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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Medaka Box 5

If you're truly grateful, then...

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jun 8, 2009 23:19 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 5

This is for imangascans only.

page 1

b1) Come on Ariake.
b2) If we don't hurry up, we'll be late for morning practice.
b3) Y-yes! // I'm sorry
-all small bubbles- haa
b4) I've been wondering,
b5) why were you carrying a change of clothes for me?
b6) You've been pretty kind to me lately.
b7) I'm not being kind!
b8) Wha?
b9) Oh no!
b10) I'm going to run into him!!

page 2

b1) huh... // What the...
b2) What just happened?
b3) Please be careful.
b4) That was pretty dangerous.
b5) It wouldn't be funny if
b6) you got hurt right?

page 3

b1) Are you alright Isahaya-senpai?
b2) Y-yeah, I am. // Araike, do you know who that guy is? -small print- he looks like a junoir.
b3) Ah, yes I do.
b4) There isn't a female junior who doesn't know who that is.
b5) Junior of class 1 Akune Kouki.
b6) The prince of the judo world.
title) If you're truly grateful, then...

page 4

b1) Zenkichi,
b2) today we're going to the judo club.

page 5

b1) Lock the door! // Close the curtains! // Don't let people see that!
b2) How many times do I have to tell you before it gets through?
b3) It wont ever get through.
b4) What's wrong with showing off this perfect body of mine? I went through all the trouble of making it look this good.
b5) Don't go around saying things a streaker would!!

page 6

b1) So, // what was it again?
b2) The judo club?
b3) yeah. // Do you know the captain of the judo team? A senior named Nabeshima.
b4) There was a letter from her in the suggestion box.
b5) By Nabeshima, // do you mean Nabeshima Nekomi that got the scholarship?
b6) The infamous woman, // otherwise known as the king of fouls in the judo world?
b7) She's the captain of the team now? -small print- I had no idea.
b8) Yeah, but from what I hear, she isn't the type to worry about things.
b9) Hmm. // Even though she's the captain, she'll have to step down soon.
b10) And she wants us to help her pick the next captain.
b11) Well, whatever the case, lets go check things out.
b12) And since its the judo club, // I'll be able to see someone I haven't seen in a while.

page 7

box1) I know
box2) about that.
box3) And that's exactly the reason
box4) I didn't want to get anywhere near the judo club.
b1) Well, well, thanks for coming all the way out here.
b2) I'm the captain of this club, Nabeshima Nekomi. // I appreciate your time.

page 8

b1) I'm the student council president Kurokami Medaka. // I'll do all that I can to help you out today.
b2) Yeah, thanks. // I'm depending on you Kurokami-chan.
b3) You know, although I'm the captain, its nothing more than a formality.
b4) I didn't expect her to be like this.
panel) king of fouls?
b5) I can't even decide on who's good enough to take up the torch after me.
b6) Oh that's right, before we start, // there's someone who wanted to meet you.
b7) Akune!
b8) Akune-kun, are you there?

page 10

b1) Its nice to be in your presence again Medaka-san.
b2) During the running for the student council office I made a point to stay away from you so you could focus on the race. // I've been looking forward to the day when I could see you again.
b3) Would you stop acting out those weird formalities, mr. junior Akune.
b4) There are people watching. // A man like you shouldn't be seen humbling himself like this.
b5) No, // its with great pride that I abase myself before you.
b7) The only reason I'm here is because of you.
b8) No matter how grateful I am to you its not enou...

page 11

b1) If you're really grateful, then // keep your chin up!!
b2) Show some pride!!
b3) A-as you wish!
b4) I'll perform your every command!!
b5) Anyway, now getting to matters that are actually important.
b6) I was called here // to help find who's suitable to be the next captain.
b7) Junior Akune, for now you're a special case. // Go chat with Zenkichi or something.
b8) I'm sure you guys have somethings you'd like to talk about.

