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Sekirei 185

Anthem (part 3)

+ posted by garismaatti as translation on May 8, 2016 16:39 | Go to Sekirei

-> RTS Page for Sekirei 185

Raws provided by senmanga and me.
Next Sekirei translation coming around 2016-04-25.

2 extra pages in volume-version.
Page numbering format: Page <senmanga page no.> - (<volume page no.>)

Page index:
Page 01 - (139)
Page 02 - (140)
Page 03 - (141)
Page 04 - (142)
Page 05 - (143)
Page 06 - (144)
Page 07 - (145)
Page xx - (146) - Volume only
Page xx - (147) - Volume only
Page 08 - (148)
Page 09 - (149)
Page 10 - (150)
Page 11 - (151)
Page 12 - (152)
Page 13 - (153)
Page 14 - (154)
Page 15 - (155)
Page 16 - (156)

Page 01 - (139)
Natsuo : こんにちは

Natsuo : 壱ノ宮です☆
It's Ichinomiya ☆
(tl-note: from authors pronaunce, can also be "It's Ichinomi" like sekirei wiki call's him http://sekirei.wikia.com/wiki/Natsuo_Ichinomi )
SFX : ドドドド
*rumble* *rumble*
Title : 第185話 祝歌 (参)
Anthem (part 3)

SFX through phone : ドドド バババ
*rumble rumble* *thud thud thud*
FX through phone : ガガ
*bam bam*
Minato : い壱ノ宮さん!?
I- Ichinomiya-san?

Minato : まだ紛争地域 なんですか?
Are you still in the conflict zone?
Natsuo : はい
Natsuo : 中々目的地に 着けなくて
We are still not reached our destination.
Benitsubasa : 夏朗ーっ こっち制圧 したーっ
Natsuo this area is completed.
Haihane : クク... 道... 通れる...
HEHE... road... now usable...

Natsuo : ええとですねえ 主任に伝えて ほしい事が あって電話 したんです けどおー
The things is, that I have something to tell to the chief, so I called you.
Minato : あそこに いますよ
Ah! She is here,
(tl-note: or "AH! She's right next to me,")
// かわり ます?
// Want me to give phone to her?

Natsuo : 嘘です すいません
Sorry, it's was a lie.
// ちょっとあなたの 声が聞きたくて かけちゃいました
// I just wanted to hear your voice.

Page 02 - (140)
Natsuo : てへ☆
*Tehe* ☆
Minato : て... てへ
Te... Tehe
Floating text : つられた
(tl-note: or "Lured in" or "Fished in". the image of fishing and reeling fish closer to boat that has yet to bite)
Floating text : この人は こういうとこ 日取初会った旺のまんまだな
This person is still just like he has always been

Minato : 見つかり そうですか?
Does it look you'll find it?
Minato : そこで亡くなった お友達の 手がかりは
Clues for the friend that was lost there...

Natsuo : まだ わかりません // ...でも
I still don't know, // but...
Natuo : 辿り着け そうな気が するんですよね
I have a feeling that we will reach it,

Natsuo : なんたって 彼女達が 一緒ですから
Because I'm with those girls.

Natsuo : まあ有給分で 帰れるかは わかりませんけど あはは☆
Well, I don't know if we can come home for our (paid) holidays. AHAHA ☆
// あっ私用で 懲罰部隊 使ってるの 内緒ですよー
// AH! Keep it a secret that I'm borrowing Disciplinary squad.
Floating text : 他国で @開 行為 して バレずに いられるとは 思えま せんが
I don't think that other countries are going to report activities of the Kamikura island.
(tl-note: I can't read all of it. It's other countries "something" and activities goes unnoticed. I willed it with "Kamikura island", but kanji is not one for Kamikura Island. It could also be the activity itself.)
Minato : あはは // ク... クビに ならないと いいですよね
AHAHA... // It's fine as long you don't get fired.

Benitsubasa : No.88の 葦牙ーッ
No.88's Ashikabiii!

Page 03 - (141)
Benitsubasa : No.88は!?
How's No.88?
Minato : ま // まだ 上です
Sti- // Still up there.
(tl-note: Lit. "no- // not yet.")
SFX : ドキ ドキ
*ba-dump ba-dump*
(tl-note: or "*heart beating fast*")
Benitsubasa : 戻って来たら 教えてよねッ
Let me know when she come back.
// 次こそ絶対 ボクが勝つん だから!!
// Because, next time I'm certainly going to win!!

