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Sekirei 187

Living on with you guys

+ posted by garismaatti as translation on Jun 6, 2016 09:05 | Go to Sekirei

-> RTS Page for Sekirei 187

Raws provided by Senmanga and me.

So it's come to this, a last chapter of Sekirei!
Thanks for artist and all the people involved of making/translating/supporting this manga.
Special thanks for Senmanga for making it possible for me to translate this and Let-It-Go-scans for scanlating this.

If you want to support artist, you can already buy OFFICIAL ENGLISH translated books/ebooks from http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/search/?q=Sekirei (up to Vol 4 from total of 18 and new ones coming around every 3 month) site allows you to select the actual store, example: Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, and many other sites to buy the Ebook version. (FYI. Google Play lets you see preview, if you want to compare fansubbed and official versions). (Update: they changed their site format, so no more direct links to books, only list of stores)

Page numbering format: Page <senmanga page no.> - (<volume page no.>)

Page index:
Page 01 - (173)
Page 02 - (174)
Page 03 - (175)
Page 04 - (176)
Page 05 - (177)
Page 06 - (178)
Page 07 - (179)
Page 08 - (180)
Page 09 - (181)
Page 10 - (182)
Page 11 - (183)
Page 12 - (184)
Page 13 - (185)
Page 14 - (186)
Page 15 - (187)
Page 16 - (188)
Page 17 - (189)
Page 18 - (190) - Double color page, right side
Page 19 - (191) - Double color page, left side
Page 20 - (192) - Final page
-- Extra pages --
Page 21 - (xxx) - Senmanga extra page
Page xx - (193) - Volume extra art page
Page xx - (194) - Volume extra - 1/2 page story
Page xx - (195) - Volume extra - 2/2 page story
Page xx - (196) - Volume copyright stuff
Page xx - (197) - Volume extra comments from author
Page xx - (198) - Volume extra contents
Page xx - (199) - Volume extra contents
Page xx - (200) - Volume extra contents

Page 01 - (173)
Floating text : ついに 最終回!!
At last, the final chapter!!
Seo : じゃあ またな佐橋
Then, until next time Sahashi.
(tl-note: or "Then, later Sahashi.")

Sanada : 今日は ごちそうさん
Thanks for today's meal.
(TL: or 'feast')
Minato : またなー
See you.

Yukari : またねーっ お兄ちゃーん
See you later, Onii-chan!

Minato : さ 家に入ろっか くーちゃん
Now, should we go back inside Ku-chan?
Minato : ...あ
SFX : うつらうつら
*nod nod* or *half-asleep*

Minato : おつかれさま // 今日はお手伝い がんばったもんね
Good work, // You really did help a lot today.

Title : 第187話 キミト、キミタチト、生キテユク
Living on with you guys

Page 02 - (174)
Minato : よいしょっと
Now then,
Minato : すぐ布団敷いて あげるから
I'll soon spread futon for you.
(tl-note: or "I soon take futon out for you.")

Kusano : ......あのね // くーもね
You see... // Ku also...
Kusano : だいすき なんだも // いっしょ なんだも
Also love... // Being together...

Minato : ?
Kusano : かがりちゃんと ふーちゃんのはねが みえたんだも
I saw Kagari-chan and Fu-chan's wings...

Minato : あっ // ...精神感応...!
AH! // The telepathy...!
Floating text : ばれてるし...
So I was caught...
(tl-note: busted!)
SFX : かあっ..
Kusano : あのね くーもね
You know, Ku also...
// ずうっと いっしょに いたいの
// Want to always be together,

SFX : ぎゅっ
Kusano : おにいちゃんと みんなとね
With Onii-chan, with everyone.
// ずうっと いっしょに いたいの
// I want us to be always together.

Minato : ...うん

Minato : 俺もくーちゃんと ...みんなとずっと
I also want to be always together
// ずーつと一緒に いたいよ
// With Ku-chan... with everyone.
Minato : その為には なんでもする
For that, I will do anything,
// M.B.I の研究成果 全部頭に叩き込んで 頭がよじれるくらい セキレイの事考える
// I'll force all M.B.I's research results into my head, until my head is filled with nothing but things about Sekirei.

Page 03 - (175)
Minato : くーちゃん 達の事 // 考えるからね!
So I will only think about // Ku-chan and everyone!

Kusano : ...うん!