page 12

b1) Its been a while hasn't it.
b2) And uh, // What was your name again?
b3) Its Hitoyoshi Zenkichi.
b4) And just to be clear, // I don't know you either.
b5) You little worm! // It seems like you're only doing work that's draging Medaka-san down!
b6) I'll be totally frank with you. // Its your fault Medaka-san's approval rating isn't 100%!
b7) Ugh! // You shouldn't go around bad mouthing people like that.
b8) You're acting out the role of prince in judo, // your lady fans will cry if they found out what you're really like.

page 13

b1) Hmph! // I've devoted my mind and body to the service of Medaka-san!
b2) If its something that would help her out, // I'd welcome being hated as if I were a poisunous snake!
b3) So I'm a worm,
b4) and you're a poisonous snake?
box1) The one who hasn't changed // is you Akune-senpai.
box2) It was exactly the same when we were in middle school. // You really liked Medaka-chan.
box3) And really hated me.
box4) Its not strange for people to adore Medaka-chan, // but to this level is quite rare.
b5) Now, if i had to say...
b6) Judo is not something that is taught, its something that is learned.
b7) And therefore!

page 14

b1) We'll start with your judgement. // Judgement of your attacks!
b2) Anyone who thinks they can get a good one in on me, name yourself and come forward!

page 15

b1) Without leaving a single one of you behind,
b2) I'll take you all on!!

page 16

b1) kuku! I looks like we're no exception. // Our club is also being looked down on.
panel) What's with that stance?
b2) That's not exactly true.
b3) Even though this is our club, // the only one's who can put up anything close to a fight against Medaka-san are the two of us.
b4) What we should worry about is...
b5) Good! // Then I'll go first! // I'm the vice captain Jounan!
b6) If you think about this normally, I'm the one who's going to be the next captain!

page 17

b1) hihi! // And if I happen to feel up those big tits of yours,
b2) it'll be called a coincidence of the sport right?
b3) Of course it will!

page 18

b1) But didn't my message get through to you? // I said for all of you to come take me on, at ONCE!
b2) So... who was it // that we should be worrying about?
panel) I wish I could switch places with you Jounan-kun.
b3) Its nobody, // but still...
b4) I expected nothing less from Medaka-san.
b5) She's even more stunning that when she was in middle school.
b6) Don't you think so Hitoyoshi-kun?
b7) I want to hear your opinion too.
b8) No I dont... // She was already a red belt in her junior year of middle school.
b9) Its not a surprise at all that she's this good.
b10) kukuku, is that so.
b11) To tell the truth, I think so too.

page 19

b1) Whether you call her a beast, or a genius, // whatever she puts her mind to, she does.
b2) Like the word impossible doesn't exist in her vocabulary.
b3) To tell the truth, if we all did the same, none of us would stand above the other.
b4) What I think is amazing is that you're able to work under that beast/genius.
b5) Right? // Mr.club destroyer Hitoyoshi Zenkichi.
b7) Saying I work under her isn't quite accurate. // Its more like I'm being strung along by her.
b8) I was also forced into the student council.
b9) Oh, so you're grumbling that you were forced into it now?

page 20

b1) Then how about I take your place?
b2) Its not like this is the first time you're saying this right.
b3) Out of repsect to Medaka-san I've let what you said about her before slide, // but this time I can't.
b4) I know you're a pathetic worm that can't do anything on its own, but your in high school now.
b5) I can understand your wanting to sit behind a big stone and enjoy the shade, // but isn't about time you were on your own?
b6) Who's the one who can't stand on their own?
b7) I can't do anything? // I've done a splendid job of keeping some weirdo away from Medaka-chan.
b8) Now, now don't fight.
b9) We are in a judo hall, right?
b10) Its not like you came to destroy our club, // but you have some judo experience right?

page 21

b1) Then how about this? // We'll settle this through judo.
b2) And if Akune happens to win, you guys switch.
b3) Akune will be in the studen council and Hitoyoshi will be in the judo club, // as the next in line for captain.
b4) Nabeshima-senpai...
b5) you don't mean the reason you gave us that note was to get me into the club?
next to panel) Her real target was Zenkichi! How will Medaka react to Nabeshima's smiling confession to the crime?
b6) Yeah! // I absolutely love
b7) hardworkers like you Hitoyoshi-kun!

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