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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)
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Sekirei 175

Maidens flash of light!

+ posted by garismaatti as translation on Dec 1, 2015 16:37 | Go to Sekirei

-> RTS Page for Sekirei 175

Raws provided by senmanga

Page 01
Benitsubasa : うらああアツ
Take this

Floating text : セキレイ
Benitsubasa : 激*震!!
Gekishin!! (Severe * earthquake)

Ichiya : クッ...
Damn it...

Benitsubasa : いい加減
Be terminated
Benitsubasa : 停止ねよ!

Benitsubasa : 鴉羽

Benitsubasa : えっ 何... えっ!?
Eh? What?... Ehh!?
Benitsubasa : 夏朗

Page 02
Benitsubasa : 鴉羽!!

Benitsubasa : うっそ ...黒!?
Unbelievable... Black!?
(tl-note: Black here is referring to Karasuba)
Benitsubasa : 黒の気配が...
Black’s presence is...

Benitsubasa : 蒼!?
(tl-note: Blue is referring to Haihane)
Haihane : 精神感応... 切れてる...
Spirit sensing... has been cut off...
Haihane : 消えてる... No.04......
No.04... is missing......

Haihane : あと... いつのまにか 夏朗... 近くに いない......
And... at some point... Natsuo has also left......
Haihane : 灰麹うかつ… 今気付いた…
I just noticed... Haihane careless...
Floating text : 物理的に 近くにいなくても
Even if not physically close
Floating text : に丸配が ゆかるの... こういうとき やっかい...
I feel them, when in range... Troublesome in situation like this...
Benitsubasa text : えっ ちょっ どこ行ったの
Eeh? No... Natsuo where you went!?
Floating text : なつおー なつおー
Natsuo Natsuo~
Benitsubasa : 黒のとこ!? てか黒はどこよッ
Are you where Black is!? Rather where is Black!?

Ichiya : マスター! 祝詞を!
Master! The norito!
Kaiha : チャ... チャンス 向こうに葦牙 いない今がチャンス...!
Cha-... Chance! Now is our chance when they don’t have their ashikabi...!
Benitsubasa : ...チャンスとか 懲罰なめてんの?
...Chance you say. Aren’t you underestimating disciplinary squad?
Benitsubasa : やれるもんならやってみな!!
Just try it if you can!!
SFX : ギリッ

Page 03
Floating text : 光華せよ、 乙又達
Wings of light, ones again
(tl-note: This is my best guess, I don’t even know if I translated it right)
Title : 第175話 乙女、爆閃
Chapter 175 - Maidens flash of light!
(tl-note: literally kanjis translate as “Maiden - Burst - Flash”)
Artist : 極楽院楼子
Ashika Sakura

Page 04
Himeko : マースーター!!
Himeko : たーすーけ一

Himeko : てー!!

Mitsuki : 何遊んでんのよ 日姫子
What are you playing around Himeko?

Himeko : あっ遊んでる訳じゃ ないですわっっ
It's not like I’m playing around

Himeko : うしろ!
Himeko : うしろ見て 下さいまし!
Please take a look behind!

Text between panels : *この作品はフィクションです。実在の人物, 団体, 事件等とはいっさい関係ありません。
*This work is a fiction. Real person, organization, and event like it does not matter at all.

SFX : ザザザザ ザァッ
Chiyo : フヒツ <3
Hehe <3

Page 05
Hatae : フツカツウー <3
Hello again <3

Mitsuki : あ...!
Mitsuki : あいつらア......!!
Those guys......!

Mitsuki : 絶対ブッ殺す! 絶対ブッ殺す!!
I totally murder them! I totally murder them!!
Mitsuki : さっきは だましうち みたいなマネ しやがって
Just recently they tried something like a sneak attack
Akitsu : わたし... 一度勝った...
I... already have won once
Floating text : あいうち だったけど....
Although it was surprise attack...
SFX : ポッ

Mitsuki : ミコ様! 祝詞!!
Miko-sama! Norito!!
Mitsuki : 今度は 負けないッ
This time I will not lose

Page 06
Mutsu : ...御子上?

Mikogami : ...いい 今度こそ 僕を残して 停止なんか したら絶対...
...Everyone. This time if you leave me by getting terminated. I will absolutely...
Mikogami : 絶ーっ対許さない んだからね!!
I will absolutely not forgive you!!

Mikogami : わかった!?
Do you understand!?

Mitsuki : はいっ!

Page 07
SFX : ドカーン
Benitsubasa : 激*震!!
Gekishin!! (Severe * earthquake)

Sanada : 祭もいよいよ 盛り上がって 来たぜ!
This festival is finally becoming exciting!
Sanada : ここはオレらも 祝詞なんだぜ!
This seems like a good time to release our norito!
Himeko : 私もあちらに まざりたい ですのにイ~!!
I also want to join the fight with everyone!!

Sanada : カモーン <3
Let’s go <3
Sanada : ラブリー...
My lovelies...

Chiyo : ハヤーイ
Sanada : コて おまえらが 来んのかよッ
Eh?! Why are you guys coming?