SFX : むちゅ
Minato : わ // く くーちゃん
WOAH! // K-Ku-chan...

Kusano : えへへ...
Kusano : えへ......

SFX : ぱたっ
SFX : すぴー すぴー
*sleeping* *sleeping*
(tl-note: or "zZz zZz")

Page 04 - (176)
Kusano : ずーっと // いつしよ
We'll... // Always be...
Kusano : だも...

Minato : うん
Minato : ずっと 一緒だ
We'll always be together.

Floating text : よいしょっと... この一年で
Here we go... In this one year
Floating text : おきく なったなー
You've really grow up
(tl-note: more Lit. "You have become big")

Matsu : みなた~ん

Matsu : 見てた ですよおー
I saw tha~t,
Matsu : ほっぺに ちゅ <3
A kiss in the cheek <3
Minato : ま 松さん
Geez, // Matsu-san.
(tl-note: or more Lit. "Ma- // Matsu-san")

Matsu : ちょっと 松部屋に 顔貸すです
Could you came to Matsu's room for a little while.
Matsu : 見せたいものが あるですよ
I have something to show you.

Page 05 - (177)
SFX : カタカタカタ
*click click*
Minato : どうしたの?
What's up?
Minato : そういえは ごちそうも 食べに来な かったよね
Now that I think about it, you didn't even come to eat at the feast.

Matsu : ちょっとこれを 見るですよ
Take a look at this.

Minato : これは...!?
This is!?
Matsu : 先程から 光り始めた です
It started to shine just a little while ago,
// M.B.Iの 巡視船からの 映像を盗み見 してるです
// I'm peeping M.B.I patrol boat's video feed.
Matsu : 昨日あたりから 島が動いたり .船.に不審な動きが あるのですよ
From the yesterday these has been suspicious movement coming from the "ship"

Matsu : これは社長が何か 企んでいるのかも しれないです
This could be something that President has been plotting.
Minato : そ...そういえば ずっと船にこもって 何かしてるって...
N-Now that you say that, he's been shut in that ship doing something...
(tl-note: or "N-Now that you mentioned it, he's been plotting something while been shut in in that ship...")

Matsu : ...松は今日 ごちそうも食べずに これを見張って いたのですよ......
...Matsu has been watching this without eating feast today...
(tl-note: or "...Matsu has been watching this without going to eat today's feast...")
Minato : ご.. // ご苦労 さまです...
T... // Thanks for your hard work...

Matsu : ...そして宙から 見ていたですよ
...I also was looking from here,

Matsu : みなたんが 篝たん 風花たんと
While Mina-tan was flirting with,
// いちゃこら してやがった ところを...
// Kagari-tan and Kazehana-tan...
Minato : ちょっ もう
What... Geez!!
// またM.B.Iの 衛星ハッキング してたの!?
// Did you again hack into M.B.I's satellite?

Page 06 - (178)
Matsu : 月海たんには 黙っとくですよ
I'll keep it secret from Tsukiumi-tan, but as an
// そ.の.か.わ.り <3
// e-x-c-h-a-n-g-e <3
Matsu : ロ止め料 をば...<3
A 'fee' to keep my 'mouth' 'shut'... <3
(tl-note: leaved "Talking about" out of this as already too long)
(tl-note: she saying this as "something/payment to block my mouth" that's why the apostrophes.)

Minato : く // ロ止め料
EH? // A fee to keep your mouth shut?
Matsu : やですよもー わかってるくせに ですう~~
Please drop the act, you know what I mean <3

Minato : ま 松さ...

SFX : なちゃうう
SFX : パアアア

SFX : ガシャ
Tsukiumi : !!

Tsukiumi : ぬう...
(tl-note: or "UUH..." or "NUU..."

Tsukiumi : ?

Page 07 - (179)
Tsukiumi : 今日はやけに 鶺鴒紋が こそばゆいが
My Sekirei crest is itching a awfully lot today,
// 誰そぬけがけ しておるのでは なかろうな
// I hope someone is not trying to cheat?
Tsukiumi : あやつが 帰って来る迄 妻の座争いは休戦じゃと 約束したじゃろうが...う
We agreed to make a truce for wive-fight until that person gets back...
Minato : 月海? // 何か割れる 音がしたけど...
Tsukiumi? // I heard something breaking...

Tsukiumi : ミッミナト
Tsukiumi : すまぬ!皿を 割ってしまっての
I'm sorry! I break one of the plates.

