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Danzai no Ake Oneshot : Danzai no Ake- Crimson judgement

+ posted by fevrier as translation on Mar 22, 2011 01:30 | Go to Danzai no Ake

for Ryuzaki Ren

Danzai no Ake (Crimson judgment)

Mamiya Reiko-san… my head is still here

The school I go to, Tokoyogahara’s foremost high school,

Is secretly feared, and every tries to keep away from it.

There’s a ghost story about it called “Mamiya Reiko’s head”

Side bar: A nightmare begins…

But it’s a true story.

A long time ago, there was a student at this school named Mamiya Reiko.

This girl was troubled about a certain thing. One of her own classmates, a female student like herself, harbored an intense, unrequited love for her.

They had been only friends- but now Mamiya Reiko no longer saw this girl even as that, and rejected her and everything about her.

Spurned by the person she loved, and having no way to release her feelings, the despairing girl…

One day called Mamiya Reiko to the back of the school building.

The girl killed her and cut off her head.

Carrying Mamiya Reiko’s head in her arms, the girl climbed to the fourth floor of the school

And along with the head, jumped out of a classroom window.


At the site of the suicide, the only thing left over was a single body without a head.

In other words, between Mamiya Reiko and the girl

Two heads went missing.

The rumour became a ghost story in a flash, and spread throughout the school.

They say the girl’s head was dragged to hell by Mamiya Reiko, through her hatred at being murdered.

A short time later,

The ghost story was embellished with other mysterious details.

Sakashita!! I’m glad I caught you.


Sorry to keep you from getting home… Can I ask you to do something for me?

The staff meeting’s already started.

Tomorrow I’m giving supplementary lessons for class A, but I don’t think there’ll be enough desks.

There are usually a few extras in the fourth-floor classroom. Could you run up and confirm how many there are for me?

Sure… Why me? Great…

that classroom…

Thanks, you’re a great help!!



Even if it’s probably not true…

Don’t test out that ghost story.

If you are in the classroom that the girl jumped out of holding the head (which currently isn’t used and has been changed into a storeroom)

And say the words that were used to call Mamiya Reiko to her death

They say Mamiya Reiko will actually appear.


…What could she possibly be doing in this infamous classroom…

Unless she’s completely ignorant…

…? Is she saying something?

Mamiya Reiko, Mamiya Reiko

It’s too late, my body is engulfed in the darkness of the night.

But my head is still here.

Those are… The words to call Mamiya Reiko…

So…Sorry for surprising you. What are you doing?

Ehehe… not much.

I just had some plans with Mamiya Reiko.


I’m Nanatsuka Akane. Nice to meet you.

I’m Sakashita Tomomi, a second-year.

…Nanatuska…hmm…I’ve heard that somewhere…

It… It’s getting dark. We’d better leave the classroom.

Do we have to… I guess I’ll test it again next time.

Mamiya Reiko

Mamiya Reiko

It’s too late, my body is engulfed in the darkness of the night.

But my head is still here.

What!? What is this… The front entrance is already closed.

…I guess we’ll have to go out the back door.

Um… Nanatsuka-san… you’re not a transfer student, are you?

Akane’s fine.

I’m not a transfer student, I just came today because I had plans.


Don’t tell me… meeting Mamiya Reiko?

Tomo-chan, why did you come to this classroom?

Tomo-chan… She moves fast.

Oh, my homeroom teacher… Tachibana-sensei asked me to do him a favor…


It’s oddly quiet… and there aren’t any signs of people around. I thought it was still around 5:00 or so…

Wait, seriously!? Even the back door is locked!!

What is going on today…

Is this because of the air… It’s unusually dark outside too…

No other choice, I guess… it’s probably still the middle of their meeting, but we could get the key from the staffroom…

Just now… there was a person there…!?

Maybe they might have a key.

Huh? Must be the atmosphere.

Sorry. I’m going to get the key after all. Um… Wait here, Akane.


It’s so dark… the lights are out everywhere… something’s strange…


That was startling… A… A mirror?

She killed her and took the head…

I’ve got to get to the staffroom quickly…

…? What’s that? Someone’s watching me from the classroom…



A head…!?



Run away…


You must run away…

No!! Someone…

What was that… A head… A ghost…!?

No way… Mamiya Reiko’s head…!?

Akane… Did she really call out Mamiya Reiko…!?


This door is locked too…!!

It’s so dark inside…

There’s nobody here…!?

Tachibana-sensei said there was a staff meeting… That was only 30 minutes ago, wasn’t it…!?

