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St&rs 24


+ posted by Fafa as translation on Aug 16, 2012 14:14 | Go to St&rs

-> RTS Page for St&rs 24

especially taken from this site
Requested By NilaiTP

>>>Page 1<<<
Credit Page of ST&RS Chapter 24
INDO TL: Prita_Ta

>>>Page 2<<<
{inserted text: memory in the city...}
isn’t this life strange?
hah... what do you mean, dad?
no matter how many seeds of Sakura* which were planted, they never grew up, but...
after the seeds were taken into space and replanted into the ground, they were grown.
is it because//of the space?
perhaps when in space, their genes received some unknown stimulus.//there was also a theory saying that after returning to Earth, the seeds were affected by changes in gravity.
*TL Note: Sakura means Cherry Blossoms in Japan
I’ve ever told you about a giraffe, right?

>>>Page 3<<<
yes, really interesting.
because they want to keep an eye on the conditions around them and eat the higher leaves, giraffes stretch their necks.//and finally the remaining giraffes are those who are born with long necks.
exactly.//those who have more favorable heredity will be the only one left.
it means that they cannot evolve according to their wishes.
but Sakura is different.//as soon as they went into space where no one can survive, they even struggled to survive and thrive.
or in other words they evolved.
just like Sakura that needs stimulus to "bloom", if a human...
be in the environment which is in accordance with his wishes.//he may also be able to "thrive".

>>>Page 4<<<
do you mean that to go to the space, a human must adapt, and to do so, first of all, a man should be able to fly?//like flying in the sky...
haha.. it was great if such a thing happened.
it’s weird to hear you say unscientific things.
every father has a secret to be a good figure.
(a dream... that memory.)
(it doesn’t mean that I have to give him Sakura, right?)
(why should I dream it?)
[[to complete the project design, Shirafune is isolated for a week.]]
[[we are all eagerly looking for the light. but without any results, we are not making progress.]]

>>>Page 5<<<
ah, welcome!//Izumi-Chan!
I... I’m home...
seems like it’s a tough day, right. you have done your best.
how is the situation here?
Maho is still in the room...//looks like he told Fifi-San that he needed a little bit of extra time.
I see...

>>>Page 6<<<
everyone was trying so hard to find the light... //here
I know.
so yummy.
hahaha. I’m so happy. this is made of leaves that are picked by ourselves in my county.
we have to do it better tomorrow.
yes, it’s me Amachi.
mister? long time no hear you!
yes...//absolutely! Shirafune, Mikura...
and the rest is still unknown. is... everyone okay?
huh... American college students.. with me?//yes, just give my account..

>>>Page 7<<<
what is it?
it seems like, there are American students who want to talk to me//and ask about it to my acquaintance.
maybe there’s something to talk about...
wait a minute! I'm talking right now!
wait! Amachi is talking to me...

>>>Page 8<<<
huh, wait a minute, please speak English slowly..
sorry.. sorry.. I was too excited. my name is Joshua, I’ve been studying in America for a year.
and this is Katie.
I’m MJ!
have you heard the news about Shirafune and Mikura?
of course! almost everyone is talking about it now!//the alien is controlling them, that’s really cool.
Katie always said "why not me" then cried all night long.
hey! why do you tell him!
don’t laugh!
well, anyway, we are very excited!
it reminds me of the first time I felt//a strong desire to try to go into the space.

>>>Page 9<<<
me too.
haha, really? evidently, you're also a fan of outer space like me!
even now our teacher makes us follow the lesson xxxx.
therefore, it is impossible for us to find the light.
really? it surely is difficult, but at schools in Japan, they told us to find it by ourselves.
oh! for you. we also will try our best!
let us know if you find something, Amachi!//Johan at school in Russia also wants to talk about it. this is his address.
thank you...
alright, see you again, Amachi the astronout.

>>>Page 10<<<
it’s not only us...
we can talk about it with Russian students!
ahh, Amachi.//isn’t it already too late?
Yuria! who is it? a love call?
wait a minute! Marka is disrupting...
Russian Space School?