Minato : 大丈夫?
Are you alright?
Tsukiumi : わ 吾に ケガはない
I... I'm not hurt.
Minato : よかった... 危ないからどいて 俺が片付けるから
That's good... It's dangerous, so let me clean it up.

Tsukiumi : い... いや 吾が...
N-No... I'll...
Minato : これくらい やらせてよ
Let me do at least this much.

Minato : 今日はごめんね いきなり沢山 人を呼んじゃって
I'm sorry for today, suddenly calling a lot of people,
(tl-note: or "Sorry about this day, suddenly calling a lot of people,")
// お弁当作りで 早起きだったろうし ... 疲れただろ
// You even woke up early in the morning to do my lunch... you must be tired?

Page 08 - (180)
Minato : お弁当 おいしかったよ
The boxed lunch was delicious,
// いつも ありがとう
// Thank you, like always.
(TL: or "Thanks you for every time.")

Tsukiumi : ミナト...

Text between panels : *この作品はフィクションです。実在の人物, 団体, 事件等とはいっさい関係ありません。
*This work is a fiction. Real person, organization, and event like it does not matter at all.

Tsukiumi : あ... 謝る事など ないのじゃっ
I-It isn't anything to be apologize for
// 仲間が帰って 来たのじゃっ 宴をするは 当然じゃ
// Our friends have come back, it's only natural to hold a feast.
Tsukiumi : お... お弁当も 良人を支える 妻の役目なのじゃ!
P-Preparing a boxed lunch is also just a role of wive, to support the good people!
(tl-note: "I-It's a role of the wife to prepare a boxed lunch, to support the good people!")

Tsukiumi : 全て花嫁修業 なのじゃ
It's all for the bridal training.
Tsukiumi : 日々がんばっておる 汝につり合う為には
You are working hard everyday to improve yourself,
// 吾も がんばらなくては ならんのじゃ
// I'll also have to work hard.
(tl-note: alternative "// I'll also have try my best.")

Minato : 月海...

Page 09 - (181)
Tsukiumi : な なんじゃ!? // わ 吾の顔に 何かつい おるのか??
What is it? // Is there something in my face?

Minato : いや... えっと
No... ERM...

Minato : 月海はさ // ほんと... 熱くて 真っすぐで
Tsukiumi is just // Really... passionate and straightforward...
Minato : かっこいいなあ って思って
I just thought that's rather cool.

Minato : この1年 // 君には本当に 励まされて来た なあ...って
Through this 1 year // You really have been encouraging me a lot...

Tsukiumi : ...ミナト

SFX : ずくん

Tsukiumi : ...なら // ...なら ...たまには
Then... // Once in the while...

Page 10 - (182)
Tsukiumi : 吾も // ごほうびが
I also // Want a...
Tsukiumi : 欲しいのじゃ
Minato : ご... ごほうび?
Minato : 月海

Page 11 - (183)
Minato : 月海......

SFX : ギッ
Tsukiumi : ...ぬけがけ じゃ
It's cheating...

Tsukiumi : これはぬけがけ なのじゃ...ッ
This is cheating...
// ...あやつじゃ
// That person...
Tsukiumi : あやつがおらん せいじゃ
Because that person isn't here,
// 吾をこんな 卑怯者の気分に させよって......
// It's making me feel this cowardly...

Tsukiumi : ...結ッ

Tsukiumi : 早く帰って 来んか!!!
Quickly come home!!!
Tsukiumi : 結ィィーッ

Page 12 - (184)
SFX : ゴゴゴゴ
*rumble rumble rumble*
SFX : ズズズ...
*pow pow pow*

Page 13 - (185)
Matsu : み
Matsu : み // み
Mi- // Mi-

Matsu : みなたん!!

Matsu : 大変です
It's an emergency!

Matsu : 船が...!!
The ship is...!!

Page 14 - (186)
Minato : 嵩天に... // 昇がる気か...!
It's trying to get... // To Kouten!

Minato : MBI に 行ってくる
I'm going to M.B.I
Tsukiumi : ミナト

Tsukiumi : 吾らも 後を追う からの
We will follow you later!

Floating text : 結ちゃん

Page 15 - (187)
SFX : バサッ

Minato : ...!?

