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Translations: One Piece 887 by cnet128 , Gintama 663 (2)

Naruto 638

Obito, the Juubi's Jinchuuriki

+ posted by GoDMasteR as translation on Jul 11, 2013 23:00 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 638

"What on earth happened...!?"
638: Obito, the Juubi's Jinchuuriki
Fodder: Has the Juubi... gone out?!
Fodder2: What's happening!?
Fodder2: Did they beat it!?
Hiashi: No...
Sakura: Hinata! Did you see it!?
Hinata: Y...Yes!
Sakura: Can you explain what happened!?




Hinata: ...The Juubi...is completely absorbed... by him...
Hinata: Also examining through the chakra...
Sakura: ...Then don't tell me...
Sasuke: You say that he's the Juubi's

Sasuke: Jinchuuriki?
Naruto: It's more and more bad.
Minato: Obito...
Sasuke: Naruto... How do you know it!?
Tobirama: [Wh... What's this?]
Hashirama: [Mmmh... That's no good... A jinchuuriki is...]

Naruto: I became friend with the bijuus!
Naruto: I've seen clearly it because I received the chakra from them at that time!
Naruto: I felt one after another the bijuus' chakra was entering Obito...
Naruto: Moreover, I've seen once the revival technique of Rikudou!
Naruto: In the first place, the technique's seals are different!!
Naruto: He performed the technique to become the Jinchuuriki from the beginning, regardless!
Sasuke: ...Is that so...?

Bee: Hatt-san! Is that its final form?!
Hachibi: Nay... I swear it...
Hachibi: It's complicated but that is not... / It seems like that is fucking used for the Jinchuuriki before its final form.
Hashirama: Mmmh!!

Hashirama: [No matter if you become a jinchuuriki...]
Hashirama: [The Myoujinmon is still ongoing!!]
Naruto: Ooooh! Incredible!!

Tobirama: [The hermit seal that was holding down the Juubi is...]
Hiruzen: [So far...]



Hashirama: Mmh!
Tobirama: Aargh!
Hiruzen: What!
Minato: Gulp!
Gai: This is ridiculous...!
Gai: That Shisekiyoujin has been...!!
Bee: Has he become stronger than when it was huge? Or it's just my imagination?
Hachibi: Simply it isn't what it used to be before when he was just throwing its power out...
Hachibi: Look like that it has turned into a being able to concentrate its power.

Hiashi: Everybody, don't lose focus!
Hiashi: We don't know what that fellow will do now that he has been able to take control of the Juubi's power!! / He destroyed the barrier!!
Minato: Stop... Obito. / Stop now......

Obito: O...bi...to...?
Hashirama: Frankly speaking, this fellow is...

Hashirama: stronger... than me!!
Hiruzen: You'll excuse me but I must agree...
Tobirama: Despite you wanted to send the reamining clones to us, we cannot bear to take him on, brother!
Hashirama: I know it... but...
Madara: Seeing the hokages so reluctant might be fun but...
Madara: I cannot wait any longer...
Madara: [Obito has become identical to Rikudou Sennin...]
Madara: [I'll use the trump card before I can be scooped by him...]
Naruto: Eh?

[The worst and strongest...!]

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