>>>Page 11<<<
well then... for that reason, I was thinking to contact them.
do you mind to be the translator?
it's okay.//huh... people from my school do not like to carry out a flight... but it doesn’t matter.
do you know anyone there?
there are some people who always come at an event organized for the children of Roscosmos*... Marka has competed against them once.
*TL Note: Roscosmos is the name of The Russian Space Agency
ah, hello, this is the Japanese school, Marka’s speaking.
ah! we are waiting for you to contact us.//eh, the Russians? you're not Amachi..
arghhh! Marka!
what are you doing there?
Arina...//I knew I would see them..

>>>Page 12<<<
what? study in Japan? why do you study there?//it must be boring without a rival like me.
Arina, calm down!
I understand.. here, also.//we have changed and opened our eyes.
absolutely right!
people in the same age with me are able to go to Mars and meet aliens... I'm all hyped up.
you must be excited too!
ah about that... aren’t you always excited, indeed!
what the?!
well, if you find something please tell us.
thank you!
I was really helped.
no problem.
all schools in Russia are also excited.

>>>Page 13<<<
it seems like we must spread it more extensively.
how about Spain?
I can speak a little Spanish. I've lived there when I was a child.
really?//is there anyone who...
my grandmother is Italian.
so I can speak Italian!
Amachi-Kun, maybe it’s just a little bit,//but I can speak French.
but only a little...
it’s okay Andra! it's quite helpful!
we also need someone who is an expert in using the internet...
well if that’s the case..

>>>Page 14<<<
what do you think, Nakagawara?
I want to create a website, so that we can get in touch with other countries.
can you do it?
yes, of course.
I just need a little help.
Karune and Oomine, what if you help Nakagawara!
leave it to me.
alright, guys, I'm counting on you!
are we allowed to do this?
it’s not used anymore... that’s why.
this is it...

>>>Page 15<<<
what are they doing?//do they think they can find it?
they are trying to find the light in their own way.
let's try.
okay.//hey come on!
to people around the world.
I’m Wataru Amachi, from The Japan Space Academy.
we're trying to find the light here.
if you have any information on this subject although only a little bit, please let us know!

>>>Page 16<<<
good, upload it to the internet immediately.
well done.
how embarrassing...//I was speaking in front of the whole world.
there is no other choice, you're the one who suggested it.
I made onigiri for lunch, it's yours!
ahh. thank you.
it would be better if we could get something now.
I...//I always think, why the extraterrestrial beings want those three abilities.
Shirafune’s power of map is describing something.. I believe it is necessary to determine the point of the meeting.
even the sound ability as well..//we need it to communicate, right?

>>>Page 17<<<
in your opinion... what “memory” is about?
it doesn’t seem like it’s just information about Earth.
but if it's dangerous, may the adults not allow?
I'm sure if they only need some information..//not particularly a person.
yes, it must be so...
the server emits a strange buzzing.
this is bad...
messages of support are popping in from around the world.//if it continues to increase...
the server will be broken!

>>>Page 18<<<
it feels weird. remember, what humankinds have thought up to now?//starting from the mountaintops to the deepest ocean. mankinds have explored the whole world because of a curiosity called the "courage".
and now... these desires have been followed from generation to generation, until eventually turn into the universe.

>>>Page 19<<<
in Tanegashima...?
I think...
{inserted text: every new generation must have a “light” of its own.}
this occurence has become a driving force for us to finally be able to find a way into the space.


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#1. by Tauros ()
Posted on Aug 16, 2012
Thank you so much!
#2. by Fafa ()
Posted on Aug 16, 2012
You are welcome ^_^
#3. by Tauros ()
Posted on Aug 16, 2012
You will continue to translate it?
#4. by Fafa ()
Posted on Aug 16, 2012
I don't know yet. I translated this chapter because I was asked to. Let's just hope that the former english translator of this manga is back coz he's done an excellent work in translating this manga so far.
#5. by Tauros ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2012
I hope you will continue :)

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