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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 8

Wavering Hearts

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Sep 2, 2011 20:37 | Go to Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

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Reserved for RedHawk Scanlation

Top Text: The curtain has risen on the troubles coming for Harisugawa's love! Here comes the heart-pounding romantic mirror comedy!!

Tilted Text: We may finally see... just how dazzling these cute girls can be (heart)

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

#8 Wavering Hearts

Kanou Yasuhiro

Tilted Text: The sudden close-up between Harisugawa and Saki!!

Tetsu: Ahaha
Tetsu: She's my girlfriend.

Saki: Girlfriend!!

Saki: H... hey, what do you mean by girlfriend?!
Saki: Let go of me!
Tetsu: Come on! It's just for a little bit.

Tetsu: I'm so lucky to be able to hug a pretty girl like you, Matsukawa.

Tetsu: Hmm~ You're so beautiful.
Saki: Gah! Why you!

Saki: Get offfff!!!

Saki: Nya!!

Saki: ......
Saki: Nnn...
Saki: Nya...

Saki: Nnn~...
Saki: What an annoying dream...
Saki: What's up with that...

Tetsu: You are such a pretty girl, Matsukawa.
Tetsu: Would you go out with me?

Saki: Ahhh!! Jeez!

Saki: That damn Harisugawa! He woke me up by saying those weird things...
Saki: when he didn't even mean it...

Saki: Sheesh!!

Misaki: No, but you actually are a pretty girl, Saki.
Misaki: Your face and curves are both very nice.
Saki: Only you guys are saying that.
Juuri: Eh? Really?
Juuri: I was sure that there were others who told you this.

Misaki: But hey, I can understand why all of the attentions from the boys are pulled away from you, Saki.
Misaki: The reason is over there!

Mao: I just found this one, and I'm going to try it too (heart)

Misaki: You guys are always together, right?
Misaki: It's just impossible to draw people's attentions when you have someone like her next to you and constantly projecting that impressive Lovely Aura.
Saki Small Text: 10K and 5K?
Misaki: It's like having a 10K yen bill and 5K yen bill walking together, right?
Misaki: When it comes to the aura, everyone's attention will be drawn towards the 10K yen bill.
Juuri: You should give a more girlish example.

Misaki: But I have to say, Harisugawa was pretty impressive
Misaki: by doing that praise-and-run trick.
Misaki: Using that trick, he cunningly made an impression of himself.
Saki: Nope, I didn't feel a thing.

Text: That's right.
Text: I didn't feel anything at all.

Saki: But then why...
Saki: Ahhhh~
Saki: Can't sleep!!!

Panel Text: Satomi's Home

Side Text: He always drinks canned coffee as refreshment! You can only read Kanou-sensei's work in Jump!!

Mao: Welcome, Saki...
Mao: What's wrong?
Saki: Ah! It's nothing...

Masaki: What's up!
Juuri: Hey-
Mao: Come on in, guys.

Mao: Ahh!
Mao: Hold on just a sec.
Mao: I'll be done right away.

Mao: I know I've already told you, but the girls are here.
Mao: Will it be okay if I just hide the mirrors?
Tetsu: Yeah, I only have the Master Mirror and the cell phone as "windows" right now.

Mao: Although I don't really have anything to hide, I just don't know what Saki and the others might say.
Tetsu: I got it. Don't worry about me.
Mao: Don't make any sound even if something unexpected were to happen.
Tetsu: Yeah.

Tetsu: Hahaha... Can't believe it's only been a day.
Tetsu: The reading result is still on my mind...

Tetsu: but why was Matsukawa there as well...?
Tetsu: For some reason, everything's been slowly coming back to me since last night...
Tetsu: It feels really strange.

Tetsu: While it was an impulsive move, it's the first time I've hugged a girl.
Tetsu: It felt really nice.
Tetsu: She was much more delicate than I had expected.

Tetsu: In these last few days in the mirror... I have grown close to Satomi, obviously,
Tetsu: but I have also gotten really close to Matsukawa as well...
Tetsu: Though in ways not really acceptable under normal circumstances...

Tetsu: While I knew her since grade school,
Tetsu: and now that I've come to known her again,
Tetsu: she's actually not so bad.

Tetsu: No, wait a minute. She's kinda nice, sure...
Tetsu: but my feelings for Satomi will not waver!
Tetsu: And who the hell am I talking to?!

Tetsu: !!?
Tetsu: Eek... What the?

Juuri Small Text: Where is it?
Juuri: Huh? Is that Mao's cell phone?
Misaki: It's vibrating...
Misaki: but she went to get some juice.

SFX Bubble: Bzzzt
SFX Bubble: Bzzzt
Misaki: Ahh, it stopped.

Saki: So...
Saki: it's settled.

Saki: We're going to the vacation house of Misaki's relative at the start of summer!
Misaki: Oooh! And the beach is just next to it!!
Juuri: I'm sooo looking forward to it!!

Saki: So everyone ended up buying swimsuits that are going to be used on our travel plan.
Mao: It's so great to spend our first summer vacation of high school on our first overnight trip.

Misaki: Oooh- We better find some nice guys at the beach!
Juuri: It'll be great if we can talk to some of them.

Misaki: We'll show you the power of the 5K's!!
Text: We are the 5K's
//The 5K's goes below the 5,000x3
Saki: Don't count me in!
Juuri: It'd be 15 thousand with the 3 of us combined-!!
SFX: Ahahahaha
Mao: Ehh?
Mao: I don't understand what you mean by that.

Tetsu: Is it really all right for me to hear everything from the cell phone window...?
Tetsu: Oh well, I can't see what's going on anyway...

