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Mayoi Neko Overrun! 1

It's not like I've asked to be taken in!!

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Dec 29, 2009 16:08 | Go to Mayoi Neko Overrun!

-> RTS Page for Mayoi Neko Overrun! 1

w00t! Finished! :P
The page number is written according to Raw-Paradise's numbering of their files.
Anyway, hope you guys will enjoy it. I know I did ;)


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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Proofread by: Pending

(No Text)

Upper Side Text: Yabuki Kentarou's New Series

Panel Text:
My name is Tsuduki Takumi
The brother of the owner of the run-down patisserie "Stray Cat's".
While I guess I'm a bit of an Otaku, I'd like to think of myself as an ordinary high school student...

Right Side Vertical Text: This is the story about how I got mixed up with the stray cats----!

Left Side Text: Total sales has broken 500 thousand copies! The long anticipated comic adaptation of the immensely popular SD Bunko title "Mayoi-Neko Overrun!"!!

Bottom Side Text: TV Anime is scheduled to begin running this April on Tokyo-MX, BS11, etc.!! Visit 10P for detail!!

Upper Right Text: New Series

Middle Right Text:
Over 500 thousand total copies!!
Super Dash Bunko
"Mayoi-Neko Overrun!"
Vol. 01-07 are currently for sale!!
Author: Matsu Tomohiro Illistration: Peko
Pricing: Vol. 01-06 are 580-Yen each (after tax)
Vol. 07 is 630-Yen (after tax)

Bottom Text:
WJ 05+06 released today features Yabuki-sensei's latest 1-hit "Futagami (Star) Double"!!
"ToLoveRu Artbook Love Color!" is currently for sale for 2100-Yen (before tax)!!
"ToLoveRu" (Story: Hasemi Saki) latest Vol. 17 is scheduled for release on Febuary 4th (Thursday)!!
Original Author: Matsu Tomihiro
Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Character Design: Peko

Top Warped Text: High-tension school life with short-tempered pretty girls is about to begin...!!

Title: Leading Color 62P
Title: Mayoi-Neko Overrun!
Chapter 1: It's not like I've asked to be taken in!!

(No Text)

Left Side Text: Thus begins Takumi's day...

Logo: Patisserie Stray Cat's

Takumi: Alrighty!
Takumi: Now I just need to open shop!

Takumi: ... But I should take out the garbage in the changing room before Fumino comes in.

Takumi: ......

Bottom Side Text: [Mayoi-Neko Overrun!]

Takumi: .........

Takumi: I... Isn't this our dear Lady Serizawa Fumino... ...... Didn't realize you're here already.

Fumino: W...
Fumino: Why you...

Fumino: Pervert!!
Fumino: Die Twice already-----!!!

Takumi: Erm... Fumino...
Takumi: Are you feeling better now~~...?

Fumino: Why?
Fumino: I wasn't mad to begin with.
Takumi: She's mad... Still mad...

Fumino: Speaking of which, what's up with her!?
Fumino: That sister of yours!!

Fumino: It's been two days since Otome-san, the owner/patissier, last showed up!
Fumino: There nothing left that's fresh enough for sale!
Fumino: How in the world are we going to get customers to come in such condition!!?
Takumi: Erm~~~~ But this is just how it has always been...

Otome: I'm home-----!
SFX: Creak...

Takumi: Otome Nee-san!
Otome: Takumi, great work being the acting manager (heart)

Otome: And huge thanks to you, too, Fumino. Always doing part-time work for us~~~~!
Fumino: Otome-san... Where did you go this time?

Otome: Saipan Island!
Fumino: Huh?

Otome: I helped a poor family being after by loan sharks to get out of the country. I went along with them as an escort!
Both: She's sticking out her neck from dangerous stuff like this again...

Otome: Ah, yes!
Otome: I've brought back a souvenir with me!!

Takumi: A souvenir?
Otome: Just wait there for a sec~~~~

SFX Bubble: Shuts...

Fumino: What should we do if she brought back another stray cat on her way?
Takumi: ... I don't think it would matter much if we added another one or two now...

Otome: Sorry for K E E P Y O U W A I T I N G----!

Otome: Tah-Da!

Otome: Her name is Kiriya Nozomi-chan!
Otome: Come on, say hello the way I told you!!