Natsuo : もう 紅翼 っては
Geez, Benitsubasa.
(tl-note: or "Jeez," or "Oh you,")
// すいません うちのが
// I'm sorry behave of my friend.
(tl-note: Lit. "I'm sorry, one of us is.")
Minato : あはは... いえ
AHAHA... Don't be.

Natsuo : ぞれと...
And also...
Natsuo : あの人... どうしてます?
That person... How is she?

Minato : ...まだ 眠ってますよ
...Still sleeping.

Natsuo : そうですか // ...わかりました
Is that so // ...I got it.
Natsuo : じゃまた 電話しますね
Well then, I will call you again later.

Minato : はい
Minato : どうぞ 気をつけて
Take care.
(tl-note: Lit. "Please be careful")

Page 04 - (142)
Text on phone : 通話終ア
Call ended!

SFX : プシューッ
(tl-note: Romaji: "pushu~", sound of automatic door opening)

Text box : 機能停止した 殆どのセキレイは 結ちゃんが嵩天の 力で再起動させた
Most of the Sekirei who were terminated were re-started by the Musubi-chan with the power of Kouten.
// 残っているのは 一羽と一人
// Only one's left are the one bird and one person.

Text box : 一羽はその体に 鶺鴒紋を残したままで 眠りについて
One bird is still sleeping with her Sekirei crest still as it was.
Text box : でもそれが この人の意志なら 後は見守るしかない
But if it's this person's wish, then all we can do is watch over her.

Page 05 - (143)
Text box : 最後の一人は "基幹" を持たず
The last one does not even have a "core",
Text box : 結ちゃんでも 干渉出来なかった
So even Musubi-chan couldn't interfere.

Minato : ...大家さん

Matsu : あやや!? 美哉たんっ
Oh my! Miya-tan,
// 起き上がって 大丈夫です!?
// Is it alright for you to get up!?

Miya : ええ今日は 調子がいいの
Yes, today I feel good.
(tl-note: or "Yes, Today my condition is good")
Miya : ねえ誰かに 何か良い事が あったのかしら
I wonder if there is something good happening to someone,
// 光が... 暖かくて......
// There is this warm... light......

Matsu : ...大事な仲間が ようやく帰って 来やがったのですよ
Our important friend has finally came back,
Matsu : しかも 葦牙を連れて
And also brought her Ashikabi along.
(tl-note: Ashikabi is write to read as Bride)

Text box : 俺の後 結ちゃんは No01も嵩天から 降ろした
After me, Musubi also let down No.01 from Kouten.
Text box : ...No.01はすぐに 目を党ました けれど
No.01 soon opened her eyes, but...
// 最初は俺達の事も わからなくて
// At first she couldn't even remember us.

Page 06 - (144)
Text box : No.01は永い間 嵩天と繋がっていて
She has been connected to Kouten a long time,
// それが突然切断 された為に基幹が 不具合を起こして しまったらしい
// For that connection to suddenly been cut, the core seem to have started to malfunction.
// そのせいで記憶も 混濁しているのでは ないかと松さんは言った
// That probably is the reason why her memories are confused, is what Matsu-san was saying.

Matsu : 体調も 安定しない ですね...
Her physical condition does not stabilize...
// 強すぎる 基幹のせいで 自家中毒に なってるです
// She is suffering from self-poisoning, because she poses too strong core.
Matsu : 羽化前の焔たんを 思い出してもらえれば わかりやすいですかね
If you remember how Homura-tan was before winging, you may understand.

Matsu : ...羽化 // しちま えば
If she would // Be winged...
Matsu : 安定する かも...
She may stabilize...
Minato : 松さん

Minato : たしかにそうかも しれないけど
It certainly might be so,
// その相手は 俺じゃないよ
// But that person is not me.
Minato : 松さんも わかってる でしょ
You also understand this Matsu-san.
Matsu : でも そうは いってもみなたん "あの人"は
But... Even if you say that Mina-tan, "that person" is...

Minato : それでも // だよ
Even // so...

Page 07 - (145)
Minato : あなたには // 絶対目覚めて もらいますからね
I'm absolutely // going to wake you up,
Minato : その時は // あなた自身で No.01のくびきを
So at that time // You-self may wing No.01.

Minato : 俺じゃあ さすがに あの人は
Since the weight of that person,
Minato : 荷が重すぎ ますから...
Is too much for me...

Minato : じゃ母... // 主任 // 俺学校 行きます
Well then Mom... // Chief // I'll be going to school.
Takami : 気をつけて けよ
Take care.