Floating text : ...結ちゃん
Floating text : 一人だった 俺の所に突然 君があらわれて
You suddenly appeared my place, when I was alone
Floating text : そして全てが 始まったんだ
And everything started

Floating text : 君がいないと 月海が泣くよ
Without you, Tsukiumi will cry
Floating text : 君がいないと 淋しいよ
Without you, It's lonely
Floating text : 結ちゃん

Musubi? : わあ // ほんとに いいんですか!?
WAA // Is it really alright!?
Minaka : ああ 君の役目は 神器を積んだ この船が果たす
Yes, your role is to load a jinki into this ship
// ゲームの結末を 見られなかった 悔しさのあまり 10年分程の仕事を してしまったぞ
// I regret not seeing the end of the game that I worked for 10 years!
// デフォルト 服も 用意した!!
// I also provided spare clothes!!
(tl-note: Lit. "Default-clothes"?)
Minaka : あ行き給え! 彼が待っている
Then, let's go! He's waiting.

Page 16 - (188)
SFX : キュ

Minaka : とうとう カミが降った
At last, the God has fallen,
// 可燐な戦紀は これにて完結し
// With this, the ship in now complete,

Minaka : ここに神代は開かれた!
Ancient time's were opened here!
(tl-note: or "The age of the gods was opened here!" these are correct but they don't flow nicely, so alternative "And the new age of the gods starts here!")

Page 17 - (189)
Minaka : だが彼らの 物話は続く
But their story will not end here
Minaka : 想いを重ね 縁を重ね
Their feelings will keep piling up
Minaka : そして 未来へと
Toward the future
(tl-note: or "Even in the future.")

Floating text : ...なんだろう
I wonder why

Floating text : なんだろう ドキドキする
My heart is beating so much
Floating text : これは
This is

Floating text : この鼓動は
This beating is
Musubi : キャーッ!!
// どいて 下さーい
// Please move out of the way

Floating text : 君の

Minato : 大丈夫
It's alright,
Minato : 俺がちゃんと 受け止める
I'll be sure to catch you!

Page 18 - (190) - Double color page, right side
Minaro : 結ちゃん

Page 19 - (191) - Double color page, left side

Page 20 - (192) - Final page
SFX : プギュッ
SFX : ドサッ

Floating text : まあふつう つぶれるよね.....
Well, it's the usual feeling of being crushed...
(tl-note: alternative "AAH, this nostalgic feeling..." or "I should have known, it will end like this...")
Musubi : 皆人さん!
Musubi : 皆人さん!!

Musubi : ただいま です!
I'm back!
(tl-note: or "I'm home!")

Minato : ...おかえり
Welcome back...

Minato : おかえり 結ちゃん!
Welcome back Musubi!

Floating text : これは // そんな どこにでもある
This is // Just an originally
Floating text : 奇跡の恋物語だ
Miraculous Love story.
(TL: or "Wonderful Love story.")
Text box : おわり
Floating text : 奇跡の恋物語は、これからも続く―。 極楽院先生の次回作にこ期待ください!!
Miraculous Love story, will continue even after this. Please look forward for next work from GOKURAKUIN-sensei!!

(tl-note: I also translated the extra pages, so here enjoy)

Page 21 - (xxx) - Senmanga extra page
Floating text : 幾久しく、
Floating text : 奇跡の恋物語ーここ、完結
Miraculous of love story will, end here.
Floating text : アナタのお側に。
By your side.
Floating text : YGC最終18巻 // 10月下旬 // 発売予定!! // 極楽院楼子
YGC final Vol. 18 // It will be released!! // In late October // GOKURAKUIN Sakurako
Floating text : 『セキレイ画集2(仮)』も最終18巻と同時発売決定!!!!!
"Sekirei Artbook 2 (alias)" is also decided to release simultaneously with the final 18 volume!!!!!

Page xx - (193) - Volume extra art page
Floating text : 長い間ご愛読 ありがとう ごさいました!
Thanks you for "reading with pleasure" this long time!
Floating text : もうりしだけ おつきあい ください ね.
⤺ Please be with us a little while longer.

Page xx - (194) - Volume extra - 1/2 page story
Title : その頃、出雲荘
At that time, in Izumo Inn

Miya : 松さん... // のどが かわいたの
Matsu-san... // My throat is feeling a little dry
Miya : お水採って 来てくれない かしら...
I wonder if you could bring me some water...

Miya : ...松さん?

SFX : フウッ

Asama : はい // どうぞ
Here, // You're welcome.
(TL: or "Yes, // Here you go."