Nozomi: ... Meow

Both: S...
Both: She brought back an actual person----!!!

School Name: Umenomori Private Acadamy
Stone Tablets: Victory, Effort, Friendship

Ieyasu: She brought back a girl~!?
Ieyasu: What kind of Ero-Ge plot-line is this!?

Translator's Note: Ero-Ge is short for Erotic Games, which are X-rated computer games/visual novels.

Ieyasu: And... What type of girl is she?

Ieyasu: Busty with maid uniform is a perfect match!
Ieyasu: Or a bespectacled clumsy girl!!
Ieyasu: Or is she the late night anime type in general!?

Ieyasu: Or could it be those in "Anime for Little Girls" where even the older audiences can enjoy? Like that...
Takumi: Ieyasu...... It's better if you cut down on those 2D Delusions.

Daigorou: ... That is just typical for Master Otome...

Daigorou: The only person I can look up to...!
Takumi: Daigorou?

Panel Text: When an island is about to sink due to global warming in the south, she would go around gathering small pebbles to build a dam!!
Panel Text: When a fire started in the woods to the north, she can run out in just her pajamas and a bucket...!!
Panel Text: Those aren't things ordinary people can achieve!!

Daigorou: She would even go as far as Saipan Island to save a poor family from being hunted down by loan sharks...
Daigorou SFX: Aww...
Daigorou: Such a merciful person...!!
Takumi: Erm... Even as her family, I don't think that's something to brag...
Fumino: Jeez!!

Fumino: If something is to happen to Takumi or Otome-san due to these crazy stunts...
Fumino: Who's going to pay for my salary as the only part-time worker there!!?

Panel Text: Fumino......

Takumi: Are you... Worried about us?

Fumino: What kind of BS are you talking about!!?
Fumino: Die Twice already-----!!!
Chise: Not to worry!!

Chise: Nothing shall endanger Tsuduki.

Chise: Why!?

Chise: Because Tsuduki Takumi is my servant!! Me!! Umenomori Chise!!!
Chise: The one who inherited the name of "Umenomori Clan", a proud global conglomerate!!

Fumino: Gah!
Takumi: Umenomori!!

Chise: Tsuduki!
Chise: Hand!!

Panel Text: Salted Caramel

Chise: Mnn~~~ It's so sweet, and yet salty~~~
Chise: Like Hell!!

Chise: I wasn't asking for THAT!!
Takumi: Her short stature made her straight blows go right to that tender-soft spot...

Chise: Here!
Chise: Hand!

Takumi: Aww~~~~
SFX Bubble: Tag
Takumi: All right...

Chise: Oooh~~~~ Good Boy!
Chise: Now this is good servant!!
Chise Small Text: From now on, do try to be more responsive!

Chise Small Text: Good Boy! Good Boy (Heart)

Fumino: You disgust me~~~~...
Fumino: Makes me wanna... Renounce our relationship as childhood friends...

Takumi: Fumino...
Chise: What now!? I don't see how someone who tails Tsuduki around like you should have anything to complain!?

Chise: Tsuduki owes me plenty of favors!!
Chise: The only reason Tsuduki Otome is still safe up until now is because of me! Because she has me, Umenomori Chise, to back her up!!

Chise: I helped her when she tangled with the mob!
Chise: I helped her when she decided to shoulder debts for someone else!!

Chise: It's all because of me!!
Chise: Things achievable only because I'm the heiress of the Umenomori Group!!

Chise: Just yesterday, I managed to charter a jet because Otome needed it!!
Takumi: I knew it has to be something like this...

Fumino: So what?
Fumino: Those things doesn't concern me for a bit.

Chise: For your record, this is MY school, and my grandpa is the board chairman!
Chise: If I am to ask for it, I can even make just your uniform into school swimsuit instead!!

Fumino: If that happens, I'll be sticking a bib around your neck!!
Fumino: And add a pacifier to make it a matching set!!

Takumi: Hey, hey, calm down now, you two...
Both: Shut up!!

Daigorou: ... Just like always.
Ieyasu: Yeah... Another peaceful day today...

Takumi: Sigh... Such a draining day...

Takumi: ... Speaking of which, why did you guys tag along?
Ieyasu: This way I can see the rumored cutey girl with my own eyes.

