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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

DeroDero 269

Strangely 269 Love Begins

+ posted by Finestela as translation on May 28, 2009 22:37 | Go to DeroDero

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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Proofread by: Binky

Leader Punk: This abandoned building is one of the most famous and scariest local haunted spots...

Text: "DeroDero", heading to climax---!!
Text: Just three chapters left 'til the finale---!!!

Leader Punk: Everyone is so scared that noone wants to go near the place.

Title: Strangely 269 Love Begins

Leader Punk: Hino, why don't you go and check it out to see if there are any ghosts or not!?
Hino: Please don't make me go!

Text: This is the story before Ruka and Mimio were born.

Hino: If I go there alone, I'll definitely get strangled to death by monsters.
Leader Punk: Shut your trap!
Michiyo: Cut it out!!
Leader Punk: Hmph...!!

Michiyo: Aren't you ashamed of bullying a regular guy!?
Punks: Ack! It's Michiyo, the leader of "Kill 'em All"...!!
Leader Punk: Michiyo... You're beautiful as always.
Michiyo: I know you're just scared, you gutless dickhead.
Michiyo: You wanna make this place into your own gathering ground, yet you're resorting to getting this guy to check for ghosts?
Michiyo: What a wuss.
Michiyo: I didn't know that Dancing Fiend, the leader of "PePePe United", would be a chicken like this.

Panel Text: ...Michiyo...-san...

Michiyo: Hey!
Michiyo: Anyone brave enough to venture into the abandoned building on his own!?
Punk: You gotta be kidding me!!
Punk: No fool's gonna do that.
Punk: I don't wanna die!!
Michiyo: Hmph.
Michiyo: Sissies.
Michiyo: I'll show you what real guts is!
Female Subordinate: You're so awesome, Michi-san!!
Hino: Hey...erm...I'll come, too!!
Michiyo: Huhh!?
Leader Punk: Grr!! Damn you!
Leader Punk: I, Dancing Fiend, leader of "PePePe United", will show you what being a real man is all about!!

Michiyo: Damn... What a creepy place...!
Hino: It was an execution ground before becoming a cemetery... It was then converted back into an execution ground before being reduced to this state of abandonment.
Leader Punk: Why you...
Leader Punk: Why the hell are you talking to my bitch!? You're just a fucking errand boy!
Michiyo: Hey!
Michiyo: Since when did I become your bitch? HUH!?
Leader Punk: Let's not talk about the past, Michiyo...
Leader Punk: But hey... If I manage to beat the crap out of the ghost one on one, how 'bout you become mine?
Michiyo: Hmph.
Hino: Ahhhhh!! It's...It's here!

DeroDero Monster Index 269
Bloody-Blood-Spattered Specter

An evil spirit who never forgives punkass-trespassers encroaching upon his territory. He massacres all intruders and celebrates with their blood.

Hino: A...
Hino: A scary ghost is staring at us!!

Michiyo: Well, go get it!
Michiyo: I wanna see what the leader of "PePePe United", Dancing Fiend, is really made of.
Leader Punk: Woowaaah--
Michiyo: Grr... Leader of "PePePe United", Dancing Fiend, is reduced to a crybaby!?
Michiyo: This is why you should never rely on men!!
Michiyo: All talk and no balls, every damn one of them...!!)
Michiyo: Oraaaa
Michiyo: Daraaa

Michiyo: Argh
Specter: Ghostie---Ghostie---
Specter: Ghostie---Ghost Ghost
Michiyo: I'm beat.
Michiyo: It's impossible to fight him empty-handed.
Michiyo: Not to mention this fight just wasn't worth it.
Michiyo: Shit.
Michiyo: This really suck ass......!!
Michiyo: Me, the leader of "Kill 'em All", trying to fight an apparition with my fists.
Michiyo: !?

Panel Text: What... What the hell are you doing?

Panel Text: You're trying to fight this invincible ghost
Panel Text: By dishing out the BITE!?

Hino: Hur...Hurry and run...Michiyo-san...

Panel Text: A genuine, living and breathing manly man...

Hino: Wooooaaaaaaah

Michiyo: Are...Are you alright!?
Michiyo: Damn...You scared the shit out of me...
Michiyo: You beat this phantom which had Dancing Fiend scared shitless and reduced to a crybaby...
Michiyo: I tell ya, you're one gutsy mofo.
Hino: As long... as you're safe...
Hino: Michiyo-san.

Michiyo: Dammit
Michiyo: You're making me feel all weird inside!
Michiyo: In our group, the rule was that anyone in a relationship was punished by exile.
Michiyo: But... Oh well. Let's not talk about stupid shit like that!
Michiyo: Right now, I'm feeling generous enough to give you a ride!!
Hino (Dad): ...So... Afterward, your mom was punished by exile.
Hino (Dad): That's how we're together now.
Hino (Dad): i wub j00... Pumpkin
Hino Mom (Michiyo): i wub j00 too...
Mimio: Enough lovey-dovey talk. Eat your dinner already...

Strangely 268 The End
Continues in Next Issue

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Binky, Bomber D Rufi

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on May 29, 2009
Thanks ^^.
#2. by Finestela ()
Posted on May 30, 2009
np, hope you enjoyed it :p
#3. by Laika ()
Posted on May 31, 2009
It's too bad the last joke of biker gangs using phonetic readings of kanji to spell silly stuff is lost. Still such a funny series.
#4. by Finestela ()
Posted on May 31, 2009
I know :'(

But it can't really be helped... I guess I could type them out in Romaji and explain it, but that would only help a little bit :/

For the Chinese translation, I did do that since Chinese words are Kanji's to begin with :p But there are just so far you can go with English tls.

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