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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 7

Chasing Harisugawa

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Aug 25, 2011 11:07 | Go to Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

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Reserved for RedHawk Scanlation

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

Tilted Text: The worst (or best?) reunion!!

Text: Here comes the highly popular heart-pounding romantic mirror comedy!!

#7 Chasing Harisugawa

Kanou Yasuhiro

Mao: E-
Mao: Eeeeeeeek!

Mao: W...
Mao: Why is Harisugawa-kun in there?

Tetsu: Gah...!! Why is Satomi in her underwear...

Tetsu: !!?

Mao: !!?

Saki: Mao!! What happened?

Saki: Harisugawa?!

Tetsu: Matsukawa?!
Tetsu: Hold on... what is this place?!
Tetsu: What kind of mess am I in?

Saki: Where's Mao? ...!?
Saki: Why are you here, Harisugawa...?
Saki: Here in the dressing room of women's swimsuit store...!!

Tetsu: !! Swim...
Tetsu: Dressing room?

Saki: Where do you think you're going?!
Saki: You pervert!

Text: This is... seriously super awful mess I'm in...

Tetsu: Anyway, time to retreeeeat~!!!
Saki: Ahh~ Hey, wait!

Saki: Where did Mao go?
Saki: Not here.
Saki: Not here. Not here.
Female customer: Kyaaaah!!

Saki: What exactly...
Saki: is going on?

Tetsu: Haa- Haa-
Tetsu: Looks like we both were surprised and touched one another across the mirror/window.
Tetsu: We ended up switching places at the worst location possible...
Tetsu: !!

Tetsu: Is this... Satomi's clothes?
Tetsu: I just sort of held on it and took it out...

Tetsu: There seem to still be some leftover warmth on it...
Tetsu: and a light hint of Satomi's smell...

Tetsu: I might sound like a perv, but by just thinking about the fact that Satomi was wearing it up until now...

Mao: Don't stop there.
Mao: Hurry up and put it on for me.

Tetsu: Urmf~!!
Tetsu: Stop it! Stop it with the delusions~
Small Text: Ehh? What's with that?
Small Text: What a creep...

Side Text: He always drinks canned coffee as refreshment! You can only read Kanou-sensei's work in Jump!!

Tetsu: Having this here only means that Satomi is currently inside the mirror with only underwear.
Tetsu: If I screw up the switching back, I would seriously embarrass her.
Tetsu: Hmm...
Tetsu: Wait, where's the mirror...?

Tetsu: Shit!!! I left it!
Tetsu: When I switched, it's supposed to be right over here!

Tetsu: The mirror comes first compare to everything else!
Tetsu: This is serious~! This is some major catastrophe~!!

Tetsu: Nothing!
Tetsu: Both the mirror and Matsukawa are gone!

Tetsu: The mirror is probably inside Satomi's bag...
Tetsu: No doubt Matsukawa took it with her.
Tetsu: This is bad... I gotta hurry and get it back...
Panel Text: He placed the clothes inside a plastic bag he found.

Misaki: Come on~... I came along because you said you're going shopping.
Title: A hundred ways to ward off spirits
Title: Exorcism for beginners
Misaki: But instead you're buying these stupid books.

Juuri: What do you mean stupid?! You're the one with too much faith in science.
Juuri: Misaki!! You should read one of them carefully and study the subject.
Misaki: No, thanks.

Juuri: Ever since that incident, I've been afraid of looking into a mirror.
Juuri: For some reason, I'm feeling that there are spirits everywhere in my daily lives as well.

Misaki: I told you, your eyes were just playing tricks on you. I mean in the end, even Harisugawa was just on a self-challenging trip.
Juuri: No, I refuse to believe that!!
Juuri: There's got to be more to it!

Juuri: While hearing his voice might make you believe that he's alive, in reality, he's actually dead.
Juuri: It's a trap to make everything extra scary!!
Juuri: It's that kind of trap!!!
Misaki: Jeez... She's being such a pain...

Misaki: Huh? Is that Harisugawa I just saw...?
Juuri: Ehh?! You saw him?
Juuri: Misaki, you can see ghosts too!!
Misaki: That's not a ghost.

Saki: Misaki! Juuri!
Saki: You guys are here as well?
Misaki: Saki!