Juuri: Speaking of which, what's with Harisugawa-kun?

Juuri: Seriously, why did he appear all of a sudden only to disappear again?
Saki Small Text: When did you put up all those charms...?
Misaki Small Text: I don't think they'll scare the ghosts away...
Juuri: Oh well, I'm just glad that we now know the ghost wasn't Harisugawa-kun.

Misaki: But he did pop up in the department store when he should be on his Marathon trip.

Mao: H- Hey, he can come back if something comes up, right?
Mao: He must've come home and swung by the department store.
Text: Home
Text: Restart
Text: Restart
Misaki: Swung by the swimsuit store? Seriously?

Saki: Enough about Harisugawa.
Saki: It doesn't concern us.

Misaki: Huh? Is he still on your mind?
Saki: No, he's not.

Misaki: Harisugawa hugged Saki yesterday-
Saki: That wasn't a hug!

Text: Ehh... They're talking about that?
Text: Don't talk about stuff like that in front of Satomi! What if she gets the wrong idea...

Mao: So he saved you from being harassed?

Mao: Harisugawa-kun is such a nice person.
Mao: Risking himself to help you.
Mao: Could it be that he's taken a bit of a liking to you, Saki?

Misaki: Ehh?
Saki: !!
Mao: Huh?

Text: Huh... Did I mess up that follow-up?
Mao: J... just kidding.
Text: Could it be that I'm too eager to pull Saki and Harisugawa-kun together and made those intentions way too obvious...?

Text: Satomi...

Text: You don't care about me at all....
Text: While I'm already expecting this... I... I'm still really sad...

Tetsu: It really is impossible for us to fall in love with each other and to release me from the mirror...!!!
Tetsu: All my dreams and hopes are gone...

Saki: Seriously, enough about him!
Misaki: Looks like you'll really snap if I tease you even more.

Misaki: Well then,
Misaki: let's get on with the main event!

Misaki: A swimsuit dress-up party~!!

Saki: Ehh? Is that why you had us bring our swimsuits?
Juuri: Didn't we try it on when we bought it?
Misaki: This is the only way for all of us to try them on and see if they match!

Misaki: We gotta do something about the way we dress so we can create an overall lovely atmosphere around us!
Juuri: Can't we just do it before we go?
Misaki: Enough! Hurry up and get dressed!!

Mao: ... I did hide the mirror properly...
Mao: It should be all right.

Tetsu: A swimsuit dress-up party!!?

??: Hey, don't stare!
??: That's inside out.
??: Can someone help me adjust the back?

Mao: Ahh- Looking good.
Misaki: That's right, not bad at all!
Misaki: Couple with some fashionable swim rings and we are perfect.

Misaki: Ahh!
Misaki: Saki! That's no good! You need to wear it properly!
Saki: Hmm?

Saki: !!?

Saki: H- Hey!! What are you doing with your hands?!
Misaki: I gotta gather the surrounding muscles up more to make your size bigger.

Saki: Wooooah!
Misaki: And with just that, the coast is now clear.

Misaki: Mao, the same goes for you too!!
Mao: No, I...
Mao: I'm fine!

Mao: Kyahahaha! That tickles!!
Mao: No, wait!! Hold o...

SFX: Oooh-
Misaki: And Juuri...
Juuri: !! Me too?

Misaki: Nah, it won't do much good for you.
Juuri: Gaaaah~!!! I'm a B-cup you know!

Tetsu: So this is what a girl's party is like...
Tetsu: It's kinda annoying that I can't see a thing.
Tetsu: But it would be even more of a mess if I can!

Text: Although all my dreams and hopes are gone...
Text: for some reason, being in here gives me a lot of these kinds of perks...

SFX: Snore-
SFX: Snore-

Mao: Saki's sound asleep.
Misaki: Yeah, she did say she didn't have enough sleep.

Misaki: Well then, we're heading home now.
Mao: Ah, let me walk you back.

Saki: Nnn
Saki: ...Nnnnn

Saki: Did I fall asleep...?
Saki: And did everyone
Saki: go home already?

Saki: Damn, it's all Harisugawa's fault that I didn't get any sleep at all.
SFX: Sigh...

Tetsu: It's finally stopped.
Tetsu: ?
Tetsu: Matsukawa?
Saki: ......

Tetsu: What was that about me...?

Saki: Grrr~
Saki: That guy's...
Saki: my enemy!!!

Tetsu: !!?

Saki: Something must've happened between Mao and Harisugawa during the past few days when Harisugawa disappeared.
Tetsu: Ehh?
Saki: It's just that Mao didn't tell me anything...

Saki: That guy is a pest who suddenly invaded our territory of...
Saki: childhood best friends...

Saki: ......
Saki: At least that's what I thought...

Saki: But it's all because he always shows up at those particular instances.
Saki: That Harisugawa...
Saki: I know he's been in love with Mao for a long time...

Tetsu: ...What?!!
Tetsu: The secret's out~?!!

Saki: But then...

Saki Why am I agitated by this?
Saki: By him....

Saki: By him getting all beaten up for me?
Saki: By him trying to act all cool and everything?
Saki: Because of this, I don't feel any enmity towards him anymore.

Saki: Instead, I'm...
Saki: feeling jealous of Mao.

Tetsu: Shit! Shit!
Tetsu: My secret love for Mao... has been exposed!

Side Text: It's summer... when love sprouts within Saki!!

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa
#8: The End
It's a matter of life and death for Harisugawa! Next Issue, what will Harisugawa regarding Saki...?!

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