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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Drifters 15

Monkey Magic

+ posted by Frizzby as translation on Oct 26, 2010 03:02 | Go to Drifters

-> RTS Page for Drifters 15

((Anyone may use this translation. Just be sure to give me credit for it. A / denotes a new speech bubble. ))

:PAGE 1:
Soldier1: My throat's dry.

Soldier2: Put up with it. / The well's useless./
Those fucking long-ears/ threw shit in it.

Soldier1: That's right../ I wish we'd hurry up and slaughter those…

:PAGE 2:
Right-side text: Taking back what was stolen… and…

Left-side text: The neck is cut!

:PAGE 3:
Mr. Suspenders: What… / What's wrong?

Arrow Pincushions: Ghuaaaaa!! / Ghyaaaaa!

Soldier: What is it!?

Soldiers: It's coming from the East side of the village!! / Are those long-ears attacking us!? / I don't know!!

:PAGE 4:
Soldier: A… / A Drifter…

Toyohisa: Perfect / Time to make our escape.

:PAGE 5:
Soldier: !! / Whaa.. / He's getting away / after him!!

Commander: So there were Drifters with them after all. / Capture him by any means necessary!!

:PAGE 6:
Oda: Good. / It's begun. / Has everyone finished their preparations?

:PAGE 7:
Oda: Speed / Speed is everything. / head out and move according to the strategy. / Don't worry… / Even if we fail, it's only death.

:PAGE 8:
Oda: Run!! / I've gone from leading an army of 20,000 to this. / What a state to be in. / Kuhihihihihi / This is going to be interesting. / I can feel it.

:PAGE 9:
Soldiers: After him!! / Don't let him escape!

Commander: What are you doing!? / Isn't your opponent just one man? / Press in and attack!!

:PAGE 10:
Soldiers: He's laughing / What? / What the hell is with this guy?

:PAGE 11:
Soldiers: Wh… / What …

Elf: That's the signal. / There! / Near that cart / In front of my house. / Get over there quickly!! / Untie the horses / and set up!!*

((* The literal translation here would be along the lines of, "go over to the cart…and take it" but considering they just start fortifying the area, I'm guessing that he means something along the lines of seize the area near the cart… Here's the Japanese starting from the third to last panel: そこだ / そこの荷車!!/ 俺の家の前です / ピタリと寄せろ / 馬離せ!!/ かかれッ!! If anyone has any better suggestions I'm willing to hear it. )))

:PAGE 12:
Oda: Hurry!! / Come on hurry!! / You'll die!! We'll all die!! Hurry!! / Hurry!! / Hurry!! / Hurry!! / HURRY!!

:PAGE 13:
Oda: Light the arrows!! / Say farewell to this village / Steel your resolve!! / If you weren't bound by this village… / You could stop being serfs and live a natural life. / FIRE!!

:PAGE 14:
Soldiers: !! / What!? What is this!?
(T/N: Is it just me or is that soldier making a 'derp' face?)

:PAGE 15:

:PAGE 16:

Oda: My soldiers are weak. / They really had a hard time. / But I've always thought / that planning can make up for weakness. / I didn't expect I'd be imitating that monkey Hidemoto. / Kukukukukuku / This is my Sunomata Castle.*

*T/N: Sunomata Castle was a castle/fort constructed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi within an enemy's territory ( according to legend it was built overnight.)


:PAGE 1:
Soldier1: 喉かわいたな

Soldier2: 水はがまんしろ/ 井戸が使えん/
クソ投げ込みやがった/ クソ耳長どもめ

Soldier1: まったく/ あんな奴らさつさと皆殺しに...

:PAGE 2:
Right-side text: 奪われたモノを

Left-side text: 首を斬る!

:PAGE 3:
Mr. Suspenders: 何だ/どうした

Arrow Pincushions: ぎやあああ / ぐあああああッ


Soldiers: 村の東だ!! / 耳長どもの襲撃か!? / わからん!!

:PAGE 4:
Soldier: 漂.../ 漂流物…ッ

Toyohisa: 良か / 逃げつど!!

:PAGE 5:
Soldier: !! / にッ / 逃がすな / 追え!!

Commander: やはり漂流物が裏にいたか / 何としても捕らえろ!!

:PAGE 6:
Oda: よぅし / 始まったのう / 全員準備はいいか

:PAGE 7:
Oda: 速度だ / 速度が全てだ / 前まつて教えた通りに動くのだぞぅ / なあに心配するな / しくじってもたかが死ぬだけよ

:PAGE 8:
Oda: 走れ!! / 20万から軍勢率いてたこの俺が / このザマかよ / くひひひひひ / 面白えなあこの巷は / たまらんな

:PAGE 9:
Soldiers: 追え!!/ 逃がすな!!

Commander: 何をしておる!! / 相手はただ一人ではないか / 押し包んで攻めたてい!!

:PAGE 10:
Soldiers: 笑ってるぞ / なんだ / 何なんだこいつ

:PAGE 11:
Soldiers: な… / 何…

Elf: 目印 / そこだ / そこの荷車!! / I俺の家の前です / ピタリと寄せろ!! / 馬離せ!! / かかれッ

:PAGE 12:
Oda: 急げ!! / はれ急げい!! / 死ぬぞ!!皆死ぬぞ!!急げ!! / 急げ!!/急げ!!/急げ!!

:PAGE 13:
Oda: 火矢じゃ!!/ これでこの村とな…おさらばじゃ/覚悟決めろ!!/ お前たちを…しばるこの村と / 農奴の暮らしとの然らばじゃ /  放てい!!

:PAGE 14:
Soldiers: !! / 何だ!! 何事だ!!

:PAGE 15:
((move along… no text to see here))

:PAGE 16:

Oda: 俺の尾張兵な弱兵でのう / 散々苦労したものよ / 年がら年中考えたもんだ / 弱さをおぎなう方策をの /まさか俺が秀吉のマネをするとはの / くくくくくくッ / ここが俺のす墨俣城よ

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Page 11. I've provided the original Japanese text for the trouble area, and I'm pretty sure I've achieved the intended meaning.. still it wouldn't hurt to double check.

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