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Claymore 103

Abyssal Memories

+ posted by gernot as translation on May 5, 2010 07:23 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 103

Once again, I'm submitting this at 3am, so don't expect it to be perfect. If you find any mistakes, please tell me so I can fix them.

Claymore 103
Page 1
Deneve and Helen make a move to save Clare... there, Duff, having lost himself, commences the battle with Priscilla
オオオ - Ooo
今のうちだ – This is our chance
いくぞ、ヘレン – Let's go, Helen
おい、ちょっと待てよ – Oi, hold on a sec
逃げるって、そっちの方向は… - Escape, you say... but that direction is...
あれを相手に – Facing that thing
運まかせなどという考えが甘かった… - The thought of leaving it to our luck was foolish

Page 2
生き残る道がないなら – If there is no way to stay alive
地獄の中から命をつかみとる – we shall retrieve our lives from the middle of hell
A final means to escape from this crisis...!!
Claymore 103 深淵の追憶 – Abyssal Recollection

Page 3
ビキ - biki
バキ - baki

Page 4
ガ - ga
悪いけど。。。 - I'm sorry, but...
あなたになんか 時間をかけてられないの
I can't be spending my time with someone like you

Page 5
ガ - ga
ビキ - biki
ぼこ - boko
バキ - baki

Page 6-7
バキ - baki
ギ。。。 - gi...
ギヒャ – gi hya
ギヒ - gihi

Page 8
なによそれ – What's with that / What the hell?
随分悪趣味ね – Very bad taste / Disgusting
ふん - Hmpf

Page 9
く。。。 - Ku...
ギシャアァ - Gishaaa

Page 10
バサ - basa

Page 11
ち - Chi

Page 12
がふっ – Gafu / Cough

Page 13
ボコ - boko
ギャヒ - gyahi
ギャ - gya

Page 14
おい、デネブ – Oi, Deneve
あのでかい奴の方が押してるぞ – That big guy is pushing her
このままあいつを倒してくれんじゃねーのか – At this rate, he might defeat her for us
いや…無理だ – No, he can't
奴は根本的に何かが違うんだ – There's something fundamentally different about her
どういう展開になろうが結果は同じ – No matter how it develops, the result will be the same
そこに至るまでの時間が早いか遅いかだけだ – It's just a matter of how long it takes to get there
そしてそれがどんなに遅くても – And no matter how long it takes
我々が奴の視界から外れる程の時間ではない – It won't be enough for us to escape from her field of vision

Page 15
ボコ - boko
なんだろう、これ。。。 - What is this?
もう少しで何か… - Just a little more, and something ...
ズン - zun

Page 16
ごめん - Sorry
ちょっと休憩 – Time-out!
ガ - Ga

Page 17
あぁ。。。 - Aah
これだ。。。 - This is it...
この全身がバラバラにされていくような感覚… - This sensation as if the whole body was going to pieces...
いつだったか…随分前に味わったこの感触… - When was this... this feeling that I tasted a long time ago
苦痛と屈辱と恍惚の中で… - Amidst the pain, humiliation, and ecstasy
私は忘れていたひとつの記憶を思い出しそうになっていた – I am starting to remember a certain memory that I had forgotten
血塗られた剣と – A sword smeared with blood, and
首と胴の離れたひとつの死体 – A single corpse, the head and torso separated

Page 18
だがどうしても私はその顔を思い出す事ができない – But no matter what I do, I can't remember the face
必死に思い出そうとすればする程闇に飲み込まれていくかのような… - As if it were more and more swallowed by darkness, the more desperately I try to remember it
and at that time, as if I was being sucked into the deep darkness that gapes at the center of that face
I lost my consciousness and all of my memories

Page 20
ガ - Ga

Page 21
本当、ひどい話… - Seriously, what a terrible story...
たったひとつの思い出したくない記憶のために – Just because of a single memory that I don't want to remember
他の全ての記憶もろとも消し去ろうとするなんて… to try to erase it together with all the other memories
まぁ、それだけ… 私にとっては忌むべき記憶だったって事かしら
Well, I guess … it probably means that it was that much of a despicable memory to me
ガ - Ga
でもついてるわ – But I get it...
私… - I...
ガ - Ga
ビキ - biki

Page 22-23
ガアアア - Gaaaa
Priscilla finally regained her memory!
The greatest, worst danger is closing in on Clare...!
あいつを... もう一度殺せる
can... kill her one more time

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on May 5, 2010
Thanks. Very short chapter but at least we see some progress at last.
#2. by Piggy ()
Posted on May 5, 2010
Well done, keep on doing good job :)

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