Takumi: Ieyasu, I thought you said you're not interested in 3D girls, didn't you?
Ieyasu: There are exceptions.
Ieyasu: Like a voice actress is, in reality, a mangaka.
Takumi: I don't think that even exists.

Panel Text: But with both of them coming, it should make her feel more at home...
Panel Text: Especially since Fumino when back home to put down her things...

Ieyasu: Where is she? I don't see her anywhere.
Takumi: She's probably in the living room.

Takumi: She wouldn't be changing like Fumino, would she?

Panel Text: ... Nah, no way, this is the living room for crying out loud.
Takumi: I'm hom----

Nozomi: Welcome home.

Takumi: .........

Ieyasu: What's going on, Takumi?
Ieyasu: Is she in there?

Takumi: Whoa----!

Panel Text: Huh! What the hell am I doing!!?
Panel Text: Wouldn't be better if I get out of here as well just now!!?

Fumino: Takumi-----!

Fumino: The lights in the office space just went off----......

Fumino: Get the hell out, you idiot!!

Ieyasu: Good one, Takumi...
Ieyasu: I always thought that a lucky pervert like that would only exist in the 2D world.

Takumi: ......

Nozomi: Thank you.
Nozomi: For lending me that uniform...

Fumino: No biggie.
Fumino: Just don't move around too much since you're not wearing any panties. People might see.

Fumino: Man... Otome-san took all your clothes for washing...
SFX Bubble: Fluff

Fumino: Same goes for you! You shouldn't be just daydreaming there after showering even if you don't have any clothes to wear!
SFX Bubble: Pats down
Fumino: At least wrap in a towel or cover with your hands...

Nozomi: Why?
Fumino: What do you mean why...? It's embarrassing!

Nozomi: I don't mind.
Fumino: Gah-----! But I do! So cut it out!!!

Fumino: For us girls! Not just our naked bodies, but if a guy even sees our panties without permission, we would be allowed to punish him with whatever we deem necessary!!!
Takumi: Erm...

Otome: Oh, my~~~?
Otome: I'm glad that everyone's here~~~~~

Ieyasu: Master Otome!
Diagorou: Sorry for the intrusion.

Otome: Hey! Ieyasu-kun and Daigorou-kun! It's been a while~~~~!

Fumino: Otome-san!
Fumino: Are you really planning on keeping her here!?

Otome: Well~~~ I mean......
Otome: She doesn't seem to have anywhere else to go...

Takumi: Nowhere else to go?
Otome: Yeah.

Panel Text: She was... sitting by herself in a corner at the station.
Panel Text: Just like a stray cat...

Panel Text: A stray cat...

Fumino: But hey! This store is just a run-down cake shop now!! With Otome-san missing all the time!
Otome Text: Well, to be honest with you...
Fumino: Takumi can't bake anything! And there are already 15 kittens!
Fumino: Where can you possibly find anything to feed another girl----...

Nozomi: I'll leave.
Nozomi: If it's too much trouble.

Nozomi: Thank you for the meal and shower.
Nozomi: It's more than I can ask...

Panel Text: Those eyes...

Otome: H... Hold it, hold it! It's no trouble, so do stay----!
Otome: I mean, yeah! You can help out in the store and all... Right, Takumi!!?

Takumi: Erm... Sure.
Panel Text: This girl... Could she be...

Panel Text: Just like...

Panel Text: Us......?

Mikan: Let's see...
Label #1: Mango Layer Cheese Cake 350 Yen/Ea.
Label #2: Berry Mille Crepes 380 Yen/Ea.
Label #3: Roll Cake 560 Yen
Mikan: I'll take that and that, please.

Fumino: The weather seems to be changing soon, so please be careful.
Mikan: Thank you.

Fumino Text: Is that a flower on her head?
Celine: Mawu--

Takumi: Fumino.
Takumi: You should go ahead and head back early. I'm about to close shop.

Fumino: W... Whatever!
Fumino: I don't need you to worry about me!!

Takumi: That's the expression for "Thank you for worrying about me".

Nozomi: I'm done with the cleaning.
Takumi: Oh... Thanks for the hardwork, Kiriya-san.

Nozomi: You can just call me Nozomi.
Nozomi: Also, I found this in the living room.
Takumi: !?

Takumi: Is it from Otome Nee-san?
SFX: Open...