Minato : そういえば... // 社長はまだ 島に?
That reminds me... // Is the president still in the island?
(tl-note: or "By the way...")
Takami : 帰る 気配も ないな
He doesn't show any sign of return.

Takami : あのバ力 いつまでも 何やってん だか
That idiot, you never know what he doing,
Floating text : 奴の不在時誰が会社 回してると 思ってる
When that guy is absence, who he think is running the company!
Takami : いいかい皆人
Remember Minato,
// あんな大人に だけはなるんじゃ ないよ
// Don't ever become a man like that.
Minato : はは... // い... 行ってきます
HAHA... // I-I'm going now.

Page xx - (146) - Volume only
Text box : 時々考える
I think from time to time
Text box : 御中広人という 人について
About the person named Minaka Hiroto,
Text box : 彼が 鶺鴒計画を始めた 理由について
And his reason why he started the Sekirei plan.

Text box : 彼が俺の父親だ という事実
After the final round.
Text box : 最終戦の後 母ちゃんはそれを とうとう告白した
Mom confessed the fact, that he is my father.

Text box : まあ だからと言って
Well, Even if I she says that,
// 生活の何が 変わる訳でも なく
// Nothing will change in my normal life.
(tl-note: or "It will not change my normal days")
Text box : 俺にとって 御中広人は "M.B.I 社長の 御中広人" という 認識に変わりは ない
For me the Minaka Hiroto is still "The president of M.B.I Minaka Hiroto".
(tl-note: or "The fact that I still recognize Minaka Hiroto as "The president of M.B.I Minaka Hiroto" does not change.")

Text box : だけど // 血が繋がって いるというならば
However // If you say that we are connected by blood.
Text box : 一つだけ 解る事がある ...それは
There is one thing I understood... that is,
Text box : きっと彼も セキレイが好きなんだ // という事
That I'm sure, that he also likes // Sekirei's.

Page xx - (147) - Volume only
Text box : セキレイを "兵器" として 売る事も出来た
Sekirei's could have been sold as a "weapon"
// もっと残酷な 運命を与える事も 出来た筈だ
// Or at least he could have given them a more cruel fate.
Minato : !?
Text box : でも彼は セキレイ達が 思いのままに生きる 事を望んだ
But he wanted Sekirei's to live like they wanted.
SFX : ドン

Text box : 彼にとっては それさえも 目的の為の 手段だったのかも しれないけれど
That may have been his mean for his to achieve his goal
SFX : ワー ワー
*waaah* *waaah*
Minato : 日取近 よくあるな
The usual sight
Someone : 回こうで セキレイ同士の バトルだってさ
This time it's a battle between Sekirei's
Someone : スゲー!! 見に行こ, 見に行こ!
Awesome!! Let's go see! Let's go!
Text box : 彼の望んだ 荒ぶる世界は 今ここにある
His wanted unreal world, is now here.

Text box : ここは "彼女" が見守る "彼女" が望んだ世界
"She" is watching over this place. This is world "She" wished for.
Text box : 俺が望んだ世界だ
This is world I wished for.

Page 08 - (148)
Minato : わあ // 月海 腕 上げたなー
Wow // Tsukiumi's skills have again improved.
// このタコは くーちゃん作 かな
// I wonder if this octopus was made by Ku-chan.
Floating text : いただきます! // おにぎりは M.B.I で たべたよー
Itadakimasu! I already ate the rice balls at M.B.I
(tl-note: or just "Let's eat!" )
Shigi : おーい 佐橋!
Hey, Sahashi!

Minato : あ鶴くん
AH, Shigi-kun.
Shigi : 久し振り
Long time no see.

Shigi : せっかく 同じ大学に 合格したのに
Even though we finally passed into the same university,
// 学部が達うと なかなか会えねー よなー
// We rarely meet in campus.
Minato : だよねえ
That's right.
Shigi : つーか佐橋 理由とか ふざけんな
Rather, Sahashi, You don't really play around, coming as No.3
(tl-note: probably university's own ranking system for entry exams)
// どんだけ 頭よかっ たんだよ
// How good is your head really?
Minato : あはは......
Floating text : 文一
No.1 ->
(tl-note: not sure cause first kanji is for: sentence /literature /style /art /decoration /figures /plan /literary radical and second is first/one, so 'literature no.1'?)

Minato : 久能さんは 元気?
Is Kuno-san being healthy?
(tl-note: or "Is Kuno-san doing fine?")

