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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

between Haru and Natsu, I am... 1

+ posted by fosskers as translation on Nov 4, 2009 06:27 | Go to between Haru and Natsu, I am...

-> RTS Page for between Haru and Natsu, I am... 1

Haru to Natsu Chapter 1
TL by fosskers

Note: The symbol "::" indicates a change in panel by the same speaker.

Page 1
Text box: Spun around by the power of love...

Kimura: So what I'm trying to say is...
:: (Thoughts) Hold it! What the hell am I saying!?
Ever since that day, whenever I'm with you, I...
Have so much fun.
:: (Thoughts) She'd never go out with a guy like me!!
:: So... You and I...

Page 2
Girl: You're not my type, sorry.

Kimura: I'm an idiot.

Page 3
Kimura: I met her at the track meet.
:: I'm always the guy who gets the short straw,
So while all my classmates were off having fun,
I had to dress up as a mascot
And go do physical labour in the sweltering heat.

Page 4
Kimura: I noticed another class' mascot having trouble with something.
:: So I gave "him" a hand.
:: The track meet eventually came to an end.
Good job today! Drink?

Haruna: Thanks a lot!

Kimura: That's how I met her.

Haruna: I'm Kasahara Haruna, a first-year in class A.

Kimura: I knew about her already.

Page 5
Kimura: She had excellent grades and was really popular...
That, and...
(Speech) I'm...

Guys: Ah, there she is!
:: We were lookin' for you!
Did you see me out there!?

Haruna: Um...

Kimura: ...I knew I was never the kind of guy she'd talk to.

Mom: Makoto? The phone's for you.
:: Somebody named "Kasahara."

Kimura: What's going on?
Maybe she's mad about before...

Page 6
Haruna: Sorry I'm calling so late...
I was just wondering how you were doing...

Kimura: I'm...
Completely fine...

Haruna: I made clam chowder today.
My family said they really liked it.

Kimura: ...Okay?

Page 7
Haruna: But it's gets kinda boring just cooking for my family all the time...

Kimura: ....

Haruna: Um... so...
If it's alright...
:: Do you want to come over for dinner on Sunday?

Kimura: PARDON?

Page 8
Box: Sunday.

Kimura: I get it now...
:: She just feels bad for dumping me.
:: ...and now she's trying to make up for it.
:: So why...
Why I am just so...

Girl: Who is it?

Page 9
Kimura: Forgive me!!

Girl: Ah...

Kimura: I got ahead of myself.
I just wasn't thinking about how much I might hurt you with what I said...
I'm sorry I confessed to you...

Girl: .....
You came all this way just to say that?
:: Come in.

Page 10
Girl: I actually just dumped a guy a few minutes ago...

Kimura: Wow... she's more popular than I thought.

Girl: He looked alright but his personality was the shits.
Selfish, aren't I?
:: But you...
:: You're not like that, are you?
Meeting somebody who worries about the one who dumped them is a first for me.

Page 11
Girl: I'm impressed...

Kimura: Yes, well... I.. but...

Girl: Maybe I just didn't know you well enough?
So I think...
:: I wouldn't mind going out with you after all.

Kimura: Whaaaaat!?

Page 12
Haruna: What...
...Are you doing?
:: Sis...

Kimura: Come again?

Natsumi: Ah, Haruna! Welcome home!

Kimura: Eh?

Page 13
Haruna: "Welcome home!?"
What are you doing on top of Kimura-kun!?
:: Get away from him!

Natsumi: Hey, cut it out!

Kimura: Wha-

Haruna: I'll introduce you.
This is my twin sister,
Kasahara Natsumi.

Kimura: Twins...?
You gotta be joking...

Page 14
Natsumi: Haruna, my mind's made up. I'm totally dating this guy.

Haruna: W- What!?

Text: Don't tell me...

Natsumi: Yeah he confessed to me and everything!

Kimura: No no no! You got it all wrong!

Natsumi: Well anyway,
I like this kid.
Well Kimura-kun, feel like a date?

Haruna: No!!
:: Kimura-kun came here to eat MY cooking!!

Page 15
Natsumi: ...Uh...

Haruna: Sorry about that...

Kimura: I didn't know you were a twin...

Haruna: We go to different schools...
I didn't want to mention it, but...
:: She's arrogant, shallow, totally immoral, and to top it all off...
:: She always wants what I have.

Page 16
Kimura: So... I guess I went and confessed to Natsumi instead...
:: So Haruna-san and I...

