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Claymore 104

Reverberation of Sadness

+ posted by gernot as translation on Jul 22, 2010 06:29 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 104

Claymore 104
Page 1
さて。。。と。。。 - Well then...
Priscilla, having regained all of her memories, pulverizes Duff and targets Clare, who has inherited Teresa's flesh and blood...!!

Page 2-3
SCENE104 悲しみの残響 – Reverberation of Sadness
記憶を取り戻したプリシラ! - Priscilla who got her memories back!
捕食相手を捕捉!! - She will capture her prey!!

Page 4
くそ - Damn
もう追ってきやがった – She's already started to chase us
デネブの言う通りだ – Just like you said
どうなろうが結果は同じだった – No matter what, the result stays the same
しかも、くそ速ぇ – And what's more, she's damn fast
このままじゃ、でかいのに届く前に追いつかれる – At this rate, she'll catch up before we reach the huge thing

Page 5
デネブ - Deneve
Focus on … protecting yourself and Clare!
あ? - Huh?
何言ってんだ、お前。。。 - What are you saying...
ビキ - biki

Page 7
やべぇ、追いつかれた – This is bad, she caught up!
やっぱ無理だったか。。。 - So it was impossible after all, huh...
This one's … attacking too...
(lit.: From here as well... something is coming...)

Page 10
な。。。なんだ!? - Wh... What!?
デネブ - Deneve

Page 11
ズバアア - zubaaa
ビキ - biki
ヒュン - hyun
前から来るのは全て私が受けとめる – I'll stop everything that's coming from the front
お前は頭上から来るものだけをよけていけ – You just evade the things from above
うが - uga
うひゃあ – u hyaa

Page 12
まったく。。。 - Good grief
次から次へと。。。From one thing to the next / One thing after another...
ビキ - biki

Page 13
ビキ - biki
冗談だろ。。。 - You've gotta be kidding...

Page 14-15
バキ - baki
馬鹿な。。。 - No way...
瞬殺だと!? - Instant kill!?
こ。。。こんな。。。 - Th... This... / Su... Such a...
バキ - baki

Page 16
ち - chi
バキ - baki
なんだ? - What?
ボコ - boko

Page 17
まさかこいつ。。。 - Don't tell me this thing...
本当の姿は別にあるのか。。。? - That's not it's true form? / It has a different / separate true form?
なるほどね、その姿は – I see, that form is...
なりたかった理想の姿ってとこかしら。。。 - something like an ideal form you wanted to turn into...?
ビキ - biki
私が砕いたのは – What I broke...
was just a brace (lit.: “corrective device”) that was forming / shaping / moulding that ideal

Page 20
な。。。なんだぁ!? - Wh... What!?

Page 21
ヘレン、まずい – Helen, watch out! (lit.: Helen, this is bad)
よけろ、それをくらうな – Evade, don't let it hit you
くそったれ – Godddammitttt (insert your favorite curse here)
バキ - baki

Page 22
なんだぁ、ありゃあ – What the hell is that?
木が一瞬で朽ちたぞ – The tree rotted in an instant
こいつは触れたものの命を喰らう – These things devour the life of whatever they touch
生命の捕食者だ – They're predators of life
バキ - baki

Page 23
まったく。。。 - Good grief
森ごと食べつくしちゃいそうな勢いね。。。 - A force that looks like it will eat the forest and everything in it completely
あたしの邪魔さえしなきゃ、ほっといてもよかったんだけど。。。 - If only you hadn't gotten in my way, I wouldn't have minded leaving you alone, but...
どうもそうはならないみたいだし – it doesn't seem that it will turn out that way
本当。。。 - Really...
うっとうしい。。。 - irritating / annoying / what a pain...

Page 24
全力で 潰してあげるわ
I'll smash you with full force / with all my power

Page 25
ち - Tch
一刀じゃ足りない – One sword isn't enough
クレアの分を貸してくれ – Lend me Clare's
そら – Here!

Page 26
デネブ - Deneve
ち - Tch

Page 27
大丈夫か、デネブ – Are you alright, Deneve
くそ - Damn
クレアの剣をもってかれた。。。 - It took Clare's sword
ぐが - guga
ボタ - bota

Page 28
おい、デネブ – Oi, Deneve
この腕。。。 - That arm...
あれをくらう度に命を削りとられるようで – Every time that hits me, it takes part of my life force
限界だ。。。 - I'm at my limit
もう再生が追いつかない。。。 - I can’t regenerate anymore (lit.: My regeneration doesn't catch up anymore)
はぁ - Haa
ヘレン。。。 - Helen...
お前一体何を運んでいる。。。? - Just what are you carrying... (lit.: transporting)?
な。。。何って。。。 - Wh... What, you say...
クレアをひたすら。。。Clare, or course...

Page 29
ば。。。ばかな。。。 - No... no way...
まさか。。。 - That wouldn't...
そんな。。。 - No...
な。。。 - Wh...
ク。。。クレ。。。 - C... Cl...

Page 30
ギシ - gishi
そ。。。 - No...
そんな。。。 - No way...

Page 31
クレアアアアアア - Claaaaaaaaaare
ルシエラxラファエラの真覚醒体に貫かれたクレアの運命は。。。!? - Pierced by Luciela & Rafaela's true awakened form, what is Clare's fate...!?

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#1. by Ryus ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2010
Thanks! This really cleared up a few things that had been bugging me.
#2. by Goral ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2010
Thank you gernot :). You're the best.

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