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DeroDero 3

Strangely 3 Demonic Infomercial

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Jun 9, 2009 16:16 | Go to DeroDero

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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Link to Raw (Vol.01)

Proofread by: Binky

Title: Strangely 3
Title: Demonic Infomercial

Salesman: What we have today is something to spruce up your home décor, this awesome "Ambushing Lady" life-sized figure.
Salesman: No matter where you place her, this fantastic product will create the horrific atmosphere you're aiming for!
Salesman: Look at this!! The theme right here is a lady longing to kill someone.
Saleswoman: Wow~~~~~nice!!
Salesman: You can place it near the entranceway to greet your guests.
Salesman: It's also a great idea to secretly place it near the window!!

Audience SFX: Oooooohhhhh!

Salesman: And the price is just....!! 100,980 yen!!

Audience SFX: Oooooohhhhh!

Mimio: Too fucking expensive.
Mimio: "Ooooh~~~~" my ass!!
Mimio: What's with this infomercial?
Salesman: And the kitchen knife she's carrying is also sharp beyond belief!!

Audience SFX: Wooooaaaaah!

Salesman: Next up, every fighter's best friend, this Killer Tonfa!
Mimio: Wow, now that's nice!!
Salesman: This product is so great that you can even shoot BBs from the tip of the Tonfa!!
Mimio: Awsome!! I'm gonna get this real quick!!
Mimio: Let's see... The number is...
SFX: Clack

Mimio: Woah!!!

Box Text: Money Box

Mimio: What the hell!?
Mimio: Isn't this the merchandise from that infomercial just now!!?
Mimio: Why did it come when I was just about to make the call!?
Mimio: Not to mention this isn't even what I want!!
Mimio: To top it off, it got to the second floor... This is definitely not something a human can do.

Box Text: Money Box
Box Text: Place the 100,980 Yen in here.

Mimio: And I need to put my money in that to pay for it!?

Mimio: I ain't gonna pay for this!!
Mimio: Who the hell wants this ugly piece of crap anyway!!?

Panel Text: A week later......

Mr. Syte (the Dog): Kuuuu---n (What the hell is this woof)

Salesman: How's that!!? Isn't it great!? This Comfy Pillow!!
Saleswomen: Nice.
Mimio: This stupid infomercial is on again.

Title Text: The Unpaying Spot

Salesman: Alright... It's time to punish those customers who have yet to pay up.
Saleswoman: This week's unpaying customer is Hino-san from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Audience SFX: Oooooooooh!

Book Text: Black List

Saleswoman: This customer has yet to pay for the "Ambushing Lady" from last week.
Mimio: ?
Mimio: ?
Saleswoman: We must punish this dickhead right away!!

Salesman: We shall breathe life into the "Ambushing Lady" at Hino-san's home!!
Saleswoman: Alright~~~~ Let's all start chanting!!
Salesman: Those watching us except for Hino-san, please join in as well!!
Mimio: Huh!?
Mimio: Huh!?
Mimio: It should be down there today as well!
Salesman: Well~~~ then!! Tune in next week~~~~!!
Saleswoman: Our products for next week will be just as interesting~~~~~
Mimio: I'm getting the heebie-jeebies!!
Mimio: Who the hell moved it!?

Ambushing Lady: Give me my money, you bastard----!!
Mimio: Woah~~~~~~!!
Ambushing Lady: You fucking brat---!!
Ambushing Lady: I'm gonna make a plate of Sashimi out of you!!
*Translator's Note: Sashimi is a Japanese dish, consists mainly of thin slices of raw fish.

Mimio: Gaaaah!
SFX: Ding
Ambushing Lady: Huh...Whaaaaaaa!?
Mimio: What a bunch of bullshit! "Sharp beyond belief"!?
Mimio: That's what... That's totally false advertisement!
Mimio: I'm gonna beat the crap out of you first, and then sue the shit out of you guys!
Ambushing Lady: Eeek!

Ambushing Lady: Please don't sue us~~~~!!
Ambushing Lady: Please, let us talk this through somehow~~~~~~!!
Mimio: Well then, go back already!
Ambushing Lady: How do I get back to Takadanobaba from here?
Mimio: Take the central line first, and then get off at Shinjuku. Next, take the Yamate line and you'll be on your way to Takadanobaba.
Mimio: Good thing I wore this chain-mail inside...
Mimio: .......I guess you can call this self-serving return...!!

Ambushing Lady SFX: Hehehehe

DeroDero Monster Index 3
Midnight Television Infomercial
A mysterious sales program that slips into your TV at midnight. While they mostly have junk as merchandise, their mysterious nature makes them somehow desirable.

Bold guy SFX: Gyaaah!!

Panel Text: Although they said "tune in next week", the program has never been seen since then...

Guy on right: Wha!
Guy on left: Wooah!

Strangely 3 The End

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#1. by DJ Tenkal (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 9, 2009
TYVM for the translations. :)

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