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Kekkaishi 266

Highest degree of blank state

+ posted by fierywind as translation on Jul 13, 2009 16:15 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 266

This translation is reserved for Franky House.

Here's 266! enjoy!

Kekkaishi 266
By fierywind


The school is crumbling,
And it’ll be engulfed in flame; things are getting really bad here!


Top text: Training completed! The “reformed Yoshimori” exploding in full color!
As the Shinyuuchi hunt continues steadily,
The resistance from within the Urakai will finally be revealed---
The one who could overturn the darkness,
Is none other than Sumimura Yoshimori!
Chapter 266: Highest degree of blank state
Big text: Let me show you what we call real power!

Take this!!

Kakeru-sama and Michiru-sama, still haven’t establish the connection with the spirit world…?
It’s dangerous if the operation is delayed…

I can’t let these guys here make a move,
I better move below and stand guard.

Just do it already…

Sorry, Ito.
I am quite reluctant for you to become the human sacrifice but…

Please take Ito to her post!


It’ll be alright.
I won’t be easily defeated.

Do your best.
HW text: Borrow your handkerchief

Then, I am going off.
I am counting on you!

Then, the finishing touch…

I will destroy this joke of a majinai swallowing the town
Until there’s nothing left of it…!!

What are those…?!

Ichigou-san is finally getting serious?


Sangou is mine---!!

We’re surrounded…
But, what’s with that amount of…


What should we do?!
What can we do, Yoshimori?!


Don’t interfere.

That’s not Yoshimori’s voice?!


Finally it’s completed…

What is
That cube?

Could it be…
Is that Yoshimori’s so-called…


This is the complete form, the highest degree of the blank state.

This guy is---

My partner.
Keke, nice to meet you.

The name is…
Since you have black and white stripes, I’ll call you

Isn’t it supposed to be “Shikuma”?

It talked…
He’s totally different from this guy…
Shiguma’s sense of language is far better.
Well, it’s not a big deal anyway.

But, isn’t a Landlord a part of oneself?!
Why did it choose to settle into that strange form…

That is…
Yoshimori’s alter ego…!

No no no!
I’ve been meaning to tell you, look up!!

That Ichigou guy has somehow released that gigantic thing over us!!

You power is so fragile!!
Then, take this!!
Heel of flame!!

I can’t move?!

Well then, Shiguma, let’s quickly get this over with.
let’s do it in the simplest way.


The hands are coming from all directions….


They noticed me?!


A part of that giant is definitely connected to that Ichigou guy.
Therefore, we just have to intercept that connection using a kekkai.

But the strength of that kekkai has to be---
What is this thing…?!

Goho goho!!

The highest.

With this, those guys don’t even stand
A chance.

Text: This Yoshimori is strong! Next chapter, total Majinai showdown!

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#1. by Cheese Ninja ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
"Shiguma’s sense of language is far better."

That sounds a bit clunky, couldn't you just say "Shiguma sounds better."?

Thanks for the translation.
#2. by fierywind ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
How about "Shiguma has a better command of language"?
"Shiguma sounds better" is a bit too general... I think...
#3. by Cheese Ninja ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
"sounds better" is kind of general, when I looked it up to try to understand what they were saying (語感 【ごかん】 (n) sense of language) I got the impression that it just wasn't something that was going to translate well.

"has a better command of language" sounds like he's talking about how well Shiguma can talk. Isn't Yoshi just saying he likes how "Shiguma" sounds compared "Shikuma"? Or maybe "Shiguma" follows some strange language rule?
#4. by elitefox ()
Posted on Jul 15, 2009
Thank you very much, I just came and try to check the raw and I saw this translations. Now I understand what there is to the raws not just plain pictures :D

Very well done.

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