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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Claymore 85

A Cause Worth Protecting

+ posted by gernot as translation on Dec 7, 2008 20:32 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 85

Page 1
Ruburu's shocking disclosure!! He was not a member of the organization, but a spy from the opposing organization on the "warring continent"

frame 1:
- kukuku...

frame 2:
- Well, I don't really care what you make of it. If you don't believe me that's fine too...
- Ever since you held out Teresa's head to me and said you wanted to enter the organization, I've felt something like destiny...

frame 3:
- I feel like I raised you since you were small, and I've taken quite a liking to you
- I was honestly happy to be able to meet you after such a long time

frame 4:
- You don't think...
- that we might tell the organization about you?

frame 5:
- Who'd believe the words of someone who ran away?
- Moreover, I really haven't done anything

Jump Comic "Claymore"'s newest volume 15 will go on sale on Thursday, December 4th!!

Page 2
Frame 1:
- Well then...

Frame 2:
- How to move from here... but the rest is up to you
- Whether to save Rune and Raphaela, or whether to leave them be, do what you please

Frame 3:
- But Raphaela is also someone I used to look after...
- I've taken quite a liking to her as well

frame 5:
- If you meet without enemies or allies...
- You guys might get along surprisingly well

Page 3
The warriors, perplexed by the dubious information...

Frame 1:
Title = A cause worth protecting

Frame 2:
- Chi...

Frame 3:
- What will you do, Clare...
- About those two...?

Frame 4:
- That's not even worth thinking about
- Just approaching an abyssal one is in itself suicidal

Page 4
Frame 1
- For now, let's continue heading west according to our original objective...
- Either way, I don't think that Riful's tracks will be easily found in the vast lands of the west

Frame 2
- And if we do happen to find them...
- What do you want to do then, Clare?

Frame 5
- Let's think about that
- when the time comes...

Page 5
Frame 2
- And...

Frame 3
- What do you think went wrong?
- Deneve

Frame 4
- Weeell, there are a lot of factors, but ...
- The number one failure was to be drawn into the water
- Thanks to that, the only point in their favor, their speed, was taken away

Page 6:
Frame 2
- Gohaaa

Page 7
Frame 1
- Sh...

Frame 4
- Haa haa haa

Frame 5
- First of all, the members were wrong from the start
- Except for the single-digit at the center, they all lack experience
- They probably weren't at the level to participate in the extermination of an awakened being to begin with

Frame 6
- They're probably warriors ranking between 30 and 40
- Maybe their personnel was split up in other matters and couldn't be brought together
- You could say the biggest problem this time was the organization's human resources

Frame 7
- ku... kukuku...
- What's so funny?

Page 8
Frame 1
- didn't we say something like that a long time ago
- and end up getting our lives saved by the lowest number?

Frame 3
- Don't talk about that time, it's unpleasant
- Aah, sorry, sorry
- Not like it's a pleasant memory for me either

Frame 4
- And, whatcha think about Clare now?
- Who do you think is stronger now, Miria or her?

Frame 5
- That's a silly question

Page 9
Frame 1
- In speed
- stamina
- brute strength
- and sword technique
- no matter which you take, Miria surpasses her
- Even including mental things, putting everything together, Miria totally overpowers Clare

Frame 2
- But Clare has something like a bottomless explosive power
- That instability is both her strength and her weakness

Frame 3
- Like an angry and out-of-control kid, huh?
- Well, she appears really cool,
- but she's actually very childish in a lot of ways

Frame 4
- In actual age as well, she should be the youngest of us seven
- You can really say that she's still just a rebellious kid

Frame 5
- A

Page 10
Frame 2
- Go...
- Gofu gofu

Frame 3
- Haa haa haa

Frame 4
- Haa haa haa

Page 11
Frame 1
- She's finally all by herself!
- It's not like the other three are dead, but
- it's not looking good!

Frame 2
- Or rather, she fought well to make it this far
- With these members, it was like she was practically fighting the awakened being by herself all along

Frame 3
- What do we do?
- Do we go help?

Frame 4
- Miria told us, didn't she?
- Don't get involved in unnecessary fights
- And it's bad if warriors in active service see our faces

Page 12
Frame 1
- But if you say you absolutely want to butt in...
- It's not really my intention but I guess lending a little support would be okay

Frame 3
- Well then, I guess we'd better not
- It's not like they're our comrades either
- And I don't like to get wet either

Frame 5
- Well then, let's hurry onward
- Safety comes first

Page 13
Frame 2
- Gu
- Ku...

Frame 3
- And we might have to fight them before long
- If the strong ones perish like this, we should be thankful
- Oi

Frame 4
- Guha

Frame 5
- Well then
- Travel preparations, travel preparations

Frame 6
- I'm gonna get angry
- Helen...

Frame 7
- Kihehe

Frame 8
- Honestly...
- Clare isn't the only one who's rebellious

Page 14
Frame 1
- Ignoring both Miria's orders and Deneve's restraint
- I just go help suppress the awakened being on my own

Frame 3
- Guruguruguru

Page 15
Frame 1
- Doooong

Frame 2
- Guga

Frame 4
- Honestly

Page 16
Frame 1
- Always doing whatever she likes
- She's beyond help

Frame 2
- Well, that's how it turned out
- We'll go against your orders, Miria

Frame 4
- Uhya hya hya

Page 17
Frame 1
- Take that!!

Frame 3
- O

Page 18
Frame 3
- Wha...
- What are you guys

Page 19
Frame 4
- What the hell!
- So you're enemies after all...

Frame 5
- Did we go a little too easy on her?
- No, she's pretty strong, this one

Page 21
Frame 1
- Uo
- Is it coming after me?

Frame 3
- Oh no
- She's ...

Frame 4

Page 22
Frame 3
- You
- Why

Frame 4
- What you pointed at me were not your swords but your hands and feet
- Therefore, it seems that your objective was not to kill me, but to make me lose consciousness

Frame 5
- In other words, for some reason you can't reveal your identity, but
- I decided that you're not my enemies
- Am I wrong?

Page 23
Frame 1
- Kihihi

Frame 2
- What number are you?
- My number is eight...
- My name is Dietrich
* t/l note: "Dietrich" is a male name, but that's what it says...

Frame 3
- We're warriors that have the so-called inner numbers of the organization
- Without appearing at the surface of the organization, we're given the duty of dealing with trouble
- That's why we can't let the outside warriors know our faces

Frame 4
- Roger, I'll leave it at that
- But for now never mind that
- I want to get the unconscious warriors away from here... Will you help?

Frame 5
- Uwaa
- She's not particularly cute, is she...

Frame 6
- We'll take one each...
- That should be good, right?

Frame 7
- Thanks
- I'm in your debt

Page 24
Frame 5
- Gohaaa

Page 25
Frame 1
- Yo

Frame 4
- Well
- Here should be okay

Frame 5
- Now then

Page 26
Frame 2
- Gohaa

Frame 4
- Hhm

Page 27
Frame 6
- Gihyaa

Page 28
Frame 3
- Chi
- I missed the head, huh

Frame 4
- Gaa

Page 29
Frame 3
- O

Frame 4
- She used the body of the awakened being as a foothold only once
- and jumped that high?

Frame 5
- Kill it
- It's your job

Page 30-31
Frame 1
- Dyed in blood and darkness, formerly a warrior like us
- This single stroke shall be my respect and compensation to a former comrade

- Chopping it up with that Claymore was...
- her mercy as a warrior

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