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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Claymore 86

The Violated Taboo

+ posted by gernot as translation on Dec 7, 2008 20:25 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 86

Page 1
Frame 2
- Woah! A single stroke, huh?
- Not bad!

Frame 3
- Cutting it in half from a high place in order to compensate for her body's small size and light weight
- She's accustomed to fighting against awakened beings

- Dietrich's soaring sword stroke!!

Page 2
- The Violated Taboo

- Mission to subdue awakened being - accomplished!!

Frame 2

Page 3
Frame 2
- And?
- How are they?

Frame 3
- They're okay
- There are no deep wounds
- They all just lost consciousness and should wake up soon

Frame 4
- Glad to hear it

Frame 5
- You really helped us out
- That we're still alive is thanks to you two
- I thank you

Page 4
Frame 1
- We don't want your thanks
- But, for certain reasons
- We'd appreciate it if you'd keep quiet about us towards the organization

Frame 2
- Sorry, but I can't do that

Frame 3
- Huh?

Frame 4
- I have sworn loyalty towards the organization... I can't lie to them
- I can't just not answer if they ask me

Frame 5
- Luckily, only I saw your faces...
- If you don't want the organization to know about you, I would like you to kill me here and now

Page 5
Frame 2
- Rather than tell a lie,
- you'd choose death?

Frame 3
- That's a matter of my way of living
- I don't know of any other way

Frame 4
- Oh man, what an annoying midget
- If we killed you here, our whole involvement here would become meaningless
(lit: If we killed you here, "what was it that we just did here?" would become the question)

Frame 5
- Hmpf

Page 6
Frame 1
- Oh well
- Still better than if you had turned your blade on us after we defeated the awakened being

Frame 3
- Let's go, Helen
- Oh
- Okay

Page 7
Frame 3
- Oi oi oi

Frame 4
- This is bad, Deneve
- What do we do now?

Frame 5
- Yeah
- This has turned into a little bit of a problem...

Page 8
Frame 3
- Shit
- To think that we can't shake her off

Frame 4
- In simple movement speed, she's even with us...
- Most importantly, she seems to have the stamina

Page 9
Frame 2
- And...
- Is there something you want, little lady?
- Did you think it over and decide to kill us?

Frame 3
- Since then...
- I've briefly thought about it...

Frame 4
- If you two had abducted me there, I wouldn't need to return to the organization and make a report
- Everything would settle nicely, without going against my sense of honor...

Page 10
Frame 1
- Huh?

Frame 2
- What nonsense are you spouting?
- What good would it do if we kidnapped you?

Frame 3
- It would be fine if you just gave that appearance
- I would just follow you
- If I'm in your way, I don't mind if you kill me

Frame 4
- But this southern land has also changed a lot from seven years ago
- If you were hidden in the northern lands for a long time, you'd need a guide, wouldn't you?

Frame 5
- You...!
- How do you...

Frame 6
- It's just a guess
- As to it's truth, you don't have to answer, and I don't plan to pursue it

Page 11
Frame 1
- You said it's very different from seven years ago?
- Just what are you saying is so different?

Frame 2
- First, half of the towns of the southern lands have been wiped out
- And especially from here on... it would be better to stop advancing south

Frame 3
- Wha...

Frame 4
- Ha... half?
- Just what exactly happened?
- The particular reason has not been made clear
- I also just know the current state

Frame 5
- Just what...
- lies ahead of us?

Frame 6
- I'm not in a position to tell you any details
- I would like you to think of this as my strongest possible warning

Page 12
Frame 1
- In the southern lands ahead of us...
- There is something they call a "devil"

Frame 4
- But you know ...

Page 13
Frame 1
- It's one half, one half!
- If half the towns are gone, that means whether Deneve's and my own home town is still around is quite questionable
- Oh well, either way we have no choice but to go and make sure

Frame 3
- I did warn you
- Do you still want to continue onwards?

Frame 4
- That's what we came this far to do
- Just because of a single warning that we don't understand well, we can't just turn back with our tail between our legs

Frame 5
- And, the devil you mentioned
- Having come this far, we've figured out what you're talking about

Page 14
Frame 1
- More like, he's there, in that town
- A single ridiculously strong youki

Frame 2
- On the same level with Riful who we met before...
- Or rather, even stronger...

