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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

DeroDero 270

Strangely 270 Path to the Future

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Jun 5, 2009 12:31 | Go to DeroDero

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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Proofread by: Binky

Prez: Don't you guys feel that it's been a pretty long 8th grade for us?

Centered Text (straight down): What do you all want to be in the future!?

Centered Text (across): Just two more chapters 'til the finale!!!!

Title: Strangely 270
Title: Path to the Future

Mimio: Ahhhh~~~ Well, so much has happened. Of course it's going to feel like a long time, right?
Natsume (Bandanna Punk): Just take it easy like you're suppose to in 8th grade.
Prez: That's a no-no right there, Natsume. You should start thinking about your future.

Inuyama Text: Kuuu-n (Well... I can tell what dogs are thinking... So I wanna be a vet!!)

Mimio: Kuuu~~~n? What, you hungry, Inuyama?

Inuyama Text: Gyan Gyan (No! That's not it!)

Natsume: So have you thought about your future, Prez?

Prez: I'm just a regular Joe.
Prez: So maybe getting a white-collar job like a normal person, getting married like a normal person, and raising a family like a normal person...
Mimio: The furthest people like Prez can get is probably becoming a NEET or Hikikomori.
*Translator's Note: NEET stands for "Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training". Hikikomori refers to people with acute social withdrawl.
Prez: Hell NO!
Natsume: And a white-collar job is gonna be kinda tough~~~~ I mean, it might be normal, but it looks painful.
Prez: Hey Aihara. Don't you have your own dream for the future?
Aihara: Me...?
Aihara: ...Since I'm just a normal gal

Aihara SFX: Stares on...

Aihara: I just want to be seen as a HUMAN.
Mimio: What...What was that!?
Prez: Aihara...You seem to have a different personality lately...
Prez: But!
Prez: Of course, Mimio, you haven't given your future a thought yet, have you?
Mimio: Hmm---- For me...

Mimio: Staying the way it is in 8th grade would be just fine.
Mimio: Just taking it easy and living like an idiot.
Mimio: Huh!?
Mimio: What the hell!?
Mimio: ......!?
Mimio: What's with the space around me...!?
Mimio: Time has frozen completely for everyone else!?
Mimio: Meh. Oh well... As always... Weird stuff begins to pop up.
Mimio: At times like this, I should just patiently wait it out.

Goatman: This isn't something you can just wait out.
Mimio: Who's there!?
Goatman: Yo bro, you just want to sleep and hope it goes away like it always did in 8th grade, eh?
Mimio: No...That's not it...I was just messing around.
Goatman: It kinda sucks to have time frozen like this, eh?
Goatman: And bro, your "messing around" has indeed become reality...
Goatman: Didn't you ever think about how your 8th grade life has been way too long, bro?
Goatman: Didn't you notice how many loops you've been through with your 8th grade life, bro?
Mimio: A...A loop...!?
Mimio: Erm..Hm~~~~mph...
Mimio: Now that you mention it... It does feel a little like that...

Panel Text: What a exceptionally looooo~~~~~~~~ooong and eventful 8th grade it has been...!!

Mimio: Come to think of it.... I've had two summer vacations in 8th grade now... Wait, maybe more like four...
Goatman: You've finally got it, bro!

Panel Text: Christmas presents from Ruka should be just once a year...

Panel Text: But for some reason they've been stacking up...

Goatman: Well bro, your wish to remain in the 8th grade materialized.
Goatman: And it formed this world by following the "Sazae-san's Equaion".
*Translator's Note: Sazae-san is an extremly long running comic strip, where characters never age, and the time in the story is in loop.
Goatman: With the characters never aged like that.
Mimio: Ahhhhhhh~~~ That's it! I was wondering why my hair down there never grew back! So it's because of THIS!
Goatman: Erm... No... I don't think it has anything to do with that.

Goatman: I understand why you want to be just a kid in 8th grade.
Goatman: But can't you put yourself in those guys' shoes and look forward a bit?
Mimio: ...That's right.
Mimio: These guys also want to grow up and become adults...
Mimio: Especially Ruka...
Mimio: She's been meaning to grow out of this endless puberty and become an adult as soon as possible.
Goatman: So why not step on the Path to the Future?
Goatman: Bro?

Panel Text: Path to the Future...

Panel Text: Path to adulthood...

Mimio: Al... Al~~~~~right...
Mimio: I have the courage... to grow up now.
Goatman: Splendid!!
Goatman: Since you have made up your mind, let's get out of this loop-thing!
Goatman: By dancing the PuPePe Dance!!
Mimio: Is this it!? Do I just need to dance like this!!?
Goatman: Loosen up more!
Goatman: And make more weird faces!
Goatman: Finally, just push my nose and you'll open up the path to your true future.

Goatman SFK: Puchi

Mimio: So what's the meaning of doing the PuPePe Dance!?

DeroDero Monster Index 270
PuPePe the Goatman
e is a fun-loving monster who fixes loops in life and helps people to grow up.

Goatman: But hey, it's been a great experience to have those loops. Everything up 'til now is still part of your "real life".
Mimio: Alright!! I'll become an upstanding man! Just wait and see!!

Evil Spirit: Curse you! All hail Yaoi~~~~
Mimio: Aaah... Just like everyday...
Mimio: These peaceful days of evil fightin'.
Ruka: You're bullying ghosts again...
Ruka: Idiot brother.
Mimio: And my lovely sister is just like always...
Mimio: Ahhhh!
Mimio: So this is where the Path to the Future leads!

Mimio Small Text: My pubes...

Ruka: What are you doing...? You're not three anymore.

Panel Text: Next Issue, it's time for the Finale!!!!
Panel Text: Be sure not to miss the final "Strangely"!!

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