Sanada : オイオイ 間違って オレの舌 噛むんじゃ ねーぞ
Okay! Just don’t go accidentally bite my tongue!
Chiyo : えー? ハーイ
Eeeh? All right
Sanada : 噛む気 まんまん だったのか よ!?
All of you were ready to bite, weren't you?
Yuna : ソレもヒトツノ 愛情表現...
That’s just one of our ways to show our love...
Floating text : フヒッ <3
Hehe <3

Page 08
Sanada : 噛むなよワ マジで噛むなよ!?
Don’t bite!? Seriously don’t bite!?
Chiyo : えー? ハーイ
Eeeh? Sure
Sanada : 何だ そのキバ
What’s with that fang?

Chiyo : フヒッ <3
Hehe <3

Floating text : キャー...
SFX : パアッ...
Floating text : ふおー

Mikogami : おいで! みんな!!
Come on! Everyone!!

Mitsuki : マスター!

Page 09
Ichiya : ...マスター...

SFX : パアアア...

Page 10
(tl-note: Next norito pledges are all just my best guess of what there might read, so I apologise if my translations are way off. Please leave a comment if you know correct/better translation)

Ichiya : 我が誓約の脚
Legs of my pledge
Ichiya : 葦牙が遺恨 しなり砕かん!
Crush everybody holding grudge against my ashikabi!

Kaiha : 我が誓約の鋏
Scissors of my pledge
Kaiha : 葦牙が禍根 断ち破らん!
Cut the root of evil off from my ashikabi!

Mitsuki : 我が誓約の鋼糸
Steel fiber of my pledge
Mitsuki : 葦牙が縛戒 旋斬せん!
Those who tie down my ashikabi should be killed from behind!

Page 11
Taki : 我が誓約の霧
Mist of my pledge
Taki : 葦牙が敵兵 迷い匿さん!
Hide my ashikabi from enemy soldiers!

Juuza : 我が誓約の銃
Gun of my pledge
Juuza : 葦牙が的殺 撃ち抜かん!
My ashikabi’s target to kill should be shot down!

Momo : 我が誓約の懐刀
Dagger of my pledge
Momo : 葦牙が仇敵 討ち果たさん
Slaughter the enemy of my ashikabi

Page 12
All three : 我が誓約ノ
My pledge of ...
Hatae : 黒双刃
Black twin blade
Chiyo : 黒鎌
Black scythe
Yuna : 黒糸鋸
Black wire saw
All three : 葦牙ガ凶兆
My ashikabi’s evil omen
All three : 喰ライ呑マン!
Be swallowed by dark

Chiyo : 力キ切ッチャウヨー
I faint from power!

Yuna : 挽き裂いちゃうよー
I feel like tearing apart

Hatae : ナメシギリダヨー
Let’s go give it a test

Page 13
Ichiya : 葦牙が為!
For my ashikabi!
Ichiya : 懲罰部隊 貴様らを倒す!!
I will beat you guys in disciplinary squad!!

Benitsubasa : やられて たまるか
I won’t just let you do that
Benitsubasa : “激*震”!!
“Gekishin”!! (“Severe * earthquake”)

Ichiya : 光鞭ノ脚
“Legs of light whip”!
Kaiha : 磐断チノ鋏
“Rock severing scissors”!!
SFX : ドバアア

Page 14
SFX : ザアアッ

Mitsuki : あんたらア...
You guys...
Mitsuki : 今度はこっちが ブッ殺す!!
This time I murderize you!!

Chiyo : フヒッ アンタタチ カワイソー
Hehe~♫ I feel sorry for you guys <3
Chiyo : 2度モ 機能停止 トカ <3
To be terminated a second time <3

SFX : カッ

Page 15
Mikogami : みんな かんばれーっ
Good luck everyone!
SFX : ゴゴゴ
*rumble rumble rumble*

Mikogami : ...何だ?
SFX : ゴゴゴ
*rumble rumble rumble*
Mutsu : 島から イヤな感じが する......
I feel an unpleasant feeling coming from this island......
SFX : ゴゴゴゴ
*rumble rumble rumble*
SFX : パアアア...
Minaka : ...これは...!!
...This is...!!

Page 16
Minaka : 神座島上の セキレイ達...
Sekirei’s at Kamikura island...
Minaka : 神器がその祝詞に 共鳴しているのか
Are jinki’s resonating with their norito’s?
SFX : フオオオオ

SFX : ボンッ
Minaka : キヤッ
SFX : バンッ

Minaka : これはまずい… 神器の制御装置に 想定を超えた 負荷がかかっている
This is bad... Jinki’s control device has been stressed out beyond the expected...
Minaka : このままでは 船は完全に ダウンするぞ
If this continues the ship will completely shut down

Minaka : 島が
And this island
Minaka : 沈む...!
Will sink...!
Floating text : セキレイ本気合戦に, まさかの神器 キャホオーバー
Sekirei’s serious faceoff, Possible jinki rampage!?

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Posted on Dec 19, 2015
great translarion thanks, garismaati

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