Page 15
Frame 1
- The abyssal one of the South...
- Isley, the man who defeated Luciela, huh...

Frame 3
- Well yeah
- I guess you could say he's like a devil

Frame 4
- And? What do we do, Deneve?
- What do you mean by "what do we do"?

Frame 5
- I'm saying, at least for the moment there's an abyssal one, and yet the town is still there
- In a human body, he can blend in with the people, and he's behaving himself, don't you think?

Page 16
Frame 1
- Don't you want to take a look?
- At this abyssal one, Isley?

Frame 3
- You don't understand what Miria told us at all, do you...
- What the hell. So, you're saying you have no interest at all
- in him?

Frame 4
- Don't be stupid

Frame 5
- He's the former abyssal one of the North
- We had no direct contact, but he's the mastermind behind the battle of the North
- You could even say he's the main enemy of the comrades who fell in the North

Page 17
Frame 1
- W... woah, calm down
- I'm not saying we should fight him here and now at all

Frame 2
- In the end, we'll just take a quick glimpse
- With our youki hidden like this, he won't notice us

Frame 3
- Hey
- What are you thinking
- You'd better not

Frame 4
- Ah, you stand by
- We wouldn't be able to approach him if a warrior's youki was emitted close to us
- Don't worry, we'll be back soon

Frame 5
- Wait a sec...

Page 18
Frame 2
- Honestly
- What a brazen bunch

Frame 3
- But, facing an abyssal one...
- Will they really escape his notice just because their youki is hidden?

Page 19
Frame 2
- It's quite a lively town, isn't it?
- There's a lot of people too
- You really wouldn't think there's an abyssal one here...

Frame 3
- Be careful
- Even though our youki is hidden, our eyes are still silver like before
- If someone sees our eyes, the fact that we're warriors will be exposed

Frame 4
- It's this way

Page 20
Frame 4
- Woah! What's this
- The strength of this youki isn't normal
- Do normal folks really not notice any of this?

Frame 5
- I've heard that those with sharp senses do feel something
- They don't understand why but they don't want to be there... or something like that

Frame 6
- Really? That would be annoying
- I bet they suffer without anyone understanding them

Page 21
Frame 1
- It's strange...

Frame 2
- Huh? What is?
- I was preoccupied with the abyssal one's presence and didn't think much about it, but...
- This situation is strange in a lot of ways

Frame 3
- First of all, why does he hide his identity and stay in this town?
- I don't understand why he would conceal himself as a human

Frame 4
- And one more thing...
- The phrase she used earlier...

Frame 5
- The term "abyssal one" is not a word that particularly needs to be hidden
- Why did she purposely use a different expression for it?

Page 24
Frame 2
- Oh no...
- Right in front of us, all of a sudden

Frame 3
- This is...
- Isley...!?

Frame 5
- No, don't freeze up...
- He shouldn't be able to detect our youki...
- In the end, he'll just see us as humans...

Frame 6
- Let's go, Helen
- Ho... hold on a sec...
- My... my legs...

Page 25
Frame 2
- Sh...

Frame 6
- Sh...
- Did he see it...?

Page 26
Frame 4
- What's wrong
- Are you hurt?

Frame 5
- N... no...
- My sister always has trouble with her legs...

Page 27
Frame 1
- Shall I lend you a hand?

Frame 2
- It's alright, I am there for her
- Please, don't worry about us

Frame 4
- Haa
- Haa
- Haa

Frame 6
- I see. Please watch your health
- Yes
- Thank you very much for your concern

Frame 8
- Phew...

Page 28
Frame 4
- Ga...
- De
- Deneve
- Uaaa

Page 29
Frame 1
- You worthless scum...
- Ga...
- Ka...
- Warriors who hide their youki, what's with that?

Frame 2
- Ga...
- Y...
- You...

Frame 3
- You're an eyesore
- Turn to dust

Page 30-31
Frame 1
- Ri...
- Ridiculous...

Frame 2
- At a time like this...
- Shit...

Frame 4
- The devil...
- has returned...

Lower left corner
A grotesque figure (in furigana: "The devil") is closing in on the town

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2008
Great job! It's good to see another competent translator :). Thanks a lot.
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 8, 2008
Great to have you here :). Thanks for the translation.
#3. by gernot ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2008
You can now read this in scanlation:


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