!
Naomi: Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Naomi: Hey, aren't you hungry? Let's stop by a family restaurant.
Michikage(thinks): Even though he's just an amateur...!
Michikage(thinks): He's just...
Voice: In fifth place---...Entry number 15---...
Voice: The Yamaki/Tsubaki pair---

Michikage(thinks): Fifth---...!?
Shou: Tch...
Michikage(thinks): These guys...!?
Voice: In fourth place, entry number 25---
Michikage(thinks): Just when...
Voice: The Kuroda/Senzaki pair---
Michikage(thinks): Just when did they...
Naomi: Hey, Michikage!
Naomi: They're calling us!
Michikage(thinks): Get to this place...!?
Michikage(thinks): Don't screw with me, I won't allow it...
Michikage(thinks): I won’t let an amateur with a bit more than one year of experience like you...!!
Michikage(thinks): Catch up with me.
Michikage(thinks): I won't allow it...!!!

Michikage(thinks): No matter what!!!
Michikage(thinks): ......But you know,
Michikage(thinks): That's not what pisses me off the most...
Michikage(thinks): What pisses me off the most is that...
Voice: Next is the second heat.

Michikage(thinks): He's not trying to catch up with me...!
Michikage(thinks): He's only looking far ahead...!!
Michikage(thinks): That's just perfect...!!
Masumi: The heat has already changed,
Masumi: Get out of the floor<3
Michikage(thinks): I'll defeat you...!!
Text: Masumi-chan...Is here!!
Hirari: Whoa, it's all tense...!!
Hirari: So this is a Dancesport...Showdown...!
Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso~
The opponent to defeat is on a distant top...!! Next issue, center color pages and an extended total of 25 pages as thanks for the great popularity!!

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