Shigi : 元気 元気 // 相変わらず むのーだけどな
Healthy, Healthy, // But being incompetence as usual.
Shigi : あいつ家事とか 何も出来ねーの
She can't even do houseworks.

Page 09 - (149)
Minato : そうは言っても 二人暮らし なんでしょ?
Even if you say that, aren't you two living together?
// いいなあ 新婚さん
// Must be nice to be a newlywed.
Shigi : ばっ... // ハーレム野郎に 言われたくねーっ
Huh! // I don't want to hear that from person with a harem!
(tl-note: Lit. version: "Idio-... // Don't want to hear that from Harem-bastard!")
Minato : ねえ今晩うち ごちそうなんだけど 久能さんと来ない?
Hey, we are having a feast tonight, why don't you came with Kuno?
Shigi : ハーレム にかよっ
So you can show off your harem!
(tl-note: not sure about this one Lit. "the harem - [doubt something]", could also be something like "going/coming to (see) harem?". )
// : 行く けどっ
// Still, we'll come.
Text box : あの 最終戦の後
After that final round
// 葦牙達は それぞれの道を 歩き始めて
// Ashikabi's started to walk their own path.

Teacher : ...次のニコース です
In the next course...
// 日本有数の 医療法人"氷山会 グループ" の総師に 同社社長子息
// We will meet Japan's leading medical corporation "Hiyamakai Hospital" head company's president son.
// 氷峨泉氏が 就任しました
// Higa Izumi in person.

News : グループ最年少 総師の誕生により 企業の刷新が 図られるとみられ...
Renewal of the company has given to the birth of the youngest group leader ever...
(tl-note: not accurate)

Minato : あの人は相変わらず ギラギラしてるなあ...
That person is as sparkling as always...
Floating text : どんな手 つかったの かな...
I wonder what kind of hand he used...
(tl-note: alternative "I wonder what kind of card/method you played/used...")
Floating text : 横黒スーツ セキレイ達だよね...
Persons next to him in black suites are Sekireis, right?...

Page 10 - (150)
SFX : ジリリリン ジリリリン
*phone ringing*
(tl-note: or *pirrr pirrr*)
Minato : わっ

Minato : 今日は電話 多いなあ
There is a lot of calls today.
Minato : もしも...
Mikogami : 僕だけどっ
It's me!

Mikogami : え...えーと 南の... // 御子上さん?
Um... the south's.... // Mikogami-san?
Mikogami : そ! 僕!!
Yes! Me!!

Mikogami : あのさあっ
You see...
// なんか "島の船" と 似た素材の破片が 出たんだけどっ
// It seem that "Island's ship" like material-parts were found.

Minato : えっ まっ // まじで??
Eh? // R-Really?
Mikogami : そっだから MBI から 調査班よこしてって MBI のおばさんに 伝えてくんない!?
That's why can you tell that Oba-san in M.B.I to send the M.B.I's search team?
(tl-note: "Oba-san" or "old women", not sure switch one is better if Minato call's her "Mom".)
Floating text : おばさん... って母ちゃんの事だよな
Oba-san... You are talking about Mom, right
Mikogami : 僕あのおばさん 苦手なんだよねっ
I'm bad with that Oba-san, remember?
Mikogami : 社長はなんか 全然連絡 とれないし さあー!
And I couldn't get contact with the President!

Page 11 - (151)
Minato : わわかりました
I... I understand.
Mikogami : じやあ 頼んだからねっ
Then, I'm counting on you.
Text box : "南"の人は
The person of the "south" is,
// "セキレイ" の 痕跡を探して 世界中を 飛び回ってる
// Traveling around the world looking for the traces of "Sekirei".
Mitsuki : マスター

Text box : 方法は違えど 目指すところは 多分俺と同じ なんだろう
His method is different, but he is probably aiming for same thing as me.
Text box : つまり // "好きな人達の事を もっと知りたい"
In other words // "Wanting to know more of people they like".

Text box : 因みに彼のセキレイは 再起動した者も含め 誰一人欠ける事なく 彼に付いて行った
By the way, after re-starting all of his Sekirei's, not a single one refuse to follow him again.
Text box : 今は 大パーティーで 冒険の旅
Right now he is adventuring with a large party.
// それはそれは 楽しそうだ
// That looks like really really fun.
(tl-note: or "That also looks like fun." or "Looks like he also is having fun.")

SFX : ぞくぞくっ
*tremble tremble*
(t-note: probably from excitement or it's phone after sending message to 'Mom')

Minato : 俺も
I also
Minato : 負けない ぞ
I'm not going to lose!
Text box : 葦牙それぞれに がんばってる
Ashikabi's are individually trying hard.