Both: Ehh?! Mao disappeared from the dressing room?!

Saki: I had no idea where she went from that point on.
Saki: She just vanished without a trace...
Saki: I couldn't reach her through her cell either.

Juuri: I know what happened...
Misaki: Hmm?
Juuri: Mao won't be coming back...

Juuri: There's a secret door hidden inside the dressing room. Any woman entering inside with be captured
Juuri: and kidnapped by being taken through the door.
Juuri: She will then be sold by a human trafficking organization, and she will never return.

Misaki: No, that's just an urban legend...
Misaki: You're talking about that famous Kidnappings in Orleans.
Misaki Bubble Small Text: What kind of occult-in-tuned brain is that...
TV Show Host: So do you believe it, or not?
Juuri: You don't know if it's real or not!

Saki: Anyway, Harisugawa should know something.
Misaki: Harisugawa? Isn't he on a trip?
Saki: I'm not sure, but he appeared out of nowhere and ran away with Mao's clothes.
Misaki: What's up with that pervert...?

Misaki: So... that was indeed Harisugawa then.
Saki: Eh? Did you see him?
Misaki: Yep, he went that way...

Saki: Thanks!! I have to get him to tell me where Mao is at.
Saki: If you guys see him, just give me a call on my cell.

Juuri: ... Is Harisugawa-kun really alive?
Misaki: Again with that...

Juuri: I'm having some kind of bad feeling... It's like Harisugawa-kun's spirit is trying to lure us.

Juuri: No... we can't let him possess us~
Misaki: Hold on, Juuri. Haven't you gone far enough with that?

Saki: That damn Harisugawa~ A marathon trip around Japan?
Saki: More like sneaking around places like this and secretly getting close to Mao, I'd say?

Saki: Not to mention he thought it's was a great opportunity when Mao went into the dressing room
Saki: and snuck in there... He's the worst human being ever!! I won't forgive him!!!

Side Text: Nipple shot right from the beginning?! Jump Next, where the side story is featured, is currently for sale with great fanfare!!

Tetsu: She's not here...
Tetsu: Did that Matsukawa left the department store already?

Tetsu: If she left already, and we go past the 1 hour time limit for switching places...

Tetsu: Satomi will be exposed in the middle of street without any clothes!!
Tetsu: That's something we must prevent!!!

Tetsu: While I gotta protect the mirror's secret, that's besides the point now!!!
Tetsu: My first priority is to protect Satomi!!
Tetsu: I have to get her clothes to her within the time limit no matter what.

Tetsu: So anyway, I gotta find Matsukawa.

Tetsu: !!

Tetsu: Matsukawa?!
Saki: He's not here... Damn that Harisugawa!

Tetsu: Is she looking for me, too? Oh, right, it's because Satomi has disappeared.
Tetsu: But it's such a relief that she hasn't left the department store.

Tetsu: So she does have Satomi's bag with her!!!
Tetsu: All right, if I can just grab that.

Tetsu: I'll find an opening, grab the bag, and run for it right away.

Text: Then everything will be a-okay.

Tetsu: !!!

Saki: !!! Harisugawa?
Juuri: Hurray! I got him~!!!
Tetsu: Gah!
Tetsu: You guys are here as well?!

Juuri: I saved Saki!
Juuri: My spiritual awareness even knew where Harisugawa is at!
Misaki: No... that's because I already said he's heading this direction.

Misaki: Not to mention being caught by a human means that he's not a ghost, right?
Juuri: Sure...
Juuri: Is he really alive? Really solid?
Tetsu: Argh-!!

Saki: You'll tell me what's going on from top to bottom, won't you?
Saki: Right? Harisugawa?

Tetsu: I can't explain it to you!!
Tetsu: If you can give that bag to me, Satomi will be back right away...
Saki: Huh?
Saki: How in the world am I supposed to understand any of that?!

Tetsu: Believe me! I'm not lying!

Saki: Enough! Give me back Mao's clothes and tell me where she's at!
Saki: I'll listen to your excuses later!! You pervert!

Tetsu: I can't do that...
Tetsu: Look like... there's only one thing left to do.

Tetsu: Brute force~!!

Saki: Ahh! Hold it!! You~!!

Tetsu: There's no way I'd wait for you-!!