A pitch-black classroom…

A presence that suddenly disappears…

Doors that won’t open…

And then… that… girl’s head…

Something… Something’s happening here!

I want…

Your body…

I heard it! Just now, I definitely…

My phone…!! I’ll contact someone…

Pururu Pururu

It’s not here…

I only have a head, you see…

I want… a body! Kyaha



Blood-covered hedge clippers…!?

What is… this… my body…

I can’t… move…!?




You have a beautiful body… I’m jealous…


It’s perfect for me.

Wait… This can’t be happening!



I’ll kill you…



What… What is that…

It couldn’t really be…


You have surprisingly cute underwear.

Wh… Why, you!! This isn’t the time or place…

Are… Aren’t you scared!?

We… We’ve gotten into something dangerous, haven’t we!?

Hmmm… Well… I’m just used to it, I guess.

Used to it…

Wait a minute… I feel like… I’ve seen you somewhere before…

That’s it. That magazine that was left in the classroom… I saw your name and face in it!

I’m a medium on the side.

The high school girl with spiritual powers, Nanatsuka Akane!!

I’m honored that you’ve heard of me.

It is you!! Nanatsu Akane!!

Who in spite of her youth has solved countless mysterious cases…

Aww, it’s not that impressive.

The article said the reason she’s able to do what she does so young is because of a family secret…

I wonder what that secret is…

By the way, why is such a famous person as you at a school like this?

To meet with Mamiya Reiko.

There was a request.

Your Tachibana-sensei is actually from a family of mediums. He’s my uncle.

…So, he asked me to come investigate the story of the ghost at this school.

Tachibana-sensei…? I had no idea…

Though the fact he believes in ghosts…

But more importantly, what are we going to do about this situation…

You really did call Mamiya Reiko, right!?

She’s still here, because of the grudge she held about being killed…

The idea that the souls of people who die unexpectedly can’t pass on because of lingering regret is widespread, but… In reality, the power of that person’s funeral ceremony pushes them on, and in most cases they can go to heaven.

But in cases where they’re bound by very strong emotions… Those feelings can become shackles.

For example, the search for something precious they lost…

Or leaving behind feelings of lust, or a particularly strong attachment.

The other girl’s case is the same. Those kinds of emotions are holding her soul in this school.

In this school…

So then, let’s find a way to get outside!! Then we’ll be safe, right!? In any case, I’m not just going to stay in that classroom and get caught up in something and maybe killed!

I understand.

It’ll be all right.

I’ll proect you, Tomo-chan.

Uh… ok…

What is this… No matter how you look at it, she’s younger than me, but this girl… even in a situation like this she’s calm.

It’s no use… the windowpane won’t even budge…

Just what is going on!?

More than getting out, it might be better to try thinking of a way to get to her side…

That’s dangerous!! Getting that close…

Dealing with that sort of lot is my specialty.

If somehow we can catch her…



Watch out! She’s close…

We’re going up!!


The fire doors!?



Akane!? What… Are you ok!?

I’m fine. Just get out of here, Tomo-chan!!

…My arm!

I can’t get it out!!






How does it feel?

I’m going to cut off your head…

I’ll throw it off the roof of the school…


You should stop now.

If you do this, you’ll be left in this world, and even though your malice will live on,

Hell is only opening wider for you.


If you’re going to beg for mercy, you should be more polite about it!!


What did you try to do?



Haa… Ha…

It was… really true… the story of Mamiya Reiko.

Your body… would be perfect for me…

So she’s seeking the body she lost after death…

That would be the strong emotion acting as the shackles Akane was talking about.


The need to search for something lost is what’s holding that ghost in this world… Akane said something like that.

But what about Mamiya Reiko? She was killed, but it wasn’t her body that was taken away… What about her head? But then why does it want a body…

Something’s strange…

Wait a minute… I think Akane said something about this… Something about how the ghost is left in this world…

For example, searching for something lost…

Leaving behind feelings of lust or strong attachment…

She’s wrong!!

It’s not here… I only have a head, you see…

I want… a body!

She’s wrong!!


That ghost…


What should I do!?

Even if she’s a medium, she’s still a high schooler… If she’s here… she might be killed!

No matter what we do, those two can’t leave the school…!!

Staying here, I’m at least safe, but Akane might be in danger!

I’ve got to think of a way to at least save Akane…

That’s it!!

Mamiya Reiko

Mamiya Reiko

I’ll call them here…

It’s too late, my body is engulfed in the darkness of the night…

It won’t be much, but in the meantime Akane might be able to escape…

But my head

Is still here.


That body…

You’ve decided to give it to me…?