Text box : あ でも // 一番状況が 変わったのは あの人だろう...
AH! But // The person whose situation changed the most, is probably...
Minato : ただい...
I'm home...
SFX : バリーン

Page 12 - (152)
SFX : ブスブス...
*sizzle sizzle*
Seo : ...よう佐橋 // 邪魔 してるぜ
Hey, Sahashi // I'll be intruding a little.

Minato : せ 瀬尾さん いらっしやい
S-Seo-san // Welcome.
(tl-note: alternative: "S-Seo-san // So, you came again." )
Seo : 悪ーな 騒がしくてよ
Sorry if we are a bit noisy.

Seo : 今夜はごちそう なんだってなァ...
I heard that you were having a feast tonight...
SFX : パリッ...
(tl-note: or *sizzle*)
SFX : キャッ キャッ キャッ
*shriek* *shriek* *shriek*
(tl-note: or *gya* *gya* *gya* probably babies making noise)

Hikari : 雷蔵! 雷電! // 雷明! 雷豪!
Raizou! Raiden! // Raimei! Raigou!
Hikari : 駄目だろ 父ちゃんに電撃 くらわしちゃ
That's no good! You can't just go electrocuting Dad.
(tl-note: more lit. "That's no good! Don't give Dad electric shocks."; "Stop that!" could also work.)

Page 13 - (153)
Text box : 瀬尾さんの所には 子供が生まれた
There were babies born at Seo-san place,
// 誕生日も一緒の 双子が2組 全員男の子だ
They are all boys and their birthday's are also on the same, for these 2-set twins.
(tl-note: or "They are all boys with same birthday.")
Minato : ごちそう だから 来たんです ね......
You come here because of the feast, didn't you?...
// って誰にきいたん ですか!?
// Say, from who did you heard this?
Seo : カンだよ カン!
Instincts, I sensed it!
Minato : ほんと そーゆー こと // はなが ききます よね...
You really may have a thing // For these kind of things...
Text box : 母親はもちろん 光さんと響さん
Mothers are of course Hikari-san and Hibiki-san.
// (...ここで社会倫理が どうのなどという資格は 俺には無い)
// (In here I don't have the qualifications to say anything about society ethics...)

Text box : 瀬尾さん自身が 全然変わってない所に 不安は残るけど
I'm still concerned that Seo-san herself hasn't changed at all,
Text box : ...とりあえずは 幸せそうだ
But for now he looks happy.

Uzume : 佐橋ちゃん

Minato : ...あ...

Page 14 - (154)
Uzume : おかえり // ...そんでもって
Welcome home // ...and also
Uzume : ただいま
I'm home.

Minato : ...うずめさん

Minato : ...おかえり なさい...! // ...ほんと
Welcome home...! // ...Really,
Minato : 長い散歩 でしたね
That was a long walk.

Uzume : ...へへ

Page 15 - (155)
Tsukiumi : ミナトーッ // 帰ったら お手伝い せんかーっっ
Minato~! // If you are home, then come and help out.

Kusano : おにいちゃん おかーえりなさーい
Welcome back, Onii-chan.

SFX : ぺこ

Minato : ーようこそ // 出雲荘へ
Welcome // to Izumo Inn.

Minato : あれ? 台所にいるの 月海だけ? // 篝さんは...
Huh? Is Tsukiumi only one in the kitchen? // ...Where's Kagari?
Floating text : くーも おてつだい してるも!
Ku is also helping out!
Kusano : がーてあんの おしごとー!
In work as the guardian!
// まだかえって ないんだも!
// She hasn't came back yet!
(tl-note: or "She hasn't yet returned!")

Minato : 最近再起動者 たて続いたからなあ......
The cause is probably the recently restarted ones...
(tl-note: Lit. "recently restarted (ones) - follow - [wandering the cause]")

Page 16 - (156)
Junichi : おい! // なあ! おい!
Hey! // Hey you!
Junichi : おいってば
Wait a minute. // Did you forgot about me?

Junichi : 八嶋!!

Yashima : ...誰?
Floating text : 再び出会うセキレイ達ー。 その出会いは新たな奇跡...!?
Meeting the Sekirei's again. Will those meetings bring a new miracles...?
(tl-note: Lit. "Again meeting Sekirei's. Is/are That/those meeting/encounter(s) new miracle/wonder(s)...!". adding "Ashikabi's are" at start of the sentence can help to understand full meaning of this)

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