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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Pajama na Kanojo 5

+ posted by Feodor as translation on Mar 26, 2012 12:48 | Go to Pajama na Kanojo

-> RTS Page for Pajama na Kanojo 5

Page 1
Vol.5: You think?

A shadow that can’t fade away…
The feelings… that are pooling in.

Page 2
Insert text: What is Keisuke thinking when he gets home?

Panel 1: I'm home.
Panel 3: Oh no... I went to the hospital with mom / but I came home alone. / I should text her now.
Panel 4: This is my phone number and email address.

Page 3
Panel 1: You should send me / good night messages.
Panel 2: Seriously... good night messages...? / Like I would do something like that...
Panel 3: Is she flirting with me...? / What is she doing...
Panel 4: Makura?
Panel 5: Huh...

Page 4
Panel 1: Waaaaahh!!! Knock the door!! / S-Sorry... / but this is my room!?
Panel 3: Keisuke.
Panel 4: He he he / Look / I've changed my clothes <3 / This is the version of me for heading out!

Page 5
Panel 1: What's that, version? Just what are you up to? / Kiddo. / You came home very late, / let's head out right away! / I'm sooooo hungry.
Panel 5: But why!? / After all the trouble I've gone through. / Others will see it float!!
Panel 6: Let me go! / Waaaaaaa

Page 6
Panel 1: Huh...
Panel 2: ...Idiot.
Panel 4: Welcome to Danny's. / One glass only...? / So no one but me can see her...
Panel 5: I'm sorry for before.
Panel 7: Though I can't remember the truth / but I should at least apologize.

Page 7
Panel 1: You were aware of this/ I really wasn't!!
Panel 2: I'm sorry. / I never paid attention to this..
Aside: Not paying attention!?
Panel 3: I was very immature like when I was young. / I won't be like that anymore.
Panel 5: Ahh...
Panel 6: Sorry for waiting. / Here’s large kakiage udon that you ordered.
Kakiage udon: Udon noodle soup served with sliced vegetables tempura.

Page 8
Panel 1: Anyhow, / Let's go home after I'm done eating. / Get on my side / I'll help you with this small bowl.
Slurp slurp slurp

Page 9
Panel 3: Woaaahh... / This is so good....<3

Page 10
Panel 1: Keisuke, you should eat along too! / Since these people can't see me, / they would suspect something weird if they noticed this.
Panel 2: I see. / Alright then...
Panel 3: She's right. The way we're eating the noodles / is going to shield us from drawing their attention. / slurp slurp slurp
Panel 4: It's your turn, Keisuke. / Okay. / slurp / slurp/ This... She is too close... /
Panel 5: Sluuuurp... / slurp / slurp / How did it... / end up like this.
Bubbles: Now is / my turn.

Page 11
Panel 1: I got this.
Panel 3: It looks as if... we're kissing...

Page 12
Panel 1: Aaaahhh!! Wait up!!
Panel 2: I'm done!!
Panel 3: Let's go. / I'M NOT FULL YET!!
Panel 4: Thank you, come again. / Keisuke, wait up!!
Panel 5: She really is just a little kid!! / She doesn't understand a thing at all!!
Panel 6: Screw it!! Of all people, why should I be the one doing this?

Page 13
Panel 1: I was acting very weird recently!! / But my heart is pounding with her around... / What is actually happening? What is this!!
Panel 2: SEISUKE!!! / This thing...
Panel 3: Wh... what happened all of a sudden...? / Do you have a stomach ache?

Page 14
Panel 2: You ran out so fast as if you just saw a ghost... / I can't keep up with you.
Panel 3: Sorry... (aside: in a low voice...)
Panel 4: KANCHO! (Note: A friendly enema)
Panel 5: What!?

Page 15
Panel 1: Didn't you eat too much that your stomach ached? / Push them all out! / KANCHO! / Huh!? STOP IT already, Idiot! / What did you say!?
Panel 2: You nasty little child!! / The one who says that to other people is a little kid himself!
Panel 3: You're the one!! / Let me tickle you!! / Kya!! Nooooo!! ahahahaha!! / I didn't start yet.
Panel 4: Barrier! I have a barrier to protect me!!
Panel 5: Haaa…. (Aside: Idiot)
Text below his armpit: What… barrier?
Panel 7: Waaaa…

Page 16-17
Panel 2: The scenery really takes me back.
Panel 4: There is a lot of construction recently.
Panel 6: Unlike the old days…

Page 18
Panel 1: You think? / Even though there are some areas that have changed,
Panel 2: But this town is still / as beautiful as it was, right?
Panel 4: Hey, Makura. / Yeah?
Panel 5: Let’s get you some ice cream / on our way home. / Really? You’re so nice!! What’s up with you?
Texts: Like the way it was… / No matter what kind of transformation it has gone through, we would always…

Page 19
Panel 1: I want Monaca! Monaca!!
(Note: Monaca is Japanese dessert filled with bean jam. Nowadays there are also ice cream filled Monaca.)
In the meantime… / I ought to decrypt what the letter is all about before anything else.
Panel 3: Ehh?
Panel 4:
Phone: Shirai Yuki
Panel 5: Beep
Panel 5:
Phone: Sub: I think I got it!!
Panel 6:
Phone: Sub: I think I got it!! / The girl in that photo….

Insert texts: The photo of a mysterious beautiful girl that they found in the hospital… Could it be a hint to bring Makura back to normal!?

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Approved by njt

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