Who who do such a thing!

You’re not Mamiya Reiko…

You’re the student who killed Mamiya Reiko and then committed suicide…!?

Two heads that disappeared…

People attributed the grudge that was left behind to Mamiya Reiko, but that’s wrong!

In order to make Mamiya Reiko your own possession, you cut off her head and kept it…!

But you weren’t satisfied with just the head.

Even after death, you continued to be connected to Reiko’s body!!

You’re completely right.

That’s my Tomo-chan.

Akane! You were all right!

Yeagh, I just got myself a little sliced up.

That blood…

What you want is Reiko’s body, right!? Me and Akane have nothing to do with this!!

Kyaha. What are you saying?

That girl tried to get close to Reiko, so I just tried to kill her.

I never needed the body of a girl like that…



I promised, didn’t I?

That I would protect Tomo-chan.


Even if …

You are a ghost.



You killed a classmate and cut off her head for the sake of one-sided love…

And then if even in death if you gave up your body, in return you could stay in this world!

That way, you could keep here tied to this school forever.

Let go!!

Sorry, Tomo-chan.

The doors of the school were never locked.

You are bound to the school, and so you couldn’t leave.

Kyahahaha Reiko, come this way.

Are you listening!?

Akane… What is this thing saying?


Mamiya Reiko…

Is you.

After death, after being bound to the school for many years and unable to move…

In order to flee from this reality, you deliberately made yourself forget you were Mamiya Reiko.

What are you saying!!

I’m Sagashita…

Uncle Tachibana

Showed me the enrollment roster.

A student named Sagashita Tomomi doesn’t exist.

That’s nothing but one of the names you created for yourself.

12 years ago, you were killed in this school.

Reiko.... Kyahahaha

Shut up.

It’s here.

Your welcomer.

You didn’t notice the fact that the blood that fell on the floor is gone?

Her blood… it’s like rippling water…

At the same time my family developed their spiritual powers, we made a blood pact with the judges of hell.

The blood of a contracted person like me… all belongs to them.

Thus, any blood of mine that trickles down can be sent all the way to hell.

And when it finally reaches them

They appear in this world.

Shall I tell you what their sustenance is?

The blood of the contracted, and…

The sould of the tainted condemned.


Let me go!!


You won’t be able to see Reiko any more.

I won’t let you.

Ponder it in the depths of hell.


When we borrow the powers of those who are the masters of Hell…

Or our own powers as mediums…

When we call on them, the huge amount of blood they take makes it difficult…

I’m sorry, Tomo-chan.

I didn’t want to shock you too much… I wanted to tell you the truth after she was dealt with, but…

Sagashita Tomomi… doesn’t exist.

I’m Mamiya Reiko.

I’ve remembered.

Twelve years ago, I…

It’s all right.

The nightmare is over.

The story of Mamiya Reiko’s head

Was something I made up after I died.

No one could realize that I existed.

Unable to do anything…

Board: The spell to call out Mamiya Reiko
It’s too late, my body is engulfed in the darkness of the night.
But my head is still here.

I understand.

It’s too late, my body is engulfed in the darkness of the night.

But my head is still here.

That was… the message you wanted to send from your heart.

It was spread around as a ghost story, until finally it reached me that there was a grudge here.

I’m glad no one else tried it out.

If they had, she would certainly have killed them.

It was good that the first person who tried was you, Akane.

Hey, that’s mean!

I’m glad that the one who saved me…

Was you.

I’m going now.

See you later, Akane.

See you later…

Mamiya Reiko.

they say they found the body of a 16 or 17 year old girl deep below ground at the site of the suicide.

So Mamiya Reiko is finally freed.

I wondered what I would do if I saw her wandering around… I’m glad I left it to you.

I mean…

Because I knew you had come to school that day…

I met Sagashita… no, Mamiya Reiko, and sent her to the fourth floor.

Getting her involved in this… it could have been a failure.

But it was a success. When I called on Mamiya Reiko, that girl appeared.

It was lucky… That the ghost story had that power.

She’s able to enter the most frightening and gruestome sites without fear.

Akane. You’re really a first-class medium.

I just want to save those I can save to the best of my abilities.

Whether they’re people… or ghosts.

Though your power is pretty sacreligious.

Calling on hell, that is.

Ok, it’s class time. Wanna come along?

I’m leaving.

Shut up!

By the way… The one who left that magazine with me in it in the classroom was you, wasn’t it, Uncle Tachibana!?

Hey, can’t I be proud of my famous niece?

Stop it, you’re embarassing me!!

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