Please take care of Nozomi-chan for me for a bit.
I might not be coming home tonight (heart)

Panel Text: Say...
Panel Text: What-------!!?

Fumino: O... Otome-san is always getting into trubles.
SFX: Slides off

Takumi: Eh? You're heading home?
Fumino: Well, duh!
Fumino: And don't tag along!!

Takumi: Ah! Nozomi's laundry is dry now! You can change off the uniform!

Takumi: Sorry about this, but I'm going to accompany Fumino back home.
Nozomi: Ehh... But I thought she say not to tag along......

Takumi: Fumino is just not being straight.
Takumi: That actually means "I want you to tag along".
Nozomi: .........

Fumino: I thought I told you not to come...
Takumi: Sure, sure.

Takumi: It's been a while since the last time I was here at Serizawa Church.

Takumi: Well, then, I'll be heading back now.
Fumino: Huh... Aren't you going to stay a while?
Fumino: The Sister might want to...
Fumino: See you...

Takumi: I can't just leave her back there, can I?
Fumino: ...I guess so.

Fumino: ... Takumi you idiot...

Kyoko: Hey~~~~~ (heart) Magical Kyoko is here!
Takumi: Er~~~mm
SFX: Thump x2
Takumi: Can't seem to calm down...

Fumino: Mnnnn~~~~...

Fumino: .........

Fumino: I... It's not like I'm worried or anything!

Doorbell: Ding-Dong

Takumi: Otome Nee-san? I'm glad you're h----...

Fumino: I... I've just had a few things I've forgotten!
Fumino: It's not like I'm worried about Nozomi or anything!

Takumi: ...... I see.
Panel Text: Thank you, Fumino......

Nozomi: Takumi, Towel, please.

Fumino: W... What are you staring at-----!?

Takumi: Well then... I'll be heading back to my room and sleep now.
Fumino: Please do! I'll kill you if you dare peeking on us!

SFX Bubble: Dims
Fumino: Eh!?

Takumi: The power's out...
Fumino: You're kidding... There's no electricity!?

Fumino: Kyah!

Takumi: Haha...
Takumi: Well, now we can all just sleep...

Fumino: A... Are you planning on just leaving us here!!?
Takumi: Huh?

Takumi: ... S... Seriously...

Takumi: This is so wrong on so many levels......
Fumino: I don't like it! I hate it!!

Fumino: But I'm just going to live with it with all my might!
Nozomi: ... Agreed.

Fumino: !!
Fumino SFX: Startled
Takumi: A lightning strike.

SFX: Tightens Grip
Takumi: Fumino?

Fumino: Awww~~~~ I... I'm ok...
Fumino: It's Takumi who's afraid! So I have to do this!!

Fumino SFX Bubble: Shivering
Takumi: .........

Panel Text: .........
Takumi Text: Heh...

Takumi: It's just like old time, isn't it?
Fumino: What are you talking about? I don't remember ever being like this...

Nozomi: .........

Nozomi: .........

I've troubled you guys enough, so I'm leaving now.
Thank you for everything.

Panel Text: Next Morning

Takumi: Ieyasu! Daigorou! What about your side!?
Ieyasu: Nothing!
Ieyasu: We went as far as the train station, but nothing there.

Takumi: Damn it...
Takumi: Nozomi... Why did you...?
Fumino: .........

Takumi: I hate to ask you this... But can I ask you two to try a bit more!?
Daigorou: Got it.
Ieyasu: I've got an idea! Just leave it to me!

Fumino: ... It might be my fault...

Takumi: !?
Takumi: ... What do you mean, Fumino?

Fumino: She must've thought... That she doesn't want to get in my way...
Fumino: That there's no place for here...

Takumi: Huh...?
Fumino: Takumi you idiot!! Don't you get it!?
Fumino: She's just... Like us in the past!!

Fumino: Just like the time! When you run away from the church!!
Fumino: Thinking about the same reasons!!!

Panel Text: .........

Chise: Tsuduki------!

Chise: We have confirmed!!
Chise: The location of Kiriya Nozomi! I'm sending it to your cell right now!!

Takumi: Huh!?
Chise: Well! Something like this is just a piece of cake for the inteligence network of Umenomori Clan!!

Takumi: Why did Umenomori...?