Page xx - (195) - Volume extra - 2/2 page story
Asama : 出雲荘で私 // いつまでも 徒ってますから
While we're at the Izumo Inn // I'll always bring it to you.

Miya : 建人さん....

Footer : おわり <3
End <3

Page xx - (196) - Volume copyright stuff
(tl-note: who, where and when this books was printed plus stuff about why you can't directly copy and sell this book)

Page xx - (197) - Volume extra comments from author
Floating text : カバー折り返し
Covers back side
Floating text : 極楽院捜子
Floating text : 美少女恋愛浪漫活劇、これにて最終巻となります。 長い問応援してくれた方々、作品に関わってくれた方々、 本当にありがとうございました!
This will be the final volume of Pretty Girl Battle Love Story. People who cheered me for a long time, and people involved on working with this, thank you very much!
Footer : ※コミックス発売時のカバー折り返しを収録
※From the power of printing this comics, you get this covers back side

Page xx - (198) - Volume extra contents
Floating text : 表紙 表
(back) Cover Table/sheet

SFX : カポ
Floating text : 実は
Floating text : 臣胸板たち
Musubi really was...
(TL: alternative "We were...")
Floating text : 私達でした <3
It was really us <3
(TL: alternative "Just Musubi and the rest <3")

Footer : ※コミックス発売時の表紙 裏を収録
※From the power of printing this comics, you get this back cover page

Page xx - (199) - Volume extra contents
Floating text : 表紙 表
(back) Cover Table/sheet

SFX : がはっ
Minato : まじでか!!!

Minato : ...あ... // ...ゆ...
...HA... // ...A dre-...
Floating text : ぜー はー
Floating text : はー
Minato : ...夢?
...A dream?
Minato : 今のは // 全部夢だっ たの...?
Was all of that... // Just a dream...?
Floating text : 10年位みてた ような気がする...
I've got a feeling that I've been seeing it for 10 years...
Musubi : みなとさーん

Minato : あ 結ちゃん // 今俺とんでもない夢みて
AH! Musubi-chan. // I just saw a ridiculous dream...
Floating text : あれ? とらいえば くーちゃんがいない...
HUH? Where Ku-chan went...
Musubi : みなとさーん

Musubi : みなとさーん
Musubi : さーーん

Floating text : みーなーとー
Floating text : みなとさーん

Floating text : 佐橋皆人の悪夢は糸売く
Sahashi Minato's nightmare continues...
Floating text : ぎゃー

Footer : ※コミックス発売時の表紙 裏を収録
※From the power of printing this comics, you get this back cover page

Page xx - (200) - Volume extra contents
Text : 力バー裏
The power of back pages

Text : 我が誓約の拳 葦牙が願い鶺鴒が願い 天に届けん
Fist(Bond) of my pledge, Ashikabi's wish, Sekirei's wish, let them reach the heaven!
Text : 神器の暴走に伴い、 すぺての葦牙達が機能停止した 葦牙が機能停止すれぱ、 そのセキレイ達も機能停止する。 そんな絶望的な状況の中、唯一人立つ者は そして、嵩天で待つ"鶺鴒の女王"であり、 "嵩天の管理者"の前に辿り着けるのは...? 最後の一羽を賭けたラストバトルが今、始まる!! 帝都を舞台に繰り広げられる 美少女バトルロマンス、奇跡の最終18巻!!
Along with Jinji rampage, all Ashikabi's are terminated... and Sekirei's are also being terminated... In these situations, only one standing and one waiting in kouten... The one to reach the "Sekirei Queen" in Kouten is...? The battle of the last wings is about to start... This is a Pretty Girl Battle Love Story, that unfolds the Teito as it's battle stage... The miracle of the final Volume 18!!
(TL: This is back covers short description of what is happening in this volume, sorry if it's a little off.)

Text : ※コミックス発売時の力バー裏を収録
※From the power of printing this comics, you get this back page

(TL: or "※From the power from buying this comics, you get this back page"
not accurate but something similar, more lit. "※From the power from releasing of this comic, you get the this back page")

Text : Extra Content おわり
Extra Content End

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Aug 12, 2021 D.Gray-Man 241 fr Erinyes
Jun 26, 2021 D.Gray-Man 240 fr Erinyes
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Apr 20, 2021 D.Gray-Man 239 fr Erinyes
Apr 13, 2021 Bleach 685 tr McMaster68
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