Haruna: But she's really athletic, so she's popular.
:: The polar-opposite of me, I guess.

Kimura: You're popular too, you know!
I mean you're smart, and good-looking...

Haruna: I feel kinda weird talking about this, but...
:: Do you remember the track meet?

Kimura: Of course I remember! To think you were actually wearing that thing!

Page 17
Haruna: The mascot was just lying there...
The person inside couldn't take the heat.
:: So I just sorta took his place...

Kimura: That was... random...

Haruna: Haha, yeah...
It was pretty tough for me, too.
:: It was so hot the sweat was just pouring off me.
It made me dizzy.
:: Nobody came to help me, either.
It was like no one even saw me.
:: Then a thought came to my mind.

Page 18
Haruna: All I had become was the insides of a mascot.
And that... made me think I wasn't really worth anything.

Kimura: No, you...

Haruna: But...
:: Someone came to help me after all.
:: He had been wearing his suit way longer than I had...
:: And even though he must have been dying in the heat,
He came to help me.

Page 19
Haruna: So... I...
:: Maybe that's the mailman...!

Kimura: ....
She's... really cute...

Scream: Aaaahhhh!!

Page 20
Kimura: Haruna-san, what happened?

Haruna: Owww!
:: I was carrying something and I tripped, and...

Kimura: Where did you hurt yourself!?

Haruna: Here...
:: And here <3

Page 21
Haruna: Please rub it...

Kimura: Wha---!!
:: Haruna-san!!

Haruna: Please?

Kimura: O-...
:: What was that?

Haruna: Probably just the cat! We have a cat you kn-

Page 22
Real Haruna: Don't let her fool you, Kimura-kun!!
:: That's my sister!!

Natsumi: Tch...

Kimura: What!?

Haruna: Why did you do that to me!?

Natsumi: Why? I did it for Kimura-kun, of course.
:: You shoulda seem him, going for my breasts like that...

Kimura: No, that was...!

Page 23
Kimura: I thought you were Haruna-san!

Natsumi: See?
:: He's just saying he's fine with either of us. Twins, right?
Not to mention what you got going on inside...
:: Do you really think Kimura-kun would be satisfied
With a girl like you?

Kimura: Haruna-san!!
:: Wha-!
:: Ahh!

Page 24
Kimura: Where the hell did you get a rope from!?

Natsumi: Relax, you're all mine now.

Kimura: Hold on, I don't like you like that...!
That confession was just a mistake, I-...

Natsumi: Yeah, I know.

Kimura: Pardon?

Natsumi: You even called me Haruna, silly.

Kimura: So you realized it but felt like dumping me anyway!?

Natsumi: It looked like fun.

Kimura: Fun...?

Natsumi: Oh quit your whining... we're together now, aren't we?

Page 25
Kimura: Aaaaahhhh!!

Natsumi: Hey, cut that out!!
:: You're a bad loser, you know that?
You just stay right there!!

Kimura: I gotta get out of here!
:: Dammit...
I can't...
:: Wait for me, Haruna-san.
I'm gonna-

Page 26
Kimura: Is this... a joke?

Haruna: Don't move.

Page 27
No text. (Yes, that's Haruna.)

Page 28
Natsumi: Hey, what are you doing!?

Kimura: Haruna-san!!

Natsumi: What are you doing to Kimura-kun!?

Haruna: Stay out of my way!!

Kimura: Stop it, you two!

Natsumi: You think you can beat me?
A boring like bitch like you c-

Haruna: I can beat you!

Page 29
Haruna: I'm the one who likes Kimura-kun!!
At least that much I'll never lose to you!

Haruna: You reap was you sow, but...
As if it came down to a knife fight...
:: We're twins but we're not much alike...

Page 30
Haruna: Maybe I overdid it... using a butcher knife and all...

Kimura: ...eh?

Haruna: I can get pretty jealous sometimes...
:: So if you ever cheat on me...

Kimura: You...
You mean...

Haruna: You won't like what happens <3

Kimura: Aaaaahhh!!

Chapter 1 - Fin

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#1. by fosskers ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2009
Wasn't exactly rocket science translating this, but enjoy!
#2. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2009
nice =) thank you
#3. by DragoZERO ()
Posted on Nov 7, 2009
Thank thank you! Please continue to translate this series, the first chapter was really good!
#4. by cgutierrez56 ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2010
Thanks! This is pretty funny so far. Please keep translating this series

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