Panel Text: I've got an idea!!
Takumi: It was Ieyasu!

Butler: You're such a kind person, Lady Chise.
Chise: Hmph! It's the duty as a master to take care of the problems of a servant!

Chise: Of course! By having me running errands like this in early dawn...
Chise: Tsuduki will have a lot to pay for with his body (heart)

Chise: Nyohoho! I'm looking forward to it

Nozomi: ...... Are you alone as well?
Black Cat: .....

Nozomi: !

Nozomi: ... I see.
Nozomi: It only made me even more lonely.

Takumi: Nozomi!!

Takumi: Good...
Takumi: We found you...

Nozomi: ...... Why?
Nozomi: I'm only going to trouble you guys.

Nozomi: Just don't worry about me.
Nozomi: I don't have any family... or friends...
Nozomi: I'm better off being alo-----...

Takumi: ... I knew it... I knew it's like this.
Takumi: That Nozomi is just like us...
Nozomi: Eh...?

Takumi: We're also just like you.
Takumi: Me and Fumino... We're both orphans just like you, Nozomi.

Fumino: My parents were in an accident...
Fumino: After that, I was taken in by the same orphanage at the church as Takumi.

Takumi: I was abandoned on a sheet of Tatami.
Takumi: I was named "Takumi" because the orphanage wanted to leave part of the "nickname" I had, "Tatami". So they took off a stroke and made it into "Takumi"... Isn't that kind of funny?

Panel Text: But the orphanage closed down when we were 6.
Panel Text: Our friends were taken to elsewhere one by one, leaving just the two of us.
Panel Text: However, the church didn't have enough resource to take in both of us.

Takumi: So I ran away from the church by myself.
Takumi: "I'll only bring more trouble if I stayed"...

Panel Text: ... Sitting on the floor with nowhere to go, the one who took me in was...
Panel Text: Otome Nee-san.

Takumi: Which means I'm actually Human #1 taken in by Otome Nee-san.
Takumi: And Nozomi being #2.

Takumi: Which is why I can't just let you go.
Takumi: Since it's like see us from the past.

Fumino: T... That's not it for me!

Fumino: But if I couldn't get Nozomi back... It'd be like I've ran someone out again...
Fumino: And I would hate that...

Takumi: ... You see? Fumino is worried about you as well.
Takumi: She's just not being straight.

Panel Text: Otome Nee-san is always out helping others and is usually not home. With me still being a high school student, I've always been a trouble for Nee-san...
Panel Text: And without the help from Fumino, the store would be impossible to stay open.

Takumi: But I think it's all just fine.
Takumi: It's OK to trouble others.

Takumi: Because... That's what binds us together.

Nozomi: But...... I......

Takumi: ... Aren't we already...
Takumi: Family?

Nozomi: .........

Nozomi: Meow...

Panel Text: Thus.
Panel Text: Today at our Stray Cat's.

Panel Text: We have added.
Panel Text: A new family member.

Horizontal Text: This is where all the kindness gathers----...

To be continued!

Mayoi-Neko Overrun! ---- To be continued in March issue

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2009
Thankyou Finestela !!
#2. by [Cross] ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2009
Thanks for the translation! Though, you seem to be missing a bubble for page 38, the second bubble.
#3. by Finestela ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
Fixed, thanks Cross for catching it :)
#4. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
Thanks Stela!
#5. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
so the characters aren't designed by Yabuki Kentarou? I thought they looked different.. I like his characters better to be honest but I'll stick cuz I simply love his art.
thanks a lot for the translation Finestela sama ^_^
#6. by Finestela ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
The character design is always done by the original light novel's illustrator. It's up the the artist (in this case, Yabuki) to try to adapt it into his own style without making too much drastic changes.

There are several cases in the past where the characters in the manga adaptation had deviated too much from the original illustrator that the fans of the novel sort of revolted against it. (Case in point, the "first" manga adapation for Suzumiya Haruhi... :P)

As someone who had been reading the novel long before it was announced that Yabuki is going to be the artist for the manga... I'm pretty comfortable with the character drawings thus far ;)
#7. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Jan 1, 2010
yeah changing character designs definitely won't go well with fans of original work.. but they look so cookie cutter =_=
I'm not much into light novels but I'm thinking I'll check this one, maybe characters will grow on me better :D

thanks again ^_^

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