Tetsu: Call me a pervert, a bag-snatcher, whatever.
Tetsu: The first thing to do right now is to hurry up and let Satomi put her clothes back on!!

Text: Protecting Satomi at any time!
Text: That's what I'm here for!!

Saki: Harisugawa, wait~

Punk A: Argh!
SFX Bubble: Splash
Saki: Aww...
Saki: Wah...

Saki: I- I'm sorry!
Saki: I was in a hurry and...
Saki: I'm really sorry, are you okay?

Punk A: Okay my ass!
Punk A: Look at this mess.
Punk A: It's ruined.

Saki: I'm so sorry. I...
Saki: I'll pay for the damage.

Punk A: Paying for damage? You know this costs 20 thousand yen?
Punk A: You gonna pay for that?
Saki: Erm... 20 thousand...

Punk A: H... hmm...?

Punk A: Nah... don't worry about the money.
Punk A: Right?
Punk B: Oh, right!
Saki: Ehh?

Punk A: Instead, hang out with us for 2 to 3 hours, okay?
Punk B: Just for some food, a drink or two, and a bit of fun-

Punk A: I'll take that as a yes! All right, let's go!
Saki: I- I can't.
Saki: I got someone with me.
Punk A: Yeah, well, I don't care about that.

Tetsu: Sorry!
Tetsu: She's my girlfriend.
Tetsu: Can you please leave her alone?

Punk A: H- huh?!
Punk B: She has a guy?!

Text: While protecting Satomi comes first,
Tetsu: T- that's right.
Text: only an idiot would ignore someone you know that's in trouble!
Tetsu: Ahahah! She's just a bit too feisty!

Punk A: W- well, pay up for the damage then!!
Tetsu: I... I don't have any money though.
Punk A: Huh?!!

Punk A: Are you messing with me?!
Tetsu: Argh...

Tetsu: Yeah, keep going!! Keep hitting until we can call even...
Punk A: Shut up! This kid is getting on my nerves!!

Misaki: Security! Hurry, hurry!!

Punk A: Tsk... What a pain...
Punk A: We're attracting a crowd here!
Punk B: Let's go!

Guard: Are you guys all right?
Misaki: Saki~

Tetsu: Hahaha, this is nothing. It's like one of those daily routines for me.

Saki: Thanks for helping me out.
Saki: Thank you.

Saki: But what was that with the girlfriend thing?!
Saki: When did I become your girlfriend?!
Saki: Don't say weird stuff that'll make people get the wrong idea!!

Tetsu: Ahh, sorry about that~ It just sort of popped out.
Tetsu: Matsukawa, while a pretty like you wouldn't really go out with someone like me, those guys didn't suspect a thing.
Saki: Pre...
Tetsu: Can't I at least enjoy this little bit of happiness as a consolation prize for getting beaten up?

Tetsu: Well, anyway, I'm glad that nothing bad happened.
Tetsu: Later-

Saki: I'm pretty...?
Saki: But no guy has ever said that to me before.

Juuri: ......
Misaki: Aren't you going after him?

Saki: !! That's right!!
Saki: Waaaait~!! Where's Mao?!

Mao: Phew...
Mao: Finally got some clothes on~...

Mao: I was really on edge about where I might appear...
Mao: Without any window, I wasn't able to know how much time had passed.

Mao: Ahh, Saki!
Mao: Sorry for disappearing suddenly like that...
Saki: Mao!!

Saki: You really did come back right away...
Saki: But why did you go from the dressing room to a place like this?

Mao: A roach showed up inside the dressing room...
Mao: I got scared and ran all the way to here (heart)
Saki: Huh?!
Saki: Liar!
Mao: Really, it's the truth!

Saki: Oh well...
Saki: I'm just glad that you're all right, Mao.

Saki: If Mao doesn't want to tell me, I'm okay with not knowing.
Saki: But jeez, there were just too many incomprehensible things happening.
Saki: Speaking of which, where did Harisugawa go...?

Saki: What exactly is up with him?
Saki: Messing around with me like that...
Saki: Damn it...
Panel Text: At the time, Mao didn't know the reason why Saki was blushing.

Side Text: Somehow, Harisugawa made it through! But did his actions changed Saki's feelings for him...?!

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa
#7: The End

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