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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Claymore 98

Wailing Cleavage

+ posted by gernot as translation on Dec 6, 2009 03:46 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 98

Claymore 98

Page 1
Priscilla’s Revival! / Revival of the Greatest Evil! (The kanji say “most evil”, the furigana indicate that this should be read “Priscilla”)
Priscilla heads towards her goal and finally starts to move
SCENE98 慟哭の劈開
Wailing Cleavage
(劈開 means “cleavage” of gems, which refers to the surface that results if a mineral is split. In this case, I guess it refers to the fact that Alicia and Beth are being split apart, resulting in crying / wailing... I don’t know if the Japanese title makes any more sense than this translation...)

Page 2
(Let’s return to / Whatever happened to) Yuma & Cynthia who unluckily encountered the organization’s No. 2 warrior Beth’s corrupted awakened form...!?
はぁ – haa (heavy breathing)
ミシ – mishi
ベリ – beri

Page 3
はぁ – haa (heavy breathing)
く… - Ku (maybe the beginning of くそ = damn)
Half-human, female warriors created to oppose youma. What cruel fate awaits Clare, who became a warrior by her own volition… (same text as in the last few chapters)

Page 4
シンシア - Cynthia
しっかりしろ、シンシア – Hang in there, Cynthia!
ユマさん… - Yuma
無事ですか…? - Are you okay / unhurt?
ばかやろ – Idiot!
無事じゃないのはお前の方だ – You’re the one who’s not okay
何であんなマネするんだよ – Why do you do those kinds of things? / Why would you do something like that?
(I’d like to translate it as “why did you do something like that?”, but it’s present tense...)

ああ… - Ah... / Yeah...

Page 5
私… - I’ve...
手足全部と… - lost all of my arms and legs
and a part of my internal organs / intestines, haven’t I...
何でだよ – Why?!
何でそこまでして… Why did you go that far...
見を挺して 私をかばったりしなきゃ
If you hadn’t sacrificed yourself to shield me
そんな目には… - this wouldn’t have...
I’m sorry, that’s how I am...
(lit.: that’s my nature / disposition)
My body just moves before I think
はぁ – haa
く…くそ… - D... Damn...

Page 6
すみません – I’m sorry
違いますね – No no / That’s not it / You misunderstand
I might have wished for it to turn out like this
な…何…? - Wh... What...?
七年前のあの日… - That day seven years ago...
I lost captain Veronica right before my eyes
I say captain, but her number differed from mine only by one...
In essence, it should have looked as if both the captain and I were pulling the team
But the one who was killed was captain Veronica alone
私はその時 相手に一太刀も浴びせられずにただ偶然に生き残りました
At that time, I survived only by chance, without being able to even land a single stroke on the opponent
Since then, I’ve felt empty
みなさんに付いてここまで来たのも あの時の決着…自分の死に場所を求めて来ただけなのかもしれません
Even that I followed everyone and came this far...
I may have just been looking for settlement from that time... for a place to die.
シンシア、お前… - Cynthia, you...

Page 7
ユマさん… - Yuma
Won’t you kill me...?
I’m a defensive type, but it’s impossible to recover from here
My mind is already getting muddled, and I don’t know when it will fail
(lit.: when it will be interrupted)
The way it is now, I might not be able to stand the pain...
and might step onto the non-human path
Among the seven survivors, I’m the one with the weakest heart/mind
If I used my life for someone else, that’s (good) enough

Page 8
Stop... stop that nonsense...
To see your comrades die right before your eyes...
do you think you’re the only one who finds that painful?
ユマ…さん… - Yu...ma...

Page 9
ビキ - biki
ユマさん…? - Yuma...?
I understood the gist of youriki synchronization from the regeneration of my left leg
This time it’s my turn to do it

Page 10
B... But,... that’s...
not something you can suddenly do just by seeing it once...
それに…… - And...

Shut up!
I’ll lose focus...
頼むから 今はただ黙っててくれ…
Please! For now just be quiet, please...
ビキ - biki

Page 11
が… - ga...
ぐ… - gu...
ぎ… - gi...
ビキ - biki
りふる、いまだ! - Riful, now!
If (you do it) now, you can beat her!

Page 12
何よ… - What...
何よこれ… - What is this...
り…りふる…? - Ri... Riful...?
いったいどこをみて… - Where in the world are you loo...
何でよ… - Why
何でそこにいるのよ… - Why are you there
あなた… - Weren’t you
supposed to be in the South?
み…みなみ……? - S...South?
が… - Ga
ビキ - biki

Page 13
な!? - Wha...!?
く… - Ku...
あいつ… - She’s...
heading towards the other twin...?
If you, who’s controlling her, go there...
what are you planning to do...

Page 15
ギ - Gi

Page 16
ビキ - biki
ギ… - Gi...
A long-distance blade attack
A mid-range attack that strikes the blind spot
An all-out short-range attack
No matter what you come up with...
What’s impossible is impossible...

Page 17
ギヒャ - Gihya

Page 18
ボコ - boko
ギ - gi
これでおしまい – This will be the end
ギシ - gishi

Page 20
Oh my, you showed up as well?
I really thought you’d just watch over her from afar
But what do you plan to do?
Your arrival makes no difference at all
(Lit.: Nothing at all will change for the better just because you came to this place)
ビキ - biki

Page 22
ビキ - biki
馬鹿な – That’s crazy
あいつ、覚醒した…? - She awakened...?
あら、あら – My, my
二人とも覚醒しちゃったら – If you both awaken
もう人間に戻れないじゃない – you won’t be able to return to being human anymore, will you

Page 24
あら – Oh my

Page 25
がは - gaha
good coordination / cooperation, unique to twins

Page 26
グ… - gu...
ガ – ga...

Page 28
でも少し… - But a little
うるさいわ – annoying

Page 29
ギ… - gi...
ガ - ga
ガ… - ga...
ギガアァァ - gigaaaa
ボコ - boko

Page 30
I thought you were some pretty well made puppets that the organization had produced
キヒャ - kihya
ギ - gi
ガ - ga
But I guess in the foundation that connects you, a human part remained
Well, at any rate, to rush to the other’s crisis and awaken on your own,
To shed tears over the other’s death
From the point of view of the organization, you’re nothing more than failed creations
ギ… - gi...
ガ - ga
ビキ - biki
ボコ - boko

Page 31
ギヒャ - gihya
アアァ - aaa
心配しなくても – Don’t worry
You can soon be united again

Page 32
終わった…? - It’s over...?
Against those two in awakened form, in just this little time...
冗談じゃない…- That’s not funny
That something like that should exists in this world...
何だ…? - What’s going on...?
この妖気は…? - This youki...?
Reminiscent of old times, yet unpleasant, a youki that eats into Clare...

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