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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kekkaishi 270

Contract formation

+ posted by fierywind as translation on Aug 6, 2009 17:09 | Go to Kekkaishi

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This is a Franky House translation

Kekkaishi 270
By fierywind

Side text: It’s worth a try if it meant catching him.
Chapter 270: Contract formation

The pursuer remains within the forest created from Yumeji’s powers. What is Masamori hoping for?


I don’t really understand.

His voice…
Is coming from behind me?!

All of them are fake…

It's hard to tell what someone's real intentions are, isn't it? Sumimura-kun.
Until a moment ago, I was in an unfavorable position, only now you’re willing to give a me hand…

Side text: At last, Yoshimori managed to grasp the supreme blank state and stopped the genius Majinaishis, Michiru and Kakeru in their attempt to hunt Karasumori. On the other hand, Masamori is trying desperately to chase after the mastermind who is none other than the Urakai Officer, Yumeji…

I mentioned it before, didn’t I?
To convince the Sousui,
But more importantly, to control the situation so that you can make your escape.

And what’s in it for you?

At the very least, in this situation,
I can keep my composure better than you.

At this moment, the rivalry is worse than ever,
A meeting between you brothers would be extremely dangerous.

In other words, you’ll stand between me and my elder brother?

I know well how deep your feud with the Sousui is, but I still don’t know how it all started,
it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings.

I too, have my own brother.

You probably have your own problems.

For now,
Let’s hear your conditions.

You’re hoping for more than just controlling the current situation, isn’t it?

As we discussed earlier, the idea remains the same.

I’ll take part in the reformation of the Urakai.
Of course, compared to the current Urakai, and the matter you’re thinking of right now…
It has to be a better, more respectable organization.

To create your own place with your own hands from nothing,
That is my wish.

There’s a limitation to my powers at this moment.

That’s why, even if it’s unfair,
I hope to attain as much power from others as I can.
This is what I am aiming for.

I need your power.

It’s ok for you to stay hidden.
Won’t you tell me your true motive?

Well then, I guess I’ll have to tell you.

From now on, no matter what happens,
I have no intention to make peace with my elder brother.

But, if---

You’d make a good middleman…
If I am to confront my brother one-on-one…

In fact,
I am confident that I can kill him.

Such a strong killing intent…
Is he for real…?
How was it?

I can probably control the situation.
That is…

I am starting to think that it might be a good idea to use you as the middleman.
My brother… Seems to like you a lot.

It was my brother who recommended you into the Council of Twelve.

Isn’t that just a rumor? Is it really true?!
I haven’t even met the Sousui before…

I am not sure where the actual place is, but…
Since that time, it was just natural to start thinking of Shinyuuchi hunting.
Especially since you’re a Hazama-ryuu kekkaishi.

Your founder, Hazama Tokimori
Also shared his powers in the formation of the Urakai 400 years ago.

The founder and the formation of the Urakai…
Although he wasn’t a likable person,
He did his job well and my brother was very pleased with him.

Ah, is that so,
Speaking of which, I am pretty sure---

Resemble him in a way.

You might just be able to pull it off.
If you have the confidence to lure him out while you’re talking,
I might agree to your conditions.

I understand.
I’ll try.


Though I said that…

I still don’t fully trust you.

The flame is spreading fast,
Sure Tsukihisa must have noticed it…
About time we move along.

Hey, move up a bit.
Better to remain at a distance…

Tsukihisa’s real power is…
Not here.

Let me check to confirm.

What can he find out by this?

Pardon me.
I don’t mean you any harm.

Please hold on.

This is not fair.
If my hands are to be tied, I request to be on equal grounds.

You came asking for my help.

That’s why…
Before we proceed with the contract, at least tell me the important details.

What is it that you want to know?

What is…
The Sousui’s ability?

This is something I need to know before I proceed to talk to the Sousui, so please tell me.

There should be a power resemblance between blood relatives.
Does he control plants like you?


Not that?!
Well then, what is it?!

Other than the trees, what is this sensation I feel crawling up my body…

He noticed…
Will he put up his guard…?

What is happening….?
Well then, I’ll use the highest power….


That’s why kekkaishis are…

What the…?!

The thing just now… starfish?
I didn’t see anything until just now…

No, that feeling…
The same power as Sazanami…

A psychic attack?!

This guy…
Has double powers?!

Side text: Next, Yumeji’s true powers exposed!

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#1. by mysteries ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2009
hmm read it and it seems fine to me, thanks for the translation :D
#2. by Celest ()
Posted on Aug 9, 2009
Pg 4, I think theres a mistake..

it says "To convince the Sousui, "
I'm just gonna write "To convince Sousui," because isn't Sousui a person, his brother?
btw I'm doing this because I'm currently editing the raws so that we can finally have the uploads done.. I mean geez somebody is takin long.. gotta do it myself then I guess.. ^^
#3. by fierywind ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2009
I use "the Sousui" because Sousui means "commander"... and not his brother's name.
#4. by fierywind ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2009
Someone help me proof it already... =)

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