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Kekkaishi 283


+ posted by fierywind as translation on Dec 8, 2009 02:06 | Go to Kekkaishi

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Kekkaishi 283
By fierywind

You’re welcome to stay in this temple for the night.

Tomorrow, I'll explain why we are in this hidden location.

We, the Yagyou, shall protect every one of you..
There’s nothing to worry about.

I said that, it’s rather difficult not to feel uneasy, isn’t it?

Side text: The log keepers, people who store the history of the Urakai, like a living encyclopedia. Masamori has gathered all the log keepers from all the departments in the Urakai…

Chapter 283: Suigetsu

Before going to sleep, I would like to interview each of you in person.
I'd appreciate it if you told me everything you know.

Text: What are you plotting? Masamori.

There are roughly 20 of them…
That's all of them... but it'll be a tough job to get information out of all the log keepers.

As usual, the Chief is acting recklessly…

Who is it?

You’re really perceptive.

Okuni’s subordinate...?
Based on the voice, a woman…?

Are you the assistant that the Chief spoke of?
Is it wise to trust you…

Are you afraid to take the hand of a fellow practitioner?
Take my hand, I'll show you my power.

Side text: Yoshimori is trying hard to help Hiura Souji recover from a near death experience. Even Hiura finally showed some emotions. On the other hand, Masamori was given the special task of hunting down the Sousui, the man behind the destruction of the Urakai…

This feeling…
Are you a psychic…?

Yes, but my attacking powers are weak.

Didn’t I just show you that I don’t have any bad intentions towards you?

It was my master’s wish to find out the truth.
I am willing to cooperate.

You can call me Kisana.
Both your form and your affinity aren’t bad at all.

What does he meant by interview…?

Sorry for intruding…

What is this?!

Hey, calm down.
This is also the same as your…
Of course… yes, it’s fake!!

That’s why…
You said that you’d protect us when you gathered us here,
But you were planning to use us from the start…

Chief, its better if you just let us handle this matter…
It’ll be a pain if I let this one get to me.

What is this?

Can’t he see it?

People usually can't see it.
Well, could it be because their eyes have been reconstructed?
Since you don’t have the technique to resist the power of a psychic,
It's going to be tough if they can see it.

Can you read his mind while he’s unconscious?
Probably, but it would be better if I can ask him some questions.
It’ll be like looking for a grain of sand in the deep sea…

Can’t we just blindfold him and proceed with the interview?
HW: If he can see it then
HW: Interview?
Really threatening him.

Are you asking me to do something wrong?
You’re already doing it.

From now on, I'll do the memory investigation.
It is impossible to totally erase the trace but
I’ll try to make it seem like a dream.

This girl can say some really nasty stuff…
Was that nasty?
I can read your thoughts!

But this guy here…
The way he panicked was rather odd. Will he be alright? He’s weak.

Aah, I read it by accident
This guy is actually afraid that he may leak the information that he’s carrying.

It’s like someone has threatened him…

Another 5 more to go…

You’ve got to be kidding. I’m almost at my limit.
We have to do our best.

Excuse me.

I’m sorry, but…
We need to bind and blindfold you.

No, there’s no need for that.
I understand the circumstances.

You’re also doing this in order to survive, aren’t you?
If you can really guarantee our safety, then I’ll cooperate, as much as I can.

In short, you want to know about our master, don't you?

The Urakai Investigation Agent Enjouji Saikaku.
This is the duty of the log keepers of every generation.
I’ll tell you all I know about this.

Whew, a cooperative one.

But in the end, the log keepers did not know about the master’s true colors.
We tried to get as much information as we could.
He was extremely cautious, guarded..

With that…
Is it true that the master of the log keepers
Is Yumeji?

Yes. The image of the master that I see in all the log keepers…
Although his face is hidden…

The form that he uses is in fact the same as those of Yumeji’s…

It seems that the eyes of the log keepers were reconstructed to cover the image of the master.
The only people who can retrieve this information from that area
Are exceptionally powerful psychics.

As I thought, Yumeji was using the log keepers to keep an eye on the Urakai.
There were totally no shadows of the Sousui?

Maybe the Sousui was not really interested in the politics of the Urakai…
But we did manage to get something about that Suigetsu girl.

There was an ordinary girl beside the master…

That would
Probably be Suigetsu…

Is Suigetsu one of Yumeji’s people…?
If so,
Which department is she from?
Beats me…

Yumeji-san knew about the Log keepers,
Do you think that they can only read records?

The log keepers themselves aren't aware of this,
As I’m also a weak psychic,
I can only understand the operation to a certain extent.

Yumeji probably
Gave that girl the records within the log keepers.

In other words, this Suigetsu-san is…
Holding all the records…

She’s something like a
The chief of all the log keepers or maybe like the mother.

When I was reading that kid, who was one of the Sousui’s people,
Suigetsu was with the Sousui.
What does this mean?
Let’s not get carried away.
This girl probably holds the history of the Urakai within her.

This is just my intuition but---

If she is not with the Sousui,
Then the girl might be the one who knew the most about Yumeji..



Lend me your head.

I can see him inside your head.


Don’t close your eyes.
I was just about to see him,
Let me see the one I’m looking for.


Just as I expected,
That didn't feed my revenge.

My hatred has just returned.
Well then, what should I do next?

It turns out well…

I might just be a genius…


Take a look at this chocolate cake…


Text: How could it be… has Hiura Souji disappeared?! In the next chapter!

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