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Naruto 612

The Allied Shinobi Forces technique!!

+ posted by GoDMasteR as translation on Dec 10, 2012 12:42 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 612

Madara: ...Allied Shinobi Forces technique...?
Madara: You're putting it further far-fetched.
Naruto: This technique will stop you!!
Obito: You're wrong...
Obito: Because you don't realize that trying to stop us here is meaningless.
Obito: That technique is even brittle that it will collapse after this war.
Obito: Someone from your side will also make the same our actions.
Obito: ...Even you're struggling there's no victory in this world.
Obito: In this world the hope or something...
Obito: you know that it does exist nowhere!

Chapter 612: The Allied Shinobi Forces technique!!
[The warriors are here!!]
Naruto: I don't agree!!!
Madara: This quarrel during a war is even meaningless... / Do you want settle this as soon as possible?
Naruto: I think in case that the views are divided it should to be settled by the majority role...in the large.
Naruto: How's that for you?
Obito: Good idea....
Obito: As for...

Obito: ...Let's do that after we've deleted all of you.
Obito: And then...
Naruto: As I thought you're stubborn...
Naruto: However...
Naruto/Obito: This world....

Naruto: will not end!!
Obito: will end...!!

Naruto: Everyone, let's go!
Naruto: It's the last and decisive battle!
Naruto: Scatter!
Shikaku: You did nicely for buying time, Naruto!
Naruto: Did have you the time....to elaborate a strategy?
Shikaku: Surely, thanks to that I had the time to communicate the strategy to everyone on the dot.
Shikaku: We haven't even time to be surprised when we heard from Kakashi that the masked man was Uchiha Obito!
Shikaku: This battle... We must to take the initiative without give them some opportunities of counterattack!!
Shikaku: Based on the news I got, the enemy has a handsome eye.

Shikaku: First of all, we must to weaken their movements with a dazzler
Shikaku: by blocking their field of vision!
Shikaku: Shinobi from Kumogakure!!
"RAITON - RAIKOUCHUU!!" (Thunder release - Lightning cylinder)
"RANTON - LASER CIRCUS!!" (Storm release - Laser circus)

Madara: I see...It seems they're aiming to us...
Madara: when their real aim is blinding the Juubi...

Shikaku: Then we use a few of mist technique from Kirigakure and jamming bugs technique...
Shikaku: and furthermore, we're able to pick up a large amount of smoke from the ground and manipulate it with airflows.
Shikaku: Shinobi from Sunagakure, now!!
"FUUTON - KIRYUURANBU!!" (Wind release - Airflow boisterous dance)
Shikaku: ...so their field of vision will be blocked and they'll be not able to perceive our presence...
Shikaku: Since it's so huge that can't be hidden...
Shikaku: that condition allow us to take advantage of it!

Temari: The other villages informed him about their techniques only some time ago but even so he's taking immediately advantage of them in combat.
Temari: Not for nothing he's Shikamaru's old man!
Obito: It's impossibile to sense them...
Obito: We should to mow down them using Juubi's attacks!
Shikaku: Shinobi from Iwagakure, It's your turn!

Kitsuchi: We know!
"DOTON - DAICHIDOUKAKU!!" (Earth release - Great motion of ground's core!!)
Shikaku: After we've disturbed its sense our next step is to disturb its freedom!

Obito: Guuh...
"YOUTON - SEKKAIGYOU NO JUTSU!!" (Lava release - Freezing lime technique!!)
Shikaku: The lime will be immediately pour on the Juubi.
Shikaku: Shinobi from Kirigakure, proceed!!

"SUITON - SUIDAN NO JUTSU!!" (Water release - Water bullets technique!!)
Shikaku: It will to be mixed together with water.
Shikaku: Shinobi from Konohagakure, let's do the final straw!!
Fodder: Everybody who is from Sarutobi clan, let's go!!

"KATON - GOUEN NO JUTSU!!" (Fire release - Strong flames technique!!)
Shikaku: While the mixture of lime and water is drying by the fire release...

Shikaku: It will harden and then will stop it!
Madara: I can't believe it...
Obito: Mmh!?
Madara: They having a go with a cooperation between shinobi from the five countries...

Shikaku: There's no chance to aim at Obito and Madara if we don't stop the Juubi above all.
Shikaku: The juubi is a tool that allow them to put into operation the technique.
Shikaku: Those two practitioners are the mind, if we strike them then it's supposed the Mugen Tsukuyomi will be not put into operation anymore!
Shikaku: However I think we had better to hurry since we can't hold the juubi's power down for a little while.
Shikaku: Everything with the exception of physical attacks doesn't show effects on Madara.
Shikaku: Those shinobi who are skilled with taijutsu deal with Madara!!
Shikaku: Obito has techniques that allow him to slip through everything, intelligence says he has only 5 minutes interval.
Shikaku: We must keep our attack for more than 5 minutes by cooperating with medical unit!
Shikaku: Naruto... Now it's time to say really what you've said...

PAGE 16_17

Naruto: Yeaah, the Allied Shinobi Forces technique!!!
Madara: They're so pathetic...
Obito: Yeah....
Obito: The hope that they're relying on...doesn't exist. / Just like how their existences will be soon...
Obito: The Juubi also...gonna be in a suitable time.
[...It's arriving!!]

sorry for some grammar errors, english isn't my first lang^^ If you want to correct some errors you're welcome!

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