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Sekirei 170

Toyoashihara Island

+ posted by garismaatti as translation on Aug 12, 2015 22:52 | Go to Sekirei

-> RTS Page for Sekirei 170

Raws provided by senmanga

Page 01

Minato : ...いや
Minato : かかる火の粉は自分達で払ってもらいましょう
Such sparks should be taken care of themselves.

Text between panels : *この作品はフィクションです。実在の人物, 団体, 事件等とはいっさい関係ありません。
*This work is a fiction. Real person, organization, and event like it does not matter at all.

Mikogami : ハア? 何言ってんの?
Haa? What are you saying?
Mikogami : 「自分達」って機能停止してる子達の事
Themselves? are you referring to those child's who function you stopped yesterday?
Mikogami : 何言ってんの? バッ力じゃないの?
What are you saying? Are you stupid?
Minato : はは...
Floating text : キシャ~
Minato : ふ...普通 そう思いますよね
Huah, Usually I would think so too.
Minato : まあ 見てて下さい
Well, just see yourself.

Page 02
Title : 豊葦原ノ島
Toyoashihara Island

Floating text : 女の子は いつだってお姫さま
Girl is always princess

Page 03
Musubi : くま

Musubi : きーっく

Karasuba : 下からは苦手だが
Although I’m not good from under, but
Karasuba : 上からの攻撃は得意でね
Attack from above I’m good at
Karasuba : 串刺しだ

Page 04
SFX : ゴツ

Musubi : 結の靴!
Musubi’s shoes!
Musubi : M.B.I 製なんです
Are made by M.B.I <3
Musubi : 裏に金属入ってます
They have metal in the heel <3

Karasuba : …….. ...ククシ...
...Ku ku ku…

Page 05
Karasuba : 面白い...!
Karasuba : 面白いねェ....!!
That's very interesting
Karasuba : キミはやっぱり面白いよ
You really are interesting.

Karasuba : もっと もっとだ
More, I want more
Karasuba : もっと楽しく殺しあおう
Let’s make killing more fun
Karasuba : 2羽だけで...ずっと...!!
Only two of as… always…

Musubi : 鴉羽様...

Karasuba : "空ノ太刀"
"Sora no tachi" (Sword of the sky)

SFX : ズバッ

Page 06
SFX : ザアア

SFX : リ!!
*tears off*

SFX : ブシッ
*drip drip*

SFX : がくんっ
Musubi : あ...っ

Karasuba : ...フフ...
...Ku ku…

Karasuba : むーちゃんはだらしがないなあ
Mu-chan is getting all messed up.

Karasuba : さあ立って
Now, stand up
Karasuba : まだまだ遊び足りないよ
We are not yet done playing.

Page 07
Karasuba : 遊んで 遊んで
Play with me more
Karasuba : むーちゃんが死ぬまで楽しんだら
I’ll enjoy killing Mu-chan.

Karasuba : この中から
From this center here.
Karasuba : 結女をひきずり出してやる
I'll drag Yume out.
Musubi : ...鴉羽様

Musubi : 結女様は
Yume is
Musubi : もう
Musubi : どこにもいません
Not to be found anywhere, anymore.

Karasuba : な...に?
SFX : ザッ...

Page 08
SFX : タタッ タタタタッ
*bang* *bang*

Musubi : 鴉羽様っ

SFX : ッ

Page 09
Soldier : 特A級危険指定個体と遭遇! 発砲!!
Encounter with the Special Class A danger specified individual! Fire!
Soldier : 応援願います
Asking support.
Soldier : 動くな貴様ら!!
Don’t move you bastard!!

SFX : ギリ

Karasuba : っざけるな
n’t screw with me
Karasuba : ふざけるな
Don’t screw with me
Karasuba : ふざけるな
Don’t screw with me!

Page 10
Karasuba : ふざけるな
Don’t screw with me!!
Karasuba : ふざけるなああ
Don’t screw with meee!!!
SFX : ブワッ

SFX : ゾワッ
SFX : ガタガタガタ
*shake like a leaf*
Soldier : う....うあ...シ

Karasuba : おまえ達さえ...っ
If not you...
Karasuba : おまえ達さえこの島に来なければ
If not you never had come to this island.

Page 11
Karasuba : 結女は

Karasuba : 自分の前から
From the front of me
Karasuba : いなくならなかったのに
Did not have to disappear.

SFX : シイッ
SFX : パ

Musubi : ダメです!
It’s useless!

Page 12
Musubi : 命を絶つという事は
Cut off my life if you can
Musubi : 縁を...絆をも殺すという事
But in the end… Death cannot break our bond.
Musubi : 絶対にダメです!
It’s useless to try!

Karasuba : 結女......?

Musubi : いいえ
Musubi : 私は結です
I am Musubi

Musubi : 結女様は
Yume-sama is
Musubi : 完全に私と一つになったのです
Completely became one with me.

Page 13
Natsuo : 鴉羽?

Minato : 結ちゃん!

Page 14
Minato : じゃあくーちゃん
Minato : 頼んだよ
I’m counting on you.

Kusano : うん!
Kusano : くーがんばるも
Ku also work hard

SFX : グッ, へッ, へッ
Minato : えっ
SFX : がしっ
Minato : くーちゃん
Minato : 何か松さんの悪影響 うけてない
Have you received some bad influence from Matsu.
Floating text : ワフワフ
Matsu : やつあのっ
Minato is beast

Minato : あっちょっ 押さえこまないで
Wait~ Please stop pressing so close
Kusano : ヒ...
SFX : むちゅ~

Mikogami : あの子 僕の時には全力で拒否したのに一い
That girl, even though when with me, she rejected me with the full force.
Floating text : おまえあんなチュー されたいのか?
Would you want receive kiss like that?
Mutsu : まあ相性もあるしな
Well, there was also compatibility
Minato : くーちゃん

SFX : パアッ

Page 15
Kusano : わがせいやくのいのち
Life of our pledge
Kusano : あしかびがほし
Shine on my Ashikabi
Kusano : さざめかさん

SFX : ザッ

Kusano : “みどりの
Kusano : ほわほわ”ー!!
(*tl-note: needing help with this)

Page 16
SFX : ザザザザ
SFX : ほゆ
*wind* / whoosh
SFX : ザアッ
*fwoosh* *woosh* *whoosh*
SFX : ピクッ
Floating text : 緑の奇跡がセキレイ達を呼び覚ます...!!
Sekirei's are awakened by the green miracle...!!

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